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Foot Care & Cancer are NO Joke!

Foot Care is no doubt growing expeditiously year after year.  When I started my journey back in 2008 as a “Foot Care” only Distributor, I envisioned exactly what i’m seeing today.

Our Diabetic clients aren’t the only ones driving our Industry.  It’s all immune compromised beings.  It’s our Insurance, or lack there of.  It’s our Baby Boomers.

Foot Care is finally being looked at in a more serious manner……as it should be!

Last week we talked about Foot Care for our clients with Cancer.  I received many responses and questions regarding what approach should be taken in order to begin offering Foot Care to Cancer patients.

It is my opinion, as it is with working with the Diabetic or Geriatric client, you establish some form of alliance or referral systems with your local Dr’s.  Visit every type of Dr. you can imagine whom might be involved in the treatment of Cancer.  Visit Radiologist and Nutritionalist who work closely with these patients for before, during and aftercare.  Our MISSING PIECES class deals directly with how to write that Dr. referral and building the confidence you need to make it happen. EDUCATE!

However, working with this type of clientele takes more then just Dr. referral.  It takes a serious and firm commitment to Education as well as a serious and firm commitment to clean, disinfect and sterilize to the highest degree.  This includes using the right products, the right tools and the right disinfection products.

It also includes doing all of the above correctly.

Educating yourself when it comes to servicing Cancer clients can truly be a matter of life and death.

All the basics are hugely important such as water temperature, to clip or not to clip, sensitivity of skin etc. but, probably one of the most important is knowing when and when not to massage.

When working with Cancer clients taking into considering what type of cancer, and where the cancer is located should be top priority.

A colleague and friend of mine (Reggie Stephens) shared with me Education he recently took in Oncology Spa Solution Basics.

He stated “The concern with massage is with the Lymph System, if the client has had lymph nodes removed or radiated, you have to modify your massage within that affected region…to never massage those areas affected by those lymph nodes”.  An example would be if the lymph nodes in the right armpit are compromised, then the right arm would not be massaged. The same applies if the lymph nodes were removed or radiated are in the groin…the leg on that side is compromised….and you wouldn’t massage.

Although as Pedicurist, we must stay within the limits of our license and stay below the knee. None-the-less, your “thorough” consultation should reveal areas of treatment.

In regards to disinfection, there is a whole lot of talk throughout our Industry today about which disinfection product is the best.  Talk about the difference between EPA and FDA.  Talk about contact time, talk about if its flammable, user friendly and environmentally safe.

The reality is, many of our Salons purchase base on price.  This is so unfortunate.  They are always looking for ways to cut cost, disinfection should not be cut.  But, if you are choosing to service Diabetics, Cancer and/or auto immune deficient clients, disinfection is not the area to cut cost at all.  In fact, improper disinfection can ultimately cost you money.

Centre for Beauty is committed to offering the full circle of foot care.  We provide quality brand products for the skin on the feet.  We provide quality tools and implements and we provide high grade, safe disinfection products.  We stay connected with full resources to refer you, our client in options for Education.  We don’t just believe in safety for your clients….we believe in safety for you.

We are excited and proud to be expanding our foot care products by adding autoclaves and sterilizing pouches to our venue. (available on our website soon)

We are excited and proud to educate you on our 3 step cleaning and disinfection procedures designed for your safety and the safety of your clients.

We are excited and proud to help you grow your Business of Foot Care!

There are two great programs coming up in August which are “All About Feet”.  If you plan to attend either one of them, be prepared.

The Dr’s, the Podiatrist, the panel of Specialist on each program are dedicating their time and their knowledge to help you, the Salon Professional.

Have your questions ready.  Is there a question about skin disorders you’ve been wondering? Ask!  Is there a question about Diabetics you’ve been wanting to know?  Ask!  Are you looking to go in a more clinical direction?  Ask!  If you are looking to expand your venue to care for Cancer clients….these Summits are a great time to ask questions.  Are you wanting to make sure you are within the limits of your license?  Ask!  There are no stupid questions!



When it comes to safety with Cancer patients we need to keep in mind their skin changes daily with treatment.  They become more sensitive.  They become more fragile.  Although we hope it’s only for a short time, this short time to a person going through Cancer treatments seems like forever.

  • Have a plan in place for servicing a Cancer client
  • Offer a special package specifically designed for the well being of a Cancer client
  • Offer support.  A periodic call to your client letting them know you are thinking of them will go a long ways
  • Offer transportation.  Many times they are to weak to drive but would welcome the opportunity to get out of the house
  • Be sure the atmosphere is calming and relaxing
  • Be proud of your cleanliness and display your processes for them to see
  • Go a step further and get a written authorization from their Dr. as an okay for them to proceed with whatever service you are performing
  • Celebrate their life.  Be happy, be positive….

My Dad is beginning his treatment soon for Cancer.  It’s scary!  All I can think about is how we as a Family can help to keep him comfortable, positive and healthy.  At 89 years old, none of us thought we would be dealing with something like this.

Cancer does not discriminate.  It chooses the young, the old.  The rich, the poor.

I practice what I preach and I plan to do all these things for my Dad.  The power of positive thinking, a simple act of kindness and making sure we practice the absolute best form of cleaning and disinfection (in our own home) is my top priority.

If you choose to market this type of Business, you must have the same mindset.


Take a look at the new items we are offering for (available soon)

Safety in Foot Care

CJ’s Parting Thought

Are you considering the care of Cancer clients?

Start by joining your Community in Cancer walks and benefits.  Talk directly to those affected by this horrible disease.  Connect with other Professionals who are there to help.  Get involved!

CJ Murray, President

Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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Cancer Patients need TLC!

For a couple of years now, since the need for more Professional Foot Care has become obvious, we have focused mainly on Diabetic care.

We have learned a lot and hopefully will continue to Educate ourselves.  We know we need to start our service with a Consultation.  We know we shouldn’t have our water temperature to high.  We know we shouldn’t cut, use blades or sometimes not even take a metal implement to a Diabetic client.

Many have changed their Diabetic Foot Care service to a dry service only.  Many have taken classes specifically related to Diabetic care.  Many have segregated their Business to Geriatric facilities whom primarily focus on Diabetic care.

This is all great, and since I started my Foot Care only Distribution, I have seen many changes in our Foot Care arena. there is a Summit developed specifically for Foot Care.

However, have we segregated ourselves too much?

What about Foot Care for Cancer patients?

With the Diabetic client, we know the symptoms of someone with Diabetes are  life long.  Diabetes is the cause of dry skin, cracked heels and many more skin related issues.  As long as the client has Diabetes, they will more then likely have these symptoms.

However, with Cancer patients, even though we know the symptoms of dry skin, itchy skin, red skin and nail deformity will more then likely be a result of chemo or radiation, we need to also realize these symptoms are not or do not have to be life long.

In fact,with Cancer typically the symptoms come during or after treatment.  With Diabetes, many times we have the symptoms and those symptoms help diagnose the cause.

We recently found out my Dad has cancer.  It’s a rare form of cancer and fortunately, thanks to lot’s of prayer, it is isolated.  However, it is not operable and because of his age (89), they probably will not offer chemo as a treatment.

We don’t know all the facts yet, but the presumption is 5 weeks of radiation, 5 days a week.  I know many younger people who have endured this.  It will not be easy.

Amongst many concerns, I think about how to keep him comfortable.  I’ve read many articles on the side affects of radiation.  His skin will be terribly irritated and there could be internal chemical changes which happen.  All of which could affect his skin, his nails, his hair.

All this got me thinking about what I need to do for him before he starts his treatments.  Clip his toenails, clip his fingernails.  Make sure he has a good hydrating cream to use on the targeted area AND the rest of his body.  Review practices with him in keeping the targeted site clean.  And of course, make sure he’s eating properly and exercising religiously.

This brought me back to my Salon where I had a various amount of cancer clients over my 24 years in Business.

I remember working “gingerly” on them, providing them with products and helping them restore the life of their hair, nails and skin once their treatments were done.  The reality is, there is another whole life of targeted Business visiting our Salons.  Why are we only concentrating on the Diabetic client?

There are many like factors when it comes to servicing the Diabetic client and the Cancer client.

  1. EDUCATION-Knowing your trade is one thing.  Knowing specifics of your trade is better.
  2. WATER TEMPERATURE-Sensitivity is a like concern.
  3. NO CLIPPING-Why take the chance?  The last thing we want to do is cause portal of entry.
  4. PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION-At home care maintenance is important.

With your clients who have Cancer, there are a couple of extra steps which can be taken.

  1. At the first word of Cancer, it would be beneficial to recommend to your client to get started on a good “Personal Care” routine.  Nails and skin are often the most affected.
    1. A good cuticle oil to promote healthy nail growth
    2. A hydrating product for their skin.  Not just any product, they need a product which will process gently into the layers of the epidermis.  A product which promote healthy, regenerative effects.
  2. During their treatment, the least amount of stress they experience, the better.
    1. Offer a relaxing leg and foot massage for your client to experience on a weekly basis.  Pampering, relaxing, calming…..all things which aid in quick repair and recovery.
  3. During treatment, be happy.
    1. I would imagine, staying positive would be a difficult task.  So when they come to you, be happy and joyful.  Do some happy face nail art or colorful colors to brighten their day.
  4. Lastly, but certainly no the least important…..Consult, hear what they are saying, listen intently.
    1. Our consultation should include asking your client how they feel.  Maybe they aren’t feeling well enough for the 45 minute service, but they showed up because they didn’t want to cancel at the last minute.
    2. Knowing how they feel, you can customize for them.
    3. Knowing how they feel, you can become their cheerleader.
    4. Asking how they feel, will make them feel special.  Special IS how we should make them feel.

The hard reality is, our days in the Foot Care Salon of just “doing Pedicures” are over.  More and more of our clients are coming to us with immune deficient systems.  We not only have Diabetes, we have Cancer.  We have Fibromyalgia, MS and many more auto immune conditions which can be affected by an improper Foot Care service.

Don’t just know your Trade, be Educated!


August is “Back to School” month….have you thought of your theme?

How about offering Apples as a healthy snack for your clients

CJ Murray, President

Centre for Beauty Salon Supply



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Education takes Creativity

Most of you know that my Daughter has moved out of State to pursue a job opportunity.  She’s a Hair Stylist and has done very well in her short time in our Industry.

I credit a good part of her success to the deal we made when she decided to go to Cosmetology school.  Knowing how the schools teach, I told her I would support her decision but she had to commit to attending a minimum of four (4) Educational classes a year.  It didn’t matter what the topic, but she had to continue learning.  She has far exceeded my expectations.

Her commitment to education has benefited me.  After each class we talk about what she’s learned and how it can benefit herself and her career.  And now, as she joins a team in a completely different State, with different people and a different Management style…..I continue to learn from her.

In  talking with her the other day, we were discussing the client consultation she’s learned from her new Salon.

Much is like the typical questions we always ask, but what intrigued me is when she shared that after a detailed conversation about what the client is looking for, she ask the question, “how much do you expect to pay for this service?”  BRILLIANT!

This is so right from so many angles;

1st,  you have put the client in a comfortable position while receiving the service.  Why?  Because she/he isn’t wondering how much this is going to cost them?

2nd, as a Technician we often underestimate our worth.  We continuously charge what we charge, no matter what the client needs.  By asking this question, we now know what the client expects to pay.  Now we can plan our service accordingly.

In my Daughter’s case, if the service the client wants cost $400.00 but is only wanting to spend $200.00, this gave may Daughter the opportunity to explain to her client….”this is what we can do for $200.00″  There may be a compromise in the service, but now my Daughter isn’t giving a $400.00 for $200.00.


Consider this;

Your client comes in.  You do the typical consultation in asking about Health conditions and concerns they have with their feet.

You perform the visual consultation and you notice there is a lot of cuticle work needed and/or they have severely dry skin on their feet.  You know right off the bat, your 45 minute Pedicure will be more like 1.5 hours.

You are discussing all the issues you see with your client.  You ask 2 final questions.

  1.  Mrs. Smith, what result would you like to see from your service today?
  2.  How much do you expect to pay for the service?

If Mrs. Smith tells you she’s on a tight budget, then you need to explain to her that you can manicure her toenails but the skin work is going to take more time and maybe she schedules another appointment to do the detailed work on the skin.


You explain to Mrs. Smith the additional amount of time it will take for you to produce the results she’s looking for and therefore the cost of the Pedicure is X $$$$.  BRILLIANT!


I so often talk with Technicians who de-value their service and de-value themselves.  It’s the same excuses.  It usually has to do with “I know my area, and no one will pay higher prices”.  Or, “I’m afraid”.  More often than not, it’s FEAR!

By changing our consultation, we are treating each client as an individual.  Foot Care is NOT a one size fit’s all service.

Although it is much better then it use to be, it still astonishes me how many of our Technicians are not performing a client consultation prior to their Foot Care Service.  It is simply a risk on the Technicians part when skipping this service.

We are in a Society riddled with Diabetics, Immune compromised and sue happy clients.  We have got to protect ourselves.  I would really like to say that Pedicures are all about the fluff n buff, but that just isn’t true anymore.

We have to be Educated, we have to be Thorough, we have to be Diligent in our procedures.  We have to PYA!

My point?  Education is the key to Success.  But, Education comes in many forms.  Classes, trade shows, webinars and….just listening.


Most Salons/Spas offer lemon or cucumber infused water

Why not try GRAPES dusted with sugar and frozen?  Your clients will enjoy this tasty snack on a hot summers day!


CJ Murray, President

Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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