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A touch from the unknown

I got to thinking this week about how I am always dictating about Education, Education, Education. How I base my Business on Education based Marketing and how so many of you trust my thoughts, my opinions and trust I will lead you in the right direction.

I don’t really think about it too much, because this is who I am.  I like to learn, I like to share and I especially welcome the opportunity to touch someones life in a positive way.

However, with all that has happened over the past few weeks, and my desire to continue to do what I always do, I realized how important it might be to share with you where all my “wisdom” comes from.

I’d like to say it’s innate, and I do believe a lot of it is.  The reality though, it comes from the exact way that you learn from me.  Reading what I write.  Learning from what I share.

For as long as I can remember, I was always a learner.  It wasn’t until I went through hard times in late 1999-2000 that I turned to all facets of learning.  I turned to books on many topics.  I took classes and learned as much from the internet that was available to me at that time.

I soon discovered when I read and kept learning, I felt continuously fulfilled.  I felt motivated, I felt informed, I felt more confident, I felt stronger.

Even in my life now, and what a different life it is, if I don’t continuously feed the desire in me to read and learn….I feel empty.  I stifle myself and I just can’t get my juices flowing.

The idea of never bettering myself just never occurs to me.

A while back, I wrote a Blog of which Jane Moorehouse of the Beauty Industry Report reached out to me about. She commented on the blog and recommended a book written by a friend of hers John Dijulius.  The book is named “The Relationship Economy”.

I decided to order the book and began reading it. This was about 3-4 months ago and I still haven’t made it through the whole book. No reason, just haven’t had a whole lot of time to just sit and read.

However, when I do get my 30 minutes of quiet time, I pick up the book and there is always something that makes me either relate, makes me think, gives me inspiration for an article or just gives me that ah ah moment.

I started again on my 30 minute reading journey and decided there were so many things I could share, especially now.

Therefore, I began at the beginning and here are a few food for thoughts!

There are skills we can develop, however, there is one that has the biggest impact on us both personally and professionally.

The ability to connect with others

Cutting edge innovation use to have a longer shelf life. However, in our world as it exist, many of your competitors can replicate your innovations and quickly reduce any temporary advantage you had on the market.

The connection between the two above quotes from the book is almost surreal considering todays times.

Because we can’t physically connect with people, we have to depend on our cutting edge technology for survival. Or do we?

Are you reaching out to your clients by any other means besides text and email?

Reading through these excerpts I highlighted, has reminded me as well….we can’t just depend on Social Media or Technology to stay connected.  Brace yourself LOL, you’ll be getting a phone call from me soon.

Displaying RBF gives customers a perception of what your mood is

RBF?  “resting bitch face”

A smile is FREE

It cost absolutely nothing to give but can mean the world to the person who receives it.

When I go back to these two very simple statements, It makes me think of scrolling through Social Media.

It’s so obvious who is unhappy, miserable and sometimes just downright NOT smiling.

It truly is depressing and have caused me to either delete a person or put them on a 30 day hold.

Think about this

Just because we hide behind the window of our computer, phone or iPad…doesn’t mean you can’t smile. I often think to myself when I read some of these post, I’m so glad I don’t go to that Business. Imagine what the actual clients are thinking.

RBF is more prevalent than we think.

I really do think this is a great time for people to hit the reset button. We should take this time to reflect who we are as a person, who we are as a Business person.

We should take this time to reflect on how we treat others.

We should take this time to reflect on how much we complain, we whine and we act truly ungrateful, even though we are truly blessed.

There are so many great quotes in the book I can’t even begin to type them all out. However, there is one that I’m going to leave you with and I encourage you to get the book. I don’t know John Dijulius, I don’t even know Jayne Moorehouse except maybe meeting her once at a trade show, possibly.

It is a basic reminder….get back to the basics.

Don’t concentrate on making a lot of money, but rather on becoming the type of person people want to do business with


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CJ Murray
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    I’m beginning my Blog today without a title. I have no idea what my topic is going to be. I just know I need to write.

    I need to write about our fear. I need to write about our attitudes. I need to write something…anything to bring joy. I need to write something to motivate us, to encourage us, to open our creative minds, to bring comfort in a very uncomfortable world.

    I need to help. Yet, I feel helpless. I want to go near a cliff or in an open field and just SCREEEAAAAMMMMM!



    FEAR – our #1 enemy in life.

    I can tell you the exact moment I heard this.

    I told my x-husband I was leaving him. The plan was 2 weeks to get a couple of things settled. Like a place to live.

    He didn’t like that plan, and 2 days later came home and said I had 2 days to get out.

    I grabbed what I could. It’s funny, looking back…why the heck did I grab my sewing machine? I barely sewed.  LOL

    In any case, 2 days later I found myself sitting on the floor of my new apartment, no furniture yet. Only a lamp, my portable radio, my phone (Motorola flip phone) and a bottle of wine.


    I drank the wine as I spoke on the phone to a good friend of mine. He’ll never know how much he helped me through those trying times. His wisdom was just mind blowing.

    I thank him daily for his friendship and we haven’t talked in about 10 years. No reason, just life.

    Anyhow, much like the way I feel today I was…Scared, excited, uncertain.

    What he said to me in that phone call, literally changed everything for me.



    I was 40 years old. I wasn’t ready for my life to be stifled. It was at that moment where I told myself I would fight the fear. I would NOT let it win. I will stare fear dead on and show em whose boss.

    I have since lived my life in this manner. It never changes.

    My thought was, if I spend my time in a fearful state I will be where I am forever.

    I left my husband for a better life. Now I was going to let fear replace him? NO WAY!

    Once the thought of fear left my mind, shit hit the fan. I’m not kidding.

    • Business started to boom
    • I paid off a debt he left me with
    • I bought a house within 2 years
    • I found ME

    It was so totally awesome!


    ATTITUDE – IS everything!

    Like fear, attitude is a mindset.  You either have a good-positive attitude or you don’t. I have literally cut people from my life because they are so draining with a bad attitude.  Negative Nanny or a Debbie Downer.

    I feel that way about SM. There is so much everyone is un-happy about and they spread their bad attitude like the Coronavirus. I can’t stand it.

    I know one thing for sure. When and If I have downtime, I will be doing a serious cleaning of my friends and followers. I don’t care about the numbers, I care about the quality.

    These people are fun suckers.

    I tell my daughter all the time. You cannot let other people control your attitude, your emotions. THAT is the one thing you do have control of. Don’t ever let somebody take it away.


    Our industry is the one and only industry you can take anywhere. Any place in the world we have Beauty Salons, Nail Salons, Spas. WE are the fortunate.

    If you find yourself in a situation to where you have to close. YOU have options. YOU have a talent which will follow you anywhere. WE are the fortunate.

    Larger Salons/Spas are always looking for good talent. Resorts, Casinos and the like. If you can’t get right back on your feet on your own…..YOU have options. WE are the fortunate.

    Salon owners are always looking for good talent, loyal teams.  This will NOT change.

    So, let me ask you a question….and be honest with yourself.

    Have you spent this time on Social Media? Are you whining about our President, your Governors, your Landlord?


    • Are you setting up a website, which many are FOR FREE to market and sell products you would generally sell in the Salon?
    • Are you personally contacting your clients to first, see how they are and ask them if there are any questions you can answer in regards to how they take care of their nails and feet?
    • Writing a Blog for your clients?
    • Are you assuring THEM, you will be there when this blows over? Much like your local gym, grocery store or gas station that means a lot to you?
    • Are you planning your attack upon return?
    • Working on a marketing plan?
    • Pulling your group together, if you have one and bind together and listen to all ideas?

    So much can be gained from this. The door has opened. We ALL have to walk through it, get to the other side and be better than we were before.

    Here are a couple of things for you to ponder!

    1. Life of Riley Salon Supply has partnered with Salon Interactive. This is your Amazon of the Salon industry….but better.  As a client of LOR, you have the option to set up an account with SI, link it to your website and your  clients have full access to everything they carry at full retail price. Which, in fact YOU are the one making the sale. I don’t know all the details or how it works.  Click on the LOR Salon Supply website for more details.
    2. Centre For Beauty will drop ship for you. When you do make your calls to your clients, have a written routine they can follow to maintain their nails and their feet until they can get back in to see you. You can call me directly, email me or order via our website and have it shipped directly to your client.
    3. There are many options you have in setting up a store. The above 2 or you can go through a Company like Shopify or Ecwid and make your own. It doesn’t have to be big or have a lot of items. Start with 10 items you would generally retail and start making some sales.

    The above options will help you through these times and bring some $$$ into your pocket. Something is always better than nothing.

    As you can see, I never did title my blog. Maybe it should be simply called LIFE!

    Life’s a bitch…it really is. You can go through it miserably or you can do what Bob Marley says DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY!

    It’s a choice!

    On a side note – life still goes on.  Please join me in wishing my amazing husband a


    CJ Murray, President

    CJ Murray
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      In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic Centre For Beauty will be operating as usual. Being a small Business does allow for 100% assurance that any and all processes will be taken to keep our products clean and safe.
      With that being said, being a small Business also places us into critical thinking mode. What can we do as a Business to survive the hardships COVID-19 is sure to cause? What can we do as a resource to help our clients through these trying times? What can we do to assure you, Centre For Beauty will continue to offer 100% support.

      One of the reasons I write my blogs is I love the creative part. If there is one thing I miss about being in the Salon is the ability to create. Create exciting events, create imaginative promo’s, create excitement amongst my team and my clients. Always being different, always having something going on and the constant that drove my clients to keep coming back.

      I feel strongly this exact attitude is what makes the strong survive during tough times. I know it was a strong factor during the recession and I firmly believe it is a strong factor during this pandemic.


      Spring cleaning

      The very first thing I would do as a Salon owner;

      • Designate a day for a FULL Salon cleaning & disinfecting
      • ANNOUNCE it to the world

      The biggest fear with COVID-19 is not just social distancing. It’s touching. Touching hands, hugging, touching doors, handles, products etc. etc.

      On a day that your closed (as soon as possible) do an absolute complete overhaul of everything and every where in your Salon. Not just the obvious, EVERYTHING!

      • Door handles
      • Chairs
      • Products
      • Drinking glasses
      • Pens/pencils
      • Everything and anything

      I would email, call, text…whatever works for your Business and let your clients know you are doing this process. Give them comfort in knowing, if they choose to continue to get their services done, you as a Salon owner have gone over and beyond in making sure they are safe.

      The next thing I would do;

      Spread out your appointments. Instead of bringing a client in every 60 minutes, add an extra 15.

      • This will allow for one client to leave before another client arrives. Social distancing.
      • This also allows for you to do a complete wipe down “again” of everything that was just touched. Door handles, products, pens etc.

      Will this be a challenge? Take more time? ABSOLUTELY! However, I think you will find you will have that time, and when you announce this to your clients, they will greatly appreciate it.


      Have you thoughts about gloves?

      Now is the time.

      I realize many of you aren’t in the habit of wearing gloves and I get it. It took me many many years to break that habit.

      However, once I started there is no turning back. You would laugh at what I do wearing gloves now.

      It’s easy to do if you have the right gloves. They need to fit like a second skin and they need to allow you to feel what you are doing. I can’t speak for all gloves, but I know our Pink Pearl does exactly that.

      Think you can’t wear gloves while doing nails?

      Maybe you can’t, but what about giving your clients a pair of gloves and cutting out the fingertips?

      Also, wipe down your clients phone for them, their purse handles and anything else they touch on a regular basis.

      Did you know our Micrylium BioSurf can be sprayed on clothes and not cause damage?  It’s not a bad idea to do a complete spray down of your own clothes between clients.

      Now may also be the time for you to reach out to the “Nail Care Academy” and take the time to become a Safe Salon.  Being able to assure your clients that you are doing everything within your power, and over the requirements of the limits of your license, is the best form of security you can give.

      The idea here, is you want them to continue their services. It is imperative YOU make them aware of what processes you are going through to assure their safety.

      I would also;

      Give an opportunity for savings.

      • Offer a series pricing. Maybe at some point, you will have to have a price increase. By offering a series package, you assure them the price stays the same through that package. EI; purchase 5 pedicures receive one for free
      • Retail – NOW is the time to make at home care available to your clients. Promote these items not only for the obvious benefits of at home care. Also the benefit of knowing who it came from, the package has been cleaned and sanitized and they don’t have to travel elsewhere. Not to mention someone they don’t know coming to their door to deliver.

      FYI – Centre For Beauty has its own processes in place. We have recently   found a source for hand sanitizer and expect our shipment to arrive within the next 5-7 days.

      In addition;

      Make yourself a resource.

      Many of our elderly clients aren’t computer savvy. They probably don’t follow you on Social Media nor have even been to your website, if you have one.

      • Go to the CDC website and print any of the many posters they have made available for Business owners. Post them and make them available for your clients.
      • Make a list of the clients you know who may not have Family or access to information. Call them weekly to check on them and inform them of all the current news situations.
      • Print rack cards or flyers with proper cleaning and disinfection procedures.

      Resources are your greatest asset……Be one

      Change the subject;

      One of the biggest challenges I personally have, is the constant talk of COVID-19. The critical media and the people who repeat and repeat.

      I know this is a serous matter. I also know what to do to protect myself, my family and hopefully my Business.

      However, there are many of topics that we can talk about, and we have all seemed to stop.

      Use this time to get to know your client better. Use this time to share new things. Use this time to get back to Steel Magnolia’s. Where we focus on the Beauty our industry offers.

      One of our newscasters this morning made a statement which I thought was so profound. We have had pandemics before. These pandemics came in an age of no computers, no internet, little transportation and even less $$$ available.

      This is our Grandparents. If you are lucky to still have them alive, ask them……what did they do?

      Centre For Beauty is here to help. Questions? Comments? Reassurance?         We are your resource.

      We have always researched the products we carry and offer what we consider to be the safest for our clients.

      We have cleaning and disinfection products. We have gloves. We have tools which can be sterilized to the highest degree.

      Centre For Beauty has and will continue to help keep you and your clients safe.

      About being creative?

      Stay tuned. We have some exciting processes in the works. Business goes on as usual at Centre For Beauty. We will do our best to help you keep going as well.

      CJ Murray, Centre For Beauty

      CJ Murray
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        Do you have a contingency plan?

        Whether we are in a State of emergency, we have a Technician who leaves us, a natural disaster or maybe even an illness….do you have a contingency plan?

        I am not going into panic mode over the Coronavirus, although our media is certainly trying desperately to put us there. However, it has gotten me thinking about the effect it might have on Business.

        If the media continues to fear monger us, our clients will begin to cancel appointments in fear of being in environments which make them susceptible.

        The reality is, many of us are taking more precautions. But wait!!!!! Shouldn’t precautions be the norm to begin with?

        THIS is #1 contingency plan. Do what you are required to do and MORE!

        • Clean first
        • Disinfect
        • Sterilize

        Cleaning first is so important. How you clean is so important. What you clean is so important.

        Many Salons skip this step. Not in cleaning tools/implements or maybe even pedi tubs. They skip this step when cleaning chairs, table tops, containers, phones and many other items within your Salon which should be also cleaned daily.

        Disinfection is mute IF you don’t clean first. Unless you have a 1 step product like our Micrylium Disinfection products, you MUST clean the surface first. Disinfection is required by our States and ALL States. However, again….disinfection is hugely important on more than just your tubs, tools, chairs and table tops. ALL bottles, decorations, surfaces, door handles etc.

        Sterilization, not required by our States is your highest form of safety. This one step, added to your facility puts you in a whole separate league.

        #2 contingency plan

        Education. You need to be abreast of every step regarding this virus. What is the CDC saying, what precautions should you take. Learn these and share with your clients.

        • Signage
        • Rack cards
        • Hand sanitizer
        • Gloves

        Signage is important for you, your team and your clients. The CDC has many signs you can download from their website to post throughout your Salon.

        Rack cards or a flyer with basic information you can share to keep you safe an your clients. Information/knowledge is power. Use the information and share it with your clients.

        Hand sanitizer. Maybe this is something you never had at your Salon before. You should now. Your clients need to wash their hands prior to their service and YOU need to wash your hands prior to any service your perform.

        Gloves are just a priority. It will be the best and safest way for you to protect yourself and your clients.

        Barefoot toenail restoration

        Contingency #3


        What are you doing which is different then the Salon down the street? I’m not talking about what makes your Pedicure service special. I’m talking about services you offer that make them NEED to return.

        • BS Brace
        • Toenail restoration
        • Diabetic care
        • Oncology care

        The BS Brace system is toenail correction for someone who has ingrown toenails or involuted toenails. NOT however, presenting with inflammation. Most clients who require a BS Brace, need a service like this on a regular basis. Typically someone with ingrown nails or an involuted nail, the correction is temporary. They will, at some point need to return.

        Toenail restoration is imperative. If you are not offering this service you are doing yourself an injustice. Corrective repair, adding a missing toenail, beautifying…these are all services which can be offered. Services which, once your client receives will realize this as a necessity not a luxury.

        Oncology care is another specialty service which you, your Salon should specialize in. What you don’t know, CAN hurt you and Can hurt your clients.

        Contingency plan #4

        Advanced education

        As I write this article, I am hosting a Nail Care Academy 3-day class.

        There are Advanced Education classes available to us as Technicians and it’s important for us to continue this in an effort to change the image of our Industry.

        The NCA teaches from many years of experience and lessons learned. The information available from this class is extremely valuable. However, it also shows your clients, your community and our Industry that us as Technicians are not just interested in learning but also interested in learning how to do things correctly in our service arena.

        Oncology spa solutions

        Contingency #5


        Besides your Pedicure service, what do you have for your clients to return for?

        Retail is your gateway to loyalty.

        Are you promoting products which your clients can get on Amazon? Yes, I realize there are many products available on Amazon. However, there ARE products which are available to you, available to your clients which you will gain loyalty if you are knowledgeable about the products you carry and making sure you always have these products in stock.

        Contingency #6


        Do you do all of the above? Market it

        I believe the best contingency plan is to market, market market.

        My husband was reading our local newspaper the other day and pointed out to me an add for a local Salon.  The owner had her picture and our OSS Oncology Trained Logo on the add piece.

        I was highly impressed my husband noticed. I was also impressed with our OSS Angel. Very very smart on her part.

        • Newspaper articles
        • News articles
        • Business cards
        • Window stickers
        • Mirror clings
        • Flyers and/or rack cards

        In other words, brag on yourself. Brag BIG!

        Having a contingency plan is Business 101. However, during these times of uncertainty, it is extremely important to not just take extra measures but really….do what you should be doing all the time.

        • Wear gloves
        • Clean & disinfect surfaces
        • Clean & disinfect door handles
        • Do not touch your face
        • Cough or sneeze into your arm
        • Have tissues readily available so your clients can cough or sneeze into a tissue

        The bottom line is….we have to be smart and we have to see the forest between the trees.

        Business 101 involves good Management.  Good Management solves a problem before it even happens.

        The State of our World right now is a great test of our Management ability.  You either freeze, follow or do what you have to do to survive. Be smart, stay a step ahead and be a resource of valuable information for your clients. to rely on.  THAT builds loyalty and will help your Business stay strong.

        CJ Murray, President Centre For Beauty

        CJ Murray
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          Are there contaminants in human nail dust?

          I’m guilty.  I’m guilty of purchasing items based on price without consideration of anything else. After all, if I can’t afford it, I shouldn’t buy it right?


          Being a small Business owner and at one time a single parent, I understand the struggles of trying to grow a Business on limited funds.  It’s NOT easy. However, as I grow older (and wiser) and I either see or feel what cutting corners has done in my personal and my professional life, I realize “settling” is not always best.

          One of the conversations I have on a regular basis regards e-files. The question I’m most often asked is “is it worth spending almost $3000.00 for an e-file when I can get one for $150.00”

          This is a GREAT, legitimate question. $3000.00 is a lot of money. And, in most cases, the same job can be done whether you send $150.00 or $3000.00.

          The question then becomes why????

          Before I answer that question, let me share with you some information I received from the “Journal of Foot and Ankle Research”. This information was specifically regarding Podiatrist. However, our work on the toenails and skin relate 100% to this article.

          Ultrasonic Disinfection

          The health risk from exposure to human nail dust has shown that large amounts of dust become airborne during the human nail drilling process.  These dust particles are present in the air up to 10 hours after a service.

          This can increase the risk of (RT) – Respiratory Tract infection.

          Through a study of nasal swabbing and fungal cultures, it has been shown a range of microbes in nasal cavities had a greater overall number of organisms. Aspergillus fumigates (common mold) was the most commonly found fungus.

          Interestingly enough, in this test most of the time dust extractions were used on their e-files. However, mask were not used and if they were they found they were not being changed between clients furthering the increase of cross infection.

          Reports show, Aspergilus has been shown to cause brain and soft tissue tumors (in extreme cases).


          Other common ailments in relation to nail dust being airborne are; asthma, conjunctivitis, rhinitis and eczema.

          When filing a “possible” fungal nail, yeast and bacterial organisms such as Candida, Aspergillus, Fusarium and Staphylococcus aureus are known to cause serious diseases once (if) they enter the body.  Fatigue, muscle/joint problems including the above aforementioned.

          You can read the article in detail @

          The reason I share this information with you is not only to recommend you think twice about the tools your purchase for your career….also

          1. If working with feet, a vacuum is hugely important with your e-file
          2. You should also consider having a water spray unit on your handle to eliminate dust particles going airborne
          3. Wear a mask. Be sure to wear a new one for each client
          4. Gloves are a must
          5. A dust air purifier should also be on your list of things to invest in

          However, this article goes way beyond just our tools and safety precautions.

          We need to seriously think about staying within the limits of our license. We need to make sure we are not putting our clients at risk, but ourselves as well.

          Filing a healthy toenail compared to filing a toenail which is indicative of a fungal disease has far more repercussions. We need to stay educated on this topic and know….when too say no!

          When do you say NO? Anytime you are unsure…..end of story!

          In the old days, when an at risk client came in…..we sent them away. We don’t have to do that anymore.

          Now, we have products which, we can recommend to them for at home care. Suggest these products like our LCN Mykosept or Footlogix Nail Tincture. Show them how to use it, how often and share with them when they should start seeing results. Only when the nail has grown out, or you have clearance from a Medical Professional should you attempt any type of filing on the nails.

          The bottom line is this;

          • Be kind to yourself. Don’t shave $$$ on tools of your trade
          • Be educated. Know when and how to say no
          • Be smart. Stay within the limits of your license

          CJ Murray, President Centre For Beauty

          CJ Murray
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