YOU are your Pedicure

The #1 conversation I have with my clients or potential clients almost always has this question "What is the procedure?" Procedure: an established or official way of doing something. Now, I'm a "don't stay between the lines" kinda gal. However, I also value the importance of following "established procedures" in an effort to receive optimum …

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For several weeks now, I have been thinking of what I wanted my final blog of the year to be. I went from a simple Bye Bye 2020 Hello 2021, to sharing all the great things we have to offer to my final decision. Reflecting on 2020. As the Holiday Season grew near, I found …

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Tylenol vs ???

Would you rather have a pain reliever or a pain reliever specifically for headaches? I think most of us know, Tylenol is typically good for a headache. If we have a backache, wouldn't you look more towards Advil or Aleve? If you apply that thinking to caring for our feet, you will then begin to …

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As we near the end of the year, I've thought a lot about what life was prior to March 2020. I would venture to say, 2020 has been a tumultuous year. The exhaustion (for lack of another word) which has been brought about by this pandemic, cannot go un-noticed. Temperatures have flared across social media …


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