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On the other side

This feels so strange to me. It’s Friday afternoon and I’m beginning to write my blog. Typically, I write my blog on Sunday’s. I never have time during the week and on Saturday I am either going into work in an attempt to catch up, or I’m doing house duties.

Yet, here I am and my fingers can’t type fast enough to what’s going through my mind.

My feelings are telling me we are either sitting flat on top or slightly over the curve. If this is true, downhill sure goes a lot faster than uphill.

And, when we do hit the bottom…what will life look like? Do you think you can go back to life as it was? Have you even thought about it?

I first think about the basics;

  • Grocery shopping – Wear a mask and gloves?
  • Dr. appointments – By telecommunication?
  • Clothes/Shoe shopping – Will this truly be the end of Brick & Mortar?
  • Getting gas – Gloves? Will paying by cash be non-existent?
  • Birthdays – Funerals – Weddings? – How will it be?
  • And so on

When I look at everything above, I realize it’s all money related. The greed associated with it all is astonishing?

  • Hoarding
  • Dr’s overcharging the health care system
  • On line sales at reduced pricing
  • The price increases generally in time of need
  • Photographers, Dance halls, Music, Doves, Butterflies….OMG it goes on and on

Our society has become so greedy, most people don’t even notice it anymore.


Then I think about our Beauty Industry. As we start hearing how the Government is going to open parts of our Country, do you really think that means us?

How are we going to do it? How will restaurants do it? How will concerts do it?

There are so many of us at risk, I just keep thinking please, please…..those of you who are in our Government and making decisions……be creative. Think outside the box and don’t make decisions based on trying to win. Make decisions based on how it will affect your Community.

Then I start thinking about what do WE do? How do we go back to sitting or standing right next to our clients if we have to practice the 6 ft rule for 6 months to a year?

Better yet, I think….How can we SHOW our government we are ready to go back to work. We are ready because we have done THIS. We have done THAT. We have adjusted our Business to be able to begin safely accepting clients and being part of making our economy better.

We have to show them. We have to show them LOUD and we have to show them clearly.

6 feet PLEASE


If I were heading back to my Salon, I have gone through a list in my head over and over again.

I have written it down, I have determined cost and I have made the decision NOT to change my mind on any of it and make sure I begin to implement immediately. Why? Because if we wait, we forget the severity of the reason we came up with the idea in the first place. If we wait, we become exactly what we were before….Complacent!

I’m going to share with you, my checklist. I am starting right from the very beginning,

regardless of what I may have already done.

  • Purchases
    • Ultrasonic cleaner
    • Effective disinfection
    • Autoclave
    • Gloves
    • Mask
    • Covered waste baskets
    • Dust or filter system
    • Autoclave bags
    • Test strips
    • Cleansing supplies
  • Things I would re-evaluate
    • Cleaning and disinfection procedures for services/tools/chairs/tables etc.
    • Cleaning and disinfection procedures for overall daily cleansing
    • Layout of my Salon
    • Scheduling
    • Retail sales

I don’t want to break down each of the above for you. However, there are a few things worth noting.

To begin with, it is a must, if you are not practicing proper cleaning and disinfection is the time. Forget what your State mandates which is simply stupid. Go over and above. Clean – Disinfect – Sterilize.

In addition, your daily cleaning processes for your entire salon must change. Door handles, drawers, telephones, pens/pencils, bottles/jars, chairs, desk, floors….it ALL has to be done daily. Once a week or once a month is not acceptable. It never was, but it clearly is not now.

What about your set up? Are your Technicians to close, do you have to many clients in your facility at one time? Do you need to move things around and schedule your clients differently? YES, you do!

And, you need to wear gloves and mask! It is the only way we are going to get back to work.

What about your guest?

It may seem so far fetched right now to do what I am about to suggest. However, if we want to get back to work, we need to show our clients and the world that we are responsible.

  • Schedule your guest further apart.
    • You need time to clean “again”
    • You need to work smarter not harder
  • All guest must wear mask
    • It’s important to have some on hand to provide for those who don’t have them
  • Guest must keep cell phones outside or in their purse
    • Cell phones are the most dirtiest thing on us. Studies have shown the amount of bacteria and fungi on our phones is sometimes worst then what’s on our toilets
    • This also means, WE must not have our cell phones on us.  I can’t believe I have to even say this.  We shouldn’t anyway.
  • Accepting cash – NO
    • Monies should all be transferred electronically.  Vennmo, Zelle, Apple, Square, Paypal.  No more need to handle cash and/or credit cards.  I know many of you may not like this, but this is a reality now.

Internal changes

Your team members who do not sit behind a chair, need to become your cleaning police.

  • They need to wear gloves when answering the phone
  • They need to help you properly clean between guests
  • Bathrooms need to be addressed between each visit
  • How and what we serve our clients needs to be evaluated and maintained
  • Door handles need to be cleaned and disinfected between clients

Personal changes

  • Wear gloves
  • Bring a change of clothes to change into before heading home

I know, as many of you are reading this, you may be rolling your eyes. Remember, this is NOT a forever thing. Yes, some of these changes should be, but others are only through till the time a vaccination is available. In time, we will all know what is permanent and what is temporary.

However, the reality is, how many times are you sick with a cold..the flu. How could it have been avoided if you just practiced a couple more of these safety steps?

Business changes

    If there is one thing you get out of this, it should be finances.

    • Work diligently, make a plan to save 6 months of expenses which you DON’T spend
    • Procedures manual – all Salon practices including your cleaning and disinfection procedures need to be outlined.  Not doing all you can do in this area WILL cost you money. This manual should also include what to do in the event of emergencies or shut downs (ei Hurricanes, floods, covid19)
    • RETAIL – Retail can pay your rent. If you are shut down again for any reason,
      • Centre For Beauty offers set up of a  10 item store front for only $75.00. It’s and easy and effective way to begin an on line store. If your clients need something from you, whether you are there or not….they can still purchase it from you. Otherwise, they will search elsewhere for it.  If interested in having your own online store,  Contact for more info
    • PAY YOUR TAXES….I think many of you have realized, independent truly is independent. You might want to rethink what you are doing.

    Hopefully we are only 2 weeks away from recharging. Are you in GO mode? Are you really ready? Taken the extra steps needed to forge ahead in this very different world?

    If I were you;

    • Start booking 1 week of clients. The first week.
      • If you have to move them, you are only moving 1 week and you make them at the same day and time.  Pretty simple.
      • You’ve given yourself hope and your clients as well. We all need a little hope.
    • Clean – clean again.
      • I don’t care what you did 3-4 weeks ago. Clean again and be very very thorough
      • Not just the basics, but door handles, pens, chair rails, lights, pictures CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN
    • Have your Business plan
      • Evaluate your last 4 weeks and determine what you know you need to change.
      • Rethink your processes, your menu, your pricing.
      • Do many of the things I mentioned above.  You’ll thank yourself for it when you do get back to work
    • Make sure you have your supplies
      • Not just your basics, but mask, gloves etc.
      • Once you evaluated your cleaning procedures, you may need more equipment and/or disinfection products

    Here’s the thing. I believe that for many of us, this was a cleansing.

    A chance for us to get out of the old, into the new.

    A chance for us to start fresh – who doesn’t love that?

    A chance for us to be better than we were before.

    A chance for us to speak loudly about what WE have done to make our Country safe.


    Cj Murray, President

    CJ Murray
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      Fighting till the end

      I was poolside on Saturday trying desperately to give my brain a rest. I haven’t been sleeping well. I am on the computer every waking moment and I have to say it out loud at least 3 times per day...”this too shall pass”.

      My husband was putzing around the yard, trying to figure out where he wanted to start, as he has many projects that he wants to get done.

      I said to him “why don’t you take a moment with your wife”. You’ll have plenty of time to get done what needs to get done.

      He grabbed himself a beer and sat down next to me.

      About 30-45 minutes later, he says…”can’t you just shut your mind down? You’ve been non-stop talking for over a half hour”.

      I laughed at first, and then I said…..

      “I’m not going down without a f—— fight”. If my Business is going to close because of COVID19, I want to be able to look back and KNOW….I tried everything humanely possible to make my Business survive.

      I’m not going to lie.  I do worry if our 30 days will be extended. I worry about every single one of you, especially the ones I know more about.

      I worry about my family and the families who have been affected. I worry about my daughter and her boyfriend.

      I worry about my family at Life of Riley.

      It’s very tiring.

      However, I refuse to let it stifle me. I refuse to let it ruin my life forever. AND, if I do nothing and have to look back in 3, 6 or 12 months from now knowing I could have done more…then COVID19 got me.




      For me, my constant processing in my brain is how can I help my Salons. So I’m constantly writing down ideas, sharing them with my husband, trying to make it as easy and simply and cost effective as possible.  THAT is my main priority.

      In that mind mix, I am also going down my list of accounts and calling each and every one of my clients. For no reason at all, just to say hello, see how you are doing through this craziness and maybe get a chance to know you a little better,.

      I am also having inventory done. I want to make sure, when this is all over, I know exactly what I have that I can provide for you to do your job and begin making money again.

      I am communicating with my Mfg’s to hear what they think their future brings. I need to know they will continue to be there for me….for you!

      I am carefully processing my bills 30 days out in an effort not to run the well dry. Everyone needs a piece of the pie, and I want to make sure I can provide my piece to them.

      In that same token, I am buying the absolute bare minimum as to not to spend, as my income has dropped nearly 90%.

      I am trying to block out time for Education. Not just for you, but for me as well. It’s important for me to stay educated and focused on what my goal is. To better myself for you and our future together.

      As I’ve said many times “Education is the key to success”

      I am on the phone with my Banker, my accountant and listening to savvy Business people like Kelly of Life of Riley Salon Supply.

      Looking for ways I can manage financially through this crisis.

      At the same time, I’m telling myself to take some down time. Don’t go into the office so early and don’t stay so late.

      Go for a bike ride, enjoy the pool. Play with the dogs, clean out a drawer. Slow down a little. Ha…very difficult to do. I’ve been working full force since I was 14 years old. That’s 45 years.

      In fact, I told my husband this past week, I can honestly say….

      I don’t think I could ever retire.

      My point to this whole article is to ask you

      Are you fighting for your Business?

      What have you done for your Business not just for today, but for the future?

      Are you just expecting this to be all over and whatever happens happens?

      Have you stepped out of the box?

      Are you confident you will be even better than before?

      I know these questions may be harsh and I make no apologies. This is your time to either make it or break it. It’s your time to learn how to

      • Negotiate with your Landlord
      • Curve your spending
      • Be creative
      • Piss or get off the pot
      • Re-invent yourself, your procedures

      This is our time, our time to come out of this better, stronger and more resilient then ever.

      On a great note. You know how I absolutely love SM. NOT!

      I am refreshed to see more relaxed, fun things on SM and less negativity.

      I am happy to see some fun things going on. I am happy to to feel like the panic has subsided and people are believing we will ALL make it through.

      This is what I believe and I believe we are the Business of resilience.

      Still not sure which resources you can qualify for to help you move forward? Visit and click on the COVID19 link. LOR is doing an awesome job of researching everything available for you.

      Still looking for ways to make some income? Centre For Beauty is offering a 1-page store set up for you to provide your clients with products for at home Beauty Care. Email

      Still looking for valuable on line education? There is a ton out there to take advantage of. Commit at least 2 educational classes a week. It’s good for the soul and it’s good for the brain.

      As I said to a client last week. Yes, $400.00 is a lot of money however, look at it this way. You know you are going to take the class (it is a must for her). The cost of the class will go back to its normal fee, and maybe even higher. In 6 months from now will you kick yourself in the butt because you didn’t take the class at a $300.00 savings?

      I’d love to hear how you are doing. I’d love to hear what you have done to step out of the box. What have you done to prepare for your return? Simply how are you doing?

      Email or write in the comment box… would make my day 🙂

      CJ Murray, President

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