Call it what you want…it is what it is!

This is not a new topic to me, yet as with most of my blogs inspiration comes to me in many forms. I realize I can repeat some of my topics, as our outlook on topics can change. Whether that change is from growth or just opening our minds to something different, it doesn’t matter.

Call it what you want;

  • Pedicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Medi Pedi
  • Medical Pedicure
  • Luxury Pedicure
  • Dry Pedicure
  • Waterless Pedicure
  • Etc. etc.

It is what it is;

Care of the feet, toes and nails. In much earlier times the definition of a pedicure was Manicuring of the toenails, exfoliating, massage.

However you look at it, whatever you call it. A pedicure does consist of 3 basic things;

  • Making the toenails look good
  • Making the skin look good
  • Making our clients feel good

I so often speak with Technicians whom are spending so much time trying to determine what to name their service or services.

I also speak with Technicians who question whether they want to use water, go water free, use a steamer or heated towels.

And, I speak with Technicians whom want to offer Bracing services, Toenail restoration along with managing hang nails and corns.

The question is always “what to do, what to do?”

After 35 years in this Industry with the majority of it behind the chair, and the countless number of conversations I’ve had with Technicians….I am 100% convinced, if I were to EVER open another Salon (probably not)….yet IF…..I know exactly what I would do.

I wouldn’t limit myself

I’ve learned a lot over my 35 years and we know, the feet of 50 years ago, is not the same feet as today. We are so much more abusive to our feet than ever. Besides improper shoe wear, we walk barefoot, we don’t maintain hydration and we are the worst for poor nutrition. ALL of which affects the wear and tear on our feet….specifically the skin.

One of the protocols we never did is our client consultation. I was in this Business for 21 years before I learned the importance of a client consultation. Such a no-brainer yet, it was never on my radar, nor the radar of anyone else during that time.

My consultation would be different.

  • I would request my 1st time clients to send me a picture of their toenails and their feet, specifically the heels.
  • Once the picture was received, I would call and do a verbal conversation. I would ask about health conditions. I would ask about current home care maintenance. I would ask what they expect out of my service.

This would all be done before they even scheduled an appointment.

With this information, I can tailor my service for each individual person. I would offer a “Pedicure” which is specific to you. And, I would price it accordingly.

I wouldn’t be put on the spot of answering questions. I would do my research “if needed” and have an answer for every question and/or as you are performing an upgraded toenail restoration, you can explain why and what the benefits are. You can discuss how to use the Mykosept Nail Tincture (or whatever brand you use) and the importance of using it.

They know the price before they get there. If it’s too much, they move on and you find the next client. The ones who care about their feet, are the ones who realize the importance of good foot care. It’s not just about the pretty.

I would make sure I was experienced in both clinical and luxury pedicures. I would want the variety and I wouldn’t be doing target advertising to just one(1) market.

I would use one(1) product base. I would probably use LCN however, Footlogix would be a very close 2nd. They each offer what I want, yet they are very different. Strange.

I would have heated towels, or a steamer, or both. I would offer anti-aging treatments, golden girl mask, sports pedicure….I would do them all.

I’m sure many of you are wondering and shaking your heads no. That’s a lot of inventory, purchase of sundries. Your not wrong.

However, it’s not as costly as you think and the way I look at pedicures is;

We have our seasons. They are great. We have Our off seasons as well. It never is that all services are up and all are down. It is always, one service is up and one service is down.

Having the variety;

  • Keeps you busy year round
  • Keeps income steady
  • Offers variety so you don’t get bored
  • Make you different than anyone else

So…whats the name of your Pedicure?

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CJ Murray, President

3 thoughts on “Call it what you want…it is what it is!”

  1. I just found you through Elite and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been in an industry for about over 20 years and I am so happy I found you. I can’t wait to learn more and upgrade my services. I needed some kind of motivation and something different. I can’t wait to learn about your products.

    1. I am happy you found us also :). Be sure to sign up for our newsletter. We have a class I’m getting ready to post called our Missing Pieces class. Sounds exactly what you need. I’m looking either October or November. Did our first one for the year in March and it was awesome. Welcome….

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