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A Personal Story with a Lesson!

Many of you know the health scare my family has had with my Dad over the past couple of years. You've prayed for us, you've sent words of encouragement and you continue to inquire of his well being. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

What you probably don't know is how my Brother's and Sister's and I have been preparing my parents to move out of their house which they have been in for 41 years. We aren't forcing them, they know they need to move to a smaller place. You can imagine however, the accumulation of "stuff" they have collected in this 41 years.

Imagine also, they come from a generation who doesn't throw things away.....and buy new. They come from a generation of fixer uppers. A generation where you don't waste a thing and you need to keep everything because.....who knows when you might need it again sometime. Anything from a chair to nut's and blots......literally!

In this process which we started in October of 2018 much has been learned. We learned what 2 people with 7 children can collect over a period of 68 years. (yes 68 years marriage and yes 7 children). (20 Grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren). We also learned how the memory of these "things" can be very emotional. We learned everyone has their own reason for what they save and what they have no problem giving or throwing away.

We learn.....there are many lessons that weren't necessarily "taught"

68 years ago

Mom Dad wedding

With 7 siblings getting ready to attack this huge undertaking, someone has to be the General.  I didn't plan to be, but somehow I ended up with position.

I run my own Business.  It seemed all very simple to me.

  • You get everyone on the same page
  • You make sure every knows where the message is coming from
  • You establish goals
  • You come up with a plan
  • You put your plan into action

Simple?  No, not really.

The first thing you learn, is not everyone works the same way you do. Not everyone follows a plan.  It doesn't matter how much or how well it is calculated. Bottom line, not everyone works the same way. That's not a bad thing, you just have to figure it out.

This is a big message for all of us to hear. When you bring a mix of personalities into your Salon, not everyone will work the same way.

As owners of managers, we have to set guidelines and build barriers that shouldn't be crossed. We have to find what works for each personality...IF....we want to get the most out of each person.

The other lesson learned is, although deadlines are created and plans have been made, this means nothing if the "powers to be" aren't motivated.

Grant it, maybe I was a bit zealous considering all involved. However, when we started this project in the Fall of 2018, I saw no problem with getting the house cleaned out along with minor repairs and curb appeal done to be able to spend one last Christmas in the house and have it on the market in January of 2019.

Well, the problem parents couldn't get motivated. In short, it was just too overwhelming for them and "in fairness" it was shortly after that, my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer.

Consequently, those in our family who are followers...followed their lead and couldn't get their motivation going either.  This doesn't make them bad but the lesson here is there are many people who motivate by example.

The lesson for our Salons is as Salon owners or Management, it is our job to constantly motivate our staff but even more so, keep ourselves motivated.


7 Siblings

Family picture

During this whole family crisis, there is a bigger lesson to be learned. It's a lesson of which I realized, defines who I am today. It's a lesson unfortunately, missed in our newest generations and it makes me wonder...."what will the Salon Business be like in 20-50 years from now"

When my Dad had his recent surgery because his cancer had re-occured, my sister and I took some time away from the hospital to "attack" their house.

We took 60 boxes of "yard sale stuff" to donation centers. We fixed their ice maker, we cleaned up the entire family room, discovering there were 5 pieces of furniture Mom was willing to let go and we installed a kitchen faucet.

As we were doing this we were noticing many things which I'll call "ingenious".  However, there was a time in our lives, we didn't.  These were things that our Dad has repaired.

  • He needed a hook, so he devised one out of a coat hanger
  • He needed a waste basket, so he made one out of 4 x 4's
  • He needed a new knob, he used one from a different component
  • He made a table out of wood which clipped to his side table where he sits, so he could play on his tablet
  • He made a holder out of coat hangers for his pool brush

The list goes on and on.

As my sister and I were talking, we laughed.

  • As a kid, we never really noticed these "homemade" projects
  • As a young adult, we criticize.  C'mon Dad, a new hook will only cost you $1.00
  • As we enter into Adult hood, we just accept it
  • And we get older, we realize how ingenious he is

In talking with my husband about how my sister and I put in a faucet, is what sparked this article.

My Dad didn't take us both under a sink and show us step by step how to install a new faucet. He showed us by example.

Our entire lives, he repaired things on his own. He didn't immediately throw away and buy new. He thought of ways to make what was broken, work again.

If you live your entire life with this just become.

The lesson for our Salon owners and management is "You are the trainer" in every aspect of your Salon life. Your team is quietly learning from you every move....whether they or you know it or not.

I see it! With the Salons I visit on a daily basis, I see respect or lack thereof. I see professionalism or lack thereof. I see joy or lack thereof. All based on the leadership team.

I think for me, going through this process over the past few months....I've realized, I am my Father's daughter. I realized so many things in my life that I do, I do because I saw. I understand now to appreciate the "why's" and not focus so much on the "should"s".

To be a leader, one must set by example. To be a leader, one must recognize the good in their team and not so much their faults. To be a leader, attitude is everything.

My Dad's attitude through this whole ordeal has always been one of optimism. He never once portrayed anything different. Even if he was feeling it. He's an inspiration for sure and for me.....he continues to lead our amazing family by example.....even at 90 years old.

Look deep into the atmosphere of your Salon. You, your team, your clients. Are they all in a good spot? If not, look deep into yourself as their leader. Inside ourselves is always a good place to start.

My Dad is doing incredible BTW.  He's 90 years old in good spirits, great health (considering) and surrounded by lot's of family, lot's of love and lot's of prayer.

CJ Murray, President

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10 Things you should know about an Ultrasonic cleaner

Going on just about a year now, Centre For Beauty introduced Ultrasonic cleaners to our Trade Show venues. It happened out of necessity at the time, however we soon realized how little our Beauty Community really knew about the benefit of bringing this machine into their cleaning routine. And, we realized how little our Beauty Community knew the dangers of washing/scrubbing our tools and implements with soap and a scrub brush at the sink.

Knowledge is invaluable. What I love about what I do is the relationship I have with my Mfg's which, afford me the opportunity to take what I learned from them and share it with you. I also love the stories. The stories which lead to the constant improving of what we do. The story which lead me to research Ultrasonic cleaners for my clients, for you!

Kinder, Greener, Safer

Micrilium Slider Page5

My story goes back a few years when I endorsed a product called Accel.  Known now as Rejuvenate.  Footlogix was the ones who introduced me.  I sold it in my Distributorship AND I used it in my Salon.

I had noticed after long term use, my leather/vinyl chairs were losing their luster and my ceramic sinks were beginning to dull.  I didn't make the connection at first until I began my research and found AHP or Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide has proven to be drying over long periods of time.

Footlogix soon parted ways with Accel and they too were looking for a new source.  During this time,  one of their team members introduced me too Micrylium.  What initially caught my attention was their tag line.  Kinder, Greener, Safer.

In researching the brand, I decided it would be a great fit. It's made from pure grain ethanol.  In fact, it's  the same ethanol that Grey Goose Vodka is made from.

It's environmentally safe and it's safe for our Technicians and our clients.  Not to mention, contact time is less than a minute.

As I started to bring in the brand and learn more and more about what they had to offer, I was thoroughly intrigued.  Partially because the owner of the Company is a brilliant scientist.  So intelligent in fact, he is brought into many Companies to assist in solving some very unique problems........which leads me to my title

Ethanol will kill me

Disinfection Micrylium BioSurf Kinder Greener Safer



The story, as I know it is this.....Micrylium was called into a Company who made Medical devices because a large number of their employees were suffering with "minor" ailments.  Symptoms such as scratchy eyes, runny nose, dry throat, scratchy cough.  Not that any of them got deathly ill, it still got the attention of upper Management to bring in people in an effort to find if anything in the workplace was responsible for these symptoms.

They brought in air conditioning people as well as contractors to check for poisons in the drywall.  Nothing.

Then they brought in Micrylium.  It was the owner who discovered what was happening.

This Medical place worked very much like our Salons.  They would have to clean their tools and implements between activity.  They went to the sink, they scrubbed with a brush and soapy water and they rinsed.

It was this process which was causing the symptoms.  It makes perfect sense!

As these tools and implements were being cleaned, the debris was floating within a 12 inch circle of the cleansing area AND being rinsed down the drain.  This debris in the drain was causing Biofilm.

Every time someone went to the sink to scrub, using warm/hot water....the biofilm would loosen and vapors were coming up through the drain.....causing the symptoms of scratchy eyes, runny nose, sore/dry throat, scratchy cough.

That was enough valuable information for me to look into the next step(s) to protect our Technicians and our clients.  Introducing the Ultrasonic machines!



10 things you should know about Ultrasonic cleaners

  1. It's a health issue - Using an ultrasonic cleaner will protect your health
  2. It's a time issue - How much time do you think you can save by not having to go to the sink between clients and clean your implements
  3. It's a money issue - Time Is money


We recently had one of our clients Ultrasonic cleaner stop working.  They were within the Mfg's warranty, so they were able to send the machine back for repair.  We always get a report and this particular report taught us a few things.

  1. Cleaning time - 5 minutes is all the time you need to clean our implements.
  2. Check after 10 minutes - 10 minutes is the max it should take.  If it takes longer, something is wrong.
  3. Over use NOT GOOD - Running the machine longer than necessary is considered an abuse of product and is not covered under warranty.

Cleaners matter

  1. Surface disinfectants can and WILL blow up the machine.
  2. Soap and water is okay to use, however, you won't get the full benefit of what the Ultrasonic cleaner has to offer
  3. BioSon recommended - Our BioSon product my Micrylium is an effective US cleaner.  BioSon is effective for 5 consecutive days before having to be replaced.  1 box (20 pouches) last just under 3 months.



  1. Overlap your tools - You can place a pretty large amount of tools into the basket.  Which, fit's the AngelFeet professional file.  However, you do want to make sure you criss cross your tools and files when placing them in the cleaner

BONUS - Use your US cleaner as a jewelry cleaner for your clients jewelry.  It's a nice little added service which, doesn't cost you any more $$$.


About BioSon

BioSON is a concentrated universal device detergent. This unique formula contains four enzymes that rapidly break down bioload. It contains antimicrobial additives to reduce the odours and bacterial aerosols created by the ultrasonic bath. It can also be a very effective instrument pre-soak and multi purpose detergent.

  • Removes stain and tartar
  • Powerful 4 enzyme formula to rapidly digest proteins
  • Chlorhexidine ensures safety and longevity

2017 Protocol bioSON

2017 SDS BioSON

Are you protecting you health?  Savings $$$$$?

CJ Murray, President

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What You Should Know about the Nellie Kit!

Perfection, Amazing, Beautiful, Artistic...these are just a few of the words to describe the finished product we have seen of the work which Nellie Neal performs on his clients.
When I first met Nellie Neal, several years back at an Advanced Pedicuring class Centre for Beauty hosted which Nellie attended, I can't even describe my first impressions.
Here, sitting in front of me was this young, flamboyant, male licensed Nail Technician speaking grandeur about an Industry he fell into, loved and was bound and determined to make a name for himself in it.
Looking at him then, this larger then life man with lot's of hair....I never in my life imagined how much I would truly respect him.
It has been an absolute pleasure of mine, to see this young, inexperienced man grow into an Industry Icon. His success only contributed by his yearn for education, his desire for perfection, his passion for helping others and his mission to not just be the best he can be.....but to be the BEST - period.
For these reasons I decided to name our new GERMANIKURE pedicure kit
"The Nellie Kit"
Not only because the tools included are specifically what Nellie uses in his pedicures. Also, because like Nellie these tools are the BEST...period

The Nellie kit includes 7 tools Nellie uses too perfect his perfect polished toenails.Each tool has a specific purpose, all with producing the absolute finest result;


  1. Nail clipper #4712
  2. Tapered cuticle nipper #r157
  3. Ingrown nail nipper #p183
  4. Cuticle pusher #i02
  5. Ingrown nail file#p02
  6. Double sided excavator #p03
  7. Double sided cleaner #p10
    1. Like many, Nellie doesn’t like to use the large nail nippers if he doesn’t have to.  Therefore, on the majority of his clients he is able to use the #4712 Nail clipper on their toenails.  According to Nellie, the cut is not only clean the sharpness of the clipper means you don’t have to press hard to make the cut.  What he particular likes is not having to constantly replace is nail clippers that would constantly rust.  The GERmanikure clippers, like all their tools are stainless steel, guaranteed for life and can be placed in an Autoclave.

  1. Nellie has learned the dangers of cutting the proximal nail fold.  Just don’t!  Therefore, the benefit of the Tapered cuticle nipper is the ability for him to target the tiniest of PNF (waving) at him left on the nail plate.  The fact they are tapered and it’s sharp edges gives him precise accuracy, making sure he doesn’t clip any live tissue.

  1. When using an ingrown nail nipper, Nellie states the importance of knowing what you are doing.  Education is very important when it comes to ingrown nails.  You need to know when to proceed and when to refer to a Medical Professional.  The GERmanikure ingrown nail nipper will allow you to gently and precisely clip any excessive skin or nail which is “stuck” in the nail fold, causing your client discomfort.

  1. So many of our clients have trouble with the edges of their nail growing into the corner edge of the nail fold.  It’s hard to get a perfectly shaped and perfectly cut nail without slightly manicuring the edges of the nail.  The Ingrown nail file allows you to get precisely in that spot and gently file down the corner of the nail growing into the nail fold.

  1. The Double sided excavator, also known as a double spoon, is shaped perfectly for cleaning around the nail fold and under the nail plate. The dynamics of this tool allows for gentle “spooning” of anything (skin-sock fuzz) caught in the nail folds.  It is a great tool to use with your favorite cuticle softening product which softens the hard skin and allows you to work without causing any discomfort.  The tool gently slides along the nail fold and will catch any spicular left behind.

  1. The double sided cleaner is a new tool in my repertoire of tools.  This tool is used to clean over the nail plate to remove any keratin which may be left on the nail.  Making sure the nail plate is clean and smooth, is the secret to Nellie’s polished to perfection toenails.

We all have our favorite tools which we find, works best for you.  I respect that.  However, I can tell you from my own personal experience, when I watch Nellie work, there is a synchrony to his Techniques.  His tools dance for him and help him produce the finest symphony possible.

Sound corny?  Maybe!  However, ask any Chef, Dr. Or Carpenter.  Without the right tools…you will never hear Perfection, Amazing, Beautiful or Artistic.


CJ Murray, President

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Why you should choose your tools wisely! Introducing GERMANIKURE!

I know this isn't the first time you have heard me say this, and I promise won't be the last.  How would you feel if your hairstylist took out a pair of plastic, paper cutting shears to cut your hair?

The tools we use in the Pedicure room are as important as the

products we choose

Our tools are an extension of who we are.  Very much like Gordon Ramsey and many other famous chefs, who choose their kitchen tools carefully.

The proper tools can make our job easier.  The proper tools will last a lifetime.  The proper tools will place the safety of our clients first.

Centre For Beauty has always carried quality tools.  However, like the skin on our feet and the products we use to manage them, over the past 50 years they have changed.  Mfg's have learned to create stronger, longer lasting, safer tools for us to use in our service rooms.  Centre For Beauty has realized this and began a three(3) year process of learning and testing more improved  tools to offer in our Distribution.

We are tickled pink to introduce you to GERMANIKURE!

I am not going to sugar coat this.  The purchase of a good quality set of tools is a huge, expensive decision.  It’s a decision you don’t want to regret making.  It’s an investment.  

What do I personally recommend you  look for when choosing tools?

#1. Are they service specific? - You don’t want to use cuticle nippers to cut the toenails

#2. Are they stainless steel? - Many implements are plated, not true stainless steel.  These will rust.  In addition, like anything, the level or quality of s/s makes a difference.

#3. Can they be sterilized to the highest degree? I caution you, please think ahead.  You may not be able to afford an autoclave today, therefore you don’t gravitate towards tools which can be autoclaved.  However, we never know what the future may hold.  Think through this process carefully.

#4.  Are they safe? -  This is something new we have in our Pedicure industry which we either didn’t have, or weren’t aware of.  There ARE diabetic specific tools.  We are always taught NOT to cut the toenails of a diabetic, we file.  Much of that reason is because of the tools we typically use.  However, there are diabetic safe and friendly tools specifically designed for that purpose.

#5.  Are they guaranteed? - Manufacturer support is peace of mind.  Find tools which offer a guarantee but also offer ease of management in the event you need to use that guarantee?

#6.  Sharpening? -  In my years of growing up in the Salon, I sharpened my tools once.  Why?  Because the Company that sharpened them ruined them.  I refused to ever let that happen again.  Does the tools you choose offer a Manufacturer sharpening process or guarantee?

#7.  Pricing! -  Although pricing shouldn’t be your number 1 concern, don’t get ripped off.  If the price is too good to be true….run the other way.  Pricing should be moderate and conducive to the tools you are purchasing.

What do I personally  look for when choosing tools for you?

As I always do, my 3 criteria are;

#1 Quality

#2 Mfg’s support

#3 Pricing

Let me introduce you to GERMANIKURE


Superior steel, ergonomic design, and an anti-glare rust-free finish are just a few important features of the GERMANIKURE product line. Crafted ethically and without waste, they take the idea of good living beyond simply making good products. They craft their products with an eye to the future and a heritage in mind; not just in the tools you use and pass down, but also with an eye to the environment we will leave after us. All their factories produce their tools with a smaller carbon footprint and less waste than ever before and they are always looking for new innovative ways to make not just the tools better, but our world as well.


  1. Handmade in Germany
  2. Surgical grade steel; high carbon stainless
  3. Guaranteed for life; tested, sharpened by hadn’t and guaranteed to be free from any defects In materials and workmanship
  4. Solingen sharpened; every GERmanikure implement is sharpened by Soligen artisans
  5. Free lifetime sharpening; Sharpened ad maintained at the Soligen factory in Germany
  6. GERMANIKURE care; High quality products with conscious decisions.  No child labor, planned obsolescence, unfair pay or plastic packaging -  They never use plastic in their packaging.

The world produces 300 million tons of plastic every year, and only 10% of that is recycled. The rest ends up in landfills and oceans, leaking pollutants into the ground and water sources while taking centuries to decompose. Please join them in helping our world, one piece of plastic at a time.   It doesn’t make the news, but the sharp truth is: the grooming tool industry is heavily supported by child labor. It is well known that Pakistan is a major producer of grooming tools sold in the U.S. The child labor laws in Pakistan state that children under 14 years old cannot work in factories or any job deemed hazardous, yet there are an estimated 11 million child laborers in Pakistan alone under 14 years of age, and most of these children are sitting on moldy floors, operating heavy machinery, and performing hazardous jobs like grinding scissors, polishing tools, or sharpening blades. While not every factory in Pakistan operates under such questionable ethics, enough of them do to warrant careful consideration. 

No child labor is ever used in the manufacturing, packaging, or distribution of GERmanikure products.

In addition

Hand-hammered blades - Allows for perfect curve adjustment, ensuring flawless cutting

Hand-Set screw - no machines.  Every implement is assembled by hand for perfect tension

Leather protected - Leather is a naturally cushioning material.  Each implement comes in a soft leather case which helps protect your implements against nicks and scratches.

Join me in welcoming these tools into your Salons/Spas.  Not only help you but help your clients, help the world.

Look for our introductory special coming to your email box shortly

What will you see?

  • The Nellie set - purchase the entire set Nellie Neal uses in his Pedicure service, producing the absolutely flawless results he gets
  • 10% off individual tools
  • The diabetic set - NEW to our market
  • An additional 10% if you send us back your old tools

CJ Murray, President

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3 Money Making Ideas for your Nail/Pedicure room

I would first like to give a shout out to all our customers who came by our booth at the Premiere Orlando Show.  It is always a pleasure to either see you again or put a name to a face.  Your support is truly appreciated.

I would also like to thank the team at Life of Riley Salon Supply for the 3rd year in a row, keeping me a part of their family.  The support their entire team gives me goes over and above the call of duty and I sincerely appreciate them all.

One of the things I love about these Trade Shows is what I continue to learn from all of you.  The questions which are asked can be very thought provoking and the inter-action between Technicians from all over the Country attending our classes is truly a learning experience in itself.

There was a common denominator amongst our Nail Technician/Salon Owner Beauty community.  "How do I make more $$$ and continue to do what I love to do?

This is a very fair and concerning question.  As a licensed Nail Technician myself for 30 years, I understand the challenges of making more $$$$ in the Nail world.  Even more so, I understand the challenges of trying to be different.....than the many choices of Salons our clients have.

There are a whole ton of ideas scrambling though my head right now.  I want to focus on one(1) very simple, very cost effective and very visibly effective to our clients.  The "Youth Treatment" by LCN.


Words for blogv2

SKEPTISIM:  By definition "doubt as to the truth of something".  

I use this word because this is one(1) sign of a successful man or woman. I also use this word because this is how I approach every brand and/or item I choose to bring in to Distribution.

The "Youth Treatment" products have been available by LCN for quite a while now. I was and really still am thrown off by the name. However, as I have searched more into the product and what it actually does, I find myself building excitement to share how amazing this product actually is.

It not only can add more $$$ into your treatment rooms (all of them), it can add more $$$ into your retail arena. Brilliant....just Brilliant.

What is 'YOUTH TREATMENT" products?

To begin with, let's forget about the name.  It doesn't do it any justice.  Simply put, this is an add on service you can add in "any" of your treatment rooms AND it is also an at home treatment to add $$$ to your retail.

Youth Treatment Peeling Powder and Youth Treatment Spot Remover.

Wilde Cosmetics has brought the  power of enzymes and brightening ingredients to peel back time and give hands a more youthful appearance. Enzymatic peeling powders are an effective way to breakdown the flaky dead skin cells that make the back of hands look dull, while the effective treatment spot removers address the years of damage from the sun that appears in the form of unsightly age spots.


Rejuvenates the skin with the power of enzymes.  Enzymatic active ingredients breakdown lipids or the "glue" that keeps dead skin cells together allowing for a gentle exfoliation.  With this breakdown of lipids, the peeling powder then properly prepares the skin to better absorb serums such as the YOUTH TREATMENT SPOT REMOVER or our ANTI AGE LIFTING CONCENTRATE.  Results are visible after one(1) treatment.


Regain blemish free skin the the spot remover.  Contains brightening ingredients to visibly lighten pigmentation and age spots.  Results are visible with 4 weeks.




Hand care LCN

What is exciting to me about this besides its effectiveness, is the ability to take this treatment from a mere $10.00 upgrade or go to the top and make it a $50-$75.00 service.  Remember.....always start higher and promo them.



Don't think you can sell an "Anti Age" manicure?  Don't want to add any time to your existing services?  This is for you!

The Youth treatment peeling powder adds less than 5 minutes to your existing manicure. And, processing time is utilized perfectly.

  1. Cleanse and sanitize your clients hands
  2. Remove polish
  3. Apply YT Peeling powder on both hands and arms
  4. Proceed with manicuring of the nails
  5. Remove peeling powder with heated towels
  6. Perform hand and arm massage
  7. Clean nails and polish as desired

HINT:  Use this same process in your Pedicure room and upgrade a simple polish change.


If you already offer our Anti Age manicure service, you can now upgrade to a "skin brightening/toning" treatment.

Simply replace your Anti Aging lifting concentrate serum with the YT peeling powder.


Now you can.  This YT service is an exceptional way for your Massage Therapist and Skin Care specialist to earn more $$$ with really not much added time.

Simply apply the YT peeling powder in your skin care room while waiting on a mask treatment to dry on your skin care client.

In your Massage room add a YT service prior to massaging the lower extremities.  Finish with a heated towel and a hand/arm massage.

Hmmmm......sounds all so relaxing.


Here are some variations on how to charge for the service making $$$ in both service and retail.

Hold onto your hat.  The treatment cost for this service is only $2.50. The spot remover for at home care is only $6.50.

  1. Basic add on $10.00
  2. Add a YT service and include the Spot Remover treatment which you give yo your client....add $25.00
  3. Sell the YT Spot Remover retail for $13.00

How can you NOT want to offer this service?  No more time, minimum cost for a healthy return.


CJ Murray, President

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5 Helpful Trade show Hints

Trade show season is upon us and many of you will be attending one or another or
maybe even multiple.
We have Premiere Orlando, Nail Tech Event of the Smokies, Foot Forward Summit and Premiere Birmingham....all before the fall season.
As a Vendor of each of these shows, I can tell you the time involved and the monetary investment is reviewed on a regular basis. I have a checklist for everything from products to displays to educator cost, travel cost, food etc. etc. Its a detailed spreadsheet to calculate every penny. Is it worth it?
As an Attendee it is my opinion, a spreadsheet should be calculated as well. There is time away from work involved, travel expense, food expense etc. etc. And, if you do your homework correctly, you will probably spend monies on products.

How do you make your show trips profitable?

You may be thinking What?????  I go for the fun, the deals or the parties and to see all my ole friends. Well, all that is fine and dandy except for when you return and you realize how much money you spent and then how much money you gave up by being off work for a day or two.

The #1 most important item you must be aware of are the deals. Are they really?

It's not a law that says as a Vendor you HAVE to offer deals. Personally, I do because it's my way of saying "thank you" to my existing clients and hopefully entice new clients. However, not all Vendors do.

And, in order for you to know if it's a deal......

You must know your cost

I can remember in my Salon days, I got so wrapped up in the excitement, I never "initially" paid attention or even knew if it was a deal. It all sounded good.

When I began to really know what I pay on a regular basis, I brought the list with me. I was stunned. Not everything needs to be a deal. However, if your Trade show shopping, why buy something that you really don't need right away, that you have to carry all day which, you can buy tomorrow at the same price?

Possibly it may save you on shipping cost? Well, you have to factor all that into your spreadsheet and really, really know your cost.

Don't get wrapped up in the excitement of the show and end up with buyers regret when you get back to your Salon.

Do your homework.

The 2nd thing to plan for IS your plan.

Are you looking to offer a new service, replace a brand you currently have or possibly expand? These questions are really important and in my opinion, the most important reason to attend a trade show in the first place.

Trade shows give you the opportunity to see what may be new. Vendors introduce new products. It's a great way to get ideas.

Maybe you are looking for a new nail polish line. Know your cost, know your waste, know how many colors your are interested in. Do you know how you want to present them to your clients? Are you looking for Vegan or does it even matter?

Look through the line up of who will be at the show presenting nail polish. Eliminate the ones you aren't interested in and spend time on the ones you are. Or, go to every booth and ask all the same questions so you can compare the differences.

In something like colors available your only concern? What about settling of the products, does it get thick, how much is wasted, what is shelf life etc. etc.

The idea is to plan what you are looking for. This includes knowing the right questions to ask.

#3 is Financial security

Short and sweet. Stick to a budget.

Many $$$ change hands at our Trade shows. It's easy to spend. Everything looks so great, so easy to use, it's the next best thing to sliced bread.....until you get back to work.

The realization of what was spent and what you spent it on hits home. Panic sets in and we wonder WT?

To make attending trade shows a success from start to finish, first know how much you CAN spend. And, plan accordingly.

#4 Call your Credit Card Company

More often than not, we spend time with clients at the booth. They receive demo's, choose products..get all excited. Then, it comes time to pay and the credit card is declined.

This happens a lot at our shows because the card is used over and over again at a variety of different vendors.

Call your credit card Company to let them know there will be a change in activity. This will save you embarrassment and all of us valuable time.

#5 Don't "come back"

I don't want to minimize the affect these trade shows have on you, as an attendee. However, the impact it has on us Vendors is no where near in comparison. In short....they are extremely exhausting.

We love spending time with you. We love showing off all the great products we choose to represent. We love seeing ole faces and meeting new. Truly, it's the ONLY thing that keeps me coming back.LOL

However, be respectful of the time you do spend with your Vendors. If you are interested, pull the trigger. To tell us "your gonna come back" after spending the time we do with you, is really discouraging. Not just for us, but for you as well.

More often than not, Technicians have come back to sold out products. It bums them and us out.

Again, if you know your plan, you should be able to make a decision.

I know I only said 5, but here are some other helpful hints-

  • Wear comfortable shoes-Thousands of sq feet of walking. You will definitely get in your 10,000 steps per day requirement for healthy living
  • Bring a sweater-its always freezing. Unless you are setting up or tearing down, then they shut the AC off.
  • Roller bags are not allowed. There are bag drop off areas throughout the event. However, the best thing is to just bring them back to your car.'s far.'s hot. It's also worth it.
  • Be courteous of the people around you. I can't even count how many times I'm in the middle of a conversation when someone just walks up and starts asking questions. Hello????? You aren't the only one in the room.
  • If there is something special you want from the week before. We can bring it with us, just don't forget to come pick it up. Booth #3853
  • Remember....I'll say it again.  You are NOT the only one in the room.

There are thousands of people who attend these shows.  My first experience in over 25 years in being at the Premiere show in Orlando as an attendee was brutal.

People would walk in the middle of the aisle and suddenly stop to take a call or fix their bags or look at something.  MOVE out of the way.

At the booths, people were pushing people aside to get to the tables.  C' COURTEOUS.

Last but not least.  Enjoy yourselves.

These shows are full of Education.  Not just in the classrooms but the amount of knowledge behind our tables is short of amazing.

Trade shows are educational events. Use them accordingly.

Enjoy your piers, enjoy your Vendors, enjoy your classes (hope you take some) short. Just enjoy.

And...don't forget to come to the Life of Riley Salon Supply pavilion. That's where you will find exceptional Education and Centre For Beauty Salon Supply @ Booth #3853. We look forward to seeing you.

CJ Murray, President

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The Importance of being YOU?

Can you imagine? We all eat the same food, dress the same way, buy the same cars? We do this because we see and/or hear this is what the majority of people do and we are followers. Inheriently, we follow what others do. 
Is it safe? Is it the easy way out? 

We see this in the movies all the time. Mind control. It seemed so futuristic at one time, but in reality…it’s here. Whether it be fake news or subliminal messages via commercials we watch or ads we read. We are all subjected to mind control, following in lieu of leading.

I bring this up because I often see on SM the question……”what do you use” or “what is the best xxxx?”. SM has become the search engine for many of our Technicians.
I respect people are asking and seeking opinions. However, what I worry is that our Technicians are making choices by what everyone else is using. It reminds me of what my parents use to say. “If someone is going to jump off the bridge….are you going to follow?
The importance of being YOU in your Pedicure room is what your Business is. YOU are what your clients come for. Your knowledge, your personality.....YOU!

Why is it important to remember this when choosing products?  

I am not a brand recognition person.  I choose the brands I represent based on their efficiency, their safety and what I know they can ultimately do for you, as Nail Technicians and your clients.

I’ve had plenty of opportunity to carry the brands that most people know of.  I’ve pondered, I’ve investigated and in the end, when I made a list of what it is “I” look for in a brand, these brands were not the right fit for my Business.

The brands I choose are an extension of me!

In this same context, I’ve researched brands which could be considered a “replacement” for the brands I carry….however, why would I want to trade $$$ for $$$$?   It just doesn't make sense.

I love you-2

When searching for a brand to use in your Foot Care room, there are many factors to consider.  Before you do though, it’s important to realize...

  • The skin on our feet is very different than the rest of our bodies
  • We are exposed to much more in our Foot Care room then we were 50 years ago
  • Our access to education is far more vast
  • Our client’s access to information is far more vast
  • There are many more options available

When choosing brands, there is much to consider

  • Do you want fluff n buff or do you want results?  Or maybe you want both
  • Do you want scents
  • Do you have easy access to what you need
  • Is Education available
  • Is it cost effective
  • Does it have retail opportunity

Other things to consider when choosing your brands

  • Does the brand allow you the opportunity to expand?
  • Is there an easy return or replacement policy?
  • Do you have easy access to MSDS information?
  • Do you have easy access to Marketing materials?
  • Is the ordering process easy?
I love you-3

With so much talk about brands and who uses what....people are forgetting so many factors in making decisions as to what brands to carry.

Some of this may sound familiar because I know I've shared it in previous blogs. However, what has come to mind in scrolling through SM and seeing some of the questions is no one is asking about the ease of dealing with the Companies that carry whatever brand it is.

I once again go back to my days in the Salon. I remember the process of choosing a new hair color brand. My choices were narrowed down to 3.  At the time AlphaParf was our first choice.

I remember contacting the Company (somewhere in Miami) and NEVER receiving a call back. The brand we ended up ordering in was more expensive than the other 2. However, I got an immediate response from the Company and they offered extensive Education.

I let my Stylist have a say however, in the end what I chose was an extension of who I was. I wanted a quality product with easy access to products which offered continuous Education to make sure my Stylist were always on top of their game.  Price was a consideration, but not a game breaker.

Myself and the stylist knew what we wanted out of the brand

If I were still in my Salon, I would follow the same tactics. In fact,I follow the exact same tactics in choosing the brands I do for my Distribution. I've been burned a couple of times....we learn. However, I learn what I should ask which I didn't before.

If I were in the Salon choosing a brand, these would be my questions...

  • Is it effective (because working smarter not harder is my MO)
  • Is it easily available
  • What is the price point
  • What type of education do you offer - when, where, cost?
  • Can it be bought in the big box stores
  • Is it available on line, to my clients, below my cost (do your own research)
  • Do they sell to the end user
  • How can my orders be placed
  • What is your shipping time
  • What is your return or replacement policy
  • How do you handle backorders
  • Do you have retail items for follow through

Or, how about something as easy as being able to have human contact.

My email address was purchased through a Company called Wix. I used this Company to build my first website when I owned my Salon. I haven't had my Salon since 2009 but continued to pay a yearly fee to keep my same email address.

I recently realized the cost and how I can transfer my email account to my primary domain company.

3 weeks I've been trying to do this. The Company Wix has absolutely no way of speaking with a human. When I fondly found a phone # I was relieved. This took several days. When I called the number, it routed me to the web address for "trouble shooting".

I'm flabbergasted. I'm pissed and frustrated. I'm paying $150.00 per year for something I can get for free. I have absolutely no way of cancelling it.

How can a Business run that way?

My own personal lesson is "research".  Everything and anything you're doing including the product brands you decide to take on.

Know your questions going in and think way ahead to the future. The what if's. Because, it doesn't matter what you do, the future will always come, things will always change and we never ever know what that change may be.

Centre For Beauty takes pride in the research we do before we take on a brand. We do this for you. However, I suggest you don't even take my word for it. You have a question???? ask! You skeptical????? ask! You unsure????? ask!  Don't ever settle

CJ Murray, President

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The Pedicure Re-Invented

My 2019 goal which, I am in the process of developing is an on-line infection control class.  I have a nephew who is a Nurse Practitioner who studied Infection Control and actually got published in the Medical Journal for one of his research papers.

I recruited him because I not only wanted to make sure I had accurate information, but I wanted information not just related to our Salons, but related to our lives.

We talk so much about products we use in the Pedicure room.  We watch, we listen, we research.  We look for products we feel our clients would like and we look for products we think we might like.

Whats surprising to me however, is how little time we spend on looking for products which keep our clients safe and ourselves self.  My own research show, most use disinfection products because they are highly advertised or used by our piers.  

There's alot of confusion because rules change State by State.  When it comes to disinfection what should you be looking for?  What should your procedures be?  

Disinfection should be your #1 priority over everything else in your Salon.  There are just too many risk.  There are too many exposures.  

The days of banging out clients one right after another is gone.  We have to be smarter and more proficient with our cleaning techniques.  We have to make cleaning our first and foremost to all that exist in our Salons.

We have to re-invent our Pedicures, re-invention which begins with proper cleaning and disinfection.

Let’s itemize this one by one, in detail.  Before we do this though, always be sure to check with your State Board requirements.  Although, I’m confident what I am going to recommend will far exceed what your State Board does requires.

Ultrasonic Disinfection


Cleaning has many different facets.  We have cleaning of our Pedicure stations including bowls, floors and chairs.  And, we have cleaning of our surroundings and then we have cleaning of our implements.

#1 cleaning of our bowls.

If you have an older version Pedicure bowl which is connected to pipes which filter the water in and out of the same pipe……you MUST purge your Pedicure tub between clients.  Purging one time per day, at the end of the day is NOT sufficient.

Purging requires a solution effective enough to not only clean but kill high levels of bacteria which is ran through your pipes for a minimum of 5 minutes….depending on your solution.

At the end of each day, a 15 minute purge should be practiced.

Once purged, the surface area of your tub needs to be cleaned and disinfected.  This means it is wiped and sprayed with a solution intended for surface use.

If you have the newer pipeless chairs/bowls...although there is nothing to purge, you should still check to see what your State regulations are.  However, whichever way your tubs need to be cleaned, the propellors should be taken out and cleaned and then disinfected.

#2 cleaning of your chairs and surrounding areas

It doesn’t matter why type of set up you have, your chairs and tables AND any containers should be wiped with a solution which cleans and kills bacteria.....daily. In this case, a disinfection product with surfactants which cleans and disinfects at the same time, is perfect.  It is also important to note, there are cleaners/disinfectants  which will eventually dry out your vinyl or your leather chairs.  Be careful when choosing your products. Do your research.

#3 Implements

I think the biggest mistake and lack of education we are experiencing in our Salons, is realizing the dangers of cleaning or scrubbing your implements at the sink.  To begin with, I’ve watched.  Barely soap is being used.  A scrub brush and water…scrub scrub scrub…….it’s terrible.

2nd, research has shown that debris from the scrubbing or airborne particles is known to cause headaches, sinus problems, dry throat and more.  Therefore it suggested we eliminate this step.  WHAT?????  NOOOOO!!!!!  Well, we actually don’t eliminate the cleaning process, but we do eliminate how we clean.  The use of an ultrasonic cleaner not only is safe, but it is more efficient, time saving and 100% more effective then cleaning our implements at the sink.

#4 Wet disinfection

Most State require some form of wet disinfection.  The amount of time required varies State by State.  Unfortunately most of them are still in the dark ages and approve the lowest form of disinfection…..Barbicide which, requires. 10 minute soak time.  Therefore, regardless of what you use, you must soak for 10 minutes.

Hospital grade is the key word here…..entirely a joke!  Hospital grade only means the products which make the claim to be hospital grade are approved for cleaning hospital floors.  Now, that’s not so totally bad, but in my mind…it is deceiving.  My question is: are you happy with a product that makes the claim to be hospital grade?  Because, many of those products are low level, carcinogenic and can NOT kill many strands of bacteria we are currently subjected too.  Arrgh!

There are many things you should be asking when you choose your disinfection product

1). What exactly DOES it kill

2)  What exactly is the active ingredient

3). What exactly is contact time

4). Is it carcinogenic

5). Where do I dump it

6). How long is the solution effective for

#5 Sterilization

When I grew up in the Salon, using an autoclave was never even an issue.  That was a Medical thing…not. Beauty Salon thing.  Well, times have changed.  It is a Beauty Salon thing because we are subjected to so much more than we used to be.  And, we are often the first responders.  Therefore, we are seeing things sometimes even before the Dr. does.

In my growing up days, autoclaves were no less than $3-5000 dollar.  Today, you can get an autoclave for way less $800-$1200.  What a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Using an autoclave, is not required.  However, it should be.  I’m not sure if it ever will be, but what I am sure of, is somewhere down the road our Salons will be getting calls asking of services and the next question will be “do you autoclave”?  Client - Public awareness is immense.;


Proper sanitation takes loyalty. It takes patience and it take time. If you don't think you have the time, make it. We talk about changing lives? Not properly cleaning and not following proper disinfection procedures will for sue change your life.....and not in a good way.

Is it worth the risk?

CJ Murray, President

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Are you working Smarter not Harder?

I have many conversations with clients regarding specific services they wish to add in their Foot Care room. Everyone is different. Some like the relaxation aspect, some like the results aspect. And, some truly just don’t know what they want to offer.

It can get very complex in trying to choose what we think is best for our clients, and what we think is best for us. With so many product options available to us, how do we really know what will work and what won’t. Do we follow what everyone else is doing? Or, do we choose based on research?

What we need to realize is what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily mean it works for you. What we need to realize is location does make a difference, knowledge and experience makes a difference and our own mind thoughts make a difference.

What we need to realize is working smarter isn't just about all the above. It also means you have to figure out which items and/or service bring you the highest return.
Do the math

My husband and I were talking about his Barber.  She moved from a Barber shop to her own suite.  He mentioned the other day about a conversation he had with her in regards to her move and what she prefers to do.  He stated she would rather deal with 4 men’s haircuts in 2 hours than deal with 1 ladies highlighting service.

He asked her if she was making more money being in a suite.  Her comment was, some days I do, some days I don’t.  My thoughts went to the above conversation.  You make $80.00 on those 4 men or $200.00 (probably more) on 1 female.  She isn’t working very smart.  

When we look at our services and how much there is to offer to our clients, I think it’s always best to start with the basics.

I know you’ve heard me say before.  A pedicure is a pedicure is a pedicure.

  • Soak
  • Manicure
  • Exfoliate
  • Callus debri
  • Massage

Keeping these 5 basics in mind is what is the most important to YOU when it comes to choosing your products.  

  • High end
  • Low end
  • Simple
  • Extravagant

All the ambience added to the service is a reflection of who YOU are

Do the math-2

The best example I can give is to highlight Nellie Neal of The Pedi Lab.  Nellie has made his claim in our industry partly because of his extravagant aura.  He himself portrays one of high end.  Therefore, he reflects that in his pedicure services.  He offers the same 5 basic steps to the Pedicure, but his presentation, his confidence, his knowledge and his ambience exudes extravagance.  And for that, he charges no less than $95.00 for an 1.5 hr service.  A service which always ends with perfection.

Nellie is working smarter.  He has taken the basic pedicure and customized it to his needs (to be extravagant) and his clients needs to “feel” that extravagance.  His personalty, his confidence is what gains his clients trust.  When he suggest and upgrade of an Anti Age treatment or a Golden Girl mask, his clients don’t question him.

He has taken that same client from a $95.00 service adding $50.00 - $75.00 upgrades.  Same time slot, same basic 5 steps…..with added ambience.


I do get frustrated at times when talking with my clients and there is such a low level of confidence.  It usually stems from them trying to compare themselves to someone else.  STOP IT!  Be yourself.  Bring your own aura in to you pedicure room.  Start with the 5 basics and add the ambience you feel will work for YOU and your clients.

A client I spoke with the other day uses our LCN Urea products.  Great 5 basic products which offer long last results.  She was sharing how the Technician next to her was using a product with a much stronger aroma and the client commented at how “wonderful” it smelled.  It made her feel badly for her client because the LCN Urea products aren’t real fluffy and Buffy smelling.  However, they are safe  and they are effective.

My suggestion to her was add aroma therapy to your service if you feel the need for scents.  DON’T change what you do or who you are because the person next to you is doing it.  What is working for them, may not work for you.

It’s sad really.  I wish in our schools they could teach more confidence building

What can you do to work smarter and not harder?

  • Master the 5 basic steps first - learn your techniques, learn your products.
  • Add your ambience - pick 3.  Don’t over kill.
  • Work on your presentation - visual affects go a long ways
  • Price accordingly - what is your hourly worth?
  • Educate yourself constantly
  • Do you know where your greatest ROI Return On Investment is?

Knowing your ROI is Business 101.  If you don't know what your cost are on your products, it's time to learn. Your return on investment relates directly to your cost and your sales.

If you are spending hundreds of dollars on nail art, glitter and bling and NOT charging your clients for nail art have NO return on investment.  Why do it?

If you add serums and/or specialty masks to your foot care service and don't have zero return on your investment. Why do it?

Return on investment should be the number one question you ask yourself when purchasing new products. It isn't just about what the cost is per service. It is also about whether you will perform that service properly and charge the appropriate price for it. It also is about "do you have the clients to support the service"?

This is where location comes into play.

What may be offered in Nellie Neal's Pedi Lab, may not be right for your location. Or right for you

Ambiance is all inclusive.  Atmosphere, Education, Appearance, Products etc.

Make it your goal. Work smarter, not harder. Set the plan and go for it.

Do it now!

CJ Murray

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The details of PodoSafe in the Pedicure room

I had the absolute pleasure of spending a day with Suely, the owner/founder of PodoSafe. PodoSafe is a callus solution product used in the Pedicure room for safe reduction of stubborn calluses. It is safe for anyone with immune compromised health issues. In fact, it is safe for "everyone".

Suely's story is one of perseverance and strength. I wouldn't feel right in sharing the details of her story with you, as it is not my story to share. However, what I can share with you is she is an inspiration and a true testament of what can be accomplished if you just put your mind and soul into your dreams and goals.

PodoSafe is a result of attempting to solve a problem she had recognized in Brazil, her home Country. It's a result of working long hours and constantly trying formula after formula until she found the exact combination she was looking for. I literally get goosebumps thinking of the moment that happened. I can't even imagine how rewarding.

What I learned from my visit with Suely, besides all the Technical tips I want to share...reflects back to my article of last week.

Our Beauty Business needs to be about connections and supporting our own.

Podosafe Slider Pagev4

Podosafe is different from many callus softening products because it can be used as a stand alone service. In fact, that is my personal recommendation.

Because of its unique application technique, it distinguishes itself as a solution service, not necessarily a pedicure service. A solution service which, many of my Salons are charging as much as $125.00 for a 30 minute less then $50.00.

The technique is fairly simple.

  • We apply a cotton square saturated with Podosafe, to the callused areas on the foot
  • Wrap with plastic wrap
  • File away the melted damaged skin and viola......the results speak for themselves.

The difference in offering a "callus solution" service and a "pedicure" is time. And, time is money.

Our pedicures typically run 50 minutes to 1.5 hrs. We use 5-7 products if we do our standard soak, exfoliate, callus work, mask, massage.

Our PodoSafe callus solution product, along with our podosafe cuticle cream and your favorite exfoliating scrub or massage cream (3 items) is all you need. And, the time for this service is reduced by 30-45 minutes.

We charge the same or more, and spend less time. We work smarter.......not harder.

Stop what you're doing.

I'm excited now to share some of the specifics with PodoSafe. It's always the little tidbits which make that light bulb go off and/or makes our job easier.

And......just because I'm hoping to drive this point home. These are tidbits or helpful resources you won't find from Amazon or Ebay. Our Beauty Industry needs to be about connections and supporting our own.

Okay....I'll stop.  For now 🙂

Let's talk first about some "did you knows"?

  1. PodoSafe reacts with oils and becomes stronger or more effective. Therefore, if you have a client with really really thick, cracked skin on the heels, applying a "natural" oil will help PodoSafe work even better. Do not use this technique on everyone. It should be customized for the truly intense callused client.
  2. PodoSafe works under warm conditions. Hence, why we wrap the foot with plastic wrap. Did you know a heating pad placed on the floor to rest the feet is an effective warming process? You can also wrap the foot with a heated towel. Be sure to do your complete consultation first to make sure using heat will be safe for your client.
  3. Regardless of what foot file you use, always file in one direction only, "down".  Continue this form of filing until you have no more skin coming off. This is a great way to make sure you aren't filing off more than you should.

Tips & Tricks;

  • Saturate a stack of your cotton wipes in a bowl with PodoSafe solution. It's easier than spraying one square at a time and you can plan for your entire day. Make sure it's a covered bowl so the solution doesn't evaporate.
  • PodoSafe must be sprayed close to the surface. Once you apply the saturated cotton square to the affected area, spray PodoSafe now directly onto the square keeping the nozzle up and snug to the foot. This helps eliminate any excess spraying.
  • PodoSafe cuticle cream can be applied directly under the nail as well as on the cuticle. By doing this, you soften the nail which makes for much easier and safer cutting. When you do work on the toenails, take care of the cuticles first. This gives the toenails time to soften which is hugely important when dealing with thick, hard nails.
  • PodoSafe callus solution AND cuticle cream must be used wet. Once it is dried out, it loses it's affect. Therefore, when working on the toenails/cuticles you may have to re-apply.
  • Be sure to use your file until you see no more skin coming off. If you leave the skin on the feet which has been softened by the PodoSafe callus solution, it will get hard again and your client may not be too happy.
  • Use a bowl with a plastic bag under your clients feet. By doing this you can drop everything into the bowl such as your used cotton squares, wet towels, toe clippings, tools etc. When done, you can remove the bowl for fast, efficient clean up.
  • Be sure to use exfoliating products or massage creams as your final step to "deactivate" the solution. It's important to use products with safe ingredients and ingredients which will process into the layers of the epidermis so your client isn't walking out of your Salon with slippery feet.


  • Can I use PodoSafe in my regular pedicure service?
    • Sure, if you want to.  However, #1...Podosafe should be done prior to the soak.  Therefore, you would just alter your pedicure procedure to include callus and cuticle/nail work prior to the soak.  #2...Why? The intent of PodoSafe, in my opinion is to add a service we can't offer with any other product. We can offer a PodoSafe service to a client who isn't really fond of pedicures. We can offer a PodoSafe service as an on the road service. We can offer PodoSafe to callused skin which, need more than what we can presently give them. We can add a PodoSafe service for more $$$ in less time.
  • Is PodoSafe available in larger sizes?
    • Presently PodoSafe is only available in our 12 oz spray bottle However, there are plans down the road for larger sizes. PodoSafe has only been available for 2 years. It takes time to grow the Business and realize what the demand is. I can assure you, once it becomes will hear it from me.

Centre For Beauty is always looking for ways to help our Salons become more proficient, save $$$ and provide quality products. We know we can help with all 3 in all the brands we carry.

PodoSafe is different. However, PodoSafe, LCN and Footlogix are all amazing products with their own specific qualities. You need to decide if and where all or 1 of them fit into your venue.

CJ Murray, President

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