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It’s All About the Base?

Last week we talked about "Life being an open bottle of Polish".  I received an enormous amount of positive feedback from that article.  Thank you to each and everyone who takes the time to comment. It is greatly appreciated and helps me personally in my growth to keep helping you.

In keeping with my metaphoric discussions, in hindsight maybe this article should have come first. After all, the base is our foundation.  Does our foundation define us.  Does our foundation makes us strong.  What do you do with your base?

I was listening to a broadcast in my car this week.  The topic was about using what we have for the good instead of letting evil win over.

It touched me because for those of you who know me really well, you know that I am the eternal optimist.  Some how, some way I find a way to find the good and/or the reason in or for everything. Sometimes to the point, I find myself laughing at the fact that i'm going to say something optimistic, before I even speak it.

The broadcast also talked about negativity and what it can do to a person or people.

Much of my optimism is because I don't want to be that negative person in anyone's life.  In fact, I can tell you first hand how negativity can be a real downer.  As we speak, i've limited my time on social Media (specifically FB) because of all the negativity.

This brings me to the "base".

Most people feel that having a good base, or a good foundation is the key.  I can't say I disagree with that.  However, I personally feel knowing what to do with that base is even more important.

Having a good base or foundation can definitely make our jobs (our life) easier.  But, our foundation does not define us.  What we do with our foundation does.

The broadcast I was listening to went on to discuss a story of a visit (believe or not) to a Salon.  The person talking spoke about how he knew the Technician he was visiting, he knew her family well and he had been going to her for years.

However, over the years his Technician became negative and bitter.  Her foundation didn't change.  He knew she came from a good one.  But, what she did with it changed.  Her life experiences of broken relationships, co-worker turmoil, financial stress.....all started to become his problem when he sat in her chair.  It got to the point where he didn't look forward to his Salon service(s) anymore.

On the other side of the spectrum, he talked about people he knew who didn't have such a good foundation.  Broken families, substance or alcohol addictive parent(s), illness......yet, they were the happiest, the most friendliest, the most optimistic, kind and generous people.  They didn't let their base define them.


  • Is your base defining who you are?
  • Are you doing good, even though your base may not be?
  • Is your base helping you grow?
  • Does your base cause separation between the good and evil?

As this relates to the Salon environment whatever your base is, whatever your foundation is, it must be kept in check.

Our guest come to us to feel good.  Becoming more then their service provider is a dangerous slope IF we forget they are still our guest.

Greeting them, offering them a drink, escorting them to your stations, listening to them and letting them know you care about them and the service they are receiving is the right one for them is all very important.

Our base is our bond.  Yet, not all bases work and we have to attempt to make them work.  Not all bases are created equal, yet...we have to find a way to make them compatible with our systems.  Not all bases will hold, yet we have to find a way to repair them when they do.

Does your base define you?  Are you stuck on believing the negativity of your base?  Your base should be your foundation, but it doesn't have to be your stronghold.

CJ Murray, Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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Life is an open bottle of Polish!

I never really know where or when the inspiration is going to hit me for my next article. When it does though.....I love to sit down, let my writing mind take over and share the good, bad and the ugly with all of you.

As I visit my client's Salons, I can't help but notice both in a visual aspect and a listening aspect, just how alike most of you are.  It's the same brands, the same services, the same structure and all the same common problems.

It's a rare occasion when I notice someone who actually stepped out of the square
box, out of the normalcy of our industry and into a world of it's own.  It's a rare occasion when a Salon I walk into.....isn't a "me too" Salon.

Please don't take offense to my comments because I don't mean it in an derogatory way at all.  In fact, in some ways it's admirable when you think of how many Salons are in our Market.  It's admirable to think so many of you can stay in Business although we have so much competition encircling us.  We have competition on the street, we have competition in our emails and we have competition with Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Google, Amazon and more!

I bring this up because last week I was at a Salon which I've personally frequented not just as a Business contact but for personal reasons as well.  I have a very high regard for this Salon and have always thought the Owner was a younger version of me in my Salon days.

I was asked a question about a concern showing up on certain client's toenails.  A concern I have heard from others.  I knew the answer right away and in my Professional opinion, it came down to the kind of Nail Polish which was being used.

I made the comment that I was actually surprised she used the brands she uses for Nail Polish and Gel Polish.  Her response was...."that's what her customers know, and ask for".

After I left and had my 30 minute drive back to my office, that conversation got me thinking about so many of my other many of you.  It got me thinking about how do we end up just being like everyone else?  How do we overcome the obstacle of what we have to compete with?  How do we create our own story.  A different story.  A better story.  A more interesting one?

I don't just present these questions to you.  I'm talking to myself as well.

It doesn't matter if you are a Salon owner or a Distributor owner like myself.  Life IS an open bottle of polish.

No matter who you are, there are many more like you

We can be used over and over again and still be pretty

After a while we become thicker (skinned)

We can easily be replaced

Eventually that bottle of polish has to be thrown away and we get a new one.  Isn't this how we should look at us?  Shouldn't we replace the old with new every once in a while?  Shouldn't we look to always be the best so everyone wants us?  Yet, shouldn't we be different enough so we aren't blending in with everyone else?  The question is how?

  • Are you an old bottle of polish, getting thicker and thicker by constant use?
  • Are you the same brand as everyone else?
  • Are you sitting on a shelf somewhere waiting for someone to reinvent you?

An open bottle of polish can be replaced.  Should you be?

  • Why not develop being your own brand?
  • Why not constantly change so your clients don't get bored?
  • Why not be different?

Being an open bottle of polish isn't necessarily a bad thing.  But, being the same open bottle as everyone else can be.  What's your choice?

CJ Murray Centre for Beauty

CJ Murray

Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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What value can you add to Earth Day?

I'm sure i've said this before (which is easy to do when you write so many articles). I truly appreciate what I learn from my clients. I truly appreciate how you challenge me with some amazing questions. Especially when it forces me to step out of the box and pushes me to do continued research.
I also believe things happen for a reason. Be it being in a certain place at the right time, (or not). Or, be it having a conversation with someone who triggers a thought or an idea. Only to discover the timing of where you were (or not) or who you spoke with and about.....just happened to be the perfect timing.
This happened to me last week in a conversation I had with the Nail Academy and my associate Chemist at Micrylium. In assisting the Academy with questions regarding our BioSurf product, they addressed a couple of things of great importance which i've never really stressed upon.
My research sparked by this conversation pointed me in the direction of
Earth Day!

Earth Day is the day designated for fostering appreciation of the earth's environment and awareness of the issues that threaten it.

Earth Day is observed in 175 countries

The passage of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act are considered to be products associated with Earth Day.

Earth Day and chemistry go hand-in-hand, since so many of the issues that threaten the environment have a chemical basis. 

I thought this would be a perfect time to introduce you to the "Earthy" benefits of our Micrylium disinfection products.

  • Ethanol is the prime ingredient.  NOT Accelerated hydrogen peroxide
  • The Ethanol used is so pure, it is the SAME ethanol used to make Grey Goose Vodka
  • Micrylium products are certified by the World Wildlife Foundation

Because ethanol is a very pure form of alcohol, it is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. 

The inspiration for the WWF logo came from Chi-Chi: a giant panda that was living at the London Zoo in 1961, the same year WWF was created. WWF's founders were aware of the need for a strong, recognizable symbol that would overcome all language barriers.

For 50 years, WWF has been protecting the future of nature.

The world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by more than one million members in the United States and close to five million globally. WWF's unique way of working combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.

Micrylium is a proud member of the WWF

This is all great and good, but the real concern is "does it work" "fast does it work" and is "it cost effective"?


Ethanol used in cleaning products is not new.  Ethanol is a natural byproduct of plant fermentation.  Ethanol is effective in killing microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses.  As an additive to cleaning products, ethanol is also used as a preservative because it is effective in knocking out organisms that could pose a danger to consumers. FDA has labeled ethanol as a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) substance


Micrylium BioSurf, surface and implement disinfection has a 50 second rated contact time.  It contains surfactants which allow the BioSurf to clean and disinfect at the same time.

The important of this needs to be realized.  Bacteria and fungi multiply in place. However, they are very happy with staying in one spot.  It is all of us who move it from place to place by wiping when we clean and THEN we disinfect.  Which, by the way, is the proper way to fully disinfectant.

With our Biosurf (our 1-step solution), we eliminate the transfer of bacteria and fungi.


It is my opinion, we should not put a price on Salon safety.  However, i'm not ignorant to the idea of making sure we stay within our budgets.

BioSurf is available in a 24 oz spray bottle as well as a 1.32 gallon (wine in a box) container.  The breakdown cost as an implement soak is approx. $1.50 per oz.  The BioSuf liquid is effective for up to 10 days.  I usually recommend to replace your soak on a weekly basis.

With the above scenario, we are talking about $7.50 per week or less than $30.00 per month.  If 5 oz is what you use, a container of Micrylium would last you approx. 2+ months. Of course, if you use it as a surface cleaner as well, the time it last would be less.


Biosurf is not to be mixed.  It should not be diluted with water, as anytime you do this it reduces the eficacy of most products.

  • As a surface cleaner you spray, wait 50 seconds and wipe.  When used in your Pedicure bowl, you can eliminate a cleaner since we know BioSurf cleans and disinfects.  In addition, there is to need to rinse immediately.  You can rinse as you fill your tub for the next client.  It will NOT affect your surface, nor endanger you or your client.
  • As an implement cleaner, I typically recommend to fill your implement tray at the beginning of your work week.  Make sure you pour enough to cover your implements.  At the end of the week, you can dump it right down the drain.  BioSurf is SAFE for the environment.


Biosurf is an excellent way to clean and disinfect your removable pieces in your non-jetted pedicure tub.

  • I recommend alternating sets (if you can) of any removable pieces in your tub.   At the end of each service, remove the pieces and place in your implement tray.  50 seconds later they have been cleaned and disinfected.

What many don't realize (unless it's required by your State) when you have pipeless pedicure bowls, you do not have to purchase a purging product.  There are no pipes to purge, so it's pointless.  However, you do have to clean your removable parts between each client.

There are many disinfection products in our market to choose from.  I chose Micrylium to represent because of it's kindness to our environment, because of it's high level grade of disinfection, because of it's ease to use, because of it's effectiveness and because of the support and knowledge I receive from the Mfg.

Micrylium may be new to our industry, but not to bacteria and fungi.  For over 35 years Micrylium has been keeping Dental offices safe all over the Country

Want to learn more?  

Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar

See Micrylium at Premier Orlando

Look for us at the new Foot Forum in Atlanta GA

Visit our website; to learn about additional Micrylium products designed for you Salon/Spa.

CJ Murray

CJ Murray

President, Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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How many chances we have to win?

This week for many of us Golf enthusiast we have been engrossed with watching the Masters being played in Augusta, Ga.

Then we have many others who are not into Golf who might think "what is so exciting about watching grown men hit a ball around for 7,435 yards?"

I compare this to us as Nail Technicians, and wonder how do we show the world, the importance and the excitement of what we do?

Many of the Golfers have been around for years.  This is their career.  They travel the world, leaving their families behind.  They spend hours and hours training and practicing.  They search for the best clubs, the best balls.   They are consistent, but they aren't always winners.

But, in the view of the general public, they are "just playing a game of golf".

As Nail Technicians we deal with the same type of stigma.

The general public see the bling, the newest and greatest in nail colors, the stiletto nails, the french manicure nails, the nail art and more bling, more glitter and more glamour.

What they don't see is the hours of training, traveling and education we take to learn this trade.  They don't see the constant search for the products which will help us do the best we can do and be the best we can be.  They don't see the hours of practice and the dedication to our trade.

I'm going a couple of places with this.

For starters, i've said over and over again we need more respected attention given to us Nail Technicians as being the first responders.  The person who has to be educated to be able to recognize, recommend and refer.

As our lifestyle changes are bringing more health conditions that we never had to deal with in the past, our Education as Nail Technicians needs to be more current AND more intense.   We can't just depend just on our license to allow us to service our Customers.  We are being forced to "care" for our Customers.

We see more in our chair today then we ever have.  Diabetes is on the rise, infections are plenty and our clients are clients who in the past would visit a Dr.   Getting your toenails clipped in the Nail Salon was the farthest thing from their minds.  Now, with all the insurance changes and life longevity increasing year after year, we are the 1st in line.  We are the first responders.

My 2nd point brings me to questions i've seen over and over again on Social Media.  "What is the "best" trade show to attend?"

My first reaction "Really?"

There is no best.  ANY education, ALL education is the BEST education.

  • Attending any trade show show's a dedication to our Profession.  Attending any trade show builds excitement in our jobs.
  • Attending any trade show WILL allow you to learn at least 1 thing you didn't know before.
  • It's a chance to further your education.
  • It allows you to network.
  • It allows you to stay current.
  • It allows you talk one on one with Professionals trained in their specific product or service.
  • It allows you to stay motivated.
  • It allows you to get new and exciting ideas.
  • Etc. etc. etc.

We don't learn all that we need to learn in school.  School gives us a license, it doesn't stop there.

If we want to be taken more seriously, and looked upon with respect we need to continuously keep feeding our brains with education.

For me personally, as a Distributor participating in a trade show is a he investment.  The expense is brutal, the hours are tedious and the exhaustion level is indescribable.

  • It also allows me to listen one on one to the attendees. "you"
  • It allows me to learn from "you"
  • It allows me to grow Professionally
  • It allows me to grow Personally.

So the next time you think Golf is just hitting a small ball around a grassy fairway or Nascar is just a bunch of cars driving around in circles or Tennis is just hitting a ball back and forth over a net.....think about what and WHY our industry is not receiving the respect that we should.  Think about what the perceived value of our education is and think about what "you" can do to change that thought.

Take the necessary steps to change what the world see's.  Educate yourself in anyway possible.  Don't underestimate the value of any class, any show....any opportunity to learn.

Education IS the key to success!

CJ Murray

President, Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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Combing Products Creates New Services

A big part of what I love about my job, is the opportunity to work with my clients and help develop Services which, will either fill a void in their already existing venue or create a whole new Service.
In working with one of my clients this past week, we needed to combine their Spa Pedicure with an upgrade to the Anti Age Leg Treatment and Golden Girl Mask. The catch is, we wanted to offer this service to be timed at 75 minutes.

After a bit of pondering the light bulb went off and I was able to produce what my client needed. We performed this amazing,luxurious Foot Care service well within the required time. No cutting corners!

The Pedicure was luxurious.  Even for me as the Foot Care provider.  It was simple and the client could see and feel the difference through every aspect of the service.  It was very, very exciting.

There are many names to call this service

  • Spa Pedicure with an extreme makeover
  • Golden Girl luxurious Pedi
  • Heel and Glow Pedi
  • Pamper and Pimp with Results

Well, you get my drift.  Call it what you want but it's not just about the name, it's about the results.  It's about making your client feel beautiful.  It's about making your client feel important.  It's about offering an upgrade service which, your clients will not be able to get around the corner.  It's about RESULTS WITH LUXURY!

Items needed

75 Minute Spa Pedicure with upgrade(s)

  • Wipe feet with Kodan wipes - entire foot plus toe flossing
  • Run water add 1 capful Foot bath crystals plus 1-2 drops Anti Age hand and nail bath
  • Remove nail polish if applicable
  • Client consultation visual and personal
  • Place both feet in water
  • Remove 1st foot after 3 minutes
  • Wrap foot with dry towel leaving toenails exposed
  • Apply cuticle cream to cuticle
  • Clip, file and buff nails
  • Process cuticle work
  • Place foot back in water
  • Repeat above on 2nd foot
  • Remove 1st foot, wrap loosely with towel - do not dry
  • Mix AntiAge hand and nail bath to a frothy consistency
  • Apply luxuriously with round brush to entire leg
  • Unwrap towel and apply AntiAge peeling scrub to leg and foot-massage
  • Place foot back in water - splash/wipe off scrub
  • Repeat above on 2nd foot
  • Remove 1st foot, dry completely
  • Apply Callous soak spray - loosely wrap foot
  • Apply AntiAge lifting concentrate with brush to leg
  • Use Wrinkle remover expert
  • Use Angel Feet file for callous debribment on foot
  • Wipe of excess
  • Apply AntiAge mask on entire leg and bottom only of foot
  • Wrap loosely with heated towel
  • Repeat above on 2nd foot
  • Wrap foot with dry towel, leaving toenails exposed
  • Apply Golden Girl to leg
  • Repeat above on 2nd foot
  • Clean toenails on both feet to prepare for polish
  • Apply base coat
  • Apply polish
  • Apply top coat
  • Repeat above on 2nd foot
  • Remove Golden Girl
  • Using AntiAge cream or Urea 10% foot cream perform massage
  • Repeat above on 2nd foot

It's writings like this that make me want to get back behind the chair.  How super exciting to have these kinds of quality products to be able to offer such quality services.  Services which provide amazing results with a pampering and elegant feel.

I encourage you to "think outside the box".  Combine your products with the idea of being able to offer your clients the results they didn't know they needed and help them destress from their everyday life.  Take them to a world they will talk about and feel for days.


Happy Pedicuring, Happy Feet

CJ Murray

President, Centre for Beauty Salon Supply



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Professionalism is a Learned process

I remember when Facebook first came out. It was right around the My Space time when My Space wasn't doing so well. At it's first conception, FB was a primary gateway to reunite with friends and family. A way for everyone to stay in touch, reconnect and keep up with what everyone was doing. We saw and still see Marriages, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Babies, What we eat, Where we travel, Who's dating who and much much more.  I also remember thinking what a valuable tool FB would be for our Business world and our Law Enforcement world. Then it happened. FB turned into and turned on a whole bunch of what is now known as Social Media which is being used for all the above and then some.

I believed in FB so much I bought stock.  I still remember sitting around socializing with a group of people who were calling anyone who invested in FB "stupid".  Kept my mouth shut of course, but I certainly wasn't stupid.  FB was good to me for a long time.  However, not to long ago I decided to sell my stock and this is the reason why.  Which leads me to.......




Anymore when I'm on FB, i'm discouraged by so many things.  Instead of people sharing their lives, their sharing their dirty laundry.  There isn't a whole lot of "Sally just had a baby" or  "look....i'm in Africa".  Instead there is a whole lot of negativity, nastiness and unprofessionalism.


What is "unprofessionalism" on FB?

  • Unprofessionalism is simply NOT choosing your words carefully
  • Unprofessionalism is hiding behind the computer
  • Unprofessionalism is making innuendos that are obvious digs
  • Unprofessionalism is jacking in on someone else promotion
  • Unprofessionalism is mentioning anyones name, Business or not, in a negative connotation
  • Unprofessionalism is immoral, dishonest or dishonorable conduct.

What IS Professionalism?


An individual who shows consideration and respect for others demonstrates a commitment to professionalism. Likewise, a person who keeps his or her word, demonstrates loyalty, and exceeds expectations is demonstrating professionalism.


Read those words:  "shows consideration and respect".

I've seen enough on FB recently which has brought a whole new light into my world of Beauty.  And unfortunately, it's not a shining light.  I've seen words and comments which could hurt other peoples Business and i've seen words or comments which in the end......will hurt the people who are posting.

Centre for Beauty has opened a FEET Geeks CFB page that is NOT opened to everyone, you have to be approved.  It's about Education.  It's about helping each other.  I intend to keep it that way.  I also intend to minimize my Business interaction on FB because I simply choose NOT to be a part of what I am seeing.  I'll be moving over to Instagram to share the wonderful things about Centre for Beauty and the brands I carry.  And, i'll be searching new ways to keep my clients informed.

I encourage everyone to take that 10 second pause before posting your message on FB.  Burning bridges is not the key to success, negativity only breeds negativity and when you hang out your dirty laundry, it never goes away.


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Variety is the Spice of Life!

As I travel around and visit the Salons of my clients, i'm often
reminded of my days owning a Full Service Salon.
It was exhausting. LOL!
However, we did some things that were so much fun and extremely creative.
Every Holiday was an event. It didn't matter if it was Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas and many many more. We made the Holiday fun and we adjusted our services accordingly.

It was always a struggle to keep with what you believe but add an element of change.  For instance, in regards to Foot Care when I was introduced to the Footlogix products, I learned the importance of the "results oriented" Pedicure.  I learned it wasn't all about the Fluff -n-Buff and I learned the importance of the Consultation.  Making sure you know who your Client is, what medical challenges they may be experiencing and the harm we can do if we aren't Educating ourselves and our clients.  I learned the importance of the 3 "R's".

Recognize, Recommend, Refer

My biggest challenge with Footlogix, albeit a great product was, it's so clinical.  I had a hard time adding any "ambience" to my Pedicures without compromising the integrity of what the brands tag line is.  "Where Medi meets Pedi".  And, I soon found out once I became a Distributor of the brand.....many of my clients did as well.  Therefore, it stands as a separate offering on a Salon menu which, is mostly the path NOT chosen.

Why?  Because our Salon clients although they like consistency, they also like to be excited.

Then comes LCN

LCN or "Wilde Cosmetics" is the Diamond in the rough of our Foot Care business.  In fact, our entire Beauty business.  Being introduced to this amazing brand has done more for my career as a Nail Technician then anything else.  They are constantly evolving and bringing European quality to our American market.  Which is how I have learned, it is possible to have results with luxury and give our Clients a combination of instant satisfaction, long term benefits AND yes....even a bit of fluff-n-buff.

I am super pleased to be offering the Citrus Foot Care line by LCN.  My choice to do so is in helping my Clients to constantly evolve.  We can't stay stagnant.

The Citrus Foot Care is a perfect example.'s not NEW.  It's part of the Wilde Cosmetic's brand which has been used in our European neighbors for years.  It's been here in the USA but it's been stagnant.  Until now!

It's time to get CREATIVE.

First:  Let me tell you a little about the Citrus foot line;

  1. Contains LemonGrass - A natural astringent with serious antiseptic properties.  It also is an effective deodorizer  and adds a disinfecting element to the bath.
  2. Contains Lemon Oil - High in Vitamin C and has stimulating, refreshing and purifying properties.
  3. Fruit Acids - A natural acid which rejuvenates the skin while shedding the damaged surface.
  4. Horse Chestnut Seed Extract - Beneficial for vein health
  5. Natural Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Peppermint Oil and Avocado Oil.


  • All LCN foot care lines are compatible with each other - Add some citrus with your Urea for a "pick me up Pedicure"
  • Introduce a Seasonal Series and offer the Lemon Fragrance Foot Care Pedicure as an alternative....combined with the LCN Soak Spray, you'll find your Clients will love the same amazing results
  • Make it a LemoDrop Day offering Citrus Foot Care as a "kick Off" (no pun intended) to Spring
  • Decorate in yellow, wear yellow day and offer orange slices for a snack and lemon slices in their water

So many different ways to keep your clients happy and excited to try new things.  So many ways to build excitement amongst your staff.

  • Play a game including lemons
  • Hide lemons like easter eggs and write a note on it
  • Offer a spiff to your staff for every Seasonal Pedicure they book
  • And....don't forget the Sour Lemon for one that falls behind

The NEW "to America" Citrus Foot Care line will be available at Centre for Beauty by the first week of April.  It will be on our website and on our price list as well.

Just like you....Centre for Beauty has to be creative and constantly evolving to keep YOU excited and help Educate YOU so you can keep your clients excited and Educate them.

 Stay tuned for introductory specials coming your way.

CJ Murray

President, Centre for Beauty

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Some have found the Missing Piece!

  • Great team and they all shared such great information!
  • I'm going to redo my entire Foot Care menu!
  • I'm going to raise my prices!
  • Lot's of information to obsorb!
  • I will recommend this class to everyone I know!
  • Thank you for all you do!
These are just some of the reviews from our flagship Missing Pieces class.
There is nothing more rewarding to know what kind of an impact you have been able to make in someones life and their career. Credit does not all go to me. I had an amazing team who were all a critical part of our success.
Missing Pieces

To say that we had an amazing group of attendees would be an understatement. They came from all walks of life, varied in ages, different parts of the Country and held different positions from Owners, Independent Contractors and Employees.

However, they all had one(1) thing in common.  They came to learn and do what they needed to do to better themselves AND their Business.

Emily Nelson was our Instructor for retail.  We discovered what our team knew.  The biggest challenge of selling retail is "fear".  We talked through it and walked through exercises which helped with confidence building in each attendee.  In the end, they all sold a retail product to each of their guest...with confidence.

Our referral session taught by Donna Muyzinski was definitely to short.  We had a very emotional segment on qualifying who we are.  The results were mind blowing and a definite confident builder.  We finished with our referral letters which will be in the mail this week.

Massaging with Nellie Neal was a sure treat.  Contraindications, money making ideas and new Techniques is what our attendees took home with them.  Needless to say, they learned and what they learned was effective.

Pedicuring with CJ was different than any other class.  Non product specific, this segment offered a clear and concise explanation of the difference between a Medi Pedi and a Luxurious "experience" Pedicure.  The results in our demonstration using LCN Urea (luxurious/experience) and Footlogix  (more clinical) was an awakening.  We all discovered how the added ingredients in LCN can make a more hydrated and smooth as silk seen here after three (3) days.

Caring for our guest and putting our teaching into action.  This says it all.  Great learning, Great experience, Great times!

And....we had some fun.  We got Nellie and Emily lounging on the day before the class, enjoying some Florida sun and Maddie our dog just giving some love.  We had cocktails at the Tiki Hut while discussing our new two(2) day journey.  And then we have a "child left behind" after Mr. Spatottie...Nellie's spa helper was left behind.

If you wish you were here, wish no more.  We are bringing Missing Pieces on the road to The Pedi Lab in Minnesota in October, 2018.  Space IS limited at this class, so don't wait.....Our small class setting was very much a huge bonus for all our attendees and we plan to keep it that way!  Seats available 12


Contact Cj @ 727-249-3917


CJ Murray

President, Centre for Beauty salon Supply

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Be All You Can Be Do All You Can Do!

I am so grateful to all of you who participate in our monthly survey's. Your answers help me to help YOU!
There were many similarities in the concerns when it comes to Disinfection. However, the greatest concern of all was making sure as Salon owners, as Technicians and the entire Salon team, proper Disinfection was practiced and practiced properly.
It isn't enough to do the basics "just to get by". Clients are looking for more and as Salon Owners, we should provide more. Just like the products we used on our feet 50 years ago don't work in today's environment, the Disinfection products of yesteryear...
are not enough.
I touched upon this in my last Blog. But, I was asked to provide more information as to how to set up a manual. Which, I have done.
Choose your Disinfection Product (s).  Is your implement cleaner the same as your surface cleaner?  Do you use an Ultrasonic cleaner to clean your tools? What do you use to clean your Pedicure tubs?  Are the jetted?

Page 1 of your manual should include an outline.  Once you have made your outline, you should tab your pages so information is easy to find.  An example of an outline would be:

1:  Our Disinfection product (s)

2:  Our procedure (s)

3:  MSDS sheets (Material Data Safety Sheets)

4:  What to do in case of an emergency (on each product)

5:  Our training (What do you do to train your team)

6:  Our pledge (Each one of your team members signature)

7:  Advertise



In this section you want to have an individual page for all the Disinfection products you use.  An example would be:

  1. BioSon - Ultrasonic Disinfection product for an Ultrasonic cleaner
  2. BioSurf - Surface and Implement cleaner
  3. BioVac - Jetted tub cleaner

Each page should be a full description of what each product is, and what it's purpose is.



In this section you want to list each product on a separate page and write a full description of how each product is used.  What is your procedure?  An example would be;

  1. BioSon cleaner;  Cleaner used for cleaning of our tools and implements. BioSon is placed in our UltraSonic cleaner to properly and fully cleanse our tools and implements prior to Disinfection.  After each service tools are processed in the UltraSonic cleaner for thorough cleansing.


 MSDS SHEETS  Material Data Safety Sheets

Whatever Manufacturers product you use, an MSDS sheet should be provided for each product.

The MSDS sheets will be valuable able for you in the event of a reaction or a medical emergency.  Should Medical personnel be contacted, they will ask you for the MSDS sheets.



Emergency phone numbers should be provided in this section

  1. Owners name and phone # (in the event they are not on premise)
  2. Police
  3. Fire
  4. Hopsital



In this section, I would list what your training procedures are.

  1. Do you train each new team member first day of hire?
  2. Do you require your team to study each product, what the contact time is and how each one should be properly used?

The amount of detail you can provide in this section will be crucial to providing comfort to your clients.  They will want to know that each of your team members are on the same page.



In this section, I would have each one of your team members sign a pledge that they have been properly trained and agree to follow proper disinfection protocol within the Salon environment for the protection of themselves and their clients.



This section is more about placing signage throughout your Salon notifying your clients that you DO follow strict Disinfection procedures within your Salon.

This information should be on your stations, your windows AND all your Social Media pages including your website.

Shout it out with joy and be proud of your Professionalism

I can't say this enough.  Disinfection is no joke.  Look deeper into the products you are using.  Are you just getting by?  Are you more concerned about price than you are quality?  Our Salon environments are not getting any safer.  But....we CAN make them SAFE!

Centre for Beauty Salon Supply proudly offers Micrylium Disinfection products.  Used for over 30 years in the Dental Industry, Centre for Beauty has been the leader in introducing Micrylium to the Salon Professional.  For more information click here.

CJ Murray

President, Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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Is your staff following proper disinfection protocol?

"Is your staff following proper disinfection protocol" was the #1 concern we received from our survey regarding Disinfection. As it should be.
We so often find in many Salons where one or maybe two people are on the same page in knowing the proper Disinfection procedures, but the rest of the staff either doesn't care or just doesn't know.
It is important to know exactly what the Manufacturer's protocol is with the product you are using. Don't assume they are all the same....they aren't.
  • Some are diluted, some are not
  • Some require 10 minute contact time, some do not
  • Some need to be replaced daily, some do not
  • Some are high level grade of Disinfection, some are not
  • Some can cause damage to vinyl & ceramic, some do not
  • Some need to be disposed of carefully due to OSHA regulations, some do not
  • Some are carcinogenic, some are not
  • The list can go on and on
If you don't know how your Disinfection products work
How can your team?
I think it's important for us all to realize that proper protocol for Disinfection procedures within your Salon should be your #1 priority.  It doesn't matter whether you use Bleach, Barbicide, Caviside, Micrylium or any other brands.  What does matter is you know what the specific directions are in order to use it properly.
What also matters is that everyone on your team is educated on all the specifics when it comes to Disinfection.  In fact, I have a few suggestions on what I feel should be mandatory in every Salon facility.
  • Have your Disinfection MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets) easily accessible
  • Have a manual listing the dangers which can be present in our Salon environments
  • Have a list of steps which need to be followed with each service
  •      How to properly clean your work station
  •      How to properly clean your implements
  •      How to properly clean your pedicure bowls
  •      How to properly clean your surrounding areas
  • Check your State guidelines (this should actually be first)
  • Know the grade level of your Disinfection product (Low -medium - high)
  • Know what types of bacteria and fungi your Disinfection will kill
  • Know your contact times
  • Know how to care for someone if swallowed or made contact with skin or eyes
  • Display "how" you disinfect in your Salons
I also believe with any new hires, Disinfection should be a crucial part of their training.  I also believe monthly meetings should be held to do a double check that everyone in your Salon is following the same procedures. If you are independent within a Salon, don't be angry that you "appear" to be the only person following proper protocol.  Offer a suggestion to the owner as to how he/she can get her team on board to be the "best they can be" regarding disinfection. Gather pertinent information for the brand you are using.  Reach out to your supplier for marketing materials and specifics which give you more knowledge of the brand you are using. Be proud of what you do and share it daily.  Let your clients know by displaying signage in your salon and let them see the steps you take before and after (and sometimes during) their service. Proper disinfection is no joke.  It only takes one(1) time for something to go wrong.  I know for myself, when I learned first hand about proper disinfection, I knelt by my bed and prayed that night thanking the Lord that there were no injuries or infections caused by the "lack" of disinfection I had been doing in my Salon for 18 years.  I learned a valuable lesson and changed the way I did things not just in my Business, but in my home as well.

The time is now.....learn all you all you can.....and do it right!

Centre for Beauty proudly recommends Micrylium for your disinfection needs.  It's your Kinder - Greener - Safer product for proper Disinfection. Contact time is less than 60 seconds! For more here!    
CJ Murray
Centre for Beauty, President
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