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A Personal Story with a Lesson!

Many of you know the health scare my family has had with my Dad over the past couple of years. You've prayed for us, you've sent words of encouragement and you continue to inquire of his well being. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

What you probably don't know is how my Brother's and Sister's and I have been preparing my parents to move out of their house which they have been in for 41 years. We aren't forcing them, they know they need to move to a smaller place. You can imagine however, the accumulation of "stuff" they have collected in this 41 years.

Imagine also, they come from a generation who doesn't throw things away.....and buy new. They come from a generation of fixer uppers. A generation where you don't waste a thing and you need to keep everything because.....who knows when you might need it again sometime. Anything from a chair to nut's and blots......literally!

In this process which we started in October of 2018 much has been learned. We learned what 2 people with 7 children can collect over a period of 68 years. (yes 68 years marriage and yes 7 children). (20 Grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren). We also learned how the memory of these "things" can be very emotional. We learned everyone has their own reason for what they save and what they have no problem giving or throwing away.

We learn.....there are many lessons that weren't necessarily "taught"

68 years ago

Mom Dad wedding

With 7 siblings getting ready to attack this huge undertaking, someone has to be the General.  I didn't plan to be, but somehow I ended up with position.

I run my own Business.  It seemed all very simple to me.

  • You get everyone on the same page
  • You make sure every knows where the message is coming from
  • You establish goals
  • You come up with a plan
  • You put your plan into action

Simple?  No, not really.

The first thing you learn, is not everyone works the same way you do. Not everyone follows a plan.  It doesn't matter how much or how well it is calculated. Bottom line, not everyone works the same way. That's not a bad thing, you just have to figure it out.

This is a big message for all of us to hear. When you bring a mix of personalities into your Salon, not everyone will work the same way.

As owners of managers, we have to set guidelines and build barriers that shouldn't be crossed. We have to find what works for each personality...IF....we want to get the most out of each person.

The other lesson learned is, although deadlines are created and plans have been made, this means nothing if the "powers to be" aren't motivated.

Grant it, maybe I was a bit zealous considering all involved. However, when we started this project in the Fall of 2018, I saw no problem with getting the house cleaned out along with minor repairs and curb appeal done to be able to spend one last Christmas in the house and have it on the market in January of 2019.

Well, the problem parents couldn't get motivated. In short, it was just too overwhelming for them and "in fairness" it was shortly after that, my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer.

Consequently, those in our family who are followers...followed their lead and couldn't get their motivation going either.  This doesn't make them bad but the lesson here is there are many people who motivate by example.

The lesson for our Salons is as Salon owners or Management, it is our job to constantly motivate our staff but even more so, keep ourselves motivated.


7 Siblings

Family picture

During this whole family crisis, there is a bigger lesson to be learned. It's a lesson of which I realized, defines who I am today. It's a lesson unfortunately, missed in our newest generations and it makes me wonder...."what will the Salon Business be like in 20-50 years from now"

When my Dad had his recent surgery because his cancer had re-occured, my sister and I took some time away from the hospital to "attack" their house.

We took 60 boxes of "yard sale stuff" to donation centers. We fixed their ice maker, we cleaned up the entire family room, discovering there were 5 pieces of furniture Mom was willing to let go and we installed a kitchen faucet.

As we were doing this we were noticing many things which I'll call "ingenious".  However, there was a time in our lives, we didn't.  These were things that our Dad has repaired.

  • He needed a hook, so he devised one out of a coat hanger
  • He needed a waste basket, so he made one out of 4 x 4's
  • He needed a new knob, he used one from a different component
  • He made a table out of wood which clipped to his side table where he sits, so he could play on his tablet
  • He made a holder out of coat hangers for his pool brush

The list goes on and on.

As my sister and I were talking, we laughed.

  • As a kid, we never really noticed these "homemade" projects
  • As a young adult, we criticize.  C'mon Dad, a new hook will only cost you $1.00
  • As we enter into Adult hood, we just accept it
  • And we get older, we realize how ingenious he is

In talking with my husband about how my sister and I put in a faucet, is what sparked this article.

My Dad didn't take us both under a sink and show us step by step how to install a new faucet. He showed us by example.

Our entire lives, he repaired things on his own. He didn't immediately throw away and buy new. He thought of ways to make what was broken, work again.

If you live your entire life with this just become.

The lesson for our Salon owners and management is "You are the trainer" in every aspect of your Salon life. Your team is quietly learning from you every move....whether they or you know it or not.

I see it! With the Salons I visit on a daily basis, I see respect or lack thereof. I see professionalism or lack thereof. I see joy or lack thereof. All based on the leadership team.

I think for me, going through this process over the past few months....I've realized, I am my Father's daughter. I realized so many things in my life that I do, I do because I saw. I understand now to appreciate the "why's" and not focus so much on the "should"s".

To be a leader, one must set by example. To be a leader, one must recognize the good in their team and not so much their faults. To be a leader, attitude is everything.

My Dad's attitude through this whole ordeal has always been one of optimism. He never once portrayed anything different. Even if he was feeling it. He's an inspiration for sure and for me.....he continues to lead our amazing family by example.....even at 90 years old.

Look deep into the atmosphere of your Salon. You, your team, your clients. Are they all in a good spot? If not, look deep into yourself as their leader. Inside ourselves is always a good place to start.

My Dad is doing incredible BTW.  He's 90 years old in good spirits, great health (considering) and surrounded by lot's of family, lot's of love and lot's of prayer.

CJ Murray, President

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10 Things you should know about an Ultrasonic cleaner

Going on just about a year now, Centre For Beauty introduced Ultrasonic cleaners to our Trade Show venues. It happened out of necessity at the time, however we soon realized how little our Beauty Community really knew about the benefit of bringing this machine into their cleaning routine. And, we realized how little our Beauty Community knew the dangers of washing/scrubbing our tools and implements with soap and a scrub brush at the sink.

Knowledge is invaluable. What I love about what I do is the relationship I have with my Mfg's which, afford me the opportunity to take what I learned from them and share it with you. I also love the stories. The stories which lead to the constant improving of what we do. The story which lead me to research Ultrasonic cleaners for my clients, for you!

Kinder, Greener, Safer

Micrilium Slider Page5

My story goes back a few years when I endorsed a product called Accel.  Known now as Rejuvenate.  Footlogix was the ones who introduced me.  I sold it in my Distributorship AND I used it in my Salon.

I had noticed after long term use, my leather/vinyl chairs were losing their luster and my ceramic sinks were beginning to dull.  I didn't make the connection at first until I began my research and found AHP or Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide has proven to be drying over long periods of time.

Footlogix soon parted ways with Accel and they too were looking for a new source.  During this time,  one of their team members introduced me too Micrylium.  What initially caught my attention was their tag line.  Kinder, Greener, Safer.

In researching the brand, I decided it would be a great fit. It's made from pure grain ethanol.  In fact, it's  the same ethanol that Grey Goose Vodka is made from.

It's environmentally safe and it's safe for our Technicians and our clients.  Not to mention, contact time is less than a minute.

As I started to bring in the brand and learn more and more about what they had to offer, I was thoroughly intrigued.  Partially because the owner of the Company is a brilliant scientist.  So intelligent in fact, he is brought into many Companies to assist in solving some very unique problems........which leads me to my title

Ethanol will kill me

Disinfection Micrylium BioSurf Kinder Greener Safer



The story, as I know it is this.....Micrylium was called into a Company who made Medical devices because a large number of their employees were suffering with "minor" ailments.  Symptoms such as scratchy eyes, runny nose, dry throat, scratchy cough.  Not that any of them got deathly ill, it still got the attention of upper Management to bring in people in an effort to find if anything in the workplace was responsible for these symptoms.

They brought in air conditioning people as well as contractors to check for poisons in the drywall.  Nothing.

Then they brought in Micrylium.  It was the owner who discovered what was happening.

This Medical place worked very much like our Salons.  They would have to clean their tools and implements between activity.  They went to the sink, they scrubbed with a brush and soapy water and they rinsed.

It was this process which was causing the symptoms.  It makes perfect sense!

As these tools and implements were being cleaned, the debris was floating within a 12 inch circle of the cleansing area AND being rinsed down the drain.  This debris in the drain was causing Biofilm.

Every time someone went to the sink to scrub, using warm/hot water....the biofilm would loosen and vapors were coming up through the drain.....causing the symptoms of scratchy eyes, runny nose, sore/dry throat, scratchy cough.

That was enough valuable information for me to look into the next step(s) to protect our Technicians and our clients.  Introducing the Ultrasonic machines!



10 things you should know about Ultrasonic cleaners

  1. It's a health issue - Using an ultrasonic cleaner will protect your health
  2. It's a time issue - How much time do you think you can save by not having to go to the sink between clients and clean your implements
  3. It's a money issue - Time Is money


We recently had one of our clients Ultrasonic cleaner stop working.  They were within the Mfg's warranty, so they were able to send the machine back for repair.  We always get a report and this particular report taught us a few things.

  1. Cleaning time - 5 minutes is all the time you need to clean our implements.
  2. Check after 10 minutes - 10 minutes is the max it should take.  If it takes longer, something is wrong.
  3. Over use NOT GOOD - Running the machine longer than necessary is considered an abuse of product and is not covered under warranty.

Cleaners matter

  1. Surface disinfectants can and WILL blow up the machine.
  2. Soap and water is okay to use, however, you won't get the full benefit of what the Ultrasonic cleaner has to offer
  3. BioSon recommended - Our BioSon product my Micrylium is an effective US cleaner.  BioSon is effective for 5 consecutive days before having to be replaced.  1 box (20 pouches) last just under 3 months.



  1. Overlap your tools - You can place a pretty large amount of tools into the basket.  Which, fit's the AngelFeet professional file.  However, you do want to make sure you criss cross your tools and files when placing them in the cleaner

BONUS - Use your US cleaner as a jewelry cleaner for your clients jewelry.  It's a nice little added service which, doesn't cost you any more $$$.


About BioSon

BioSON is a concentrated universal device detergent. This unique formula contains four enzymes that rapidly break down bioload. It contains antimicrobial additives to reduce the odours and bacterial aerosols created by the ultrasonic bath. It can also be a very effective instrument pre-soak and multi purpose detergent.

  • Removes stain and tartar
  • Powerful 4 enzyme formula to rapidly digest proteins
  • Chlorhexidine ensures safety and longevity

2017 Protocol bioSON

2017 SDS BioSON

Are you protecting you health?  Savings $$$$$?

CJ Murray, President

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