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My schedule since December 2015 has changed drastically. When I made the decision to bring the LCN Urea products into my business, I sincerely didn’t realize the impact it would immediately have.

Mind you, when I began my research to add a new product line back in April 2015, I knew adding a new line would be challenging and a bit more time consuming. After all, my Footlogix business was in full swing and going well. What I didn’t realize was the overwhelming need for a product like the LCN Urea foot care. I’ve been going along for several years growing with the same products i’ve had since the inception of Centre for Beauty, All About Feet. I never ventured out of the box or took the blinders off and expanded my horizons.

I guess why I started this topic is because is the first day in a very long time that I was able to spend a day with my husband to accomplish many personal things that have been put on the back burner for so long. We spent some quality time together. Unfortunately, a very are occurence.

As I end up here towards the end of the day on my patio cleaning and organizing….I am listening to the music channel on the TV. I can’t even begin to remember the last time it was that I listened to music. So, maybe i’m feeling sentimental. Maybe i’m feeling grateful. Maybe i’m feeling all of the above. But, the fact that I am able to slow down and feel something….is an amazing feeling.

Does business have you feeling down? Do you feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do? Are you dealing with personal issues? Whatever it is, take some time to stop and listen to the music. You’ll gain clarity. You’ll feel a sense of relief. You’ll feel refreshed to conquer the next trial or tribulation that comes your way.

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You only get what you negotiate?

This past week has been an extremely humbling experience for me.
As a guest speaker at the Premier Orlando show, I learned that much of what I have learned and experienced over my 29 years in the Beauty business
is truly helpful to those who want to listen.

At last count, we had an attendance of over 60 in the classroom
“Pedicuring in the 21st Century”
As much as I would like to think it was because of “me”,
I know emphatically it was more because our Pedicurist are looking for answers.
Answers which can help them “you” succeed in a competitive market,
earn a good living and do what we not only do best, but what we want to do….
take care of our clients.

One of the topics we discussed and received several questions about was
“how do we determine the price(s) of our service(s)?
It’s a legitimate question since on every corner is a Salon,
and on every corner there’s a different price.
It doesn’t matter what City or State you are in,
we all experience the same fluctuations from $15.00 per Pedicure
all the way up to $125.00 per Pedicure and even sometimes more.

I stressed the important of simplicity.
In reality whatever products we use in our service, we have a soak,
a scrub (or exfoliate), a callus debriment product and a massage product.
However, it is important to recognize, not all products are created equal.
If making your client feel good is all that your about, then go for the fluff-n-buff. Products like CND, OPI, Cuccio, Pevonia, Pure Fiji…..
these are all great and amazing brands.
But, they smell good, they feel good….and that’s about it.

If your wanting to make your client feel good AND produce results like this…

then you want to look for “results oriented” brands like
LCN’s Urea Pedicure products (with luxury) (pictured)
or Footlogix (more clinical) products.
Each brand being very cost effective,
safe for the diabetic and produces long lasting results.

BUT…..the true value in setting your Pedicure service pricing comes in YOU!
What is your value and how do you establish a $$$$ amount for that value?
It really is a simple equation

How much education have you had?
How many Professional related books have you read?
How many services have you performed?
How many days on end have your practiced?
How many trade shows have you attended?
How often are you on Social media, constantly learning & following
the leaders in our industry?
Are you using quality products?
Have you made an investment in your business?
Do you practice safe sanitary procedures?
Do you wear gloves?
Are you Professional?
Etc. etc. etc.
The list can go on and on!

If you qualify for any part of the above then you probably should re-evaluate your pricing. Because, as we established in the classroom, the cost breakdown leaves many of us making less per hour than we can make at McDonalds.

So keep this in mind – You only get what you negotiate – !
If you don’t negotiate with yourself on your self worth, your value,
your expertise AND your passion, then there is no negotiation.
You end up on the bottom of the pay scale.

My formula for pricing my menu has always been

Determine my hourly worth
Know what my product cost is
Know how long it will take to perform a particular service
Know what my overhead cost is per square footage

Will you lose clients? Absolutely! Will you gain clients? Absolutely!
Will you work smarter not harder? Absolutely!

It is up to all of us to raise the standards in our industry, why not start TODAY!

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Nail Salons have been listed as a “Top Growth” industry for 2021?

Thats’ exactly correct….5 years out and NAIL SALONS are recognized to have
19{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} anticipated growth through 2021! This can be exciting yet scary
all at the same time. After all, don’t we have enough competition now?

This is why I keep offering education and new service ideas. It is imperative
in todays market, to realize it isn’t about staying competitive. It’s about
being different. And, being different isn’t just about crazy hair, or how much
bling and blang we provide. It’s about education and professionalism. It’s about
knowing what the guidelines are in Pedicure care. It’s about offering
the best in service quality, the best in safety and
the best we can do for our clients.

I have personally learned so much over my 29 years in the Business. However,
over the past 12 months I believe I have truly learned more about
product ingredients, implement safety and combining the 2 together.

I know i’ve said this before, but we talk so much about safety in air quality, we talk about proper licensing and even higher education. But, are we forgetting about
the safety in the products we use and the tools we use to
manage those products.

There is a specific reason I endorse and carry the products that I offer

I encourage you to research. Don’t take my word for it, but
start really thinking about what is being used in your chair. Have you thought about;

Are the products you are using, abrading or causing discomfort to your client? Example; Callus softening products. If you have to wear gloves, if you have to wear a mask to avoid the burn and the fumes from these products…..what do you think it’s doing to your client’s skin? Better yet, think about the reality of these products? Does your skin heal from the outside in, or the inside out?
Are the tools you use offering the best care to your clients? Example; Files for callous removal are not all created equal. I realize the cheese grater type files, the replaceable sand paper type products, the pumice stones etc, work efficiently in callous removal. But, have you thought about what they do to your clients skin on their feet? There are studies….those tools that I mentioned above shred the skin. The best way for me to describe this is for you to picture a cuticle. We clip, clip, clip around the cuticle edge. Look at that cuticle under a microscope…it will have jagged edges. How will it grow? With jagged edges. Using the wrong tool on your clients feet, is doing the same thing. Therefore, the skin can never repair itself.
What about sanitizing and disinfection? Are you using what you can get by with? Or are you using products which really kill the bacteria and fungi we encounter in our chair? This is a bone of contention with me, because I don’t feel our States emphasize nor recommend the highest quality of disinfection. With that being said, there is so much information via the internet…why do we have to agree with our States? We need to be smarter than them.
My whole point is how this projected 19{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} growth concerns me. Unless we set the high standards, unless we step up our game, the new generation of nail technicians entering into our industry enter the same way many of us did. Lack of education, lack of factual knowledge and a lack of direction.

It is up to all of us to raise the standards in our industry,
why not start TODAY!

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