Are you ready to Spring into Summer?

Isn’t it crazy? The New Year begins and we feel like we have a whole year ahead of us…when suddenly we are springing forward and having to prepare for our summer Business.  Where does the time go?

After our Missing Pieces class this past week, I was speaking with one of the attendees. I shared with her, when I do my classes, it isn’t just for the attendees…it’s for me. We all need reminders, inspiration, motivation etc,  in an effort to keep going and stay motivated. Our Missing Pieces class covered Confidence, Passion, Motivation, Goal setting, Visions, Referrals, Retail…and so much more!

What I was teaching was not anything I could give the answers to. Each attendee had their own issues, concerns and mental blocks. All I could do was try to target their areas of weakness and lift them up. And, get them to think on their own.

This may sound easy however, when our minds are spinning with 100’s of things we want to accomplish, it’s easy to forget the path to get there. One step at a time or as I always say…it’s a big elephant, you can’t eat it all at once.

Before we even finish up the tail end of the Holiday Season and the start of our Spring season, we need to begin preparing for Summer….our greatest season.

We’ve missed opportunity at this point for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. It’s time to write our plan for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July. As well as the closure of schools and the re-opening come August. Yes…we do have to plan that far in advance. Why? Because preparation is key!

What can we do?

My very first action this time of year is a Spring cleaning.

  • If you haven’t already, there is no better time than Spring to deep clean. To me deep cleaning is baseboards, fans, doors and door handles. It also includes a complete wipe down of windows, shelving, chairs, mirrors. Anything standing or screwed to the floor and/or walls. It also includes inside drawers, polish bottles, retail products, sundry containers etc.
  • I usually take this time of year to replace any visibly damaged tools and/or instruments and equipment. Are my bits jammed with product, is my nail brush looking pretty sad. Does my equipment need to be thoroughly cleaned and/or, is it time for a new one?
  • Lastly, yet most important, is it time for me to review sanitation practices so everyone on my entire team is on the same page.

For me, it’s all of the above AND getting rid of clutter. There truly is nothing better than cleaning and clearing my head so I can think clearly about my short term future.

What else should you do in preparation for the summer season? 

Summertime is a popular time for pedicures and of course bright colors and fun designs. It Is also a time when many families take their vacations since the kids are out of school. This includes time for you and your family.

Is it time for you to Review your schedule!

  • Do you need to adjust your schedule? It’s not a bad thing to adapt to the seasons when it comes to your schedule. You need to take time with your Family and take time for you.
  • Many of your existing clientele will be changing their schedules as well. Will you be able to accommodate their requirements?
  • Summer is a popular time for walk-ins in many parts of our Country due to vacationers and/or seasonal visitors. I always thought this was a great time to bring on a new hire. Someone who can be available because they aren’t booked yet. And, give them hands on experience they may need.

I think we forget how flexible we can be. This doesn’t mean our schedules are all over the place to accommodate. It may be a temporary change that can really make a big difference in your bottom line.


There is no better time than now to learn your retail and make sure you are educated at how to promote it.

Educating your clients about the importance of keeping the skin on their feet healthy during the summer months, is crucial.

Our clients are wearing sandals and flip flops and worse yet, walking barefoot. They want to have those little piggies exposed after being cooped up in socks and shoes/boots for the past 6 months.

However, this exposure doesn’t come without problems especially if they have dry, cracked skin. Any portal of entry for microbes, bacteria or viruses to enter puts them at risk. AND, not to mention wearing open toe, open heeled shoes WILL present them with dryer skin.

The importance of at home care maintenance is never as important as it is during the summer months. Not just for them, for you as well. Well maintained skin on the feet makes your job so much easier and so much more pleasant.

Don’t forget the hands

Now is the perfect time for you to consider offering hand/arm treatments. There are many (and we have them) products designed for protecting the hands and arms during the radical rays of the summer (and tops of feet).

The sun dries us out. The sun causes brown spots and sunburning which ages the skin a whole lot faster. Treat your clients to hand services and teach them what to do at home, out in the sun, to protect them. It truly is any easy way to benefit from a new revenue stream of income.

Lastly, think about it this way. Have you ever gone into a Department store in October BEFORE Halloween and notice Thanksgiving decorations available?

These stores are gearing up for season after season way before the season begins. Are you?

If you think March is too early to begin thinking about your summer Business….you will be left behind. I’ve been there done that. In our Business you have to think ahead, plan ahead in an effort to reap the most rewards available to us.

As entrepreneurs, you have a choice. Stay stagnant where you are offering the same thing over and over again, or dare to be different. Which one are you?

CJ Murray, President

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