Reclaiming our Industry

I was hanging with friends the other day and we were talking about the weather. None of us are really into the whole climate change yet, we do admit we are getting hotter.  My theory is there are so many more people with only so much air to go around. My analogy….if you are in a 10 x 10 room with 3 other people, you are comfortable. Add 30 more people into that room and the room gets stuffier and you get hotter.

Climate change is not my topic however, my friend made the comment during our conversation. He said ‘Mother Nature is reclaiming earth”.

I thought about that for a minute and shared with my friends if THAT was the message….instead of “climate change’….I bet there would be more believers…including me.

Of course if you know me, you will know that many of my conversations turn into an article.  His comment made me think about how much I talk about changing the image of our Industry. When, the realty is….we really need to “reclaim” our Industry.

Back in the day (oh boy, I sound old), there was so much we didn’t have to deal with. There was no public way of humiliating. Us as Nail Tech’s were in our own little world virtually being ignored yet, we plugged along our merry way and for years we had client loyalty and respect.

It was back in the mid to late 90’s when I started to see a change. It began in California when the Asian community arrived in the USA. I’m not blaming that community, I’m just saying when they came over and started offering $15.00 full sets with $8.00 pedicures….it really changed our Industry.

In the 2000’s when social media began to show its ugly face, our Industry took a turn for the worst. And now, we are confronted with they DIYers whom are totally disregarding what it takes to be good at what we do.

Therefore…isn’t it time we “reclaim” our Industry?

You might wonder, what does that look like? Well, I have a few suggestions. Some you may like and some maybe…not so much

  1. STOP buying from Mfg’s who sell to the end consumer. I know there are many brands out there you love and you disregard the fact they do sell to your customers. However, as long as YOU let them happen….they will continue to do so.
  2. STOP posting about how to do your job. Giving your clients ideas of how to do your job is giving them the authority to do your job. It may not be as good as you however, it is still taking income away from you. Post on how to maintain the health of their skin between visits by promoting retail products.
  3. Stay Professional.
    1. Dress for success
    2. Continue with your education
    3. Learn how to communicate
  4. STOP buying your products on Amazon. If you can get it there, your clients can as well.

Our Industry is going through a massive change right now. Some may be good for us, yet much of it can destroy our Industry as we know it.

I had a conversation with a couple of people who were on the State Board of Cosmetology in one of our States. I’m keeping the State name out because this discussion I had with these two wonderful ladies has not been implemented as of yet.

I was told they were “reprimanded” for writing too many citations. Really? It is the job of our inspectors to penalize for wrong doing…..I just don’t get it.

However, the point of the conversation was they take their rules and bylaws very seriously.

The discussion was about foot files. An unfortunate situation happened where a Salon used a satan’s grater and caused cuts and bleeding on the foot of their client. This led to an infection which ultimately led to amputation.  Can you imagine?

The State is getting ready to release new bylaws where Pedicurist will not be allowed to use foot files in their pedicure service.

Wait for it!!!!

I asked, “then what will they use to perform their service?” They responded with a “pumice stone”.

I probably made a fool out of myself as I jumped in with NO NO NO NO NO. I proceeded to share with her the dangers of a pumice stone and I am hoping to be put in front of their State board by the end of June to share the “truth about foot files”.

This conversation was quite unsettling yet encouraging at the same time. The idea that the State is attempting to solve a problem is great. The problem arises when solutions to these problems are made by people who have no experience in a particular topic.

However, I like the fact they are awake to what is happening in our Industry. And, if we are to “reclaim” our Industry, we have to get rid of the negative aspects which go with it.

I ask you now….what are you doing or what can you do to reclaim our Beauty Industry. Will you be part of the positive change or will continue to support the areas which are causing us to lose our identity like;

  • Supporting brands who are blatantly selling to your clients
  • Making education available for consumers where they are taking over your job

or, will you be part of the reclaiming;

  • Purchase products from your own Industry
  • Educate yourself to a higher level, not just learn “technique” on you tube

If you think none of this matters or lil ole you can’t be the change….you are wrong. Remember, it isn’t just you…it’s millions of you’s which combined together, can make the change

CJ Murray, President

2 thoughts on “Reclaiming our Industry”

  1. CJ,
    I Truly appreciate your heart and efforts to “reclaim” the industry but… I don’t see it happening.
    The majority does not care.
    We, the minority (meaning the small numbers of advanced trained Pros) are an exclusive group who are passionate about it but WE are tiny fish in the great big ocean.
    I feel the best WE can do is to make the difference one at a time and keep going against all odds.
    I can tell you from first hand experience that MMA for example, is just as widely used as it was when I started my crusade against its use back in 2000.
    The information in my book is just as relevant as it was when I wrote it 20 years ago.
    I’m happy to help in whatever way I am able but… the nail Pro is t going yo buy anything from the distributor if they can get it for less on Amazon or somewhere else.
    Sad but so True.
    I’m here to help if you need it.

    1. Lisa, I sure do appreciate your comments and I can’t say you are wrong. It takes an army and we do have a strong one….albeit small. I do constantly fear for the future of our Industry however, I have been recently encouraged in meeting new, young faces who truly have a passion. A passion I began with and still have and a passion you have as well. Keep doing what you are doing to serve our Industry. We can’t get discouraged, we have to keep fighting and mostly we have to continue to hold on to hope.

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