Promoting retail Part 3 of 3

We’ve covered in my past two blogs, what I consider to be very important aspects to the art of promoting retail.

Yet, even if you have the tools, both mentally and physically, can you expect to cover your rent with your retail $$$’s right away? The answer is an astounding YES!!!!  It is absolutely possible yet, is it realistic?

I try not to set myself up for failure. Consequently, when I set goals, I tend to be more realistic than I am optimistic. However, I do believe being successful in retail means you need to be both optimistic and realistic.

You have to have a plan, and you for sure need to set goals.

I can remember at the first Salon my daughter worked at, they had pretty hefty retail marks the employees had it hit. I can remember my daughter complaining because, she felt she was there to do nails and/or hair…not sell retail.

The Salon owner had a specific questionnaire for the client to complete (with the Technician), and she had taught her team how to promote retail. There was a system.

When my daughter followed the system, I would get the phone call of excitement. She would be so happy because not only was the owner happy, it meant more $$$ in her paycheck.

I would simply respond with…’see what happens when you follow a system”?

Right after you decide what you want to retail, look for Vendors (like me 🙂 ) whom stock the product and can ship the same day. Why purchase 3 ft of retail products so you don’t run out, when you can trust your supplier.

By this, you only bring in the bare minimum. Good retails states you should have your shelves flooded with products. This may be true for larger Spas and Salons yet, for us little guys, it’s not necessary, nor is it smart.

Therefore, I recommend no less than 3 and no more than 6 of each items.

In addition, determine what you have to sell in retail per month, to cover your rent.

If the items you brought in won’t cover the amount you need,  you then need to bring more items in so you have an array of products to promote.

The very first thing I would do if I were those of you who have never sold retail to your clients is, determine what each of your current clients need for at home care maintenance.  I would make it a goal of mine to have 100% of those clients walk out of their next appointment with an at home care product, specific to them.

Remember, the best way to increase sales $$$ is within your already existing clientele.

  • Know your products
  • Educate your clients

There is no better way to learn the art than to have your clients as your teachers!

If you don’t think an existing client can purchase something 1X per month….get them excited. The Salon I go to for my nails, is constantly changing her array of products. It’s not just products conducive to the industry, I’m able to buy stocking stuffers and celebration ideas all year long. And….I do!

Set your goals. 

  • Start with knowing what you want to promote
  • Think about how many different items your studio and your budget can manage
  • How many times do you want to alternate – I would constantly rotate my stock to make it look like I was bringing new items in every month
  • Set a vision board, keep records and look at them constantly

To recap

  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Goals

This doesn’t have to be difficult nor intimidating. Make up your mind and believe in yourself and as Nike would say “Just do it”


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CJ Murray, President

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