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Are you looking for the beauty?

I was getting ready to walk into the gym this weekend when my husband called.

He called to inform me he was as our warehouse doing some organizing. Apparently he left the night prior, before he was able to clean up.

He asked “if I wanted to come to the warehouse and we can start a project we are working on?”

My answer was a resound NO.

I expressed to him that I work my A– off. I already take pretty much a full day each weekend, to write my article’s.  I needed a day for me.


I have always been busy and granted…I’m sure I do it to myself.

However, when COVID hit and I was faced with a 90% decrease in sales, my dearest friends in my Beauty community being shut down and nothing but negativity on the TV and Social media, I soon realized, I have been in recovery AND survival mode ever since.

Simply put, I just want and need some alone “ME” time.

The beauty that has come out of this whole pandemic, this whole year is seldom ever seen or heard of.

  • The strength that comes from within during trying times, is short of amazing.
  • The personality differences visible through Social Media is a testament of our first Amendment. Freedom of speech.
  • Even the politics circus has brought to everyones attention, more knowledge, more information. Knowledge which will be used for future generations.

So, as I sit here in my backyard, getting ready to write my article, and thinking about what to write about… I pause. I see the beauty around me. Feel the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the air. I hear the chirping of birds and marvel at the beauty of the landscape.

But wait!……This is Saturday, I shouldn’t be working. What happened to my ME time?

You see, when I made that first statement “I needed a day for me”, the only way I can do that is for me to get my article done on Saturday and Sunday is all mine. (I can only wish it worked that way :))

As I sat down and began thinking. What message can I get out this week? Who’s life can I touch in a positive way?

With my hands on the back of my head, I’m slowly glancing around and realizing there is beauty in my life everyday with everything I do.

It’s certainly in my blood as I’ve been doing this for 33 years. However, it’s also a very material part of my life.

The reality is, we CAN find beauty in everything and everything we do. The harsh reality is, many people focus more on the drama. They actually feed off of it. They like to be miserable and in the end try to bring everyone down with them.

I choose NOT to go down that road

Continuing on with THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF IT?!

At that point, my mind spins to strength.

Every day I am running my Business in recovery AND survival mode at the same time. I’m sure most of you are doing the same.

It’s different, it’s wearing, it is so totally and incredibly exhausting.

However, I know the secret is in the thought and it’s so much more comforting to think positively than negatively.

So, if you look at the beauty of it. We are recovering and we are surviving.

How freaking awesome and rewarding is THAT?

For all of you who can relate. Twist your thoughts to a brighter side.

It’s better for you, it’s better for your friends your family your clients.

In addition if we talk about Freedom of Speech, Social Media is on top of the charts. We have been down to the trenches with what we have seen on Social Media. And, it’s our deepest addiction.

If you allow yourself to get down or upset about it, like I have……where is that getting you? More angry? I deleted 3 post I made this week which were no way shape or form designed to bring on negative comments. So I thought. I won’t be a part of it. I won’t let other peoples anger and nastiness take over my being.l

Think about people from all over our world who are communicating together. Be it good bad or ugly, Social Media has baptized our Freedom of Speech. And, the beauty of this is just like TV, if we don’t like what we see or hear, we can turn it off.

Finally, I think about the politics we are in at this moment. Circus is the only word that comes to mind.

He said she said, I did he didn’t, the hatred amongst parties, the violence which is being bought and placed strategically around our Country.

And I think about our up and coming generation who didn’t pay attention in school or who knows nothing of the Holocaust.  They are leaning from Social Media. Doesn’t matter what side, they are all learning and they are the future of our Politics.

It’s kinda exciting when I think about it that way. There are going to be future generations who do remember the anger and not want to go back to that time? Our culture is more diverse than ever and it will be our future generation which brings them all together.

So my friends in this amazing Beauty Community, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are ALL in this together. We have ALL recovered and survived. Doesn’t matter how much or how little. We did and we will continue to do so.

Be proud of that and keep forging forward. It WILL continue to grow. You WILL be prosperous.

and oh….all that’s left to do is a good read-through…’s ME time now.

CJ Murray, President

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Should we or shouldn’t we?

I don’t particularly like the work associated with decorating. However, through my years at my Salon and since the day I owned a home, I always seem to go over and above when it came to Holiday decorations.


I would have to say initially, I felt obligated as a Business owner and a home owner to “get in the spirit”. However, I soon realized, decorating wasn’t for me… was for my clients. In the case of my home, for anyone who walked or drove by.

As we get older, I think we have the need to simplify. Less is more, so they say.

When I look back though at everything we did at my Salon, I’m reminded of the fun times, the excitement it brought to the Holidays and how for a short period of time, we could forget the troubles of the world.

Yes….troubles of the world have always been in existance.

  • We had a very dear friend of ours whom painted our windows for each Holiday theme. She also painted statues built by family members. We placed this beautiful figure on top of our building.
  • On Halloween our team picked a specific character “group” which we all participated in.
  • We offered discounts and hidden little surprises.
  • We had food related to the specific Holiday.
  • We called the newspaper on decorations we were specifically fond of. and, many times our clients called them as well.

Our Holiday themed decorations became well known amongst our clients. To this day, when I run into a former client the memory of what my Salon and our team did around the Holidays is always topic of conversation.

Of course, we did amazing nails and quality pedicures and they don’t hesitate to let me know how much they miss us, however, it’s the memories of our inter-actions with our clients. What we brought to them for excitement and how they looked forward to the next one.

I’m okay with that. I’m okay with having literally hundreds of clients sharing their stories of my Salon since 1987.

A Polished Look Salon

decoration halloween

So, if we question whether we should or shouldn’t bring this form of entertainment to our clients, or offer Holiday discounts, or give Holiday gifts…..I would have to give a definite YES!

One could say, this type of transition from Holiday to Holiday can keep us from getting complacent.

COVID has for sure put a damper on the way we do things. That doesn’t mean though, you just stop doing. I know there may be some that disagree. We MUST move on with life, running our Businesses and doing everything we can possibly do forge forward. And, as I have said in many previous articles…..we need to adjust fire.

We need to look at our circumstances and determine what is going to be best for our current situation.

As an example… heart brakes for our little trick or treaters. In reality though, we have had grave concerns for years in regard to trick or treating. Poisoned candy, razor blades in candy, predators, kids getting hit by a car. I specifically remember the year we started to X-ray our candies before we let our children eat them. Same day, different shit.

All this and more did not stop us from having fun. Our families, our teachers, our Businesses all came up with creative ideas for our children. COVID is no different.

I see tubes being used on walkway railings to deliver the candy to the trick or treaters. People are putting tables at the end of their driveway and separating the candies for the children to take. Families are creating their own “trick or treat” adventures for our kids. Our society has learned how to “adjust fire”

I personally decorated our home as usual, and hope passerby’s enjoy.

My point is, this type of activity brings excitement into your Salon…good excitement. It gives your clients a break from reality. It keeps us from getting complacent and it helps us to enjoy the cultures of our Society.

How can you offer Holiday buzz while being Covid safe and not spend a whole bunch of money?

  • Decorate. These do not have to be extreme.
    • Window painting is not expensive yet very effective.
    • Check with your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store for an artificial tree. You can use this tree to decorate for every Holiday throughout the year.
    • Check with your local Goodwill store for inexpensive wood monuments which might be able to be “revived”
    • Visit the $$$ store
    • Simple things like changing the color of your towels to reflect the Holiday or placing a wreath on your door.

Nail art. The nail art I did in the 80-90’s is NOTHING compared to what I see on social media today. You all are so incredibly talented.

  • Choose a color of the month to reflect the Holiday. Market it, brag on it, wear it.
  • Present a different design for each week. This way, you get proficient at it after doing it repetitively.
  • Post it on your website, at your reception counter….build the excitement.
  • Client gifts. Make it thoughtful. Think about what message you are trying to give. Don’t always give a gift in expectation of further Business.
    • Centre For Beauty has many thoughts and ideas for our Salons. Be sure to visit our website where you will soon see a category just for “gift ideas”
    • Check out Oriental Trading Company. Many years I purchased client Holiday gifts from them. They have unique items at very affordable prices. For 3 years in a row one time, we gave away glass ornaments….hearts and other designs. Our clients loved them. (be sure to check availability when ordering. COVID I’m sure has put a kink on items you can get)
    • Gift certificates. I received this idea from the Salon I frequent. We received a coupon book with 12 coupons. 1 for each month. It might have been a discount off a service, or a discount off a retail product. It was a mix and match of coupons. It was very exciting and very much appreciated. The gift that kept on giving.
    • How about an intro to a new program? It doesn’t always have to be about “some thing”. This time of year is a great time to introduce new things that you might offer in the next year. Maybe you will introduce a price increase, yet give your client a punch card with gives them 1 free service after 10. Or, maybe you are combining service promotions. Book a pedicure and manicure together and receive 10% off your manicure service.

Be creative. Be present. Let your clients know, they are constantly on your mind. Decorations, Holiday gifts, future plans is all a way of letting your clients know….they are always on your mind, and you appreciate them.

With that being said….Centre For Beauty had its own ‘Should we or shouldn’t we” thought.

2020 has been a crazy year to say the least. We are so appreciative of the support which continues to come our way. In addition, we are always looking for ways to help our clients save $$$.

Coming soon:

  • 1 final virtual trade show for 2020 coming soon
  • AngelFeet file buy back program effective through December 31st.
  • Holiday gifts ideas coming by the end of October
  • 2 more FREE FREIGHT FRIDAY’S of 2020
  • Shhhhh – introduction of our new product line.
  • 2021 brings many new and exciting programs – stay tuned

As the season of decorating and partying approaches.  Be creative and give. Give your best to yourself and to everyone.

Love what you do, do what you love….or as a very dear friend of mine just said to me “work to live, don’t live to work?

CJ Murray, President

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This past week I posted a one(1) line statement on Facebook. “WHAT HAPPENED TO RESPECT?”

The comments posted solidified my point. Many of them went directly to politics, criticizing and accusing our President of causing the lack of respect in our Country. The post was NOT at all politically motivated.

Let me share a little insight into my mind;

I began thinking about someone I know recently who just got married. A month prior to the wedding their was a bridal shower. My husband and I sent a gift. We have yet to receive a thank you note (now about 6 weeks later)

From that thought in my mind, it brought me to times visiting my folks when my nieces and nephews were present. They were young and restless. I recalled how they ran around the house and went into the refrigerator without asking. Mind you, growing up my siblings and I NEVER opened the refrigerator to get something to eat, without asking our parents first.

From that thought, I recalled the days of my siblings and I, very young visiting my Grand Mother. We literally sat on her couch (all 7 of us), hands folded with our mouths shut. If we were to move an inch….we got “the look”.

These thoughts is what brought me to posting that one line statement on Facebook.

Social media

Unfortunately, social media has brought out dis-respect in amounts I can’t even fathom.

It’s no surprise as I know it’s easy to hide behind a keyboard. It’s easy to make derogatory, discriminatory, nasty, hurtful comments when not speaking face to face.

Some people call it bullying, I call it spineless.


The lack of respect I see on social media surprisingly isn’t just in our younger generation. All generations are guilty of these actions.

What I find most alarming is the quickness to place blame on someone else being the cause of “why someone is disrespectful”.  So, let me get this clear. Because you think our Government (as an example) is the cause for dis-respect, it allows you to be dis-respectful as well? It justifies your actions?

Respect is an individual thing. Characteristics of respect are;

  • Be polite.
  • Act respectfully.
  • Listen well.
  • Be helpful.
  • Don’t make excuses.
  • Let go of anger.
  • Be willing to change.


Be polite Actrespectfully Listen well Be helpful Don't make excuses Let go of anger Be willing to change

When I think about respect within our Salons, I’m reminded of simple things.

  • I’m reminded of the time’s I’ve arrived for my appointment on time, and my Technician was running late
  • I’m reminded of my Technician texting and looking at her phone, during my entire appointment time
  • I’m reminded my Technician having conversation with everyone in her Salon except me
  • I’m reminded of not being asked pertinent questions regarding my likes and dislikes

Does any of the above show lack of respect?

Many of you know, my husband has joined the Centre For Beauty team as our warehouse lead.

This has been a new experience for him as well as a new experience for he and I as husband and wife working together. We both have to remember to be respectful of each other, after all…don’t we hurt the ones we love the most?

Even more than that though, I am so happy my husband has the same attitude I do when it comes to our clients. Be it large or small, all are treated equally. We both respect all our clients based on the fact they are clients, not on the size of their orders.

This should hold true in our Salons as well. Are you treating a now and then client the same way you treat your staple clients whom reserve multiple services?

My sole purpose of focusing on the Nail Technician with my Business was based on the lack of respect I personally received as a Nail Technician from most of the rep’s in this industry.

I know this is not the first time I’ve shared my story regarding being ignored by full service reps of a Distributor because I was a Nail Technician and not a hair stylist.

The experience still bewilders me. I’ve always been of the mindset it isn’t just about where someone is today, it’s about how we can help them grow for the future.

When it comes to our Salon clients, we cannot take them for granted. It doesn’t matter whether they spend $25.00 on a basic manicure or $90.00 on a massage. We must at all times follow the 7 characteristics of respect, regardless of who that person is.

Lets review the 7 characteristics of respect as it relates to our Salons

  • Be polite – do you acknowledge all your clients as they walk in the door? Or, are you ignoring them until you are ready to service them?
  • Act respectfully – look the part, act the part, be the part.
  • Listen well – do you just hear what they say, or are you truly listening?
  • Be helpful – don’t just give your clients what they want, suggest what you know, as a trained Professional might be best for them.
  • Don’t make excuses – I’m sorry….only goes so far. Actions are louder than words.
  • Let go of anger – anger is a feeling which can be controlled. It can also be felt by others.
  • Be willing to change – one of the things I learned in my training of Oncology care is how to master the secrets of empathy. The first secret is modification.

In my final thoughts on this topic, I wish to make a personal plea.

My parents taught us, “think before you speak”.  When posting on social media we have to “pause before we send”.

It is imperative everyone realizes, the image of our industry isn’t just seen in our Salons, it’s seen wherever our voices are heard (or read).

Changing the image of our Industry requires discipline. It requires all the 7 characteristics of respect!

CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray
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