There is light at the end of the tunnel

As mentioned in my blog of last week, I want to give you my assessment of the Premiere Beauty Group show, held in Orlando Florida last weekend.

I would like to begin by saying ALLELUIA. This was the first show since our Covid days which there was excitement in the air and optimism for the future was obvious. Our entire team enjoyed visiting with existing friends/clients and meeting new.

The show floor was definitely smaller. A sign that Vendors are dropping out of doing these types of shows. My opinion is, as a Vendor the show group along with the Union contractors are pricing us out of the market.

I realize we all have to make money. However, paying $3700 for one(10 x 10 booth) along with all the other expenses to participate, is making it more difficult to justify the cost vs the return on investment.

With that being said, the show floor appeared to be filled with attendees. Does that mean there were more attendees or it appeared to be more because the show floor was smaller? We could ask the organizers to provide us numbers, however, we all know those are usually inflated.

What I did notice the most are the new faces. We had so many new people visiting our booth. Younger, fresher attendees just beginning their careers. We saw a few of our existing clientele yet, not as many as in the past.

I also noticed many whom visited our booth had learned of us through social media. Since I am not a big fan of social media….I was pleasantly surprised by how many attendees are existing followers.

Our classroom was filled with anywhere between 30-40 people. Word at the show is every classroom was filled. This is encouraging news to me as it solidifies that on-line channels of education may not be all that. Many I spoke with still like the human connection and consume so much more knowledge when attending an in-house class. Yayyyy!

I was very humbled by how many of those who visited our booth were eager to hear and see more about sa’SHá. I continue to get overwhelmed with emotions at how popular the brand has become and how grateful our Technicians are for a product which not only saves them money…it has saved their career.

Although I am not one who needs or looks for accolades, I was stunned by how many people just came by to give me a hug and say thank you for all I do. Needing these affirmations or not, it certainly was comforting and honestly quite great to know that what I do, still matters.

My team was amazing. They worked their butts off talking two days straight not only about our brands, also discussing with those who visited on how to increase their prices and change their menu to better suit them as a Technician. There was over 70+ years of combined experience at our booth. Our entire team is a wealth of knowledge and truly has the passion to help others succeed. They did an amazing job.

My assessment is the future of our Industry is bright. There is hope to improve and protect our image in an effort to be “essential”.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to stop and visit. Remember what you heard from us all weekend. Resources are your greatest assets….you now have many from Centre for Beauty.

For more pictures and funny videos, including bloopers…be sure to follow us on instagram cj_centre_for_beauty

A final thank you to all who attended this show and came by our booth. Without you, these shows not only wouldn’t exist, a small Business like Centre for Beauty wouldn’t be able to showcase. We appreciate your support and dedication to our industry.

CJ Murray, President

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