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Expanding your retail!

Here we are again, the last quarter of the year. Wow! Can someone please tell me, where the time goes?

As I finish up my year long season of Trade shows which, thanks to many of you were a great success, I think about the many conversations I had with those who visited our booths and other Mfg’s who presented.

Yes, many of our attendees are there to learn new things and try new products. However, I do have many conversations regarding the follow though with retail.

What better time of year to learn new tricks to treat your clients with the knowledge of how to better care for their feet and share with them some products you may not necessarily sell throughout the entire year. Products which make great stocking stuffers, products they can travel with and BONUS….products which actually work.

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First of all, let’s get one thing straight.  Retail in our Beauty world is much more than going to a Department store and buying a new set of bath towels.  Think about this.  When buying bath towels, we generally know what we are looking for and why.

We want 2 large bath towels, matching hand towels and matching wash cloths.                Which, have to match our decor.

In our Salons, our clients don’t even know they are looking for a product they really need.  It is our job to educate them, it is our job to recommend to them what would be best to care for the skin on their feet, their cuticles etc. etc.


2nd, Don’t you think there is a reason why ALL stores carry creams and lotions and oils and potions?

It’s a HUGE industry!

You can find foot care and nail care products in any store ranging from Nordstroms to the Dollar Store.  JC Penney, Macy’s, Walgreens, CVS….just to name a few.

In fact, the Esthetician I go to monthly, works part time at Walgreens.  She shares with me the $$$$ and the volume of products for foot and nail care which goes out the door daily.  It’s truly mind boggling.

In our Spas/Salons, we have a captive audience. Our clients are already with us. We hold their hands, massage their feet……and now we send them out the door to purchase products “wherever”?

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I do understand the trepidation of presenting products to your clients. I’ve been there!  We need to circle back to the why.  Why are we shy to promote our brands?  Why do we feel like we are “pushing” products on our clients?  Why, why, why?

Education – Confidence

It’s really simple.  You don’t have to be in sales.  You only have to believe that what you are recommending to your client is a necessity not a luxury.

You don’t have to be in sales.  However, you do need to know what you are recommending. Knowing the product, what are the ingredients, why does it work…..knowledge!

Let me share some tips on promoting retail. Enough retail for you to pay your rent.

  • Use it – very difficult to have belief in a product which you’ve never tried.
  • Talk about it – although there are some very good and creative display set-ups, they don’t just sell by sitting on the shelf.
  • Display it – let the display work for you. Don’t just set the products on the shelf with a name tag. Pictures….pictures…
  • Change – change your displays monthly. Set up for each Holiday. Mix it up.
  • Samples – do your Mfg’s offer samples for your brands? It doesn’t have to be a sample of everything you use, however clients love samples and it’s a good way to get a taste of the products prior to making a purchase. Centre For Beauty has small sample sizes for purchase on each of our brands.

What about diversity? Many of you are in a suite or a room by yourselves. Maybe you don’t have a whole lot of room for retail. Maybe you have been doing the same clients for many years and, you don’t even take on new clients anymore.

This is not a dead end.

  • Reach out to your fellow Beauty world Technicians.  You will be amazed at how many make specialty products.  Last week on our journey back home from the Premiere Birmingham show, we stopped in a small town in the Northern west corner of Florida. Port St. Joe. I knew I had a client there which I’ve never met. I stopped in to say hello and her small, cozy room was filled with creative items. Items of which she made personally. I bought the cutest hand sized towels with different sayings and decorations.

The Holiday season is the absolute best time to make your $$$$ in retail. You hear it all over the news how retail is up x% in the 4th quarter. Amazon, Department stores etc.

How can you reap the benefits of this increase in percentage?

  • Be creative with your offers
  • Stocking stuffers
  • Travel size

Those 3 is all you need!  Here are some examples;

  • Be creative with your offers:
    • Are you wanting your clients to get on a maintenance routine?  Share the importance of a good skin care routine for the skin on their feet (or hands).  Promote a FREE travel size product with the purchase of a full size.
    • Offer a small discount……however……don’t just set it on your shelves.  Wrap the item in a decorative bag and let them choose (without knowing what’s inside).

Make sure you do the math before you just willy dilly discount.  Take advantage of your Vendor discounts on items which you can save money and not lose on the selling end.

  • Stocking stuffers;
    • Travel size options
    • Cuticle care pens, rollers and more
    • Nail oils
    • 8 oz nail polish
    • Pedi Sox

Centre For Beauty has so many options of great stocking stuffer items.  Looking for something not so “nail/feet” specific?  Life of Riley Salon Supply has many many close out items which would fit perfectly into your Holiday Season sales.

  • Travel size
    • There is nothing like travel size items for stocking stuffers. They can be many of the items listed above or hand and feet creams which are under 3 oz.
    • Look for items that will be usable.
    • Look for items which might spark interest for future sales.

Also, label your items with your Business name and contact number.  You can print right from your own computer.  Clear labels work best.  If a client of yours is giving something from you as a gift, you want to make sure they contact you if they like it…..NOT Amazon.

This time of year can be so stressful.  I would just like to add…..keep it simple and enjoy.

My journey with introducing Oncology care to our Technicians this year has taught me over and over again, the importance of enjoying life.  The importance of not sweating the small stuff and the importance of being the best we can be….to everyone.

I wish you all a season of profits and a season of Love and Laughter.

CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray
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A forever Journey

My journey this past week, has been an emotional one.

Gearing up towards my first experience with teaching the OSS oncology class and hoping I can deliver the message as Becky with the OSS has done for years.

As with every class I offer, it’s personal. It’s personal because I believe in what I advocate for and it’s personal because of my desire to teach, to empower others and to share knowledge with the hope of seeing others grow in their journey through life and through our Beauty Industry.

Lessons are always learned…if you accept them. Lessons of courage, of inspiration and lessons…..we forget we already learned.
If I have repeated myself and/or maybe you’ve had enough on Oncology care.  I make no apologies.  This subject is important and we have GOT to pay attention to it.

Even though we had a small class, we still deliver the same message and its a big one.  Getting to know our attendees is always such a great experience.  What I love about it the most, is learning where they come from.  Some of these people  I have know through the circuit for years.  They may or may not be clients, but they are familiar faces.

Seeing someone in the circuit or sharing my brands with them are quite different then getting to know them in a class which brings out many, many emotional feelings.  These feelings are personal and they will make you look at each other in a very different perspective.

We also hear the stories of our guest.  WOW.  I truly don’t know another word for it.  We listen to these stories, one of which was from a lovely lady in her 50’s, diagnosed almost a year ago with liver, breast AND brain cancer.  She was initially given less than 6 months to live.  She just downright refused to accept that diagnosis and here she is, 12 months later.


My takeaway from this past class once again brings me into the Salon and how we treat our customers.  In fact, it truly brings me into the                                  reality of every day life.


I challenge you to ask yourself these questions

Are you living in the moment?

When you have a client in your chair, are you not just listening but hearing what they are saying?  Or, are you to wrapped up in your own mind and not really giving them 100% of you

Are you grateful for them?

Do you really understand, our clients allow us to live.  They [ay our bills, put food on our tables, pay for our vehicles and more!

Do you have your priorities in order?

When was the last time you for real put things into perspective?  As one of our guests said, the disease of Cancer will truly make you realize the importance of medical checkups, health insurance, love & peace.  The size of your house doesn’t matter, the things mean nothing. Standing vertical everyday and appreciation for life is most important.

Do you share your love?

When was the last time you told your client you appreciate them?

Do your actions reflect your talk?

So often we talk about appreciation, we talk about gratefulness   However, our actions say otherwise.  We get angry, we say mean things, we rush through the speed of life, not even thinking about what we might have said, posted or emailed.

My takeaway also is how important it is for us to realize, we can NOT just go through the motions of performing our services.  We have got to realize the impact of the reproductions which can come from lack of knowledge, lack of insight and the lack of understanding.


Understanding that not all clients are created equal.  Understanding that we have been blessed with a gift.  A gift which allows us to service those in need.  A gift which allows us to protect our clients.  A gift which gives us the opportunity to affect so many lives.

Many of you have written me asking if the OSS will be coming to your area.  Becky is thrilled and excited to bring the OSS for pedicures wherever she can bring it.  I am on a mission to help.  In 2020, with Becky’s guidance, the OSS will be heading to the following locations.  Dates haven’t been confirmed and exact locations aren’t determined.  However, My goal is to bring the OSS to the following locations.

  • Largo Florida – scheduled for Feb 16th, 17th and 18th
  • Chicago
  • Minnesota
  • Arizona – November
  • Texas


One final note;

This class in intense.  It is filled with information which will change your life forever.  It will impact you emotionally and will make you take a look at everything you do in the Pedicure chair.  This is good!

Learning what needs to be learned, cannot be done in a day, 2 days and even 3 days truly isn’t enough.  However, what Becky offers with the OSS is far more than a 3 day class.  She offers onctginued support, continued resources and continued education to help you grow in your Oncology learning.  Finally, what she offers in her class is a collaboration of knowledge from respected sources who have been in Oncology care for years.  I highly encourage you to visit her website, and see for yourself.

CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray
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Oncology Care in your Salon!

I am soon to embark on a new adventure. 2020 marks the year, I will be independently teaching “Oncology Care in the Pedicure room”

I’ve taken 2 classes, one of which I hosted. I’m about ready to host a 2nd and teach with the assistance of Becky Kuene, the amazing soul that brought this subject to light, along with Reggie Stephens who will embark with me on bringing Oncology Care into the pedicure arena. Reggie has been a client of mine, a friend and speaks of the topic….from personal experience.

As I look back to how this class was “brought” to me, I can’t help but praise our good Lord, the people who have helped me full fill this dream and the faith I have in knowing there are Technicians in our Beauty world who really do want to make a difference and understand the value of not just needing this service in our Salons, but the value of making sure they don’t just “wing it” or “guess” at caring for the Oncology clients.
I’ve talked so much about stepping out of the box.  Being different.  Making positive changes.  My journey with Oncology Care came as what I believe is a necessity.  In competing with the Mfg’s of the brands I carry, I knew I had to do something of value for you, our clients to want to come to me…..Centre For Beauty….for your products, not direct to the Mfg.  I should be honored that many of them have produced educational programs much like the ones I have developed, and I am.  However, by this happening, it eliminates my distinguished difference. Therefore, in the year 2018 I began a quest to look for products and Education which I could begin introducing into the Podiatry market. Since I knew, many Technicians were moving into Podiatry office themselves, I felt like this would be a great way to go.  First of all, finding products which would help me move into that arena was difficult.  And,  I soon realized it really wasn’t much different then what is being taught now. The consultation, the what and what not’s we should do with our compromised clients and the rights and wrongs of services we provide, techniques we use and the basics of Recognizing, Recommending and Referring really isn’t a whole lot different than what we should be doing anyway.
Many classes we take, teaching us the motions. They teach us Techniques, they teach us about products. What I find respectful about this Oncology class is;
  • It teaches us the history of Oncology. It’s so important to understand where it came from, to understand where we need to go
  • It teaches us of the kinds of Cancer. Knowing this and how they become what they are, is important in understanding not all Oncology clients are alike. In fact, no 2 are the same.
  • It’s not a class about products, it’s a class about what is in the products we use in our Pedicure rooms. Understanding these ingredients will forever change the way you look at deodorant, foods, perfumes, health care products and more.
  • It teaches the emotional aspects of the Cancer clients journey. What we say, how we act and how we treat “people in general”
  • It teaches us techniques. Techniques which can used in everyday life. Techniques we can use both in our Pedicure rooms AND our homes.
All part of our journey-3

It was Reggie who brought my attention to this class. A class designed for Oncology Care in the Estethics room. It sparked an interest. However, I had no idea it work take me on this journey of bringing it into the Pedicure room. And, I had no idea I would find myself right smack on the forefront of taking this Nationally.

As I prepare myself for the upcoming class (October 11-12-13th), reading through materials, retaking the on line course and assisting in the Pedicuring protocol, I’m reminded how truly important it is for our Technicians to take this class. I’m reminded of my very first impression(s)

  • Best $997.00 spent EVER
  • Best class EVER taken
All part of our journey

How many of you either know someone with Cancer or has had Cancer themselves? The rate is alarming. We focus so much on Diabetic care which, is hugely important. However, we are missing the boat when it comes to our clients with Cancer and truly any client with an immune compromised health.

As I go through my studies, I’m saddened by the fact it takes someone with Cancer to make us act a certain way or provide a certain service. When in reality we should be caring for all our clients in the same manner we care for our clients who do suffer with Cancer….minus a couple strategic techniques.

I’m reminded, as we all should be at how our precious life can change in an instant. I’m reminded of how we treat people around us, can make or break our journey through life.

I’m reminded of how life IS a journey and the stops along the road to leading a happy life depends on our actions, our souls and our honesty.

I’m reminded, everyones journey is different. This doesn’t make yours better or worse…it’s just different.

What is it that makes this class so worth my time and money?

  • To begin with its personal. Many of you know my Dad had cancer. He went through Chemo and Radiation and ultimately ended up with surgery and a colostemy bag. Hearing of his side affects from all of the above, made be cringe. How a man at 90 years old endured all that he did, Is beyond me.
  • There was also the realization of how many people in our world, suffer with this disease, and how we really do not know how to manage it. Both from a technical level and an emotional level.
  • As I sat through this class…both times, I couldn’t help but think how we should be acting this way, performing services this way…daily…..on everyone.
  • Sitting through this class twice and now going through the study material, I’m convinced I have been lead in the right direction. I need to share, I need to teach, I need to shout all over our Nation, the value of this knowledge. Not from only a Professional level, from a Personal level as well.

As I write this, I keep trying to get to my point. I guess I don’t really have one. I believe I’m feeling passionate about this topic because I recognize the importance  and the seriousness of where we have gone in our Pedicure rooms. Our Technicians are taking more chances and/or they are going through the motions not realizing the implications.

Our Technicians are taking “product” classes, “design” classes developed by the Mfg’s to sell their products. Learning about Oncology care in the Pedicure room is none of that. It’s about knowledge, it’s about care, it’s about emotions and truly keeping our clients safe.


I hope to see you in 2020 taking this journey with me. The opportunity to expand into a much higher level of Pedicuring and truly setting yourself apart from being a Nail Technician who does Pedicures, is a journey I know I would take if I were still behind the chair.

CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray
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