I’m beginning my Blog today without a title. I have no idea what my topic is going to be. I just know I need to write.

I need to write about our fear. I need to write about our attitudes. I need to write something…anything to bring joy. I need to write something to motivate us, to encourage us, to open our creative minds, to bring comfort in a very uncomfortable world.

I need to help. Yet, I feel helpless. I want to go near a cliff or in an open field and just SCREEEAAAAMMMMM!



FEAR – our #1 enemy in life.

I can tell you the exact moment I heard this.

I told my x-husband I was leaving him. The plan was 2 weeks to get a couple of things settled. Like a place to live.

He didn’t like that plan, and 2 days later came home and said I had 2 days to get out.

I grabbed what I could. It’s funny, looking back…why the heck did I grab my sewing machine? I barely sewed.  LOL

In any case, 2 days later I found myself sitting on the floor of my new apartment, no furniture yet. Only a lamp, my portable radio, my phone (Motorola flip phone) and a bottle of wine.


I drank the wine as I spoke on the phone to a good friend of mine. He’ll never know how much he helped me through those trying times. His wisdom was just mind blowing.

I thank him daily for his friendship and we haven’t talked in about 10 years. No reason, just life.

Anyhow, much like the way I feel today I was…Scared, excited, uncertain.

What he said to me in that phone call, literally changed everything for me.



I was 40 years old. I wasn’t ready for my life to be stifled. It was at that moment where I told myself I would fight the fear. I would NOT let it win. I will stare fear dead on and show em whose boss.

I have since lived my life in this manner. It never changes.

My thought was, if I spend my time in a fearful state I will be where I am forever.

I left my husband for a better life. Now I was going to let fear replace him? NO WAY!

Once the thought of fear left my mind, shit hit the fan. I’m not kidding.

  • Business started to boom
  • I paid off a debt he left me with
  • I bought a house within 2 years
  • I found ME

It was so totally awesome!


ATTITUDE – IS everything!

Like fear, attitude is a mindset.  You either have a good-positive attitude or you don’t. I have literally cut people from my life because they are so draining with a bad attitude.  Negative Nanny or a Debbie Downer.

I feel that way about SM. There is so much everyone is un-happy about and they spread their bad attitude like the Coronavirus. I can’t stand it.

I know one thing for sure. When and If I have downtime, I will be doing a serious cleaning of my friends and followers. I don’t care about the numbers, I care about the quality.

These people are fun suckers.

I tell my daughter all the time. You cannot let other people control your attitude, your emotions. THAT is the one thing you do have control of. Don’t ever let somebody take it away.


Our industry is the one and only industry you can take anywhere. Any place in the world we have Beauty Salons, Nail Salons, Spas. WE are the fortunate.

If you find yourself in a situation to where you have to close. YOU have options. YOU have a talent which will follow you anywhere. WE are the fortunate.

Larger Salons/Spas are always looking for good talent. Resorts, Casinos and the like. If you can’t get right back on your feet on your own…..YOU have options. WE are the fortunate.

Salon owners are always looking for good talent, loyal teams.  This will NOT change.

So, let me ask you a question….and be honest with yourself.

Have you spent this time on Social Media? Are you whining about our President, your Governors, your Landlord?


  • Are you setting up a website, which many are FOR FREE to market and sell products you would generally sell in the Salon?
  • Are you personally contacting your clients to first, see how they are and ask them if there are any questions you can answer in regards to how they take care of their nails and feet?
  • Writing a Blog for your clients?
  • Are you assuring THEM, you will be there when this blows over? Much like your local gym, grocery store or gas station that means a lot to you?
  • Are you planning your attack upon return?
  • Working on a marketing plan?
  • Pulling your group together, if you have one and bind together and listen to all ideas?

So much can be gained from this. The door has opened. We ALL have to walk through it, get to the other side and be better than we were before.

Here are a couple of things for you to ponder!

  1. Life of Riley Salon Supply has partnered with Salon Interactive. This is your Amazon of the Salon industry….but better.  As a client of LOR, you have the option to set up an account with SI, link it to your website and your  clients have full access to everything they carry at full retail price. Which, in fact YOU are the one making the sale. I don’t know all the details or how it works.  Click on the LOR Salon Supply website for more details.
  2. Centre For Beauty will drop ship for you. When you do make your calls to your clients, have a written routine they can follow to maintain their nails and their feet until they can get back in to see you. You can call me directly, email me or order via our website and have it shipped directly to your client.
  3. There are many options you have in setting up a store. The above 2 or you can go through a Company like Shopify or Ecwid and make your own. It doesn’t have to be big or have a lot of items. Start with 10 items you would generally retail and start making some sales.

The above options will help you through these times and bring some $$$ into your pocket. Something is always better than nothing.

As you can see, I never did title my blog. Maybe it should be simply called LIFE!

Life’s a bitch…it really is. You can go through it miserably or you can do what Bob Marley says DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY!

It’s a choice!

On a side note – life still goes on.  Please join me in wishing my amazing husband a


CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray
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