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Life is Crazy!!!!

LIFE IS CRAZY ISN’T IT?  Why is it, “things” always happen in 3’s.  I’m sitting here, 4 hours away from home, at 7am at an auto Dealership i’m unfamiliar with due to a concern I am having with my vehicle.

At the same time, i’m concerned about my husband who isn’t feeling well and I have a scheduled appointment for end of life procedures for my little Mr. Buttons, my dog of almost 18 years.

And oh…..let’s not forget my daughter, my only child accepted a job over 1500 miles away.  So proud of her, very happy for her but i’m a Mom…’s killing me not having her nearby.

What does this have to do with my article?  It’s about adversities we experience in our Salons and how we handle them.  It’s about being the Professional and educating your clients.  It’s about a crisis being only an inconvenience when you are prepared.

I was in classroom the other day doing a training at one of my clients.  I introduced the AngelFeet file to them and a couple of the technicians are having a difficult time discontinueing the use of their “satan’s grater”.  The pushback is they tell me their clients “want” this type of removal for the callous on their feet.

I asked them why they continue to let their clients dictate how they do their job?  If you are passionate about what you do, you should not let the client control you.  My analogy went like this.

Your going to the gyno Dr. for your yearly pap smear.  You want the Dr to use forceps with teeth on them.  Does the Dr. do it?  Or do they advise you against it and explain the reasons why?

Buy what you are saying and they will buy what you are selling.  In other words, you have to understand the consequences of your actions, you have to truly believe that what you are doing is absolutely the best for your client.  YOU have to believe in yourself and your client will believe in you.

The best advice I can offer is this;

  1. Know your shit…..sorry, but truly now what you are doing.  Not just know the motions you are going through but know the products you are going through those motions with
  2. Know HOW to explain to your client.  How you understand it is so much different then your clients understand it.  Speak on their level.
  3. Believe and they will believe
  4. Be passionate

Let’s go back to the files.  I have always been an advocate of using the proper tools on our clients.  In fact, the thought of what is being used for files in our Pedicure chair makes me think about our Hair stylist using paper scissors to cut hair.  IT JUST WOULDN’T HAPPEN.

Better yet, how about cooking thongs for a paps smear.  Or, a paint brush from Home Depot to apply makeup.  Or, we could use  sandpaper for micro-dermabrasion, Black ink for mascara, Nail polish for lipstick, hedge trimmers to cut our toenails (although we know some clients need them)…..I could go on an on.

My point is, if you are a Professional, you need to act like one.  Use the tools FOR Professionals, not tools your clients can by in any Tom, Dick and Harry shop around the Country.

Let me share with you some information which ca help you in knowing why using the proper tools are essential.

You should understand by now that so many foot files on the market shred our clients feet.  We as Technicians are doing it and our clients are doing it to themselves.

What is the main reason why this is such a bad thing?  It’s because when our skin isn’t healthy, it makes us susceptible to bad things.  Things like a Staph Infection.

Here’s a little skinny on Staph Infections.

  1.  They are ferocious
  2.  They can lead to everything from skin issues to more serious conditions such as pneumonia, inflammation of the intestinal lining, and sepsis

Who is susceptible?

  1.  Everyone
  2.  Especially someone with a compromised immune system AND
  3.  Anyone with breaks in their skin

How to prevent it?

  1.  Keep the skin on your feet (or anywhere) healthy and hydrated
  2.  Don’t use tools or implements which cause broken skin
  3.  Use daily maintenance products which protect the skin

This is going to be my last article lecturing on Foot Files for a while.    For those of you who want to up your game in your Foot Care room and take your Pedicures to the next level……stay tuned.  Our Centre for Beauty/AngelFeet buy back program is right around the corner.

Get your files ready for the Graveyard..………

CJ Murray, Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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The Truth about Foot Files!

Last weeks article we talked about legitimizing claims that Mfg’s are making in regards to Foot Files. I was actually quite surprised to see the very small amount of opens on the article.

My goal, my passion is to Educate. I do this because I feel it’s important to give credibility to our Industry. Too often, we are thought about as glamour and glitz. The outside world doesn’t recognize the importance of our position as Nail Technicians. They don’t recognize we are often the first responders, as i’ve said many times. They don’t recognize we don’t just make our clients feel good, we literally have the opportunity to change their lives. We not only can transform the skin on their feet……we can transform their lives.

In order for us to do this, we have to be educated on the facts. We have to understand everything from A – Z in Foot Care. The how, the why’s and especially the why not’s.

There are many types of foot files.  How do you know which one to choose?  Understandably it’s a difficult decision when every Mfg’s is touting their foot file to be the best.

Let’s take a different approach.  Instead of deciding which one to choose, decide which one NOT to choose.

Let’s begin with the absolute worst of the bunch!  The file I like to refer to as Satan’s Grater

As depicted in this picture.  The Foot Files of this style look exactly like a cheese grater.  To begin with, look at the block of cheese and how it is “shredded”.  This is why when we want shredded cheese….we get our cheese grater.

Do you think we are doing anything different to the skin on the feet when using this type of tool?  Absolutely not.

In addition, have you ever put your “cheese grater” in the dishwasher to wash?  What happens if you leave it to not dry properly?  It rust.  Well hello……this is happening because it is not stainless steel….never mind “real” stainless steel.

If you are using this type of file, I highly encourage you to rethink your processes.  If you tell me this is what your clients wants?  Well, I suggest you have each one of your clients sign a waiver.  It’s only going to take 1X for someone to get an infection because of the serious tears you are doing to their skin.  I hope you have good insurance.

This next so called file is virtually just as bad….the Pumice stone.

Do you realize that Pumice is volcanic rock?  Volcanic rocks are usually fine-grained or aphanitic to glassy in texture. They often contain clasts of other rocks and phenocrysts. Phenocrysts are crystals that are larger than the matrix and are identifiable with the unaided eye.

Pumice is widely used to make lightweight concrete or insulative low-density cinder blocks.  Consequently you are filing your clients skin with concrete.

Pieces of Pumice break off constantly.  Where are these pieces going?  If you have a client with cracked skin and or fissures and a piece of pumice gets lodged inside the skin……again, I hope you have good insurance.

In addition, if you do choose to use a pumice stone, I hope you throw them away after each use.  Pumice is a breeding ground for bacteria.  There is absolutely no way in God’s creation a pumice can be cleaned properly for use after use.

Let’s move onto probably the most used type of file in our Industry.  Sandpaper.  Single use or Peel and stick.

Let’s begin by talking about “sandpaper”  Do you know how it is made?  Do you know what it’s intended use is for?  I’m literally shaking while trying to write this article.  Sandpaper is for smoothing wood NOT skin.  Yikes!

So you say you throw it away after each use.  So you say you use the peel and stick. 

It doesn’t matter… is still sandpaper!

Sandpaper is made of abrasive minerals like aluminum oxide or garnet that are glued onto a paper backing.  Abrasive….Glued…..Aluminum oxide!  All key words here my friends.  Abrasive is NOT what we want to use on our clients skin.

In addition, the glue is a haven for bacteria as well.  None of the above in regards to these foot files can be sanitized properly…..forget what you are doing to your clients skin.  I say it again, I hope you have good insurance.

A less familiar type of foot file, is a file which is made via forging, or forge pressing.

Forging means to:  make or shape (a metal object) by heating it in a fire or furnace and beating or hammering it.  LOL….when I read this during my research, I actually did giggle.

For real????? How on earth can we offer any type of continuity or evenness or smoothness to the skin on our clients feet when using a tool which has been made by beating or hammering?  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

Not only are we guaranteed shredding of the skin, but think about this.  How many hills and valleys are on this file where bacteria can hide?  Can we ever get this type of filed properly cleaned?  I would imagine not.

I always like to describe forging by putting my fist through a balloon.  You surely can see the undulations of my knuckles.  C’mon people…….arrrgh, I get so frustrated.  Working behind the chair isn’t always about making your job easier.  Nor is it always about giving the client what they want.  Your clients don’t know what the heck they want.

WE have to educate them.  Using improper tools on our clients feet is like using plastic play scissors on a haircut.  Would you even think of it?

The next process is what is known as “Chemical Etching”.

Chemical etching is a sheet metal machining process that is used to manufacture complex components with high levels of accuracy. The process works by printing the component design onto a photo-resist which is laminated onto the metal. The areas of photo-resist which have not been printed are removed, exposing the metal, which is subsequently etched away.

In layman terms, when a file is chemically etched, it is literally the exact same height from start to finish.  It is calibrated to the most finite degree.  There are no undulations for nasties to hide.  There is no unevenness to cause shredding on the skin.  It is without a doubt, the most accurate form of file making.

The safest file in the world should not shred the clients feet.  It should have the ability to be sterilized to the highest degree.  It should have no undulations in the file for nasties to hide and it shouldn’t cost $1.50.


Chemically etching, as shown in this file, guarantees  not to shred the skin.

Centre for Beauty endorses the Angel Feet file.  But, in this article i’m only talking about the process of making files and what they do to our clients skin.  If you want more info, please reach out to me

In closing, understand even though Centre for Beauty endorses the AngelFeet File, I am in no way shape or form putting down any Mfg’s files.  This is a Business education on what I feel is truly best for our clients.

Choosing the files you use is just that….a choice.  I recommend however, you make the best choice based on fact…..not just theory.

I’ll continue this series next week.  In addition, we will be making our announcement on our nest FILE BACK PROGRAM.  Are you ready to end your files to the Foot File Graveyard?

CJ Murray, Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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Claims Need to be Verified!

As I get older and I reflect on what I have done with my life, I look around and realize how much I am like my Dad.  I am very proud of that, and I also understand….what he meant’

Over the past few years, as my Dad grows older, he reflects on his life.  He left school in 6th grade to help support his family of 7.  His Mom and Dad needed help. Eventually, after marrying my Mom serving time in the Military and working in Factory jobs…..he then has his own family of 7.  At some point, he started his own Business of TV repair.  a Business I remember him having through my entire life growing up.

He’s told me on more than one occasion, he wishes he could have provided more for us.  Mind you, we never wanted for anything.  We had clothes on our back, food on the table, a fun loving family and those of us who wanted to joined community sports, were never denied.

He’s always said “If I wasn’t so gosh darn honest”, we would probably all be jet setting around the world with the best of everything.

I’m always heart broken when he says this, because I know that jet setting around the world could never replace the love and support as a family.  But, as I said….I get what he mean’t.

I look around me and see so much dishonesty, so much “competition” to be better and greater.  I just don’t work that way.  I won’t play the game to advance my own agenda.  If I end up feeling like my Dad in my older years……i’m okay with that.

As a Distributor, I choose to represent the brands I represent because I believe in them.  I know they work.  I promote my brands through Education because it is more important and more rewarding to me to help my clients grow.  The sales I obtain from that Education is the bonus.

That is why I get so discouraged when i’m witness to claims being made, or products being marketed with false intent.  Hence my article today!


I have recently heard and seen claims about Foot Files that just aren’t true.  This is no joke.  What we as Technicians are doing to our clients skin, using improper tools…is short of criminal.  Yes, I said criminal.  When we are intentionally or unintentionally causing micro lesions on our clients skin, making them suseptible to infection… just not right.

If you want to be in this Beauty game JUST to make money…..this article is not for you.  But, if you are truly interested in how to better care for your clients, teach them about the proper way to care for their feet and the skin on them….then keep reading.

There are many types of files on the market.  We have Stainless Steel, Cheese Grater, Sandpaper, Glass just to name a few.

We also have many ways these files are produced…..Chemically etching and Forging.

Then we have grit shapes and sizes.  We also have different types of Metals used.  We have wood and we have rubber and plastic.

What is important to know about whatever file you choose is;

  1. Will it shred the skin (and why)
  2. Will it clean properly to the highest degree
  3. Are there mixed metals which could cause irritation
  4. Will the material harbor bacteria
  5. and more!

There is so much information to share which, we NEED to be aware of

Stay tuned for next weeks article and I will share with you the specifics of what I’ve learned on many of the Foot Files available to us.  Detailed information the Mfg’s won’t share because all they want, is to sell their files.

In the meantime, if you have a question about files you want answered, send it over to me.  I’ll be more then happy to include it in my article.

CJ Murray, Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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