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Several months back, as far back as a couple of years my family and I began the process of helping my parents clean out and move out of their house.
My family is amazing and I love and trust all of them. However, as with anyone we work with it takes a bit getting used to their ways.
A friend of ours who was handling the real estate part of it, would send me a text now and then….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
This was his way of saying breath deep, close your eyes, visualize the spa
and stay calm.
It seems I’m practicing this a lot during these most trying, physically and mentally draining times with COVID19. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
So in order to stay focused on something besides COVID, here I am approaching another topic of interest which came from my CDS series. A topic which many had never heard of and if they did, they didn’t know much about.
Biofilm IS the enemy. It has been around for years.
In order to know what to do about it, you have to know what it is.

Biofilms are a collective of one or more types of microorganisms that can grow on many different surfaces.

Microorganisms that form biofilms include bacteria, fungi and collection of organisms. One common example of a biofilm is dental plaque, a slimy buildup of bacteria that forms on the surfaces of teeth or the slimy ring around the end of a faucet, or the ooze that comes up when clearing a hairball from your shower drain.

Biofilm usually begins to form when a free-swimming bacterium attaches to a surface.

Swimming microorganisms can be classified into three groups:

(1) bacteria such as Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Salmonella

(2) archaea such as Halobacterium and Methanocaldococcus

(3) eukaryotes such as Euglena and Paramecium

Cleaning then disinfection is the only way to rid of Biofilm in your drains.  Due to their protective matrix…bleach, shower cleaners, or any antimicrobial chemicals poured down the drain cannot penetrate the Biofilm to kill all the bacteria.

Shower hoses, sink spickets and faucets can potentially harbor biofilm.  Because of this, there is a wide range of superficial fungal infections which are caused by Biofilm including, but not limited to keratitis, onychomycosis, allergy and sinusitis along with more serious illnesses such as pneumonia. Especially in immunocompromised persons.

Sinks are an ideal reservoir for bacterial contamination. The basic designs of the drain flow contributes to unwanted microbial growth. this makes them prime suspect for producing infections.

Plumbing fixtures contain standing water. The small reservoir of water acts as a physical barrier to prevent off gassing sewage odor from entering the room where the sink is located. Unfortunately, this same reservoir creates the perfect humid breeding conditions needed for bacterial colonies to grow.


How does this affect you in your Salon environment?  Think about it…..

We go to the sink to clean and scrub the debris off our foot files/tools many times a day.

The particles are being washed down the drain multiple times per day.

These particles then become part of the Biofilm which is sitting in the drain pipe.

In addition, warm water is ran down the drain causing the biofilm to loosen. Upon loosening, it produces vapors coming up through the drain which….you are breathing in!

In 2008 when I was first introduced to Biofilm, it was through the NASP level 1 course. (I like to give credit where credit is due).

I don’t know if they continue to teach on this topic, however, the information although very basic has helped me in the following years.

When I took on the Micrylium products, it was through my rep, where I learned more specific details. It was where I learned the importance of ultrasonic cleaners.

The story shared with me through my rep, really resonated.

They were called into a Company which works with Medical Devices. Many of their employees they noticed, suffered with scratchy throat, dry cough, dry eyes, runny nose along with additional minor symptoms.

They took action to investigate and brought in air conditioning experts to see if maybe bad air was being aired through their ventilation. They brought in drywall experts to investigate the problems associated with infected drywall. And, in the end they brought in the chemist and leaders of Micrylium who are the experts in infectious control.

Micrylium realized the workers were doing the same thing we as Nail Specialist do.  Always going to the sink and scrubbing their tools and implements.

The warm water they use with soap to scrub was activating the biofilm in the drain. It would loosen the biofilm causing vapors to come up through the drain. Vapors which the workers were breathing in. The same type of vapors, our Technicians breath in.



I’ve spoken with many Technicians who simply want to I ignore Biofilm is in existence. Hey…no problem, it’s your life. However, it’s important to realize, this problem doesn’t not discriminate. It exists everywhere. Our homes, our work, hotels, restrooms … all over the world.

I personally have an allergy to mold and mildew. I can tell instantly if I walk in a place loaded with bacteria. My head immediately feels like I have a head cold and I get a headache.


Ultrasonic cleaners do the cleaning for you. No scrubbing, no standing at the sink scrubbing, washing, rinsing your tools.

Ultrasonic cleaner

There are many different ultrasonic machines available. The best advice I could probably offer is not purchasing one which is specifically designed for jewelry. Which, is what is used to clean jewelry.

I can only speak for the one we carry…it is large enough to support many tools including the length of our AngelFeet file. It has up to 10 minute active time and it has a heater. Although, heat is not required for our implements.

In addition, it’s important to know from your Mfg., what solution is acceptable. If you use the wrong kind of solution it could very possibly blowup your machine.

The harsh reality is, whatever procedures you have for sanitizing…you MUST clean first. Cleaning our tools as we know it, is putting us at risk for ailments stated earlier in this blog.

A couple of questions I would be asking at this time is;

  • How is COVID in relation to washing as we do and inhaling biofilm vapors
  • Is there something better or safer I can be doing
  • Does the initial added expense far out way the long term hazards

I hope I was able to offer more insight and even answer some of your questions regarding biofilm.

It exist yet we can control our exposure…for a better quality of life.

CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray
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Are we worth it?

Where do we go from here?

In talking about our services and our service dollars these past couple of weeks, I’ve received so many who expressed YES! YES! YES!

I’m humbled by all your kind comments and so incredibly grateful to be a small part of your growth. I’m also grateful to be a part of the conversation.

I’m perplexed however, and confused.

I’m perplexed (baffled or puzzled) because I’m noticing, not everyone is taking COVID19 and our responsibilities in our Salon seriously.

I’m confused because those same people are bitching that the COVID19 numbers are rising.

Whats interesting however, based on my own experience and what I am hearing from other B2B partners, there is separation within our own industry and sometimes our own Salons.

It’s interesting because it appears our Nail Technicians are on the forefront of precaution, while our Hair Stylists are not so much.

Please…..I am not talking about ALL Hair Stylist, only those which either myself or people close to me has witnessed.

We have to remember, in the Nail Technician world cleaning and disinfection is just part of our DNA. We have to clean and disinfect our tools after each client, our pedicure tubs….Hair stylist put their combs in a solution until their next client. And, have we ever seen our Stylist wash and disinfect their shears?

This doesn’t make them bad people. The type of cleaning and disinfection procedures they have to follow as Hair Stylist are different then our Nail Technicians.

Nail Technicians have to keep logs. Do our Hair stylist? Nail Technicians deal with the skin, our Hair Stylist don’t.

I’ve always said….as a Nail Technician we can cause an amputation or even death. As a Hair Stylist, the worst that can happen is someone having to shave their head.  It’s just a different world.


I realize we can’t and shouldn’t live in fear. I realize we must get our Country back to work and thriving again. This means our people have to work and we have to be able to enjoy or reap the benefits from working.

There is a new norm though, and we have to realize this and adjust to whatever this new norm may be.

There is absolutely no way, we can conform back to the way we were. Doing so will cause grave damage to our Industry and should a 2nd wave of COVID19 come upon (like they are predicting), the majority of our Industry will be put in the last phase of re-opening.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were invited by our friends to join a boat parade. We had one boat with 4 of us and another much bigger boat with 6. We were all very conscious of where we had been, who we were with. We didn’t wear mask, but there was enough room on both boats to practice social distancing.

We stopped at an Island away from shore with hundreds of other boats. The next (2) boats closest to us (but a fairly good distance) had literally 20-30 teenagers per boat. Not a darn one of them obviously had a clue of our current situation, or just didn’t care.

Although our guys were thrilled at the eye candy, they and all us girls could not even believe the crowd on those boats. It was just mind boggling. AND….there was the obvious parents or owners of the boats, but they too were involved in the same close contact.

It was shortly after that, we heard on the news the increase in the number of teenagers , contracting COVID19.  No duh!


I’ve spoken with many people from many different Businesses, and I am truly enlightened by some of the COVID19 practices they have put into place.

One of our local Financial firms have succeeded in doing the epitome of COVID safety.

  • Most of their employees have been working from home. Just this last week, if that task is challenging because of kids or poor set-up, they are allowing them to come back to work. However, only 20% of  their particular office count
  • They check their temperature at the guard gate. If they are spiked, they are not allowed through. If okay, they get a sticker. Once through, they are sent to another off-site office for legal documentation. Once they sign they have no signs of illness nor have been around anyone with COVID, they get a wrist band. And, they also have to sign stating they won’t sue if they get CVOID19, even if they think it came from their office.
  • They also have some type of device which tracks them. At any given time, if someone test positive for COVID19, they will immediately know who has been in their Company which gives them the ability to notify that person and reduce the spread.
  • They are 100% required to wear mask
  • Only 4 people in an elevator.  Big company, big elevators
  • Everything now is electronic. There are no handling of any paper trail

This is a multi billion dollar Company with 8 buildings on their property. They just re-built one of their office buildings with newly designed portable units and an effort to put more people in a smaller space. They are reconfiguring again….6′ apart, glass partitions etc.

This isn’t the only Company making changes. Many are doing the same thing. They are adjusting to the new norm.

Many of you know, and I’ve shared all sorts of information on the challenges we as Distributors are having. For us, these challenges aren’t going away.

We still have Mfgs not being able to provide us our products. We are still on allotment for many items and having to pay up front to even be “put on the list”. We still encounter everyday, items we thought were on allotment and now have gone into the “can’t get” category.

COVID19 has NOT ended, or at least the effects of it. Life is NOT back to normal. The new norm is STILL important and although we are back to the chair, we STILL have to have our PPE and our precautions in place in order to operate safely.

Where does this fit into my articles of the last two(2) weeks? The Perfect Pedicure and Perfect Pedicure pricing?


I have heard so many stories of Salons who are allowed to open, yet choose not to until all their new practices are put into place.

I have been bombarded with calls on cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. My CDS series has the largest attendance of any class I’ve hosted. My autoclave webinar scheduled for June 29th, has the most registered attendance of any webinar I’ve ever presented.

This all comes with a price. A price you should be passing on to your clients.

I have sold more ultrasonic machines, autoclaves and disinfection products since the inception of my Business.

Technicians have shared with me the “new” Business they have obtained. Why? Because they are following safe procedures. They are following the rules and in some cases, going over and above.


Then…..we have the naysayers. The Technicians, Stylist, Salons who feel for some reason, they don’t have to play by the rules…or after 4-6 weeks of being back in Business, they are already becoming complacent.

  • Is it a bitch to wear a mask all day?  Absolutely
  • Is it a bitch to lose 1-2 clients per day because you have to leave more time in between? Absolutely
  • Is it a bitch to clean more, clean better, clean correctly….absolutely!
  • Is it a bitch to take your clients temperature, have them sign a release form, make it mandatory they wear a mask?….and, whatever other changes you require?…absolutely!



What will be a bitch….is having to go through what we just went through all over again

We have to break this pattern. We have to be responsible until we know there is a vaccine for COVID.

Whether you believe what the media is telling us or not. The fact still remains…there is a disease out there and we are all susceptible. We owe it to ourselves, our team and other people around us to follow safe procedures and protect ourselves and each other.


So….If you wonder whether or not you are “worth a price increase”, if you wonder if you will “lose clients” because of it? If you aren’t doing what you need to do to keep yourself, your team and your clients safe., then don’t change your prices. If you are, and you have spent time and money preparing as such then you are justified. Don’t let a crisis go to waste. Learn from it and do what you did good….even better!

You will either be the Salon everyone feels comfortable with visiting, or you will be the Salon that people talk about, and it won’t be in a positive manner.

CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray
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Perfect Pedicure Pricing

Last week I talked about the Perfect Pedicure.  While writing, I thought back to the days when I had my Salon and what I did as well as what I didn’t do.

I spoke of the after life.  Many times you’ll hear me say, “I really don’t know how I knew this…it’s just innate”. (inborn; natural).  I think back to many things I did in my Salon which proved to be “proper”  Things which I just knew I didn’t want… jetted pedicure tubs.  

There are reasons why we do or don’t do certain things.  Is it because of our belief? Is it because we are followers?  Is it because we are big dreamers?  Is it because we have to?  Is it just because?

When it comes to pricing our services, I know there are many people who do NOT price their services where they need to be.  Whether they think it’s because they want to be fair?  Is it because they don’t know how to price their services, is it because they are thinking they want to stay competitive?  Or, is it because they don’t think they are worth it?

I think of my good friend Nellie Neal.  We all know how glamorous and eccentric he is.

What’s interesting to me about Nellie, he is the epitome of be who you are and let that reflect in your services and your service dollars.

Nellie had a price increase in February.  He just had another price increase due to COVID19.  Many of you don’t feel this is the time to “raise your prices”.  Is it?

Many of you shake your head at what Nellie charges.  What you don’t realize though, Nellie feels and knows he’s worth it…..THAT’S the difference!

Knowledge is Power-2

Raising prices during COVID19 has been a big topic over the past couple of months. It’s interesting watching comments from all over the spectrum.

What I would ask you is “have you raised the bar”? Have you changed the way you do things “for the better”?

Forget the idea that you have to spread out your clients and maybe take one(1) less client a day. I’m talking about making your Business a safer place for you, your team and your clients. I’m talking about better sanitizing procedures. I’m talking about Education.

Knowledge is Power. Going back to Nellie. Nellie isn’t knowledgable about just one(1) thing. He has a little knowledge about a lot of things. Knowledge that he has learned over many years attending many classes, trade shows etc.

You may think his appearances at Trade Shows, are just that….appearances. However, he uses that time visiting other Vendors, learning of new items, new processes and how to continuously improve the trade he is already great at. He never stops learning.

His clients know this. They look forward to the new he might come back from a trip with. They appreciate the time away, the travel, the lost income to make his travel all possible. They respect him for it.

Therefore, they have no problem with paying for his knowledge. THAT is how he is able to charge the prices he charges.

Nellie Neal

When I bought my Salon, I bought into already established pricing. Over the course of many years I adjusted accordingly.

When I built my new facility from the ground up, I did research around the area I was building. I was appalled by the general pricing. I couldn’t conform.

I charged the pricing I did based not only on Business expenses. I priced according to the knowledge of my staff and the products I was using. The more knowledgeable we became, the more the price went up.

In 2008 when I met Footlogix and changed my entire service venue from Gena products to Footlogix, my pricing went up $25.00 per pedicure. We went from $45.00 – $70.00 We had no challenges with the increase.

My clients knew of my introduction to the brand and we were able to show them the difference in the quality. And… they appreciated the growth.

During COVID19 we, as a Distributor have experienced things we have never experienced before.

  • Major price increases
  • Delayed deliveries
  • Backordered-out of stock products
  • Allotment of products
  • And more!

These COVID19 times are stressful.

I chose and have shared with you, to absorb much of the price increases I’ve experienced…at least for a few months. I chose this not only because my Salons were out of work. I choose to do this and notify you for future reference, so you can make your plans for what you need to do.

In this case, it’s a hard good. It’s not about my personal time.

Trust me, because of the change in logistics with hard goods, I’m working 60 hours per week and getting a lot more grey hairs really fast. It has not been easy.

However, I know this is only temporary. It will change.

When it comes to your services and what your Salon policies are going forward…these are forever changes. You never go back. You only go forward until the next change….forward.

So, how then do your price your Pedicure services?

First and foremost you have to know your cost.

  • Square footage cost
  • Cost of products

Square footage cost includes everything it takes for that square footage to break even.

Cost of products is everything used in the service. Tools and equipment should be considered in your square footage cost, not your product cost.

I personally feel the biggest mistake most people make, is determining cost based on flat rate instead of percentages.

  • What percentage should your rent be of total income
  • What percentage is your labor cost of total income
  • What percentage is your product cost of total income

You can google and I know there are some great people like Tina Alberino who wrote books on determining your cost which you can reflect to.

When it comes to Business…it is all relative. 10%, 25% increase in sales is amazing. Doesn’t matter if it’s 10% of $100 or 10% of 100,000.00.


Once your square footage cost is determined, the next factor is your worth!

I’ve said this before….”If you are going to work for $15.00 per hour, your may as well go to Starbucks or McDonals to where you at least get the benefits”.


When I was hiring for my Salon, I always asked the following;

There is no right or wrong answer;  IF YOU COULD PAINT THE PERFECT SCENERIO…what would it be?

  • How many hours a week do you want to work?
  • Do you want to work nights or days?
  • What services do you not like to do?
  • How much money do you want to make?

If you can answer these questions, you can determine your worth. Much to my dismay, the answers were dismal…or they didn’t know how to answer at all.

They couldn’t dream. They couldn’t commit. They couldn’t imagine. They weren’t right for me.

It’s so strange to me that people don’t know the answer to those questions.

When I began raising my prices at my Salon, I posted a banner on the front of my building….


It wasn’t intended to put down the competition, it was intended to let people know…we are qualified in the services we offer. We are knowledgeable in our Profession and we want to brag about it.

So, the last thing you want to do in determining your pricing is making sure you have the credentials to earn it.

  • Are you using quality foot care products
  • Are you continuously educating yourself
  • Are you, are your services worth what you are charging

If you don’t know how much you want to work, nor how much you want to make….how the heck do you determine your cost?

Are you going based on the Salons around you? Are you following what you think might be the norm? Are you afraid you may not sell your services if your prices are too high?

If you answered yes to any of the above….you be forever in a rut and never get anywhere. You will always be working harder and not smarter.

To price your services properly you need to know your worth.  Ask yourself these questions;

  • How many hours per week do I want to work
  • Do I want to work nights, days, weekends?
  • How much do I want to make?

in addition

  • Am I educated
  • Am I staying educated
  • Am I providing a safe environment
  • Am I doing the best I can for my clients

Once you know your square footage cost, once you know the answers above….only then you can begin to determine your prices….and go after it.

Getting back to Nellie.

He for sure knows the cost associated with his services and there is absolutely no doubt he knows his own worth. Which….changes upwardly yearly.

However, he also recognizes, perceived value is just as important. He recognizes giving the client more than what they expect is important.

He also knows, he makes no apologies for asking the price he deserves.

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    The Perfect Pedicure

    I think if I have the opportunity to return in an “after life”, I can see myself coming back as a psychiatrist. The after life from the COVID19 pandemic, has been nothing short of amazing to watch.

    In the course of the past two (2) months, self education has been at an all time high. Awareness to cleaning, disinfection and sterilization processes is on steroids and the energy felt is electrifying.

    Salons are re-opening like it’s the first time starting their Business. Technicians are not just “revamping,” they are starting new. Retail sales are moving up and service venues are being re-modified.

    In segment 4 of my CDS series, I asked “what other education would you be interested in”? I received multiple request. The #1 request was “Pedicures”. You not only want to know what a “perfect” pedicure would be, you want to know pricing AND you want a video.
    I am here to deliver. Today we will talk about the “perfect pedicure”. Next week we will touch upon pricing.  And, I commit to you, a video will be available by the end of June.
    me,getting a pedicure

    Whenever I do anything which I know other people will either see or hear, I always put myself on the other side. I look at what I’m saying and/or doing from another person’s perspective.

    Sometimes, it can truly be a curse…In most cases though, it makes me more thorough, more meticulous and more detailed.

    The curse? I’m a virgo so everything I just mentioned is who I am. Doing what I do looking from a different perspective,  just magnifies those traits.

    Since my early 20’s I have been one way shape or form, involved in the Beauty Industry. I’ve had manicures, artificial nails, pedicures, facials, hair services and whatever other service you may think of.

    The very first time I got my nails done, I remember specifically chewing them off (after paying $70.00). Why? I didn’t like the shape.

    The Salon I visited was near where I worked at the time (an office supply store). There were two (2) ladies, probably the age I am now. They wore pink smocks, smoked cigarettes and talked more with each other than they did with me.

    Consequently, the Technician did what SHE wanted. She never asked what length I wanted nor what shape I wanted. I hated them.

    I hate my nails

    That resonated with me for the longest time. In fact, it still does.

    So, when you ask the question “what is the perfect pedicure”…who should you be asking?

    During the pandemic shut down, did anyone do a survey with their clients? Did anyone ask any specific questions? Or, did you just revamp your service menu to your liking? Or, return to the same ole format.

    Here are some processes in the pedicure chair which I personally don’t like. I wonder how many clients have experienced the same thing, and how many Technicians are losing these clients?

    • Sugar or salt scrub.  They scratch like heck and make my skin feel like it’s on fire.
    • Foot filing.  The rough files I have experienced has take the relaxation out of my experience.
    • Cuticle “pushing”.  Ouch, need I say more?
    • Cold water.  I have been left with my feet in the water for so long, the water is no longer soothing and comfortable.
    • Toenail clipping.  I have left many times, and for days following with pain in my toenails because the Technician cut them too short.
    • Length of time of pedicure service.  To short AND to long.

    When it comes to skin exfoliation you have to remember, ALL you are wanting to do at this time, is to remove the top layer of dry skin which, does not require a foot file.

    This is not, or should not be an aggressive process. Yes, there are many salt and sugar scrubs available. Many of you even make your own. That’s fantastic. BUT…..albeit the fragrance of these products are yummy. How do they feel on your clients skin?

    The same pertains to your foot file. As many of you know, we endorse the AngelFeet file. Truly the best file in the world.

    My endorsement goes far beyond the sanitizing aspects. It feels good. It doesn’t feel like someone is rubbing sandpaper on the bottom of my foot. Ugh! So many times I have had to ask the Technician to stop because it felt so uncomfortable. The skin on my feet is healthy. Using “sandpaper” made to smooth wood, is NOT my idea of feel good, but also not my idea of Professional nor what I believe is best for our clients.

    I remember being in school and reading “how to push back” cuticles. Whether it’s  the hands or feet, pushing is not an option.

    I’ve received pedicures where the Technician was too aggressive with the cuticle pusher. Not cool man. It hurts.

    The same goes for toenail clipping. Using tools which aren’t sharp enough to cut. Cutting across in one chunk instead of piece by piece. Cutting too short around the nail fold. It made and still makes me cringe.

    Length of time to me is tricky. Is your pedicure service too short? Is it too long?

    I’ve been in services whether it’s a facial or a pedicure where they are absolutely amazing. Great products, great ambience, great massage etc. However, they take so long, I have gotten past the point of relaxing. I’ve gotten ancy.

    I may have even dozed off. However, at the point that I “come too”, I don’t want to sit there for another 15-20 minutes waiting for my service to be complete.

    I do believe there is a perfect point of stopping.


    • The perfect pedicure is what makes your client feel their best. It’s about modifying your pedicure for each client and not getting into a rut of doing the same thing over and over.
    • The perfect pedicure is finding products which work for you, not products which make you work harder.
    • The perfect pedicure is knowing the difference between trying to be too eccentric yet trying to offer something special.
    • The perfect pedicure is knowing your trade. How to properly cut toenails and manage cuticles.
    • The perfect pedicure is knowing about EVERY thing and EVERY product you use. What are their features, their benefits and why they are good for your client.  And, how do they feel?
    • The perfect pedicure is using professional products and professional tools.
    • The perfect pedicure is focusing on your client….always
    • The perfect pedicure is paying attention to client signals
    • The perfect pedicure is one your client enjoys and one that YOU enjoy

    Going back to an after life.

    100 people can read the same thing and have 100 different opinions. We can offer the same service and 20 people love it, one(1) person complains. We can have different political views, different religious views…some people accept that, others thrive on bringing trouble to the differences. The mind is so amazing, and I have a passion for understanding how it all works.

    In our Salons….If we can understand people.  If we can understand our services aren’t about us, it’s about our clients…then we can understand why all the above matters.

    Stay safe, stay healthy.

    Keep doing the right thing in your Businesses to keep you and your clients safe. Don’t relax on safety. We aren’t in the clear yet and our Industry in many States is still in jeopardy. We have to show those States we can do this and do it right….all the time, not just when someone is watching.

    CJ Murray, President

    CJ Murray
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    The Journey continues

    It’s been 5 weeks since I have written a blog, other than a discussion on cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. I have to say, it feels good.
    When I was thinking about what topic I wanted to address, let me tell you the last thing I wanted to write about was COVID19. However, this journey has not ended and until it does we have to stay diligent in our actions.
    I’ve described these past 3 months as “survival of the fittest”. Since we were first made aware of COVI19 and the effect it would have on our lives, I feel like I’m in fight mode…A fight for survival.

    In March we suffered a 90% loss in Business. Like many of you (or all), I was concerned about what I needed to do, to help my Business survive. I became creative with ideas to help you and the “down time” gave me the opportunity to look at my Business model and review what may need to change.

    Then….came April. April changed my world completely. April was the moment of confirmation. The moment I conceded to what I already knew. The moment I realized every little bit of everything you do…matters.


    Centre For Beauty is a small Business.  It’s me.  Until recently, when my husband retired, I had one(1) part time person in my warehouse.  I contract an amazing Graphics Designer and I have an accountant.

    I manage all the day to day processing of orders, day to day bookkeeping, marketing, trade shows, purchasing and whatever else is involved in running a small Business.

    My Business is built on education based marketing and I bring in brands which I not only believe in, I trust.

    After owning a Salon for 24 years, I experienced the lack of respect we get as Nail Technicians.  And, if you’ve read my Mission statement, you will learn my goal is to take us Nail Technicians from the bottom of the totem pole and bring us to the top.

    April reminded me of a saying a friend of mine told me.  Al Estes.  A big burly man, Bail Bondsman in his 60″s (at that time).   Very well known and connected in our State. I cared for his feet.

    Al would say “Marketing is like Russian roulette, you have to keep pulling the trigger until you get that silver bullet. When you do, watch out….it will explode like you have never seen before”.

    I’ve lived by this saying for years. Constantly creating one idea after another, hoping one would be the silver bullet. I’ve done this for the soul purpose of helping others. Teaching, mentoring, giving…has always been my passion.

    Silver. bullet

    I created my business “All About Feet” with the idea in mind of bringing the best of foot care to our Salons.  This doesn’t mean just service products. This mean’t service perfection. This mean’t offering education and a full line of products for our technicians to “safely” do their job.

    April taught me, if you keep plugging along…If you continue to be creative…If you continue to forge forward with passion for all the right reasons, and….if you truly believe in what you do, the silver bullet will arrive.

    April woke our Industry up.  COVID19 woke our Industry up.

    For  six(6) weeks straight, every order which came through our door was PPE products. Since my Business model was always positioned with these products (or most of them), we were able to help our Salons by providing them with quality disinfecting products and we pulled our resources together to be able to provide safety materials as well. (Mask, face shields etc)

    But, something else happened as well!


    Before I had time to even realize it;

    • Mfg’s of PPE products themselves became overwhelmed
    • Mfg’s weren’t taking on new clients
    • Mfg’s were expecting orders to be paid up front
    • Mfg’s put products we’ve purchased for years on allotment
    • Mfg’s raised their prices
    • Mfg’s lead times became weeks instead of days

    The logistics of managing all of this was overwhelming. To this day, we are still struggling to receive quantities we need to provide our Salons what they need. It’s pure insanity and I know I am not alone. This is affecting all Distribution channels.


    Something else happened though. Education became the key focal point. Our Technicians had time to spend on Education. Our Mfg’s came to the plate and brought all forms of Education to the forefront. Virtual classrooms became a reality….and it worked.

    Our Technicians have been revived and as they re-open their Businesses, they are better than ever.

    COVID 19. took all  our Technicians who believed and followed everything they learned in school,  COVID 19 turned their disinfection world upside down.  They learned more about cleaning, disinfection and sterilization than they ever have.  AND, they took it seriously.


    CJ Murray, President

    CJ Murray
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    On the other side

    This feels so strange to me. It’s Friday afternoon and I’m beginning to write my blog. Typically, I write my blog on Sunday’s. I never have time during the week and on Saturday I am either going into work in an attempt to catch up, or I’m doing house duties.

    Yet, here I am and my fingers can’t type fast enough to what’s going through my mind.

    My feelings are telling me we are either sitting flat on top or slightly over the curve. If this is true, downhill sure goes a lot faster than uphill.

    And, when we do hit the bottom…what will life look like? Do you think you can go back to life as it was? Have you even thought about it?

    I first think about the basics;

    • Grocery shopping – Wear a mask and gloves?
    • Dr. appointments – By telecommunication?
    • Clothes/Shoe shopping – Will this truly be the end of Brick & Mortar?
    • Getting gas – Gloves? Will paying by cash be non-existent?
    • Birthdays – Funerals – Weddings? – How will it be?
    • And so on

    When I look at everything above, I realize it’s all money related. The greed associated with it all is astonishing?

    • Hoarding
    • Dr’s overcharging the health care system
    • On line sales at reduced pricing
    • The price increases generally in time of need
    • Photographers, Dance halls, Music, Doves, Butterflies….OMG it goes on and on

    Our society has become so greedy, most people don’t even notice it anymore.


    Then I think about our Beauty Industry. As we start hearing how the Government is going to open parts of our Country, do you really think that means us?

    How are we going to do it? How will restaurants do it? How will concerts do it?

    There are so many of us at risk, I just keep thinking please, please…..those of you who are in our Government and making decisions……be creative. Think outside the box and don’t make decisions based on trying to win. Make decisions based on how it will affect your Community.

    Then I start thinking about what do WE do? How do we go back to sitting or standing right next to our clients if we have to practice the 6 ft rule for 6 months to a year?

    Better yet, I think….How can we SHOW our government we are ready to go back to work. We are ready because we have done THIS. We have done THAT. We have adjusted our Business to be able to begin safely accepting clients and being part of making our economy better.

    We have to show them. We have to show them LOUD and we have to show them clearly.

    6 feet PLEASE


    If I were heading back to my Salon, I have gone through a list in my head over and over again.

    I have written it down, I have determined cost and I have made the decision NOT to change my mind on any of it and make sure I begin to implement immediately. Why? Because if we wait, we forget the severity of the reason we came up with the idea in the first place. If we wait, we become exactly what we were before….Complacent!

    I’m going to share with you, my checklist. I am starting right from the very beginning,

    regardless of what I may have already done.

    • Purchases
      • Ultrasonic cleaner
      • Effective disinfection
      • Autoclave
      • Gloves
      • Mask
      • Covered waste baskets
      • Dust or filter system
      • Autoclave bags
      • Test strips
      • Cleansing supplies
    • Things I would re-evaluate
      • Cleaning and disinfection procedures for services/tools/chairs/tables etc.
      • Cleaning and disinfection procedures for overall daily cleansing
      • Layout of my Salon
      • Scheduling
      • Retail sales

    I don’t want to break down each of the above for you. However, there are a few things worth noting.

    To begin with, it is a must, if you are not practicing proper cleaning and disinfection is the time. Forget what your State mandates which is simply stupid. Go over and above. Clean – Disinfect – Sterilize.

    In addition, your daily cleaning processes for your entire salon must change. Door handles, drawers, telephones, pens/pencils, bottles/jars, chairs, desk, floors….it ALL has to be done daily. Once a week or once a month is not acceptable. It never was, but it clearly is not now.

    What about your set up? Are your Technicians to close, do you have to many clients in your facility at one time? Do you need to move things around and schedule your clients differently? YES, you do!

    And, you need to wear gloves and mask! It is the only way we are going to get back to work.

    What about your guest?

    It may seem so far fetched right now to do what I am about to suggest. However, if we want to get back to work, we need to show our clients and the world that we are responsible.

    • Schedule your guest further apart.
      • You need time to clean “again”
      • You need to work smarter not harder
    • All guest must wear mask
      • It’s important to have some on hand to provide for those who don’t have them
    • Guest must keep cell phones outside or in their purse
      • Cell phones are the most dirtiest thing on us. Studies have shown the amount of bacteria and fungi on our phones is sometimes worst then what’s on our toilets
      • This also means, WE must not have our cell phones on us.  I can’t believe I have to even say this.  We shouldn’t anyway.
    • Accepting cash – NO
      • Monies should all be transferred electronically.  Vennmo, Zelle, Apple, Square, Paypal.  No more need to handle cash and/or credit cards.  I know many of you may not like this, but this is a reality now.

    Internal changes

    Your team members who do not sit behind a chair, need to become your cleaning police.

    • They need to wear gloves when answering the phone
    • They need to help you properly clean between guests
    • Bathrooms need to be addressed between each visit
    • How and what we serve our clients needs to be evaluated and maintained
    • Door handles need to be cleaned and disinfected between clients

    Personal changes

    • Wear gloves
    • Bring a change of clothes to change into before heading home

    I know, as many of you are reading this, you may be rolling your eyes. Remember, this is NOT a forever thing. Yes, some of these changes should be, but others are only through till the time a vaccination is available. In time, we will all know what is permanent and what is temporary.

    However, the reality is, how many times are you sick with a cold..the flu. How could it have been avoided if you just practiced a couple more of these safety steps?

    Business changes

      If there is one thing you get out of this, it should be finances.

      • Work diligently, make a plan to save 6 months of expenses which you DON’T spend
      • Procedures manual – all Salon practices including your cleaning and disinfection procedures need to be outlined.  Not doing all you can do in this area WILL cost you money. This manual should also include what to do in the event of emergencies or shut downs (ei Hurricanes, floods, covid19)
      • RETAIL – Retail can pay your rent. If you are shut down again for any reason,
        • Centre For Beauty offers set up of a  10 item store front for only $75.00. It’s and easy and effective way to begin an on line store. If your clients need something from you, whether you are there or not….they can still purchase it from you. Otherwise, they will search elsewhere for it.  If interested in having your own online store,  Contact for more info
      • PAY YOUR TAXES….I think many of you have realized, independent truly is independent. You might want to rethink what you are doing.

      Hopefully we are only 2 weeks away from recharging. Are you in GO mode? Are you really ready? Taken the extra steps needed to forge ahead in this very different world?

      If I were you;

      • Start booking 1 week of clients. The first week.
        • If you have to move them, you are only moving 1 week and you make them at the same day and time.  Pretty simple.
        • You’ve given yourself hope and your clients as well. We all need a little hope.
      • Clean – clean again.
        • I don’t care what you did 3-4 weeks ago. Clean again and be very very thorough
        • Not just the basics, but door handles, pens, chair rails, lights, pictures CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN
      • Have your Business plan
        • Evaluate your last 4 weeks and determine what you know you need to change.
        • Rethink your processes, your menu, your pricing.
        • Do many of the things I mentioned above.  You’ll thank yourself for it when you do get back to work
      • Make sure you have your supplies
        • Not just your basics, but mask, gloves etc.
        • Once you evaluated your cleaning procedures, you may need more equipment and/or disinfection products

      Here’s the thing. I believe that for many of us, this was a cleansing.

      A chance for us to get out of the old, into the new.

      A chance for us to start fresh – who doesn’t love that?

      A chance for us to be better than we were before.

      A chance for us to speak loudly about what WE have done to make our Country safe.


      Cj Murray, President

      CJ Murray
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        Fighting till the end

        I was poolside on Saturday trying desperately to give my brain a rest. I haven’t been sleeping well. I am on the computer every waking moment and I have to say it out loud at least 3 times per day...”this too shall pass”.

        My husband was putzing around the yard, trying to figure out where he wanted to start, as he has many projects that he wants to get done.

        I said to him “why don’t you take a moment with your wife”. You’ll have plenty of time to get done what needs to get done.

        He grabbed himself a beer and sat down next to me.

        About 30-45 minutes later, he says…”can’t you just shut your mind down? You’ve been non-stop talking for over a half hour”.

        I laughed at first, and then I said…..

        “I’m not going down without a f—— fight”. If my Business is going to close because of COVID19, I want to be able to look back and KNOW….I tried everything humanely possible to make my Business survive.

        I’m not going to lie.  I do worry if our 30 days will be extended. I worry about every single one of you, especially the ones I know more about.

        I worry about my family and the families who have been affected. I worry about my daughter and her boyfriend.

        I worry about my family at Life of Riley.

        It’s very tiring.

        However, I refuse to let it stifle me. I refuse to let it ruin my life forever. AND, if I do nothing and have to look back in 3, 6 or 12 months from now knowing I could have done more…then COVID19 got me.




        For me, my constant processing in my brain is how can I help my Salons. So I’m constantly writing down ideas, sharing them with my husband, trying to make it as easy and simply and cost effective as possible.  THAT is my main priority.

        In that mind mix, I am also going down my list of accounts and calling each and every one of my clients. For no reason at all, just to say hello, see how you are doing through this craziness and maybe get a chance to know you a little better,.

        I am also having inventory done. I want to make sure, when this is all over, I know exactly what I have that I can provide for you to do your job and begin making money again.

        I am communicating with my Mfg’s to hear what they think their future brings. I need to know they will continue to be there for me….for you!

        I am carefully processing my bills 30 days out in an effort not to run the well dry. Everyone needs a piece of the pie, and I want to make sure I can provide my piece to them.

        In that same token, I am buying the absolute bare minimum as to not to spend, as my income has dropped nearly 90%.

        I am trying to block out time for Education. Not just for you, but for me as well. It’s important for me to stay educated and focused on what my goal is. To better myself for you and our future together.

        As I’ve said many times “Education is the key to success”

        I am on the phone with my Banker, my accountant and listening to savvy Business people like Kelly of Life of Riley Salon Supply.

        Looking for ways I can manage financially through this crisis.

        At the same time, I’m telling myself to take some down time. Don’t go into the office so early and don’t stay so late.

        Go for a bike ride, enjoy the pool. Play with the dogs, clean out a drawer. Slow down a little. Ha…very difficult to do. I’ve been working full force since I was 14 years old. That’s 45 years.

        In fact, I told my husband this past week, I can honestly say….

        I don’t think I could ever retire.

        My point to this whole article is to ask you

        Are you fighting for your Business?

        What have you done for your Business not just for today, but for the future?

        Are you just expecting this to be all over and whatever happens happens?

        Have you stepped out of the box?

        Are you confident you will be even better than before?

        I know these questions may be harsh and I make no apologies. This is your time to either make it or break it. It’s your time to learn how to

        • Negotiate with your Landlord
        • Curve your spending
        • Be creative
        • Piss or get off the pot
        • Re-invent yourself, your procedures

        This is our time, our time to come out of this better, stronger and more resilient then ever.

        On a great note. You know how I absolutely love SM. NOT!

        I am refreshed to see more relaxed, fun things on SM and less negativity.

        I am happy to see some fun things going on. I am happy to to feel like the panic has subsided and people are believing we will ALL make it through.

        This is what I believe and I believe we are the Business of resilience.

        Still not sure which resources you can qualify for to help you move forward? Visit and click on the COVID19 link. LOR is doing an awesome job of researching everything available for you.

        Still looking for ways to make some income? Centre For Beauty is offering a 1-page store set up for you to provide your clients with products for at home Beauty Care. Email

        Still looking for valuable on line education? There is a ton out there to take advantage of. Commit at least 2 educational classes a week. It’s good for the soul and it’s good for the brain.

        As I said to a client last week. Yes, $400.00 is a lot of money however, look at it this way. You know you are going to take the class (it is a must for her). The cost of the class will go back to its normal fee, and maybe even higher. In 6 months from now will you kick yourself in the butt because you didn’t take the class at a $300.00 savings?

        I’d love to hear how you are doing. I’d love to hear what you have done to step out of the box. What have you done to prepare for your return? Simply how are you doing?

        Email or write in the comment box… would make my day 🙂

        CJ Murray, President

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          A touch from the unknown

          I got to thinking this week about how I am always dictating about Education, Education, Education. How I base my Business on Education based Marketing and how so many of you trust my thoughts, my opinions and trust I will lead you in the right direction.

          I don’t really think about it too much, because this is who I am.  I like to learn, I like to share and I especially welcome the opportunity to touch someones life in a positive way.

          However, with all that has happened over the past few weeks, and my desire to continue to do what I always do, I realized how important it might be to share with you where all my “wisdom” comes from.

          I’d like to say it’s innate, and I do believe a lot of it is.  The reality though, it comes from the exact way that you learn from me.  Reading what I write.  Learning from what I share.

          For as long as I can remember, I was always a learner.  It wasn’t until I went through hard times in late 1999-2000 that I turned to all facets of learning.  I turned to books on many topics.  I took classes and learned as much from the internet that was available to me at that time.

          I soon discovered when I read and kept learning, I felt continuously fulfilled.  I felt motivated, I felt informed, I felt more confident, I felt stronger.

          Even in my life now, and what a different life it is, if I don’t continuously feed the desire in me to read and learn….I feel empty.  I stifle myself and I just can’t get my juices flowing.

          The idea of never bettering myself just never occurs to me.

          A while back, I wrote a Blog of which Jane Moorehouse of the Beauty Industry Report reached out to me about. She commented on the blog and recommended a book written by a friend of hers John Dijulius.  The book is named “The Relationship Economy”.

          I decided to order the book and began reading it. This was about 3-4 months ago and I still haven’t made it through the whole book. No reason, just haven’t had a whole lot of time to just sit and read.

          However, when I do get my 30 minutes of quiet time, I pick up the book and there is always something that makes me either relate, makes me think, gives me inspiration for an article or just gives me that ah ah moment.

          I started again on my 30 minute reading journey and decided there were so many things I could share, especially now.

          Therefore, I began at the beginning and here are a few food for thoughts!

          There are skills we can develop, however, there is one that has the biggest impact on us both personally and professionally.

          The ability to connect with others

          Cutting edge innovation use to have a longer shelf life. However, in our world as it exist, many of your competitors can replicate your innovations and quickly reduce any temporary advantage you had on the market.

          The connection between the two above quotes from the book is almost surreal considering todays times.

          Because we can’t physically connect with people, we have to depend on our cutting edge technology for survival. Or do we?

          Are you reaching out to your clients by any other means besides text and email?

          Reading through these excerpts I highlighted, has reminded me as well….we can’t just depend on Social Media or Technology to stay connected.  Brace yourself LOL, you’ll be getting a phone call from me soon.

          Displaying RBF gives customers a perception of what your mood is

          RBF?  “resting bitch face”

          A smile is FREE

          It cost absolutely nothing to give but can mean the world to the person who receives it.

          When I go back to these two very simple statements, It makes me think of scrolling through Social Media.

          It’s so obvious who is unhappy, miserable and sometimes just downright NOT smiling.

          It truly is depressing and have caused me to either delete a person or put them on a 30 day hold.

          Think about this

          Just because we hide behind the window of our computer, phone or iPad…doesn’t mean you can’t smile. I often think to myself when I read some of these post, I’m so glad I don’t go to that Business. Imagine what the actual clients are thinking.

          RBF is more prevalent than we think.

          I really do think this is a great time for people to hit the reset button. We should take this time to reflect who we are as a person, who we are as a Business person.

          We should take this time to reflect on how we treat others.

          We should take this time to reflect on how much we complain, we whine and we act truly ungrateful, even though we are truly blessed.

          There are so many great quotes in the book I can’t even begin to type them all out. However, there is one that I’m going to leave you with and I encourage you to get the book. I don’t know John Dijulius, I don’t even know Jayne Moorehouse except maybe meeting her once at a trade show, possibly.

          It is a basic reminder….get back to the basics.

          Don’t concentrate on making a lot of money, but rather on becoming the type of person people want to do business with


          Don’t forget to check out our Fun Fancy on line trade show

          Check out our BUY now pay LATER option

          Centre For Beauty is always looking for ways to help our Salons


          CJ Murray
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            I’m beginning my Blog today without a title. I have no idea what my topic is going to be. I just know I need to write.

            I need to write about our fear. I need to write about our attitudes. I need to write something…anything to bring joy. I need to write something to motivate us, to encourage us, to open our creative minds, to bring comfort in a very uncomfortable world.

            I need to help. Yet, I feel helpless. I want to go near a cliff or in an open field and just SCREEEAAAAMMMMM!

            CAN YOU RELATE?


            FEAR – our #1 enemy in life.

            I can tell you the exact moment I heard this.

            I told my x-husband I was leaving him. The plan was 2 weeks to get a couple of things settled. Like a place to live.

            He didn’t like that plan, and 2 days later came home and said I had 2 days to get out.

            I grabbed what I could. It’s funny, looking back…why the heck did I grab my sewing machine? I barely sewed.  LOL

            In any case, 2 days later I found myself sitting on the floor of my new apartment, no furniture yet. Only a lamp, my portable radio, my phone (Motorola flip phone) and a bottle of wine.


            I drank the wine as I spoke on the phone to a good friend of mine. He’ll never know how much he helped me through those trying times. His wisdom was just mind blowing.

            I thank him daily for his friendship and we haven’t talked in about 10 years. No reason, just life.

            Anyhow, much like the way I feel today I was…Scared, excited, uncertain.

            What he said to me in that phone call, literally changed everything for me.



            I was 40 years old. I wasn’t ready for my life to be stifled. It was at that moment where I told myself I would fight the fear. I would NOT let it win. I will stare fear dead on and show em whose boss.

            I have since lived my life in this manner. It never changes.

            My thought was, if I spend my time in a fearful state I will be where I am forever.

            I left my husband for a better life. Now I was going to let fear replace him? NO WAY!

            Once the thought of fear left my mind, shit hit the fan. I’m not kidding.

            • Business started to boom
            • I paid off a debt he left me with
            • I bought a house within 2 years
            • I found ME

            It was so totally awesome!

            IT STILL IS

            ATTITUDE – IS everything!

            Like fear, attitude is a mindset.  You either have a good-positive attitude or you don’t. I have literally cut people from my life because they are so draining with a bad attitude.  Negative Nanny or a Debbie Downer.

            I feel that way about SM. There is so much everyone is un-happy about and they spread their bad attitude like the Coronavirus. I can’t stand it.

            I know one thing for sure. When and If I have downtime, I will be doing a serious cleaning of my friends and followers. I don’t care about the numbers, I care about the quality.

            These people are fun suckers.

            I tell my daughter all the time. You cannot let other people control your attitude, your emotions. THAT is the one thing you do have control of. Don’t ever let somebody take it away.


            Our industry is the one and only industry you can take anywhere. Any place in the world we have Beauty Salons, Nail Salons, Spas. WE are the fortunate.

            If you find yourself in a situation to where you have to close. YOU have options. YOU have a talent which will follow you anywhere. WE are the fortunate.

            Larger Salons/Spas are always looking for good talent. Resorts, Casinos and the like. If you can’t get right back on your feet on your own…..YOU have options. WE are the fortunate.

            Salon owners are always looking for good talent, loyal teams.  This will NOT change.

            So, let me ask you a question….and be honest with yourself.

            Have you spent this time on Social Media? Are you whining about our President, your Governors, your Landlord?


            • Are you setting up a website, which many are FOR FREE to market and sell products you would generally sell in the Salon?
            • Are you personally contacting your clients to first, see how they are and ask them if there are any questions you can answer in regards to how they take care of their nails and feet?
            • Writing a Blog for your clients?
            • Are you assuring THEM, you will be there when this blows over? Much like your local gym, grocery store or gas station that means a lot to you?
            • Are you planning your attack upon return?
            • Working on a marketing plan?
            • Pulling your group together, if you have one and bind together and listen to all ideas?

            So much can be gained from this. The door has opened. We ALL have to walk through it, get to the other side and be better than we were before.

            Here are a couple of things for you to ponder!

            1. Life of Riley Salon Supply has partnered with Salon Interactive. This is your Amazon of the Salon industry….but better.  As a client of LOR, you have the option to set up an account with SI, link it to your website and your  clients have full access to everything they carry at full retail price. Which, in fact YOU are the one making the sale. I don’t know all the details or how it works.  Click on the LOR Salon Supply website for more details.
            2. Centre For Beauty will drop ship for you. When you do make your calls to your clients, have a written routine they can follow to maintain their nails and their feet until they can get back in to see you. You can call me directly, email me or order via our website and have it shipped directly to your client.
            3. There are many options you have in setting up a store. The above 2 or you can go through a Company like Shopify or Ecwid and make your own. It doesn’t have to be big or have a lot of items. Start with 10 items you would generally retail and start making some sales.

            The above options will help you through these times and bring some $$$ into your pocket. Something is always better than nothing.

            As you can see, I never did title my blog. Maybe it should be simply called LIFE!

            Life’s a bitch…it really is. You can go through it miserably or you can do what Bob Marley says DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY!

            It’s a choice!

            On a side note – life still goes on.  Please join me in wishing my amazing husband a

            HAPPY BIRTHDAY

            CJ Murray, President

            CJ Murray
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              In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic Centre For Beauty will be operating as usual. Being a small Business does allow for 100% assurance that any and all processes will be taken to keep our products clean and safe.
              With that being said, being a small Business also places us into critical thinking mode. What can we do as a Business to survive the hardships COVID-19 is sure to cause? What can we do as a resource to help our clients through these trying times? What can we do to assure you, Centre For Beauty will continue to offer 100% support.

              One of the reasons I write my blogs is I love the creative part. If there is one thing I miss about being in the Salon is the ability to create. Create exciting events, create imaginative promo’s, create excitement amongst my team and my clients. Always being different, always having something going on and the constant that drove my clients to keep coming back.

              I feel strongly this exact attitude is what makes the strong survive during tough times. I know it was a strong factor during the recession and I firmly believe it is a strong factor during this pandemic.


              Spring cleaning

              The very first thing I would do as a Salon owner;

              • Designate a day for a FULL Salon cleaning & disinfecting
              • ANNOUNCE it to the world

              The biggest fear with COVID-19 is not just social distancing. It’s touching. Touching hands, hugging, touching doors, handles, products etc. etc.

              On a day that your closed (as soon as possible) do an absolute complete overhaul of everything and every where in your Salon. Not just the obvious, EVERYTHING!

              • Door handles
              • Chairs
              • Products
              • Drinking glasses
              • Pens/pencils
              • Everything and anything

              I would email, call, text…whatever works for your Business and let your clients know you are doing this process. Give them comfort in knowing, if they choose to continue to get their services done, you as a Salon owner have gone over and beyond in making sure they are safe.

              The next thing I would do;

              Spread out your appointments. Instead of bringing a client in every 60 minutes, add an extra 15.

              • This will allow for one client to leave before another client arrives. Social distancing.
              • This also allows for you to do a complete wipe down “again” of everything that was just touched. Door handles, products, pens etc.

              Will this be a challenge? Take more time? ABSOLUTELY! However, I think you will find you will have that time, and when you announce this to your clients, they will greatly appreciate it.

              TIME TO LEAVE

              Have you thoughts about gloves?

              Now is the time.

              I realize many of you aren’t in the habit of wearing gloves and I get it. It took me many many years to break that habit.

              However, once I started there is no turning back. You would laugh at what I do wearing gloves now.

              It’s easy to do if you have the right gloves. They need to fit like a second skin and they need to allow you to feel what you are doing. I can’t speak for all gloves, but I know our Pink Pearl does exactly that.

              Think you can’t wear gloves while doing nails?

              Maybe you can’t, but what about giving your clients a pair of gloves and cutting out the fingertips?

              Also, wipe down your clients phone for them, their purse handles and anything else they touch on a regular basis.

              Did you know our Micrylium BioSurf can be sprayed on clothes and not cause damage?  It’s not a bad idea to do a complete spray down of your own clothes between clients.

              Now may also be the time for you to reach out to the “Nail Care Academy” and take the time to become a Safe Salon.  Being able to assure your clients that you are doing everything within your power, and over the requirements of the limits of your license, is the best form of security you can give.

              The idea here, is you want them to continue their services. It is imperative YOU make them aware of what processes you are going through to assure their safety.

              I would also;

              Give an opportunity for savings.

              • Offer a series pricing. Maybe at some point, you will have to have a price increase. By offering a series package, you assure them the price stays the same through that package. EI; purchase 5 pedicures receive one for free
              • Retail – NOW is the time to make at home care available to your clients. Promote these items not only for the obvious benefits of at home care. Also the benefit of knowing who it came from, the package has been cleaned and sanitized and they don’t have to travel elsewhere. Not to mention someone they don’t know coming to their door to deliver.

              FYI – Centre For Beauty has its own processes in place. We have recently   found a source for hand sanitizer and expect our shipment to arrive within the next 5-7 days.

              In addition;

              Make yourself a resource.

              Many of our elderly clients aren’t computer savvy. They probably don’t follow you on Social Media nor have even been to your website, if you have one.

              • Go to the CDC website and print any of the many posters they have made available for Business owners. Post them and make them available for your clients.
              • Make a list of the clients you know who may not have Family or access to information. Call them weekly to check on them and inform them of all the current news situations.
              • Print rack cards or flyers with proper cleaning and disinfection procedures.

              Resources are your greatest asset……Be one

              Change the subject;

              One of the biggest challenges I personally have, is the constant talk of COVID-19. The critical media and the people who repeat and repeat.

              I know this is a serous matter. I also know what to do to protect myself, my family and hopefully my Business.

              However, there are many of topics that we can talk about, and we have all seemed to stop.

              Use this time to get to know your client better. Use this time to share new things. Use this time to get back to Steel Magnolia’s. Where we focus on the Beauty our industry offers.

              One of our newscasters this morning made a statement which I thought was so profound. We have had pandemics before. These pandemics came in an age of no computers, no internet, little transportation and even less $$$ available.

              This is our Grandparents. If you are lucky to still have them alive, ask them……what did they do?

              Centre For Beauty is here to help. Questions? Comments? Reassurance?         We are your resource.

              We have always researched the products we carry and offer what we consider to be the safest for our clients.

              We have cleaning and disinfection products. We have gloves. We have tools which can be sterilized to the highest degree.

              Centre For Beauty has and will continue to help keep you and your clients safe.

              About being creative?

              Stay tuned. We have some exciting processes in the works. Business goes on as usual at Centre For Beauty. We will do our best to help you keep going as well.

              CJ Murray, Centre For Beauty

              CJ Murray
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