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What to do or NOT

  In focusing on staying within the Limits of our License, I want to focus on how to handle a situation with a client of whom you may not be able to service.   It's not that difficult but it does take know how and confidence to turn down $$$$.  You can be sure however, not only do you end up making more money in the long run, you gain a lifetime client and you build a reputation of Professionalism with Honest intent.  We first need to make sure we are ALWAYS providing a consultation service.   But yet, there are still many out there that do not provide a consultation service.   A consultation speaks of Professionalism.  I couldn't imagine getting my hair done and my Hair Stylist performs a service without asking me questions, looking at my hair and discussing options.  This should be the same for the Foot Care service.  In my opinion, even more crucial.  You can't identify and make your recommendations without a visual consult.  Not all feet are created equal, and neither should our Foot Care service be. So now we have done our visual and we determine by the appearance of the thickness and discoloration, there is an "indication" our client has a toenail fungus.  Notice I use the word "indication".  Short and sweet, WE AS NAIL TECHNICIANS CAN NOT DIAGNOSE!   However, based on our Education and Experience Mrs. XYZ, what I am observing is indicative of a fungus on your great toenail. Your next 2 steps should be as follows;  1) Recommend she visits a Dr. for a culture test to determine if it is indeed a fungus.  This is why having a referral partnership set up with a team of local Dr's is so important.  And yes, I mean a team.  You should have referral partners in Podiatry, Dermatology and General Practice.  2) You should carry an OTC product you can recommend to Mrs. XYZ.  OTC anti-fungal products vary from product to product in regards to what effectiveness these produce.  We don't "kill" the fungus, that would be a Medical position.  But, we have great products that appear to dormant the growth or slow it.  And, the reality is......if you don't recommend a product to Mrs. XYZ then she is driving to CVS to purchase an OTC product from them. Now we are done with our consultation....can we proceed with the service?  Some may say no, but I say yes.....with provisions!  1)  No work is performed on the nail in question.  This means no clipping, filing, cuticle work or polish. 2) CLEAN, SANITIZE, DISINFECT!  Sadly, many take short cuts when it comes to products used for disinfection.  Know your products, know what your State requires AND go above and beyond.  Believe me, cutting corners on disinfection will cost you $$$$ later.  
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Knowing What To Look For Can Help You Decide?

Do you ever feel like.....ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH?  Helping all of you with what to do and not to do in the Pedicure chair is really challenging.  As Technicians we can't diagnose, many cases, we are the First Responders.  Yet, one wrong move, one wrong statement can start a tizzy of comments.  And, one wrong mis-step in the Salon can not only cause potential damage to your client, but a potential lawsuit for you. It occurred to me with so much talk about what we can and can NOT do and making sure we are staying within the limits of our license or not going out of our "Scope of Practice" that the importance of having some idea of what we are looking at is crucial. As I sit in my office and look at ALL the educational books I have from various different entities of our business like (MiLady) (Death by Pedicure) as an example, why are we even being introduced to things which they want us to identify yet according to the "rules" we really have no business being introduced to?  Well, i'm gonna take my chances and share with you some pictures of Nail & Skin conditions which, you will probably see in your lifetime of working in the Salon.  And, which each one...identify whether or not you should proceed with your service. the #1 question I get asked all the time. Heel Callus:  Yes, as Nail Technicians "reducing" a callus is within the limits of our license.  However, remember to remove no more than 80{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd}.  And, if there is any broken skin this could be a condition brought on by fungus and should be sent home with at home care products and/or referred to a Podiatrist.    Hard corn:  NO....In the USA we are not licensed to remove corns.  You can slightly reduce with an acid free callous softening product (treat as a callous), but gently and softly and NOT all the way down.  Refer to a Podiatrist if client wishes to have it removed.  At home softening products also recommended.   Trumpet Nail:  Also known as a Pincer Nail.  Commonly caused by an inherited disorder.  In rare occasions, improperly fit shoes.  Not a problem for the Technician to perform a Pedicure service as long as they have been cleared of any fungus. Onychomadesis;  The nail shedding at the matrix bed as a result of a long-standing fungal infection.  Signs of a new nail would be prominent.  If cleared of infection, should be no problem for Technician to perform a pedicure service.  FYI...this can sometimes be associated in children with hand, foot, mouth disease.

Onychomycosis:  Most common disorder of the toenail.                                                It is a fungal infection of the nail module.  Should always be referred.                                                              Soooooo many different types and soooooo many different causes.  

Brittle, discolored, thick nails may mean you have nail fungus. It can affect fingernails or toenails. Prevent nail fungus by keeping hands and feet clean and dry, wearing dry socks and changing them often, wearing shoes in a public shower, pool, or locker room, and not scratching infected skin, such as athlete's foot. Wear wide-toed shoes (so toes aren't crammed together), and don't share nail clippers.

  Nail pitting is most commonly seen in people who suffer from psoriasis. Approximately 50{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} of people who suffer from psoriasis will have pitting of the nails. Trauma to the nail growth plate or nail bed can also cause a pitted appearance with ridges. Sarcoidosis and bacterial and/or fungal infections may also cause pitting of the toenails. Many conditions can cause white nails. One of the more common is psoriasis, which can affect the appearance and texture of the nails. Yeast and fungal infections may also cause the nails to appear white. Trauma to the nail from an injury or ill-fitting shoes can sometimes lead to an accumulation of fluid that lifts the nail and gives it a more white appearance. In some cases, white nails may be indicative of a more serious underlying condition, such as liver disease, diabetes, or congestive heart failure.    A fungal infection of the nails that causes discoloration and thickening of the toenails may cause yellow toenails. Other causes of yellow toenails can be diseases such as lymphedema, arthriticconditions, lung disease, or even repetitive trauma to the nails from tight shoe gear and stop-start athletic activities. Occurring when microscopic fungi enter through a break in the nail or surrounding skin, a fungal infection can make your nails thick, discolored, and brittle. If left untreated, a fungal infection can spread to other nails. Thriving in warm, wet places such as shoes, pool decks, spas, and gyms, the fungi can be spread from person to person. It may begin from contracting athlete's foot or incurring an injury to the nail, allowing an opportunity for the fungi to invade the nail. 

Being able to Recognize what you are looking for is Imperative

Referring to a B2B partner for testing and/or treatment is Professional

Recommending at home care products for at home care maintenance is                            Imperative & Professional

  I will cover a few more over the next couple of weeks.  Print these pictures, keep them handy and always be prepared for What NOT To do!

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Think like a BUSINESS !

  I know I have spoken before on Professionalism when it comes to our posting on FB.  But, I just read something on FB which caused me to stahl the article I was writing, and completely change what I was writing about. The post was a live video on "thinking like a business" in regards to offering Show specials, the week following a trade show.  The gist of the video was about low show attendance and blaming it on the Companies that offer Show specials when the show is over.

The comment that set me off was "think like a business "and don't offer show specials.  We are only rewarding those who don't attend the show.

Let me explain something:  My business, Centre for Beauty Distributes Foot Care products to the Salon Professional.  We have 2 major Foot Care specific lines.  When these Mfg's display at the shows, my business is affected tremendously. As a "business person" I had to review my strategies and come up with something to offer my clients in hope I can sustain through the 3 months of Premier. YES!!!!! 3 months.  May is slow because everyone is waiting for the big Premier Show.  June is slow because everyone has purchased from the show. July is slow because those who purchased are still using the products they purchased from the show.  And, when you ship all over the Country....every show affects your business in this way, all year long. Therefore, offering Show Specials the week after the show is imperative to the survival of my business. However, it's also about rewarding my family of clients who can't attend the show, for whatever reason....for their continued support. I don't know if the person who made this post has ever been in a Mfg's or Distributors shoes.  It really doesn't matter.  It goes back to an earlier article I posted about Social Media......once you post something on Social Media, it's out there for the world to see.  Speaking ones mind is one thing, but to generalize and place blame, in my opinion is just not right. Also, there were many responses with many assumptions.  The reality can't please everyone. I personally feel there are many reasons why someone does or doesn't come to a show. WHY THEY COME
  • The excitement
  • Find new equipment/products
  • Education
  • Vacation with family
  • Camaraderie
  • prices/specials/deals
  • Financial
  • Time
  • Financial/time
  • Financial/time
Yes, I purposely put the reasons in the order they are in.   The fact is, If you did a survey of why someone didn't come to the show?  Hi highly doubt the main reason would be "because I can get the specials without going" Finances is the #1 reason for a no-shower.  Maybe they just started out.  Maybe they are caring for a family member, maybe they are the only working family member.  Maybe they can't take the time off of work.  Whatever it is, I would be hard pressed to believe they didn't come because they could get the specials anyway. Social Media is a platform.  A platform to share happiness and sadness.  A platform to connect with family and friends.  A platform to promote business and many other reasons. I would encourage deep breaths before posting.  Keep it fun.  Be Professional and never EVER point the finger.

Why didn't YOU attend Premier! I'd love to get 100 responses!

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HaveYouHeard Complete heading   LCN'S newly re-invented Foot Creams have taken the World by storm.  Why?  Because they are luxurious with an amazing feel of relief for tired, swollen and heavy feeling legs. How would you market this?  Firstly, you have to use it and talk about it.  Try the products for yourself and discover how Refreshing Foot Cream will help stimulate your leg senses and give you relief from a long hard day at work. Try the Warming Foot Cream to help promote blood flow and make your feet and legs feel alive again. Try the Moisturizing Foot Cream as an alternative to your Pedicure massage and see how blue algae along with bees wax and Vitamins E and F will make your skin feeling smooth. Offer as a stand alone service!  Got athletes?  Geriatric clients?  Any of the aforementioned foot creams can be a stand alone service, adding $$$$ to your bottom line by offering a "refreshing foot massage" or a "warming relief massage". Charge $1.00 per minute and watch your profits rise. Pair them as a duo at your retail shelves.  With the purchase of a Shampoo, add a Refreshing foot cream.  Or, purchase a nail polish and add a Moisturizing foot cream.  The duo packaging increases your retail sales and puts the product in the hands (or feet) of your guests.

Selling retail is only as creative as your mind will take you

LCN's point of purchase display is a great way to bring visibility to the products.  The display is compact, includes a tester for your clients to touch, smell and experience the Foot creams before purchasing.  Placing in a visible spot with easy access to the testers, will sell the products easily.

Stuck in a rut?  RE-INVENT yourself

Try LCN's tantalizing trio

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I’m Feeling Compelled?

HaveYouHeard Complete heading   I'm not one for confrontation and I typically prefer to stay behind the scenes of most anything.  However, what I have witnessed lately coming across many  of the FB pages I participate in, has compelled me to write this article. When FB first came out, I was envious of all the beautiful nail art, impressed with the marketing abilities of many and thrilled in sharing moments of joy, of success and sometimes even sadness with not just family and friends, but also our Beauty Community. Growing up (in my Salon), I wasn't fortunate enough to have FB as a form or marketing, and I have thought many much more advanced I would have been to have a tool like FB....if used properly! Somewhere along the way, all that has been lost.  Sadly, I find myself scrolling through pages and pages of rudeness, meanness, bullying, disrespectfulness and just downright nasty comments about this, that or the other.  The language, the negativity, the topics of discussion which, in my opinion should be left off FB. I'm all for Freedom of Speech and I understand sometimes people just need to vent.  But, can we all just take a moment???? I mean the past 30 days....
  1. There's been a publicized fight between 2 very well know figures in our industry....airing it for all the world to see.  Just because someone makes a statement (good or bad) doesn't mean it has to be responded too.  And, personal issues and/or concerns should be handled personally.
  2. There's been nasty comments about Mfg's products.  Not good!  Not liking a brand is a personal preference.  What i've witnessed almost crosses the line into slander.
  3. Political!  I don't even want to go here. it or not, the choice has been made.  We don't have to constantly be reminded #notmypresident.  Follow the # rule....DO NOT TALK POLITICS OR RELIGION....EVER!
  4. Language.  The kind of language i've seen posted on FB recently is just downright embarrassing. 
  5. I've seen tears (through writings) on winners of contest due to haters?  Really?  What the heck?  This is OUR community...we build each other up, not tear each other down.
  6. Rudenss....OMG, so much of it.  Can we stop pushing the send button until we read and re-read....take that pause and "listen" to what we are writing?
I am very concerned about this viral staircase getting out of control.  ALL of us, (not just 1 of us) work very hard at our businesses, regardless of what type of business you have, and regardless of how big or small.

One negative comment, derogatory statement, ugly impression can kill the dream of someone instantly.......EVEN YOURS!

People read tone into anything that is put into writing.  I'm asking, as a concerned member of our Beauty Community.....can we all just "put the pencil down" for a few minutes?  Think about what you are writing, think about the replications, think about what you may be doing to someone else and even better....what you may be doing to yourself!

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Show Season is Here!

HaveYouHeard Complete heading

Centre for Beauty is crazy exited to be offering so much to our clients at the Premier Beauty Show 2017, Orlando Florida.  Booth # 4852

But, before we get into all our happenings, let's take a look at what show season is to us.  It's so easy to get caught up in the fun of our trade show season.  Here are a few insights into what to do, what to look for and what NOT to do.

These times are so different then when I was growing up in this industry.  We didn't have FB to connect with like minded people all over the world.  Meeting new people was a real struggle.  

Meetings leaders in our industry was virtually impossible unless you knew the "in" way to get to them.  Not anymore.  Your name is recognizable to many leaders of our industry because of FB, twitter and Instagram.  

  • Take advantage of that and make it a mission to personally meet many of the people you do follow.  All of which, are usually at more then one show.

Have a plan!  Why are you going?  Make your list and make sure you accomplish it.  Is it to take classes?  Find new products?  Purchase?  Whatever the reason, stay focused on that plan.  The days go by fast and there is nothing more disappointing then wanting to accomplish something and you forgot.  

  • Write it down, check the list off and review it several times over the course of the show.

I can remember my first few years attending the shows.  I thought everything was a deal.  I soon found out, that is not necessarily true.  Some Mfg's/Distributors will offer free shipping on certain $$$ amounts, but that doesn't mean the price you pay is any less than what you would normally pay.  Is it worth carrying the products around (for the same price) or having them crammed into luggage which you end up paying an additional cost for?  

  • Know your prices!

Participate in the demo's, they are so important for a various amount of reasons.  If you are interested in a product, this gives you the opportunity to test and feel what the product can do for you (and your clients).  Most demo's are offered for free by the Mfg and/or Distributor.  Take advantage of it.  Now...on the other side....

  • don't get a demo if you have absolutely no interest.  the Educators who work the trade shows are working hard and non-stop.  

If you know there is no possible chance you might purchase their products, leave the demo time to someone who really needs it.

  • Attend classes.  Many of the Mfg's and Distributors have FREE classes at the show which are included with your show ticket.  Plan ahead and make sure you have your questions ready.  Make the time in the class products by asking questions.  Again, prepare ahead of time and be ready.
  • Stay on budget....but be realistic.
If you think taking $50.00 to a show is all you need you'll be disappointed.  You need to allow yourself some spending money.  But, buyers remorse can be brutal after a trade show, so try to stay on budget. Some Mfg's/Distributors will honor the show special after the show.  However, the Mfg's/Distributors spend a lot of money just getting and participating in these shows...for YOU!  show your support.  Don't drill them down about "after show specials.  Support them while they are there.


So......what is Centre for Beauty offering?  

Stay tuned next week, you won't want to miss it

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Hawaii seeks Domestic Abuse training

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Senate Bill 518 and companion House Bill 680 would mandate all licensed Beauty Professionals complete a one-time, three-hour training program on intimate partner violence awareness and education.

Licensed Professionals would include Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Nails Technicians, instructors and barbers.  Hawaii State board members also want to include Massage Therapist

1/3 of women and 1/4 of men Nationwide have experienced violence from an intimate partner.  Most people who seek help, don't seek help because of domestic violence.  They seek help because they are having problems in their relationship.  However, once the door is open, it becomes clear what is really happening.

Therefore, it is the intent of this Bill to have as many people in a womans/mans life to have that "mirror" per se, to show the dynamics that he/she may not be seeing or knowing as abuse.

The class would train to look for signs of domestic violence as well as give resources for help.  Since relationships are discussed daily and we know as a Beauty Professional we wear several hats (Technician, counselor, friend), it would help to know not just what to look for but where to lead them.

Although Hawaii is looking at a 3-hour course, Illinois passed a similar law in 2016 which mandates a one-hour course on domestic violence and sexual assault.

There are still many questions in the air about this Bill.  Cost for one and the idea that this could be out of the limits of our license.  Plus, many other details such as would the licensee be liable for acting - or failing to act on a given situation?

What are your thoughts?  Could you pull the trigger on a client of yours involved in domestic violence?  Would this be breaking the "trust" factor we have with our clients?  Do you think this is an area us as Beauty Professionals should be involved in?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to email your thoughts and/or your stories to

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Follow up on Auto Clave and Sterilization

HaveYouHeard Complete heading   When I wrote my article a couple of weeks ago about an Auto Clave and Sterilization, I truly expected a ton of push back. Although I didn’t get the challenge I expected, I heard from 2 of the most leading authorities in the Foot Care/Nail Care market. Doug Schoon and Dr Spaulding. I must admit….when I see either of their names come into my email after I wrote an article, I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t get nervous. Are you kidding me? I’m a freaking mess. But, when I do open it, perspiring ferociously…..they are both so generous in their offering of information it truly makes my heart warm. To know, these two matriarchs of our industry take the time to comment, correct, add to or emphasize something in my article, only makes it better for you. Let me share with you, what I received from both; I personally reached out to Doug Schoon and asked him to review my article, before I went to print. But of course, I waited until the last minute so I went to print before I heard back from him. Here is his response;
  • An autoclave is also a sterilizer. I did not mention this in my article
  • UV sterilizers only work when UVC bulbs are used, so only some kinds of UV wavelengths are useful. But they don’t work well because the UV can’t get into small spaces, e.g. pivot points. Also, the implements must be turned to expose all sides. Although I didn’t mention UV in this detail, the article does state they can not be any hidden location for bacteria to grow
  • I don’t think any of these “clean”, so the implements must be precleaned. Noted
  • The side of the spectrum you should listen to are the state board requirement and the Center for Disease Control. My next project
  • Most states require disinfection, so sterilization can only be done on precleaned and disinfected implements, which is overkill. Interesting
  • The last I checked, CDC says autoclaves are the preferred method. Autoclaves are clearly the more effective of the two. AGREED
In addition, un a follow up email, he said "The nail industry is under siege largely because of salons that use incorrect methods." So True!                                                                                          I failed to reach out to Dr. Spaulding because I just flat ran out of time. Having both of them read through it for me, was my first plan. But I did received an email from Dr. Spauldng following the article after he read. This is what he has to say
  • a UV is not a "sterilizer" as it does not kill spores not matter what their information states and use of the word "sterilizer" associated with Dry heat Sterilizer should say Dry heat sterilizer as an autoclave is a "sterilizer as well.
He kindly wrote back There are new "UV" systems that are hospital based that pump UV ozone into a pressurized vessel that is over $100,000 for the operating unit.... Nothing like that is available for any salon nor would it be feasible to have one.

Both of these have provided me with an even bigger insight and understanding to Auto Claves and Sterilizers.

But what excites me even more is the interaction with my clients and my piers I get after writing an article. Especially one that many people are passionate about. I welcome your thoughts which I will share as I do my job to make an already great community even better.

Happy Disinfecting

Look for even more exciting news coming on our 1-2-3 step disinfection when you can’t afford to buy an auto clave

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There IS a difference in files we choose to use in our Salons?

In my early years of Foot Care at my Salon, all I knew from what I learned, is that my job was to make people feel pretty. We weren't trying to solve problems or identify skin conditions of the feet. We weren't talking with our clients about at home care between Pedicure visits. We were Pedicurist. By definition, we were caring for the feet by trimming the toenails. The pretty came in via a little bit of sloughing and a nice massage at the end. My how things have changed! Now, we are Foot Care Specialist. We take advanced classes on Advanced Pedicuring, Infection Control and Diabetic Foot Care. We learn about conditions of the skin, infections of the toenails and what we should and should NOT be doing as Pedicurist in our Salons. We work in Podiatry offices, we care for the Elderly, Diabetes is on the rise and we are presented with conditions of the nails and feet which......we never would learn in school. However, somehow along the way, we have failed to learn the basics. We go out of our way to learn about "products". We take classes to learn about "techniques". We bling, we ombre, we glitter and more. But, we don't pay much attention to the tools, the implements, the files........used in our Pedicure service. We have many different choices available to us these days. The pumice, Peel-n-stick files, cheese graters metal and Stainless Steel. And, I just have to add.....they are NOT paddles. Slap my B--- with a paddle, reduce my callouses with a file....thank you very much! Let's begin with; SANDPAPER OR GLASSPAPER-these are names used for a type of "coated" abrasives that consist of paper or cloth with abrasive material glued to the face. The abrasive which is glued to it, is the grit. Grit refers to the particle diameter. The larger the grit, the smaller the particle size. The smaller the grit, the coarser the particles are. The glue (or adhesive) used to bond the abrasive to the paper is different as well. Is it heat generated, is it waterproof? Can you use it wet? Or only dry? Using "sandpaper" whether it's 1X use, peel & stick or other is NOT safe for use in our Pedicure rooms! Grit particles, not seen by the naked eye are "falling" if you will, off of the paper it is glued to, during the filing process. Where it is going? In addition, let me share with you what I hear from many Technicians..... I perform a service on my client. When she/he leaves my chair the feet are smooth. Upon return the feet are rough and "split" Does this happen to you? Sandpaper shreds the skin, due to it's irregular heights. You can not see it, but it IS leaving tiny, little micro tears on the skin which, over time will produce rough, cracked skin. SANDPAPER SHOULD BE LEFT FOR SMOOTHING FINISHES FOR PAINTING PUMICE-A gray stone that comes from volcanoes. It is full of small holes, is very light weight and is used for smoothing. Okay, great...used for smoothing. But, it can also have very sharp, jagged edges. And, it is also a soft stone which tiny particles can break off and not be seen by the naked eye. Consider this; Pumice is used as an abrasive in pencil erasers, a traction enhancer in tire rubber, an absorbent in cat litter and a lightweight filler for pottery clay....just to name a few. Pumice can disintegrate. Pumice leaves tiny micro tears on the skin which, over time will produce rough, cracked skin. My biggest concern with Pumice however, is cleanliness. Did you know? Pumice has to be used wet or it can damage the skin? Pumice has to be rinsed frequently under warm, running water to wash away skin cell flakes AND prevent the pumice from drying out? Pumice has to be cleaned after every use (this means after each foot) A toothbrush with soap is recommended to be used for "several" minutes and then rinsed well in warm, running water (again, after each foot) Pumice can NOT be sterilized because of the porous nature of the material. Pumice has many dark and caverness hiding places for nasties to grow. AND......Pumice MUST be air dried completely before storage. If left wet, it is a breading ground for growth of fungus. SATAN'S PARMESAN GRATER-I'm sorry, need I say more? Educating our clients is the key to solving the problem on how wonderful their feet are after receiving a pedicure with use of a parmesan grater. It IS instant gratification AND in our Society of "what's in it for me, I want it NOW"......they truly are being taken advantage of. Parmesan Graters - SHRED THE SKIN Skin comes back faster AND thicker after use of a PG It is NOT safe for the elderly a diabetic or for ANYONE STAINLESS STEEL-Lesson #1. Not all stainless steel is created equal. Steel is a combination of iron and carbon. However, other metals like tungsten, vanadium,, manganese and chromium and nickel is also used. There are different grades and surface finishes of stainless steel, and it is important to have certain properties in order for the stainless steel to be corrosion resistant. In addition, if a steel is heat treated, coated, formed or forged, a thinner material can be used. A thin file can indicate a higher carbon content of steel which, is not the ultimate for cleaning. This would be an indication of NOT being a high grade surgical steel and cannot be completely cleaned or sterilized. Surface coating (nickel or chromium) can penetrate the application through the micro abrasions of irregular heights of file surface from forming what creates high areas for micro abrasions. Heat treating splits the cold rolled steel creating fissure or cracks allowing nasties to hide and grow and allows for the material to become bridle. These types of files again, cannot be 100{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} cleaned and sterilized In fact, the highest quality stainless steel can be cleaned again and again where the cleaning will never compromise the integrity of the file. Lower quality steel loses it's cleaning bill of health. I also found out that when a file is made in the USA there is a certification required to verify the quality of the material. Every run (not just 1X per year) has to go through rigid testing on it's complete makeup. A list of alloys and their percentages are submitted for proper certification and the metal needs to meet EPA requirements for public health and safety. This means....if a Company is making the claim they are 100{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} Surgical (or Medical Grade) Stainless Steel They can only be made in the USA Out of the Country made "stainless steel" files making this claim.....may be FALSE advertising or cannot be verified, based on USA consistent and vareifiable standards. GLASS FILES-Full transparency! I could find absolutely nothing on glass files and how they are made. I welcome anyone who has this information to please share. Why the talk on files? We MUST begin talking about our tools and implements. We MUST be educated to educate our clients! We MUST realize and completely understand......price should not be an issue when it comes to using the proper tools in our Pedicure rooms! Centre for Beauty is starting a campaign to help our their clients.
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My schedule since December 2015 has changed drastically. When I made the decision to bring the LCN Urea products into my business, I sincerely didn't realize the impact it would immediately have. Mind you, when I began my research to add a new product line back in April 2015, I knew adding a new line would be challenging and a bit more time consuming. After all, my Footlogix business was in full swing and going well. What I didn't realize was the overwhelming need for a product like the LCN Urea foot care. I've been going along for several years growing with the same products i've had since the inception of Centre for Beauty, All About Feet. I never ventured out of the box or took the blinders off and expanded my horizons. I guess why I started this topic is because is the first day in a very long time that I was able to spend a day with my husband to accomplish many personal things that have been put on the back burner for so long. We spent some quality time together. Unfortunately, a very are occurence. As I end up here towards the end of the day on my patio cleaning and organizing....I am listening to the music channel on the TV. I can't even begin to remember the last time it was that I listened to music. So, maybe i'm feeling sentimental. Maybe i'm feeling grateful. Maybe i'm feeling all of the above. But, the fact that I am able to slow down and feel an amazing feeling. Does business have you feeling down? Do you feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do? Are you dealing with personal issues? Whatever it is, take some time to stop and listen to the music. You'll gain clarity. You'll feel a sense of relief. You'll feel refreshed to conquer the next trial or tribulation that comes your way. Excited to share our BAREFOOT webinar scheduled for May 1, 2016 Learn the details of how to provide restoration and beautification services to your clients while adding $$$ to your bottom line. Click here to register
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