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Is your staff following proper disinfection protocol?

“Is your staff following proper disinfection protocol” was the #1 concern we received from our survey regarding Disinfection. As it should be.
We so often find in many Salons where one or maybe two people are on the same page in knowing the proper Disinfection procedures, but the rest of the staff either doesn’t care or just doesn’t know.
It is important to know exactly what the Manufacturer’s protocol is with the product you are using. Don’t assume they are all the same….they aren’t.
  • Some are diluted, some are not
  • Some require 10 minute contact time, some do not
  • Some need to be replaced daily, some do not
  • Some are high level grade of Disinfection, some are not
  • Some can cause damage to vinyl & ceramic, some do not
  • Some need to be disposed of carefully due to OSHA regulations, some do not
  • Some are carcinogenic, some are not
  • The list can go on and on
If you don’t know how your Disinfection products work
How can your team?
I think it’s important for us all to realize that proper protocol for Disinfection procedures within your Salon should be your #1 priority.  It doesn’t matter whether you use Bleach, Barbicide, Caviside, Micrylium or any other brands.  What does matter is you know what the specific directions are in order to use it properly.
What also matters is that everyone on your team is educated on all the specifics when it comes to Disinfection.  In fact, I have a few suggestions on what I feel should be mandatory in every Salon facility.
  • Have your Disinfection MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets) easily accessible
  • Have a manual listing the dangers which can be present in our Salon environments
  • Have a list of steps which need to be followed with each service
  •      How to properly clean your work station
  •      How to properly clean your implements
  •      How to properly clean your pedicure bowls
  •      How to properly clean your surrounding areas
  • Check your State guidelines (this should actually be first)
  • Know the grade level of your Disinfection product (Low -medium – high)
  • Know what types of bacteria and fungi your Disinfection will kill
  • Know your contact times
  • Know how to care for someone if swallowed or made contact with skin or eyes
  • Display “how” you disinfect in your Salons

I also believe with any new hires, Disinfection should be a crucial part of their training.  I also believe monthly meetings should be held to do a double check that everyone in your Salon is following the same procedures.

If you are independent within a Salon, don’t be angry that you “appear” to be the only person following proper protocol.  Offer a suggestion to the owner as to how he/she can get her team on board to be the “best they can be” regarding disinfection.

Gather pertinent information for the brand you are using.  Reach out to your supplier for marketing materials and specifics which give you more knowledge of the brand you are using.

Be proud of what you do and share it daily.  Let your clients know by displaying signage in your salon and let them see the steps you take before and after (and sometimes during) their service.

Proper disinfection is no joke.  It only takes one(1) time for something to go wrong.  I know for myself, when I learned first hand about proper disinfection, I knelt by my bed and prayed that night thanking the Lord that there were no injuries or infections caused by the “lack” of disinfection I had been doing in my Salon for 18 years.  I learned a valuable lesson and changed the way I did things not just in my Business, but in my home as well.

The time is now…..learn all you can… all you can…..and do it right!

Centre for Beauty proudly recommends Micrylium for your disinfection needs. 

It’s your Kinder – Greener – Safer product for proper Disinfection.

Contact time is less than 60 seconds!

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CJ Murray
Centre for Beauty, President
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How effective is your Disinfection?

When we posted our January survey “What is your #1 concern when it comes to Disinfection in your Salon”, I was not at all surprised by the comments from those who participated.
Thank you, BTW, for your participation
The concerns are as follows:
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Salon knowledge
  • Proper usage
These are some very serious concerns….and should be!
In previous years (many many) when I had my Salon, the concern of disinfection was no where near the concerns we have now.  Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi always existed, however, we weren’t privy to them, and quite truthfully even though they have always been around, there are more to worry about today and they are more dangerous.
I recently realized the most current problem today with Disinfection is much like the problems we have with products we use in our Foot Care room.
 The disinfection products of 50 years ago, no longer suffice for the concerns we presently deal with in our Salon.
This picture is a perfect example:  If you look at the two(2) bottom examples of products used quite frequently in our Salons and Spas, you can see a clear difference in the amount of time it took to get from point A to point B.  Our BioSurf disinfection products (#1) clearly has more efficacy, in less time.
But, how do you really know how effective your Disinfection products are if they don’t provide you with this type of information?  Each Mfg. should have case studies, pictures, MSDS sheets for you to read and compare to other products exactly what their efficacy is.  I know with our BioSurf products, this type of information is plenty.  After all, if BioSurf is used in our Medical arena (for over 35 years) i’m feeling pretty confident the testing is accurate and we can get a ton of it.
Time is of value isn’t it?  We don’t just deal with how efficient our products are, we also deal with how long do you have to wait for them to kill the viruses, fungi and bacteria we are exposed to on a daily basis?  3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and sometimes even longer.  Isn’t it better to have a product which is effective AND quick?
You also want to know if your disinfection product is a low, medium or high grade disinfection.  Low grade may be acceptable by your State board, but really?  Are you comfortable using a low grade disinfection product in your facility?  Sadly, I know many Salons do.  I struggle with these conversations because they are basing their choice on price instead of effectiveness.
Another point to realize is if you mix your disinfection solution with water, this can also reduce it’s effectiveness.
To summarize, determine what you want in “effectiveness”.  
Do you want to get by just on the basics, or do you
want to be better than needed?  
Ask the provider of your disinfection product to provide you with full disclosure on the brand.  Ask for lab testing and case studies.  And, don’t forget to make sure you have your MSDS sheets readily available at your Salon in case you need them.
Centre for Beauty chose to carry Micrylium products due to it’s efficacy and due to the fact is is safe for the environment AND our technicians.  This is important.  How do you dispose of your Disinfection products?  Can they be flushed down the toilet, rinsed down the sink or…..are you really suppose to call a waste removal Company to dispose of it?
You can reach out to me if you want more information on our Micrylium products,   This article is about making sure you know how effective your Disinfection product is and if you don’t, information on how you can find out.  However, effectiveness just doesn’t have to do with products but how it is used.
Tune in next week for product usage information and Salon knowledge.
CJ Murray
President, Centre for Beauty
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