Tools! Tools! Tools?

Much like buying a good pair of shears and/or clippers for cutting hair, it is as imperative, if not more, to purchase the right tools to be able to do your job effectively in your foot care rooms.

Until just a few years ago, technicians world wide did not even know that quality tools were even available. Many, including myself purchased toe trimming clippers and cuticle nippers which, were inexpensive, inferior tools.

Not only that, we didn’t know there were specialty tools and implements that in fact, could make our job easier.

Whether you are a novice, or an apprentice, this information I share with you today…..can be the beginning of the rest of your life caring for the feet of your clients.

Centre for Beauty endorses the Tools, implements and bits for foot care, offered by the North American School of Podology. These tools are custom manufactured to meet the the high quality standards of NASP. The NASP tools, implements and bits are crafted with German precision from world renowned Soligen Stainless Steel.

The Soligen Stainless Steel instruments renowned for precision, performance, longevity, reliability and uncompromising quality. They are manufactured in a modern state of the art manufacturing facility using the best technologies and development capabilities.

Theses instruments are podiatry quality (surgical grade), without the podiatry price. The can be chemically sterilized, autoclaved, or placed in a heat oven without damage.

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