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How to make a Pedicure bar?

As Foot Care Specialist, are you aware of the attention Skin Care is getting around the Country? There are Cleansers and Scrubs, Mask and Lotions. And, don’t forget Hot Towels, Massage and Aromatherapy. AND….the list doesn’t stop there.

With so much to offer and so many techniques, how do the Estheticians continue to grow their business at a consistent rate of 3-4{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} yearly since around 2008?

The answer is simple. The constant brain storming, imagination and creativity. Continuously thinking above the curve in an attempt to KEEP THEIR CLIENTS ENGAGED!

Keeping your clients engaged is a key factor in retention. Making them feel involved, a part of and welcomed is everything your clients are looking for.

So, in thinking about Skin Care and what they do to engage their clients, it appeared to me that we CAN do they same thing in the Foot Care room.

Specifically speaking…….CREATE A FOOT BAR!
That’s what I said, a FOOT BAR!

I know many of you purchase and use the Seaweed Scrub which Centre for Beauty carries, by Footlogix. However, I also know many of you also possibly make your own scrubs, use a salt scrub and an addition, a sugar scrub.

How do you choose what Scrub to use on your clients?
Better yet…..why not let your clients choose?

Set up a small display area in your Salon to use as “the bar”
Use decorative bowls or jars to display your different types of scrubs
Label them being sure to list ingredients, benefits, contraindications
Let them try each Scrub and let THEM choose which once they want
Educate them on the important of regular exfoliation
Be sure to have them available for SALE
Offer combo price by offering it with a Foot Care Mousse by Footlogix for at home use
Not sure how to get started? Stay tuned for more info and opportunity to set up your “Foot Bar”

If you haven’t already, you SHOULD try our Seaweed Scrub by Footlogix. Completely organic, clean and refreshing scent, healthy, stimulating and more.
Available for retail and 32oz for Professional backbar use!

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Tools! Tools! Tools?

Much like buying a good pair of shears and/or clippers for cutting hair, it is as imperative, if not more, to purchase the right tools to be able to do your job effectively in your foot care rooms.

Until just a few years ago, technicians world wide did not even know that quality tools were even available. Many, including myself purchased toe trimming clippers and cuticle nippers which, were inexpensive, inferior tools.

Not only that, we didn’t know there were specialty tools and implements that in fact, could make our job easier.

Whether you are a novice, or an apprentice, this information I share with you today…..can be the beginning of the rest of your life caring for the feet of your clients.

Centre for Beauty endorses the Tools, implements and bits for foot care, offered by the North American School of Podology. These tools are custom manufactured to meet the the high quality standards of NASP. The NASP tools, implements and bits are crafted with German precision from world renowned Soligen Stainless Steel.

The Soligen Stainless Steel instruments renowned for precision, performance, longevity, reliability and uncompromising quality. They are manufactured in a modern state of the art manufacturing facility using the best technologies and development capabilities.

Theses instruments are podiatry quality (surgical grade), without the podiatry price. The can be chemically sterilized, autoclaved, or placed in a heat oven without damage.

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Centre for Beauty wants to give back on your behalf!

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to do something special, caring and giving to those in need.

I’ve struggled with ideas that would really make a difference along with ideas that would be just so so.

Through my years of being a Salon owner, I’ve done food drives, volunteered my time and donated monies and/or services. But, my own personal desire to feel like I really made a difference never has been fulfilled.

I’ve been blessed with an amazing life. I have a healthy, beautiful daughter. It took a while, but I have a true life partner in my husband. I’m thankful to still have my parents and my siblings in my life along with some truly amazing friends. And I am forever grateful to have a thriving business with supportive, caring, fun and extraordinary clients that I am also proud to mostly call my friends.

As we enter into this season of giving. I find it an appropriate time to offer the following;

October 1st – October 31st

FREE shipping on all orders $150.00 or more. (our usual FREE shipping is $300.00)(Please, no home shipments)
ALL orders placed in October will include a “care package” for YOU to give to a homeless person in your area.
Care Package includes
Personal maintenance items
Non-perishable food

My idea is that we can reach people all over the Country, not just in my area.
Choose someone you see on your drive to work, sleeping next to your business or under a bridge. A small act of kindness that can make a BIG impact.

If possible, take pictures. Send them to me, post it on Facebook. I want everyone to know how the entire Centre for Beauty community contributed to caring for human life.

Thank you all, in advance for helping Centre for Beauty help us all,

to give back!

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