toenail reconstruction

Toenail restoration

Omaha, Nebraska

September 12, 2021

Our toenail restoration system (Barefoot by LCN) is the first light cured gel designed for skin contact. Used to restore partially damaged toenails, beautify unsightly toenails or can be used as a prosthetic to replace a completely missing toenail.

Class price $199.00 includes all class hands on materials & work books.

class duo-
the business of feet & sanitize to monetize

omaha, nebraska

september 13th, 2021

Double your profits using an effective, results oriented product.


Learn the intimate details of what cleaning is, the truth about disinfection and why sterilization should be your goal.

Class cost $299.00 includes all hands on materials and workbooks.

LCN Bioglass for nails & anti age for hands & feet

Centre For Beauty, Largo Florida


9am till 3pm


BioGlass hands on

SuperGel hands on

Received full product sizes of BioGlass & SuperGel, cleaner, super shine finish cleaner, wipes, gel brush and class workbook.


Only 10 seats available

Oncology Care in the Pedicure Room

Centre For Beauty - Largo Florida


Have you ever wished you could help those who are Oncology compromised? Do have plans to add this service to your venue? Oncology care in the pedicure room is not only about service design, it’s about emotions.

Emotionally connect with your Oncology guest to project a confident, knowledgeable you. Master the secrets of empathy. Start your learning journey from what you “think” you know, to what you “need” to know.

Course objectives:

  • How an “oncology Trained” Nail Technician can help Oncology clients • 
  • The importance of ingredients
  • Identify common skin conditions associated with cancer treatments
  • How and when to modify Pedicure services for client safety
  • Building your referral network
  • When to refer to a medical team
  • and so much more!

Join CJ Murray with Centre for Beauty. CJ is a 30+ year veteran with a passion for Education. She understands the importance of teaching today, for a better world tomorrow. Her qualifications include Salon owner, Education, Public Speaker, Business owner.

Class includes: Theory, demo, hands on practice, class workbook, class kit & sundries, practice materials, testing & certification 

$997.00 (non-refundable)


New Class coming Soon



Class info and registration link to follow soon.

New Class coming Soon



Class info and registration link to follow soon.

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