The Art of transforming your Pedicures!

I very often hear I want to be like or I want to do Pedicures like….

I always ask why?  As I have said in many, many of my blogs and classes, a pedicure is a pedicure is a pedicure. Everything else you do in between makes it yours. And, how comfortable will you be if you are trying to mimic someone else in lieu of what is natural to you?

I can remember, which I’m sure this story was shared before about a young girl who wanted to work with us at our Salon. She was sweet as can be and truly had the desire to do nails.

However, her short stubby fingers would not allow her to perform a perfected nail service.

I remember watching her and thinking to myself how awkward she looked. Yet, she was bound and determined to be a nail technician because it looked like “fun”.  However, it was just not the best career choice for her.

It broke my heart yet I knew….we could just never make it work.

I don’t know about you, when I’m being serviced by someone regardless of what that service is, I can tell if they are where they need to be.

My skin care person…she’s the mad scientist….she is where she should be. It comes natural, there are no interruptions and month after month, she never fails me.

I can remember going to the school to support my daughter as she was completing the Cosmetology program. It was very obvious to me, those who would be a natural and those who just could not get the knack.

My point is, our career choice may not be what we end up doing. Whatever it is though, be natural at it, be the best you can be and be YOU!

I chose this topic because I know we have reached several who are new to this industry and eager to learn.  I spoke with several of them at our recent trade show and I heard more often than not….“I want to be like you Miss CJ”. As complimentary as that is….“NO…you don’t? 

Our industry is about Beauty.  To me, this means beauty from within and beauty from the outside. We can perform services which make our clients look and feel good yet, isn’t it the personality of the service provider which makes you love them or hate them? We all have our own personalities and only you can build upon your own personality.

With that being said, what can you do, or what are you doing to transform your pedicures to be YOU?

Today, unlike 30+ years ago, you have many choices. It wasn’t always that way. You haven’t only brands which might be considered clinical or luxury (or whatever you want to call them), You have options of add ons and/or upgrades. You have options added services such as toenail restoration, anti age, involuted toenail correction. The list goes on and on.

You can make it a dry pedicure, a spa pedicure, a treatment pedicure, a relaxing pedicure, a clean pedicure etc. etc.  It is truly crazy what we have to think about today as Nail Technicians offering pedicures. When in my day, it was a polish change or a pedicure. End of story.

I like to look at options in my life whether it be Professional or Personal in view of the best case scenario and the worst case. If I had every option at my fingertips what would I do if it doesn’t go as planned?  What is the worse thing that can happen?

When it comes to our pedicure services, we have to remember….it is our option to change it up. Reinvent it. Transform it. Reclaim it. Our service offering does not have to be cast in stone. If you try something and it doesn’t work…change it up. It is really just that simple.

All you new guys and gals getting into our Industry…I hope you know how fortunate you are. You not only have a huge variety of brands to choose from, you have huge resources of education.

Don’t be anyone else. Be YOU! Ya never know, in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now…you may be the person everyone wants to be.

Are you new to this industry? Would love to hear how YOU plan to make your pedicure YOU!

CJ Murray, President

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