The many uses of sa’SHá

I first want to thank you for supporting my own personal brand.

sa’SHá was a dream of mine prior to 2020 and I was blessed to bring it to fruition in June of 2021. Since then, I have been blown away by the 100’s of messages, reviews, calls and social media post I’ve received on sa’SHá claiming to be the best callus softening brand in our market.

Although I periodically offer free webinars on the specifics of sa’SHá, I wanted to share with you, the many uses our clients have found to use sa’SHá on their clients. What I love is the fact…they all work!

Let’s just get right into the guts;

  • More is not best. The biggest challenge we see and hear is our clients using way more of the product than they need to. This may be great for our sales however, it defeats my purpose of saving our Salons/Technicians money.  The application only needs to be dampened…NOT WET!
  • Using sa’SHá as a cuticle softener was not on my list of 10. However, I quickly learned at our first showing, how effective it is on the worst cuticles. One great asset about sa’SHá is how quickly it activates. You can apply and immediately begin to work.
  • Using sa’SHá on the cuticles is just one process for the toenails. We receive so many comments at how sa’SHá works miracles on reducing the thickened layer of skin/debris under the free edge of the nail. Be careful not to cut the hyponychium as it can cause infection. 

What about calluses?

  • 10 seconds!  YES!!! Simply apply sa’SHá to the mild to dry callused area (We recommend our sa’SHá application brush) You can wait 10 seconds and begin to file with your foot file or let your client enjoy a brief-light massage and then use your foot file.
    • About our application brush; Our first batch of brushes was a gross mistake on my part. When I received my sample, I thought they were a plastic handle (as requested). However, we soon found out they were plastic coated over wood.Many of you benefited, as we just started to give them away.
    • We now have true plastic handle brushes which make them acceptable for immersion without the concern of the handle shredding. They can be cleaned and placed in your disinfection solution with no problem. In addition, they can be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner with no problems. Due to the brush hairs, I would not recommend sterilization.
  • 4-minutes to magic. More often than not, we all have those clients that have such thick fissures and rhagades and/or just really bad calluses. They can be painful for our clients and we all know, they look horrible. This 4 minutes process allows us to care for these clients with no additional time needed. This process also allows for our Salons/Technicians to add more to their pedicure price. In addition, you can offer a stand alone service for this process for those clients who don’t like pedicures (can you imagine?) yet, want the skin on their feet to look better and feel better.
  • We recommend 2 x 2 cotton pads. However, you can use 4 x 4 or any other type of cotton you desire. Place them in a container. We recommend mini mason jars which, I do plan to carry however, I found mine at Ikea. Place sa’SHá in the container to saturate the pads.
  • Take one of the saturated pads and “wring it out”….it does not have to be soaking. Apply to the callused area.
  • With our Professional wrap, wrap the foot, leaving the toenails exposed for manicuring. This process helps keep the warmth of the body which helps with the processing.
  • Manicure the toenails, remove the wrap and pads and slide your foot file (on it’s side) over the treated areas and just watch as the softened skin just melts off.
    • Not everyone has calluses on their entire foot. Do you have a client who has thickness on the great toe? Or, maybe thick on the met pad area? You can target with just one 2 x 2 saturated pad (without apply the professional wrap) and let it sit there while you manicure the toenails.
    • Maybe they are thick on the met pad but not on the rest of the foot? Use our 10 second process on the foot and apply a pad on the callused met pad.

We have heard many different applications;

  • Brush on sa’SHá and wrap with a paraffin bag.
  • On the worst of the worst, we have had clients brush on sa’SHá then add a pad and wrap.
  • We have clients who apply the 2 x 2 pads and don’t wrap
  • We have clients who use the wrap method on everyone, eliminating the need to put stress on their body from filing
  • Use your hands. Do you have a client sensitive to filing or maybe doesn’t really need and callus work? Place a bit of sa’SHá in your gloved hand, apply on the feet and massage. After a minute or so, you will find sa’SHá to work somewhat like a peel. Safe and effective.

The applications are endless. Even 2 years later, we are still hearing of alterations being made to accommodate our clients and your clients needs. It’s just amazing and crazy.

My dream;

As a licensed Technician for over 35 years and having the honor to travel all over the Country meeting and talking with thousands of Technicians AND being a former salon owner…..I would have say today,  I know exactly what I was looking for.

  1. My #1 priority was to keep sa’SHá off of Amazon and out of the big box stores who don’t respect our Nail Technicians. For this reason, I will not make it in any size less than  500ml. sa’SHá is for YOU, not of your clients to use at home.
  2. Cost savings. sa’SHá is 3 products in 1. Prior to sa’SHá I was promoting 3 products to equal 1 of sa’SHá. The breakdown cost is as low as .24 cents per service. Huge cost savings for our Technicians.
  3. Time savings. Because of it’s fast acting time, our Technicians are able to care for the worst of the worst calluses without having to add any additional time nor send the client out the door because they don’t have time to service them.
  4. Make more $$$. Because of the effectiveness of sa’SHá, it is 100% worth any price increase you implement. In addition, the ability to use sa’SHá as a remedy service also give our Salons/Technicians the ability to charge for a specialty service.
  5. Health concerns.  Getting older myself and doing this for many years, I can certainly relate to our Technicians who are feeling pain in their backs, shoulders, neck and arms. I heard you! The greatest compliment I received shortly after introducing sa’SHá was one of our clients who shared with me sa’SHá added 3-5 years to her career life because of sa’SHá.
  6. Client health concerns. Since I have been involved with teaching of Oncology Care in the Pedicure room, I wanted a product which I knew would be healthy for our compromised clients. Cancer, diabetes, auto immune etc. Not only did my lab do an independent dermatology testing, I also hired an independent lab for testing. After several thousands of $$$$ and many months of waiting, I am so pleased to have 100% approval that sa’SHá is not only effective, it’s safe. You can find our testing, along with ur SDS sheet @
  7. Ease of use. sa’SHá literally cannot get any easier. Use it your way…..any way.
  8. Competition. For me as a Distributor it is really difficult to compete with the brands I represent. Times have changed and Manufacturers have gone direct to my clients more than ever before. Don’t you just sometimes get tired of the fight? I did and as a result, we now have sa’SHá.
  9. Same but different. I know we have many great brands out there. However, I just felt as though they were all the same, offering nothing special. sa’SHá is special. I call it our favorite brands on steroids.
  10. Retirement. My last reason was thinking about retirement. At some point I do see myself selling Centre for Beauty to someone who hopefully will take care of you the way I like too. However, the sale of CFB certainly will not be enough for retirement. So ya…..I’d like to have something special to take myself and my husband into an easy retirement. Isn’t that what we all want?


Can I put sa’SHá into a spray bottle?

  • I developed sa’SHá to be a brush on for a couple of reasons;
    • Target. With the brush on method, we can simply apply where needed
    • Waste. Spraying is wasteful. Too much is sprayed and it goes on areas of the skin which don’t need it. In addition, you have to deal with airborne odors and waste.

How long does it last in a container with the 2 x 2 wraps.

  • A long time. You don’t have to empty your container at the end of the day. Just keep adding the 2 x 2 and more sa’SHá as needed. Because of the protein in urea, I do recommend cleaning it at least 1X per week.


In producing sa’SHá I learned a lesson of how combined ingredients can literally eat through certain types of plastics. Consequently, there is a specific plastic (PET) which is needed for storage. If you want a smaller container for your station, look into our pure touch dispenser. It only dispenses what you need and will not seep any left over back into the container. In addition, the top is stainless steel which makes I safe and easy to clean between clients. Due to the proteins in Urea, you will find your containers to get crusty, if not maintained daily.


You can visit for pictures, reviews and more. We are adding more each day and plan to have videos of all the different processes.

You can also follow us on instagram cj_centre_for_beauty where so much info, pictures and video are shared. In addition, we will be at the upcoming Nail Tech Event of the Smokies show.…hope to see you there.

And of course, feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions.

CJ Murray, President


2 thoughts on “The many uses of sa’SHá”

  1. It’s been a literal lifesaver. My clients results are incomparable to previous products & I’m not ruining my arm and shoulder filing forever to produce the same result.

    It has extended the healthy smooth foot feeling for my clients beyond any previous pedicure.

    Thank you for shipping it up to this Canadian Esthetician, I’m a SaSha supporter for the duration of my career!

    1. Aww Thank you. I am so happy to hear this. This truly warms my heart. We are working and hoping to have Distribution in Canada soon in an effort to help save you $$$ on shipping.

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