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Are you working Smarter not Harder?

I have many conversations with clients regarding specific services they wish to add in their Foot Care room. Everyone is different. Some like the relaxation aspect, some like the results aspect. And, some truly just don’t know what they want to offer.

It can get very complex in trying to choose what we think is best for our clients, and what we think is best for us. With so many product options available to us, how do we really know what will work and what won’t. Do we follow what everyone else is doing? Or, do we choose based on research?

What we need to realize is what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily mean it works for you. What we need to realize is location does make a difference, knowledge and experience makes a difference and our own mind thoughts make a difference.

What we need to realize is working smarter isn’t just about all the above. It also means you have to figure out which items and/or service bring you the highest return.
Do the math

My husband and I were talking about his Barber.  She moved from a Barber shop to her own suite.  He mentioned the other day about a conversation he had with her in regards to her move and what she prefers to do.  He stated she would rather deal with 4 men’s haircuts in 2 hours than deal with 1 ladies highlighting service.

He asked her if she was making more money being in a suite.  Her comment was, some days I do, some days I don’t.  My thoughts went to the above conversation.  You make $80.00 on those 4 men or $200.00 (probably more) on 1 female.  She isn’t working very smart.  

When we look at our services and how much there is to offer to our clients, I think it’s always best to start with the basics.

I know you’ve heard me say before.  A pedicure is a pedicure is a pedicure.

  • Soak
  • Manicure
  • Exfoliate
  • Callus debri
  • Massage

Keeping these 5 basics in mind is what is the most important to YOU when it comes to choosing your products.  

  • High end
  • Low end
  • Simple
  • Extravagant

All the ambience added to the service is a reflection of who YOU are

Do the math-2

The best example I can give is to highlight Nellie Neal of The Pedi Lab.  Nellie has made his claim in our industry partly because of his extravagant aura.  He himself portrays one of high end.  Therefore, he reflects that in his pedicure services.  He offers the same 5 basic steps to the Pedicure, but his presentation, his confidence, his knowledge and his ambience exudes extravagance.  And for that, he charges no less than $95.00 for an 1.5 hr service.  A service which always ends with perfection.

Nellie is working smarter.  He has taken the basic pedicure and customized it to his needs (to be extravagant) and his clients needs to “feel” that extravagance.  His personalty, his confidence is what gains his clients trust.  When he suggest and upgrade of an Anti Age treatment or a Golden Girl mask, his clients don’t question him.

He has taken that same client from a $95.00 service adding $50.00 – $75.00 upgrades.  Same time slot, same basic 5 steps…..with added ambience.


I do get frustrated at times when talking with my clients and there is such a low level of confidence.  It usually stems from them trying to compare themselves to someone else.  STOP IT!  Be yourself.  Bring your own aura in to you pedicure room.  Start with the 5 basics and add the ambience you feel will work for YOU and your clients.

A client I spoke with the other day uses our LCN Urea products.  Great 5 basic products which offer long last results.  She was sharing how the Technician next to her was using a product with a much stronger aroma and the client commented at how “wonderful” it smelled.  It made her feel badly for her client because the LCN Urea products aren’t real fluffy and Buffy smelling.  However, they are safe  and they are effective.

My suggestion to her was add aroma therapy to your service if you feel the need for scents.  DON’T change what you do or who you are because the person next to you is doing it.  What is working for them, may not work for you.

It’s sad really.  I wish in our schools they could teach more confidence building

What can you do to work smarter and not harder?

  • Master the 5 basic steps first – learn your techniques, learn your products.
  • Add your ambience – pick 3.  Don’t over kill.
  • Work on your presentation – visual affects go a long ways
  • Price accordingly – what is your hourly worth?
  • Educate yourself constantly
  • Do you know where your greatest ROI Return On Investment is?

Knowing your ROI is Business 101.  If you don’t know what your cost are on your products, it’s time to learn. Your return on investment relates directly to your cost and your sales.

If you are spending hundreds of dollars on nail art, glitter and bling and NOT charging your clients for nail art services….you have NO return on investment.  Why do it?

If you add serums and/or specialty masks to your foot care service and don’t charge… have zero return on your investment. Why do it?

Return on investment should be the number one question you ask yourself when purchasing new products. It isn’t just about what the cost is per service. It is also about whether you will perform that service properly and charge the appropriate price for it. It also is about “do you have the clients to support the service”?

This is where location comes into play.

What may be offered in Nellie Neal’s Pedi Lab, may not be right for your location. Or right for you

Ambiance is all inclusive.  Atmosphere, Education, Appearance, Products etc.

Make it your goal. Work smarter, not harder. Set the plan and go for it.

Do it now!

CJ Murray

CJ Murray
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The details of PodoSafe in the Pedicure room

I had the absolute pleasure of spending a day with Suely, the owner/founder of PodoSafe. PodoSafe is a callus solution product used in the Pedicure room for safe reduction of stubborn calluses. It is safe for anyone with immune compromised health issues. In fact, it is safe for “everyone”.

Suely’s story is one of perseverance and strength. I wouldn’t feel right in sharing the details of her story with you, as it is not my story to share. However, what I can share with you is she is an inspiration and a true testament of what can be accomplished if you just put your mind and soul into your dreams and goals.

PodoSafe is a result of attempting to solve a problem she had recognized in Brazil, her home Country. It’s a result of working long hours and constantly trying formula after formula until she found the exact combination she was looking for. I literally get goosebumps thinking of the moment that happened. I can’t even imagine how rewarding.

What I learned from my visit with Suely, besides all the Technical tips I want to share…reflects back to my article of last week.

Our Beauty Business needs to be about connections and supporting our own.

Podosafe Slider Pagev4

Podosafe is different from many callus softening products because it can be used as a stand alone service. In fact, that is my personal recommendation.

Because of its unique application technique, it distinguishes itself as a solution service, not necessarily a pedicure service. A solution service which, many of my Salons are charging as much as $125.00 for a 30 minute service….no less then $50.00.

The technique is fairly simple.

  • We apply a cotton square saturated with Podosafe, to the callused areas on the foot
  • Wrap with plastic wrap
  • File away the melted damaged skin and viola……the results speak for themselves.

The difference in offering a “callus solution” service and a “pedicure” is time. And, time is money.

Our pedicures typically run 50 minutes to 1.5 hrs. We use 5-7 products if we do our standard soak, exfoliate, callus work, mask, massage.

Our PodoSafe callus solution product, along with our podosafe cuticle cream and your favorite exfoliating scrub or massage cream (3 items) is all you need. And, the time for this service is reduced by 30-45 minutes.

We charge the same or more, and spend less time. We work smarter…….not harder.

Stop what you're doing.

I’m excited now to share some of the specifics with PodoSafe. It’s always the little tidbits which make that light bulb go off and/or makes our job easier.

And……just because I’m hoping to drive this point home. These are tidbits or helpful resources you won’t find from Amazon or Ebay. Our Beauty Industry needs to be about connections and supporting our own.

Okay….I’ll stop.  For now 🙂

Let’s talk first about some “did you knows”?

  1. PodoSafe reacts with oils and becomes stronger or more effective. Therefore, if you have a client with really really thick, cracked skin on the heels, applying a “natural” oil will help PodoSafe work even better. Do not use this technique on everyone. It should be customized for the truly intense callused client.
  2. PodoSafe works under warm conditions. Hence, why we wrap the foot with plastic wrap. Did you know a heating pad placed on the floor to rest the feet is an effective warming process? You can also wrap the foot with a heated towel. Be sure to do your complete consultation first to make sure using heat will be safe for your client.
  3. Regardless of what foot file you use, always file in one direction only, “down”.  Continue this form of filing until you have no more skin coming off. This is a great way to make sure you aren’t filing off more than you should.

Tips & Tricks;

  • Saturate a stack of your cotton wipes in a bowl with PodoSafe solution. It’s easier than spraying one square at a time and you can plan for your entire day. Make sure it’s a covered bowl so the solution doesn’t evaporate.
  • PodoSafe must be sprayed close to the surface. Once you apply the saturated cotton square to the affected area, spray PodoSafe now directly onto the square keeping the nozzle up and snug to the foot. This helps eliminate any excess spraying.
  • PodoSafe cuticle cream can be applied directly under the nail as well as on the cuticle. By doing this, you soften the nail which makes for much easier and safer cutting. When you do work on the toenails, take care of the cuticles first. This gives the toenails time to soften which is hugely important when dealing with thick, hard nails.
  • PodoSafe callus solution AND cuticle cream must be used wet. Once it is dried out, it loses it’s affect. Therefore, when working on the toenails/cuticles you may have to re-apply.
  • Be sure to use your file until you see no more skin coming off. If you leave the skin on the feet which has been softened by the PodoSafe callus solution, it will get hard again and your client may not be too happy.
  • Use a bowl with a plastic bag under your clients feet. By doing this you can drop everything into the bowl such as your used cotton squares, wet towels, toe clippings, tools etc. When done, you can remove the bowl for fast, efficient clean up.
  • Be sure to use exfoliating products or massage creams as your final step to “deactivate” the solution. It’s important to use products with safe ingredients and ingredients which will process into the layers of the epidermis so your client isn’t walking out of your Salon with slippery feet.


  • Can I use PodoSafe in my regular pedicure service?
    • Sure, if you want to.  However, #1…Podosafe should be done prior to the soak.  Therefore, you would just alter your pedicure procedure to include callus and cuticle/nail work prior to the soak.  #2…Why? The intent of PodoSafe, in my opinion is to add a service we can’t offer with any other product. We can offer a PodoSafe service to a client who isn’t really fond of pedicures. We can offer a PodoSafe service as an on the road service. We can offer PodoSafe to callused skin which, need more than what we can presently give them. We can add a PodoSafe service for more $$$ in less time.
  • Is PodoSafe available in larger sizes?
    • Presently PodoSafe is only available in our 12 oz spray bottle However, there are plans down the road for larger sizes. PodoSafe has only been available for 2 years. It takes time to grow the Business and realize what the demand is. I can assure you, once it becomes available….you will hear it from me.

Centre For Beauty is always looking for ways to help our Salons become more proficient, save $$$ and provide quality products. We know we can help with all 3 in all the brands we carry.

PodoSafe is different. However, PodoSafe, LCN and Footlogix are all amazing products with their own specific qualities. You need to decide if and where all or 1 of them fit into your venue.

CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray
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Are We Being Hypocritical in our Salons?

As always, my friends and clients circumstances encourages ideas for my Blogs. This week I had a couple of messages regarding products being found on the internet and/or amazon.


These are products we sell in our Salons. Products our clients purchase from us then turn around and search on the internet until they find the same product for a cheaper price. Consequently, we are losing the follow up sale and sometimes credibility for selling the product at suggested Mfg’s price.

Why are we surprised? Why do we get so angry about our clients doing this? Why do we feel abandoned? Why do we feel offended?

The real question should be…..Why are we being hypocritical?

Educate with Integrity-2

How many of you search the internet for products or items you are looking to purchase?  Heck, as recently as this week I was notified by one of my Mfg’s that support me, a client of mine called them directly to bypass Centre for Beauty….hoping to get a better price.

I could take it personally and I guess that twang in my heart tells me I did for a moment.  However, this particular Mfg. has integrity.  They referred the client back to me.

Educate with Integrity-3

I recently saw a post on FB where someone was inquiring about Autoclaves. There were a couple of recommendations to check on Ebay? Ebay?????? Really?????? My response was so quick, I didn’t have the chance to pull it back, but I just can’t wrap my brain around the idea of our own Industry piers recommending their fellow piers to check on Ebay or Amazon for products?

First of all, who stands by the product when purchased at these sights? Who is available to ask questions on usage? Who is there to help if you have any issues with the products or items you buy? The problem however, is bigger than that!

We get angry and frustrated because we are losing Business. Yet, we have no problem telling our own to go and do the same thing, taking Business away from the food chain.

The bigger issue (although they are both big), we ALL have to support each other. There are many great Distributors in this market. Distributors are the backbone of this industry. Distributors are responsible for putting most of these brands in the hands of our Salons. And, for a Distributor like myself, we are responsible for educating and helping your Salons grow.

Educate with Integrity-4

If we can’t be loyal to our own, how do we expect our clients to be loyal to us?

There was a great article I happened upon in Linked in last week. It talked about what many of us who have been in this Industry for a long time know as diversion.

Initially we would find a handful of our products on line. We knew they were diverted products and the Mfg’s did all they could to control it. Eventfully the Mfg’s became a part of it. The products found on line weren’t diverted, they were being sold directly from the source.

The point of the article, which I thought was great, was the remembrance of Industry Leaders at that time Educating for success. They Educated to connect. They educated to develop a future, to build a future for our Industry.

Every time you refer a fellow industry pier to “search on line”, you are disconnecting them from the Industry.  You are destroying the opportunity of building a future.

This Industry is built on connections. We connect with our clients through making them feel and look beautiful. We know about their spouses, we hear about their children, we laugh with them, we cry with them. It’s what’s built the future of today.

We need to stop being hypocritical and practice what we preach. If you want your clients to stop shopping on line… do you. Support your own.

So, how do we deal with our clients when they find a product on line, (which you sell) for a cheaper price.

  • To begin with, it’s imperative for you to share with your client that YOU support the Mfg’s request of selling their products at the Mfg’s suggested retail price.  It’s call Integrity!
  • 2nd, explain that YOU offer education on the product (I hope you do), that YOU guarantee the product (I hope you do) and that YOU can promise your products aren’t old or out dated (I hope they aren’t)
  • Build loyalty. Build your connections. I can’t help but think when you have that loyalty and you have that connection with your clients, they won’t want to go elsewhere.

So, how do we deal with our clients when they find a product on line, (which you sell) for a cheaper price.

  • To begin with, it’s imperative for you to share with your client that YOU support the Mfg’s request of selling their products at the Mfg’s suggested retail price.  It’s call Integrity!
  • 2nd, explain that YOU offer education on the product (I hope you do), that YOU guarantee the product (I hope you do) and that YOU can promise your products aren’t old or out dated (I hope they aren’t)
  • Build loyalty. Build your connections.

There are so many things going through my mind right now. I think if there is one thing that is left for me to say it would be this;

Please think before you speak. Think about the consequences, the people you may affect, the people who you inspire. If you are reading this you are our connectors, you are our Industry of today.  Teach properly, Educate with integrity and help in developing our future.

Everything you say and do publicly has an influence on someone. Teach what is right, not what is easy. 

CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray
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Nike says “Just do It” I say “Do it Now”!

I was talking with a girlfriend the other day. She was sharing with me the loss of a client, whom she calls a friend. At the young age of 62 she went out of town on a Business trip. She had a brain aneurism and passed away.

In our conversation we talked about how young that is. 62 is the new 42. Life expectancy is a lot older than it use to be. We expect to live well into our 80’s and even 90’s. 62 is just so young.

We talked about how hard we work and how we fail to realize how important it is to do the things we want to do and follow that old cliche.
Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.
I’m so sorry for the loss of her friend and my heart is saddened. Losing someone close to us is the hardest thing ever. However, we both agree, we should all treat our own lives like it is our last day on earth.

Do You?

I’m reminded of how we all felt during 911.  There wasn’t a time I can remember that our Country came together more than that day and many days and months to follow. The trivial things didn’t bother us as much, we loved more, we did more….we lived. I can remember saying and still do, we should live everyday like it was September 11, 2001.

Strut Don't Stress

There is always that fine line between what we want to do and what we can or what we can afford to do. I think people have a mis-conception that just because we should do it, doesn’t mean we should be reckless.

Living life isn’t about being willy nilly. It’s about doing the right thing “all the time” not just some the time. It’s about patience and kindness. It’s about taking responsibility for our own actions. It’s about having fun but not being stupid. It’s about planning. Planning to reach our goals so we can be happy in what we want to do to live life to the fullest.

Enjoying life is about de-stressing. It’s about thinking about the process to get to where we want to be. Whether being is with someone, having something or doing something is our goal.

Living our life to the fullest is about every little aspect. Our God, our Family, our Friends, our Work. And, having a plan for each one of those categories is what gives us the strength and the encouragement to meet all our goals.

Living life to the fullest is about realizing AND accepting that we will fail. It’s about accepting those failures gracefully and setting new goals to help us stay focused, help us keep the strength and help us stay encouraged.

Strut Don't Stress-2
  • Hula Hoop – YES! Make a small investment in a good hula hoop and go at it.
  • Dance to music – Turn on your favorite music and dance like no one is watching.
  • Skip – Not only is skipping refreshing, it also burns energy.
  • Sing – We’ve all seen the u-tube videos. Turn up the music and sing to your hearts content

I know all these things sound pretty silly. Being silly is stress relief and these things are harmless. You can do them by yourself or do them with your friends. Either way, I guarantee you an energy burst and an attitude adjustment if you do.

In case you are wondering. Yup….I do. Sometimes I even hula hoop and sing at the same time. LOL

What about living life to the fullest in our jobs. When my girlfriend was sharing her story, I couldn’t help but think about 2 different people I spoke to on that very same day who “wants to take a class….but”. Who “wants to buy xxx….but”. Who, “wants to have a price increase….but” etc etc.


Every time you put “but at the end of a sentence, it means everything you just said isn’t true

  • If you want to take a class. Do it! Plan the time, plan how to save for it and make it happen. No one can make it happen for you. You are completely in control.
  • If you want to purchase something. Do it! Set a time frame goal and figure out how much you need to save to buy it. I bet if you added up how much money you spend on trivial things, you would have enough money to purchase what you really want.
  • If you want to go somewhere. Do it! Again, pick a time frame and save. Saving doesn’t mean you have all the funds in one shot. Saving is like eating a big elephant. You do it in little pieces at a time.
  • If you need to readjust within your Business.  Do it!  There is absolutely no reason to be miserable in a place you spend most of your time at.

Through it all, be thankful for what you do have and keep positive thoughts that you WILL obtain your goal.

I think the thing I hear the most is this

I know I need to, but I just don’t have the time

Believe you me…..if you really know you need to, then make the time. I can remember my days in the Salon. I was amazed at how many trips a friend of mine use to take. Who, BTW, owned her own business as well.

I remember asking her how she can find the time? Isn’t she worried about leaving her Business? Simply put she said “time is what you make of it. And, the Business will still be here when I return. We may have to do some cleaning up and fixing of problems, however, it will still be here?

That lesson resonates with me still today. It’s hard to leave and there are always consequences. Nothing however, has ever been so bad when I’ve returned that has ever made me say “never again”.

There’s a song that came out as my daughter was growing up. Her and I use to sing it as loudly as possible in the car when it came over the radio. I still sing it in my head today as a reminder……life is short.


Lee Ann Womack

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder

May you never take one single breath for granted

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean

Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens

Promise me you’ll give faith a fighting chance

And when you have the choice to sit or dance


I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance

I hope you never settle for the path of lease resistance

Living might mean taking chances, but they’re worth taking

When you come close to selling out reconsider

And when you have the choice to sit or dance



I HOPE YOU DANCE.  I hope you take a moment think about your goals, write them down and plan to make them happen.


CJ Murray, President

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dry pedicure

3 Ways to perform a Waterless Pedicure?

There was a time in my Salon career when I wanted to build a “Foot Care Only” Salon. I had 2000 Sq Ft filled with Nails, Hair, Skin Care, Massage, Tanning and Retail. However, as with all of you, the challenge of keeping each of our services busy was sometimes too great to bear. It always seemed when one service was busy, another was way down. This is the cycle…..nothing is ever status quo.

For that reason and realizing my passion to dive into Foot Care only, I envisioned and dreamed of turning my 2000 Sq ft. into a first of its kind. Offering a variety of different Foot Care services. I envisioned a Foot Bar, I envisioned dry pedicures, wet pedicures, steam pedicures, clinical pedicures, luxurious pedicures…..on and on and on.

What I didn’t envision at the time, is how the tides would turn so greatly in our Foot Care Industry. How we would be subjected to the backlash we get in our Industry from non-Educated Technicians, Technicians working out of the limits of their license and on the back flip, Technicians who are so overly Educated they almost put themselves in a category all on their own.

In addition, I didn’t envision how the health of our society would play such an impact on our Business. We no longer need to just know how to polish toes, we need information to help us as the first responders we are. We can’t diagnose, yet we need to know what we are dealing with so we know whether we can service them or not. Talk about a catch 22 right?

What I do know, is our Industry is forever changing. When I opened my “Foot Care” only Distribution, no one was talking about feet.  They were talking about foot care products, but there was no where near the amount of articles, education and information available….as there is now.

So, in this day and age that we live in within our Industry, there are many challenges we face with safety, with proper disinfection and with proper applications. There are more challenges with health concerns, disease and health insurance. All of which, has  moved us to be more pro-active and more safe in the way we handle our foot care clients.


Exactly what does this all mean?

Ultrasonic Disinfection

What it means when it comes to safety its multifold. What processes can we perform on our clients? Do we soak, do we not? Do we use implements, do we not? Can we massage, or should we not? Do we proceed, or do we refer?

WE need to be asking these questions on a daily basis.

As I sit here in my office and look at all the certifications i’ve received from classes i’ve taken, i’m reminded of every little “new” thing I learned from each and every one of them. I’m reminded of how devastated I was in many cases, to learn I may have done something which could have turned out really bad…..because I didn’t know. I’m reminded, if I had opened my “Foot Care” only facility, it would be a whole lot different today than what I envisioned over 15 years ago.

It’s all the above things I think about when a client calls me to inquire about waterless pedicures. Their reasons for wanting to offer waterless are valid. But, my reasons sometimes differ. For me it’s about providing a service to someone who shouldn’t be in water. Providing a service to an immune compromised client. Providing a service to a home bound client. Providing a service to a wheelchair client. Providing a service which is waterless yet still falls into the category of performing that client consultation. Needing to know about the client and what their needs are, not just what me as a Technician wants to offer. Needing to know how to explain the why’s of a waterless pedicure and needing to know I am providing the absolute best for that client sitting at my station.

customer service-1253483__340

What exactly is a “waterless pedicure”? Does it mean no pedicure bowl? Does it mean we soak the feet minimal? Does it mean we use absolutely no water at all? I guess, in reality….it can mean whatever you want. 

The beauty of this Beauty Industry….this type of thing can mean anything you want it to.

What I understand and explain to clients, a waterless Pedicure means we are not soaking the feet.  It doesn’t necessarily mean we are doing a “dry” pedicure.

It is my Professional opinion, even though we may be offering waterless Pedicures, procedures need to be the same, if not better. After all, the biggest reason we want to offer this type of service is for safety and/or sanitary issues. Therefore….

  1. Complete and thorough client consultation. Both verbal and visual
  2. Complete and thorough cleansing/sanitizing of the skin on the feet
  3. Quality products to produce results

I can’t help but think about myself in a consultation situation. Let’s say a routine exam.

The Dr’s assistant and/or Dr. come in and begin with a series of questions for me to answer. Somewhere in there they ask if “I” have any concerns. I do, but they may seem a little trivial so I typical don’t bring them up. However, the Dr. continues with his series of questions, and as time moves forward i’m feeling more comfortable. Eventually, I ask the question(s) which were going through my mind.

This mindset is important in the Pedicure chair. Most people do not like to talk about their feet and/or the problems they may be experiencing with them. A quick yes or no consultation will NOT give you the information you need to move forward with a thorough and safe pedicure. Take your time, ask the right questions and keep asking until you are sure you have all the information to begin the service in a proficient, professional manner.

How do you cleanse the feet if you are not soaking?

I’m sorry, but if I was receiving a pedicure and my Technician went straight into callus work, i’d be like icky icky.  I can’t EVEN imagine not prepping the feet.  Not just for my clients safety, but for the safety of you, the Technician. After all, if you are performing a “proper” consultation, you HAVE to touch the feet. Gloves or not, lack of sanitizing and cleaning is just inappropriate.

  1. Feet should be sanitized prior to consultation, prior to removing nail polish. Appropriate products would be low alcohol, skin specific products. Our two favorites are the LCN Kodan Spray and the FLX Foot Deodorant Spray. Both of these products are designed for and safe for skin contact.
  2. When you don’t soak the feet, you still have to cleanse them. I suggest using a spray bottle with water and mixing with your favorite brand of foot soak. Our two favorites are LCN Urea 15% Foot Bath and the FLX 10% Urea Foot Soak. Both of these products work very well in a spray bottle.
    1. You can keep your spray bottle in a baby bottle warmer to keep the water warm
    2. You can use heated towels (if appropriate for the client), to wrap the feet in after you spray

The great thing about both these brands of cleanser is the Urea. Urea is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-pyritic ingredient. It will cleanse, sanitize and eliminate cross-contamination.

At some point you will do the manicure work on the toenails. There is no wrong or right time to do this. However, I always always suggest you keep the foot wrapped with a towel while manicuring.

Using a facial steamer at this point is really nice and full of ambience. If you are using warm wet towels to begin with during your cleansing process, this will help keep the towels warm and cozy. If you don’t use towels, the heat from the steam will keep the client comfortable. Be sure however, you have checked with your client for any concerns which would eliminate being able to use a steamer.

Many Technicians feel like they have to skip an exfoliating scrub when they offer waterless pedicures. Why? Because it’s messy. I disagree. 

I love and always suggest the LCN exfoliating scrub. This scrub is great because you can use it wet, as we traditionally do here in the States. Or, use it as a Gommage as they do in the European Countries. The LCN exfoliating scrub is more of an exfoliating “cream”. It sloughs the skin as it hydrates. When used as a Gommage, it’s used until you can’t “slough” anymore. When done, you simply wipe away any excess “crumbs”….for lack of being able to think of a better word.

Callus work would be your next step. We all have our favorites and i’m sure, but not 100%, that most callus reducing products can be used in a dry circumstance.

Our LCN Soak Spray with 17% urea plus lactic acid and our FLX callus softening with 20% Urea are amazing. Both can be used for this type of service and both are very effective. In my opinion, our LCN Soak Spray offers a bit more hydration.

We also have the PodoSafe callus solution product which we specifically target for use with a dry pedicure. It’s a little different process than just spraying and filing. However, our Salons are charging $75.00 for a 30 minute service.

Finally, we finish off with your favorite massage product.

Of course, we have our favorites. LCN Urea 10% Foot Cream and FLX Massage Formula. Both are great products. LCN Urea 10% Foot Cream offers a bit more ambience as far as hydration and scent. FLX Massage Formula is a bit more clinical, but effective and nice.

The subject for waterless pedicures have been frequent lately due to the introduction of our OSS class on servicing clients with cancer in the Pedicure room. It’s important check the brands you are using, if working with cancer clients is the way you are taking your Business.

We recently partnered with with a skin care Company called ‘dermaviduals’. The products are endorsed by the OSS and we offer 3 products designed specifically for the waterless Pedicure for cancer clients. We are planning an informational webinar this month and will have a date posted soon.

These products are custom for our Pedicure needs in servicing the oncology client.

I think in offering a waterless pedicure, it’s important to make sure your client doesn’t feel slighted in their service. In order to realize this, you need to use good quality products. Your everyday fluff-n-buff products, in my opinion, don’t fit the bill.

There are great effective products on the market. Find what works for you and your client.

Are waterless Pedicures on your service menu?

  • Great for immune compromised clients
  • Great for an add on in the massage room
  • Great for an add on in the facial room
  • Great for outbound clients
  • Great for wedding parties
  • Great for clients processing at the hair station

It’s a money maker…..if you don’t offer them, you certainly should consider it.

CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray
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