Infection Prevention

Infection Prevention

Infection prevention is a learning process. Infection control is a continuous process.

Our Infection Prevention was 2 years in the making. With the assistance of my nephew Ben Debski, Masters of Science in Nursing; Advanced practice RN and his studies in Infectious Disease the entire first chapter “Understanding Bacteria” is written with the Salon Professional in mind.

Non-product specific this training manual will assist you in truly understanding the proper steps to sanitation.

Every Beauty Professional should own this manual. Every Salon would own this manual. Every team member should understand and be tested on the information in this manual. Only then can you be 100% sure:
  • Proper procedures are being followed
  • You understand the why
  • You understand what to look for in your sanitation products and/or equipment
  • You separate a myth from the truth
  • You can be 100% sure you are protecting your clients, your team and yourself

Chapter 1 - Understanding bacteria

Basic understanding to Educating our clients

Chapter 2 - Cleaning

What is cleaning to Salon procedures

Chapter 3 - Disinfection

What is disinfection to Salon procedures

Chapter 4 - Sterilization

What is sterilization to Salon procedures

Optional - testing for certificate

Centre for Beauty is a Salon Safe Distributor. Let us help you understand the proper steps to sanitation.

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