Will your clients adapt to waterless pedicures?


Will clients adapt to waterless or dry pedicures, is for sure the most often asked question of 2022.

It appears to me, the decision to move our clients out of the soaking process, is becoming more prevalent.

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The reasons why vary from;

  1. I want to be more clinical
  2. Soaking isn’t healthy
  3. It would be easier
  4. I want to introduce wellness pedicures
  5. and more!

The questions however are the same;

  1. Will my clients like it?
  2. Do I charge the same?
  3. What products do I use?

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Let’s get something very clear first.

Just because you eliminate water, doesn’t mean you are less educated, use less products and spend less time. Your value isn’t based on water. Therefore…..pricing should be determined on all of the above, not on whether you soak or not.

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In addition, whether or not you do a water soak pedicure or a waterless pedicure, doesn’t make your pedicure more clinical or even more luxurious.

It’s everything you do and how you do it in the service along with how you present whether pedicures would be classified as clinical or luxurious.

Products may matter by name or scent only…. however, even with scentless products and medically named products, a pedicure service can still be made luxurious.

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When we perform demo’s at our trade shows, we do a dry service.

  • We spray the foot to clean and sanitize (or use our Footlogix wipes)
  • We use our callus softening product (most recently sa’SHá) on the calluses and the cuticles
  • We exfoliate (LCN exfoliating cream)
  • We apply a mask to the bottom of the foot (LCN foot mask)
  • We use LCN urea 10% foot cream to finalize our service.

This demo is quick. Yet the end result is enough for our potential clients to see and feel what our products do.  Enough so they either purchase immediately, come back later or the next day because they just can’t believe how great their feet feel.

If this is the result we get in a demo, imagine when you took time to really give them a full pedicure….with out soaking.

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I can only speak to the brands we represent sa’SHá, LCN, Footlogix, Podosafe. Using great, effective products in the pedicure room…is the key.

I would venture to say however, most brands could be used the same way.

After all, you’ve heard me say this a million times…a pedicure, is a pedicure, is a pedicure….We

  • Cleanse
  • Manicure
  • Exfoliate
  • Massage

It’s everything you do and what you use, which makes it your own.

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  • Maybe you will replace your water with a steamer – share this information
  • Maybe you will apply a mask to the bottom of the foot on every pedicure – tell them
  • Maybe you will be performing a longer massage – let them know

Keep any Debbie Downer information out of the conversation. Water can get contaminated and cause infection, It just takes up too much of my time, I don’t like the mess etc. etc.

Any downer excuse you give them will give them the urge to go elsewhere to find someone who still does water soak pedicures…if that’s what they want. They won’t care about the consequences.

However, if you talk of all the positive reasons you made this decision…THAT’S what they focus on. You have to make them WANT to give your new service a try. The rest is up to you!

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    I just want to bring up a couple of points worth mentioning.

    Whether you perform a water soak pedicure or you perform a waterless pedicure, doesn’t make one or the other more safe.

    • If you clip the toenails incorrectly, an infection can occur either way
    • If you use the wrong foot file, you can still shred the feet….either way
    • If you use an efile and aren’t trained properly, you can hurt someone either way.
    • If you don’t ask the right questions prior to your service, you can put yourself at risk either way

    Are you getting my point? It isn’t what you call it that matters. It isn’t whether or not you soak. It IS being educated and informed that really matters. Inform yourself, inform your clients.

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    Digressing back to the title of this article…Will my clients adapt to a dry/waterless pedicure?

    Clients will adapt to just about anything IF you communicate with them. I find they really don’t like surprises, especially if they have been a loyal client of yours for a long time.

    Just like you would (or should) if you were heading to a trade show, or taking a class, you should be talking about the class. Build excitment before it actually happens.

    You can build excitement and curiosity. If done right, your clients will be asking to book a Pedicure service with you, “with the new procedure”.


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    Don’t forget about my new Infection Prevention book. If you are looking to improve your standards, be the best you can be. This manual is for you. Your entire team should be educated on infection control. It’s a great resource.

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    1. You are absolutely right. keeping the negative consequences out of the conversation, and focusing on the positive is great advice. Great article!

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