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YOU make the Trade Shows possible!

As you read this, my team and I are just beginning to work the Premiere Birmingham trade show. It's two(2) full days of demo's, teaching, talking. Non-stop from 9am till 6pm.

As I'm doing my last minute errands before I leave, i'm thinking about all the things that make a trade show work. I'm thinking about all the opportunities we have, as Beauty Professionals and why, we as Distributors or Mfg's., do what we do.

It's a pretty amazing cycle to be honest with you. And, I would venture to say.....most of you have no idea. So, let me share! this till the end, i'm sharing a couple of our

best Trade show specials with you.

Centre for Beauty Premiere

Up to a year in advance, we are already being approached by the Trade Show organizers to register.  If you want the same location as prior best sign on the dotted line immediately.

And oh.....this also includes putting down your 50% deposit to reserve.

Think about this.  The Trade show organizers are sitting on 100's and 1000's of dollars for up to 1 year.

In addition, we are also approached by the accommodations organizers.  If you have any chance at all in staying in a location near the venue....yup, you need to reserve a reservation.

It's a reservation being held by credit card.  No monies is involved at this time.  However, you do have to speculate how many rooms you might need because you have to make sure you can accommodate your entire team.

Hotel centre for beauty

There is usually a couple months of quiet time (if that even exists), until you have to start thinking;

What is my budget

Who is my team going to be

How much product am I going to bring to the show

Will I introduce anything new

Can I get any of my Mfg's to assist

Do I need to order any marketing materials

Am I going to do anything different in my booth

Do I have to order any more banners/signage

What specials am I going to offer

How am I going to get product to the show

Do I have to book any flights?

The list can go on forever

Right around the 3 months mark (before the show), all the thinking you have been doing has to come into fruition.

We anticipate, based on past history what we will need for products.  Personally, I like to give my Mfg's an idea of what I will need from them at a particular time.  this allows enough time for them to be prepared, so i'm not shorted something on my order.

I also solidify who my team will be and what I am choosing to offer at the show.  This process happens over about a 2 month period.

I also begin talk with my graphics coordinator about new signage, new promotional materials and materials for new items.  This also takes place over a period of time, typically towards the end of the 2nd month into the 3rd.

I am not a last minute person.  Managing these projects over 3 months is just about around the right time to meet deadlines in a comfortable manner.

Pedicure Urea

We can't forget managing of the Education.  I always feel it's a good time to offer Education since there's a bunch of Beauty professionals in one place at one time.

Centre for Beauty typical offers a free class at the show.  We highlight Urea Foot Care in a classroom setting with a bonus segment of offering a private demo.

The work involved in hosting one of these classes isn't difficult, just time consuming.  We have to;

  • Reserve the classroom with the Show coordinators
  • Reserve the equipment if necessary
  • Right up a Bio for the booklet
  • Write a class description
  • Prepare a powerpoint presentation
  • Prepare a product list

Many times also, we offer an addendum to the show classes by staying an extra day or coming in a day early for a paid Professional class.

In this case, Centre for Beauty is offering a toenail restoration class the day after the show.

Toenail Restoration class $189.00

Hilton Garden Inn - Lakeshore @ Wildwood Cr. N

The class preparation is different as it includes payment.  It also includes class materials, a whole different type of powerpoint presentation, a paid classroom location and more importantly, a process in an effort to get the class filled.

As the last couple of weeks approach us.  It really get's intense.  We are thinking of all the last minute items we need to address.  We are following up with shippers, vendors, name it, to make sure everything prepared is done in a timely fashion.....meaning ON TIME.

Flights have been booked, hotels are reserved, products are being received, packing is in process, trucking is reserved and we are beginning to get our show game on.

The stress is building, the anxiety is high and before we even leave the building, we can't wait for it to be over.  LOL

Finish line

Now the time has come.  We manage to make it through all the prep and it's time for the grueling, physically exhausting, hot (they don't turn the AC on), mentally exhausting set up time.

If it weren't for YOU though, none of this would exists.  YOU give us the opportunity to share our goods, share our education, our experience. YOU give us the motivation to plunge ahead so we can help YOU build your Business.  We continue with our education, so we can continue to educate YOU.

Through all of it, we are excited.  We see people we haven't seen in a year.  We meet new clients, put faces to names and form relationships which makes this Beauty Industry the wonderful community it is.

As a Thank You for your support, your encouragement, your continued need for new products, new ideas and new ways to grow your Business, i would like to extend the following special to you.

We have expanded our Trade Show space to bring you something which has never been done before (that I know of).  A Spa Luxury experience.

We offer Demo's but we have never offered a true Spa Luxury experience.  At Premiere Birmingham attendees will witness a complete Anti Age treatment.  They will experience the luxury of our Spa Bali product while sitting in a Contego Spa Design chair, finished with our Anti Age treatment under our Golden Girl mask.

The ultimate in a Spa Experience

Designed to show you how to more $$$$ in your Foot Care room


Since this is our last show of the year 2018, we want to offer you the show deals on the following items.

Don't wait though......Show deals only last through Friday October 26th, 2018.

  • Spa Bali Relax Mask w/Spa Bali Massage Cream
    • DEAL $30.00 Savings $5.90
  • Golden Girl mask w/2 AA ampoules plus Wrinkle remove expert
    • DEAL $185.00 Savings $21.00
  • Golden Girl mask w/2 AA ampoules plus Studio skin expert
    • DEAL $295.00 Savings $36.00
  • Anti Age treatment kit w/Wrinkle remove expert
    • DEAL $175.00 Savings $20.00
  • Anti Age treatment kit w/Studio skin expert
    • DEAL $290.00 Savings $30.00

All deals are available on our website

Pro code CFB2015

Golden Girl wWRE
Golden Girl wSSE
Anti Age wWRE
Anti Age wSSE

CJ Murray, President

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Holiday Gift Time!

Don't hate do realize it's that time of year to order your Holiday Gifts for your clients and for what your clients can buy from you?
Gifts, what is it and who thought of it anyway?
By definition- A gift given willingly to someone without payment.

When it comes to this time of year, I think we all feel a little obligated to give gifts. Personally, I never really liked the gift idea because it does become an obligation. We gift on Birthday's, Christmas, Showers and more because in Society we have been taught and/or brainwashed that Gifts on any occasion should be given. I feel a Gift is more of a Gift when it's unexpected.

In looking at the definition of Gift, "willingly and without payment" sticks out at me. If you are thinking about giving client gifts, it has to be because you want to, not because you feel you have to. And, you must realize, there is a cost involved for these gifts with no monetary return. However, the ROI received, cannot be calculated. Especially when the gift is thought provoking, usable and memorable.



One of the best gifts I gave to my clients when I owned my Salon, is something totally unrelated to our Industry.  An ornament!

I ordered my ornaments from "Oriental Trading".  They had some really great selections and when bought in bulk, were fairly inexpensive.

You can't just get any ornament.  Again, it has to be thought provoking.

One year I gave crystal hearts.  A great way to tell my clients I love them.....which, I did.

What you have to be careful about, are the other Holidays of clients who don't celebrate Christmas.  That's why the hearts were such a great theme.  It was pretty neutral.

This gift was a little more costly, but the retail sales which followed afterwards, more than made up for it.

I gave a travel size hand cream and foot cream combo.  I tried to get flavors conducive to the Holiday and the clients loved it.

For those clients who received them earlier in the season, they wanted to buy them as gifts for friends, their own clients and/or stocking stuffers.  It was a win win situation.

Centre for Beauty has the LCN creams available again this year. Baked Apple Cinnamon, Pinewood, Prestige and Butter Cookie Vanilla, are all available for purchase.

The 50ml size is perfect for travel. Buy them at an amazing price, and package a single cream in a little gift bag, placed under your tree with your clients name on them.

Put your Santa hat on, when you gift it to your client.

Christmas cream duo

Hand cream Butter cookie vanilla

Before my Salon days, the Salon I frequented to get my nails done offered a Gift Certificate book for 12 months worth of savings.

This is a great way to get your clients to try new services, and to cross promote within your own Salon.

Some ideas are;

  • January - 10$ off Massage
  • February - 10% off all Gift Certificates
  • March - Buy 1 retail item receive 2nd item at 1/2 off
  • April - 10% off a Foot Care service
  • May - 10% off a Nail Care service
  • June - 10% off a Hair Care service
  • July - Bring in a friend - receive 10% off your service (and they do to)
  • August - Nail art design - receive 1 Free
  • September - Anti Age series - 1 FREE with purchase of 4
  • October - 10% off a Facial service
  • November - 10% of a retail item
  • December - MERRY CHRISTMAS

These are just some recommendations and/or thoughts, you really have to tailor it to your services, your Salon.

You also have to state the stipulations

  • Only 1 coupon per month designated
  • Not combined with any other special
  • Expires month end of month indicated
  • Non-transferrable
  • No cash value - can not be traded in
  • Can not be applied to non-designated service

You have to make sure you cover all your bases.  The great thing about this idea, is no cash outlay on the onset, and it's the gift that keeps on giving.  In addition, as I said earlier, it will stimulate clients to try other services.

It's a win win!

Cuticle oil

3 phase NO display

Another idea that always went over well was a cuticle oil and/or conditioner.  There are so many available from simple 8ml sizes, to cuticle pens which, are all easy to carry in a purse.

Centre for Beauty has three(3) different options.  For the month of October, we are offering 10% OFF

  • Nail oil 8ml
  • 3Phase nail oil
  • Tea Tree cuticle pen (includes 3 replacement heads)
  • Bamboo cuticle pen

Nail Polish is always a great gift as well.  A small 8ml size doesn't set you back a whole lot and if you are thinking about adding nail polish for sale, it's great way to introduce the brand to your clients.

Centre for Beauty offers the 8ml LCN brand of polish.  It's free of everything you can think of, Soy-Gluten-Formadahyde-Paraben free and Cruelty free and it's a Vegan polish.

You can buy the new Holiday sets which gives you 6 polishes (only give your clients one(1)), or you can purchase them separately and choose whatever color you want.

Take a look at the color chart and preorder yours today.  You want to make sure you begin passing gifts out to your clients by November.

Nail Polish

Nail polish LCN43179-263

Gift giving is personal, and should be rewarding.

One year I took clippings of my "Christmas Cactus" and made 35 starter plants.  I wrapped them in red foil with a red bow and that was my gift for my clients.

They loved them, and many are still thriving and have grown quite big and healthy.

Another year, I spent a whole day making chocolate covered pretzel sticks.

I wrapped red saran wrap around the ends with a bow, and viola.......thoughtful, personal AND edible.

It was so well received, it has become a tradition of which I make extra and bring to my neighbors on Christmas Eve.  Wearing my Santa hat of course.

Soooooo...who's idea was it anyway?

According to Curious History

Origins of Gift Giving

The giving of gifts may be one of the oldest of human activities that pre-dates civilization and may go back to the origin of our species. Even in primitive cavemen culture, the giving of gifts was fairly common as it was used to show love and affection towards one another. The bestowing of gifts was also inferred as a status symbol when leaders of tribes or clans would show their appreciation for the contributions of those who were part of an important achievement. At Gifts Ready To Go, you will find many gifts ideas to help you find the perfect gift for any occasion and connect with people around you.

Whether it was an unusually shaped rock, a tooth from an animal, the bark from a tree or some other item that was natural in origin, the giving of gifts was certainly common behavior long before we became an advanced civilization. As tools were developed, the gifts started to become more elaborate, for example holes were drilled into animal teeth and stones so they could be displayed on necklaces and many other objects were fashioned as well.

Later during the Egyptian era, gifts were most notably given to their pharaohs who built massive pyramids to store their wealth for afterlife and produced idols to support their beliefs of idol worship. In Roman times people would present each other with good luck tokens, which lasted for centuries and later influenced all of Western civilization onwards. Such tokens of good luck were used as presents to carry favors and show allegiance, which is still the case today.

By the Medieval age, gifts were used to secure the personal favor of the king or show allegiance in times of war. Also, personal gifts of betrothals were given as dowries which ranged from coins to precious metals to a herd of cattle, goats or sheep. In many cultures, dowries and other similar expressions still exist today.

Today gift giving is still part of our everyday culture and defines who we are and the message we want to send with our gift. Gifts are given for all occasions and celebrations and are a means of us communicating with each other and expressing ourselves.

The Psychology Behind Gift Giving

Today, gift giving is spread across all cultures around the world, from celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, offering good luck, best wishes for getting well, showing love and affection, or just saying thanks. Gifts are given to family members, friends, those we work with and even neighbors who receive gifts of all different types. There are large industries dedicated to creating and selling gifts that allow people even in the busiest of times to find the right type of present to give someone for many different reasons and occasions.

The psychology of why gift giving is so rewarding is simple it allows people to connect. The giver of a gift expresses their feelings and emotions by sending a gift with the hope of being able to share these with the receiver of the gift. The receiver of the gift in turn receives the feelings and emotions and with this a connection is made. Making connections with people around us gives us a sense of purpose and feeling of satisfaction. This feeling is one that enlightens the soul and brings out the best in us. There is an old saying “it is better to give than receive” and it has a special meaning especially when the realization of the benefits that it provides to those who give.

Why is it Important To Give Gifts?

There has been a considerable amount of research over the years into the feelings of wellbeing that occurs when we give gifts to those we care about. From as early as cavemen days gift giving has been rewarding which may be the reason it has stood the test of time. Here are some reasons as to why:

We Feel Happy: Simply put, the giving of gifts can make a person feel happier about themselves as well as to the person that has received their gift. In studies were people were asked to give gifts as a part of an experiment, the result was that people actually felt better and happier about their own lives.

Improve State of Mind: Research suggests that giving gifts may improve a person’s state of mind. If giving a gift makes you feel happier with a sense of purpose then this may inevitably improve your state of mind.

Greater Social Connection: By giving a gift, you not only expressing your feelings but building a stronger connection to that person as well. Not only does the person receiving the gift feel closer to the giver, but vice versa as well. This greater social connection also means an improvement in the state of being as well as overall happiness.

It’s Contagious: When a person starts giving gifts, not only will the recipient become more likely to give, those around them who see this act will start giving as well. This is in part due to the release of the endorphins, which not only benefits the giver, but is also felt by those who receive and see the act of giving as well.

Visit for more interesting articles on the history of aromatherapy, cast iron teapots, silk flower arrangements and more.

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CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray, President

Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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Influence or Influencer

My oh my oh my.  It has been several months now, I have removed myself from the constant grind of Social Media.

Don't get me wrong, I still participate for the purpose of Business Building.  I answer questions i'm tagged in.  I respond to messages.

What I don't do however, is participate in to many threads.  I've learned Social Medial can be downright belittling, nasty, shocking, mean and very very sad.  It can be disappointing, it can be stressful and it can be  haven for bullying.




The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.


AN Influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.



The connection to Influence vs Influencer and this article is to first address what can happen on Social Media.

A thread I caught recently began as an innocent question on Social Media which turned into something ugly, yet beautiful.

The 1st amendment allows our voice to be heard.  

By definition it  allows us the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint


What it doesn't do is help us understand that words hurt!

In some ways I guess to influence and to be an influencer are much of the same thing.  Someone or something brings awareness to someone or something and helps us decide what to do.

The primary difference , by definition, an influencer gets paid high dollars for "influencing" people

In both cases, be it the person who influences or the influencer, it is usual someone who has worked countless hours of discovering his or her image.  Someone who has spent countless hours of building his or her "brand".  This "brand" recognition does not come easy.  It is non-stop studying, perfecting and maintaining a high level of standards expected by those of us who follow.

It can be fun, there may be some perks, but it also can be tedious.

Many of you may not know that my Business is within a Business.  I rent warehouse and office space from some very special people who I consider B2B partners, and friends.  Life of Riley Salon Supply, promoting primarily hair products.


I've been blessed with the relationships i've formed and i've been lucky enough to have learned a lot about the differences in our Industries.  Yes, hair and nails are within the same industry, yet......they are not at all treated the same.


I could get into the various amount of differences, but for the purpose of this article, I think it's worth sharing the very minimum amount of cruelty I see and/or hear regarding social media.


In hair we see before and after of many creations.  Whether it be color, cut, extensions etc. I see tons of compliments and support.   What I don't see is the ridicule, the callous remarks, the belittling, the nastiness, the lack of support.


However, when it comes to our nail industry, it's the complete opposite.  I am constantly seeing the negativity, the jealousy, the lack of Professionalism.


I've worked for many years,, in fact I have made it my mission to take us Nail Technicians from the bottom of the totem pole and put us on the top.  This is a big nut to crack and it can't be done alone.  All of us have to contribute.  We have to look like Professionals, talk like Professionals, act like Professionals.


We have to support each other.  We have to learn how to express our opinions, our thoughts without hurtful expressions or comments.  We have to support the differences between us and raise the bar on the image of our Nail Society.

Every single one of us either influence or is an influencer.

 We are being watched, we are being heard.  

We all need to set the example.

It may sound like i'm rambling.  I'm not.


I'm saddened by what I recently saw, but i'm also elated to have seen the tremendous amount of support which followed.


I am also hopeful that in some way i'm able to influence those of you who read my blogs in a positive manner.  I hope I help you think about the various amount of options which are available in our Industry.  I hope I am able to teach you something you maybe didn't know prior to reading my blog.  I hope I have a positive influence on your growth.

Have you thought lately about who you can or who you already do influence?

CJ Murray

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Is it time to do a Customer Service check?

As we begin to leave summer behind us and enter into the fall season, the final quarter of the year…it’s customary for me to look back upon the year and reflect on where I am personally and Professionally.

It’s been a been a busy year to say the least.  The economy is good and many of you are the reason I can reflect back on a positive, successful and exciting year.

Centre for Beauty has added many new products.  Some within our existing Mfg’s brands and some new brands all together.  Everything we choose to bring in is a methodical decision based on what I hear are the needs of my clients.

Some of them are a result of my clients frustrated with the lack of customer service or the lack of proficiency in responding to email or phone call request from other sources.

Whatever the reason is, Customer Service is the basis of my article today.  As we head into the busy Holiday Season, how do you maintain the great customer service you offer your clients all year long.  How do you maintain your sanity through all the craziness, how do you come out of the season a better Business, a better Person with a stronger foundation to conquer the new year?

I must admit, as my Business grows it does become a bit more challenging.  But….the one thing I am very good at doing is knowing when I have to regroup.  I believe that is the #1 key.  We must be able to realize when it’s just too over whelming and be able to literally sit back, take a deep breath, put yourself in time out and regroup.

It is also important to always remember who got your where you are today. This has always been a bone of contention with me.  In my other life as an owner of an Office Supply store (3), when the big guys like Workplace/Staples, Office Depot came into the picture, the large Mfg’s ( like 3M ) forgot who put them on the map.  It was so unsettling as a small Business owner.  We had 8 trucks on the road and all of a sudden our clients thought is was such a great idea to be able to go through this large warehouse and pick up their own products.  It quickly had a huge impact on our Business.  Then…..a couple of years down the road, these same Companies offering this “come pick your own” service, now introduce “Delivery”.  WOW…what a concept.  In the meantime, because of their volume the Mfg’s helped them wipe us all off the map.  At one time there were 96 office supply dealers in our general area.  After the introduction of the big box stores, there were 2.

My point is, I have several single owner Businesses/Technicians whom I will offer the same great Customer Service as I do for my larger accounts.  I make a point to never forget they are the ones who put me on the map.  I try to offer things like our Free Freight Friday to express my appreciation.  And, I try my hardest to be proficient in responding to their calls, emails, text etc.


Kindness - yup, another simple thing to remember.  The busier we get the more the little things become annoying things.  I know we can all relate.  However, we must always remember who is on the other end.  When I owned my Salon, my Technicians lost more clients due to rudeness, crankiness and lack of respect.  Just because you are having a bad day, doesn’t mean you have to make it a bad day for someone else.  That bad day could end up costing you a client.


Quality of service - This to me, is my most important issue.  I have dropped the ball a time or two and it has made me feel horrible.  It’s never intentional, but it can absolutely cost you a client.  If you think you can cut a corner because you are in a hurry….think twice.  Maintaining the same quality through your busy season is as important, if not more.  Clients notice and they only need but 1 reason to leave you in their dust and never look back.  None of us are irreplaceable.  This goes hand and hand with maintaining great customer service.


Fun - We seem to forget this through the season.  We get so busy with our own hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget we need to bring fun to our clients.  This is the perfect time of year to plan for the season.  What impulse items are you bringing in?  What suggested Holiday gifts will be on your shelf?  What decorations are you planning to do?  Are you offering Christmas gifts to your clients?  Nail art?  Themed services?  The list can go on and on.  I learned, when I owned my Salon…..September IS the time to get that all in place.  Once October hits, Thanksgiving is here then Christmas then New Years.  And, guess what….i’ve missed out.  Preparation is key.


Centre for Beauty can help you establish a beautiful, fun, successful Holiday season.  We can help you with Holiday gift ideas, Holiday packages for your clients to purchase, impulse items and more.  Mostly, we can help you with great customer service by letting us take care of you.

By the end of the month, we will have available on our website not only Holiday gift items and Holiday promotions, we will also have a venue of fun Holiday services you can offer to your clients.  You’ll have plenty of time to look them over and order the products to make them a success.  Let us help YOU help your CLIENTS.

And oh BTW…..visit our new and improved website  We have tried to make it more simple navigation, easier to understand with better product descriptions.  Our Pro code is CFB2015  Please, take a look around and send us your feedback…..we sure would appreciate it.



CJ Murray, President

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All About Autoclaves

Thank You to all who participated in our survey regarding Autoclaves.

We received some very interesting and some excellent questions. Your concerns are valid and i'm thrilled that so many of you isn't just about the autoclave keeping your clients safe....its the proper care, the proper use and the proper maintenance of these machines.

Having great tools is useful, but knowing how to properly use them is key.I was hoping to share with you the three (3) different options that Centre for Beauty will be offering in Autoclaves.  However, i'm not happy with the pricing the Mfg. is offering.  I understand the struggle it can be to invest in a piece of equipment.  Therefore, it's non-negotiable.  I need the best price to make affordable options for you, my clients.

So hang tight.  I'll be back soon with pricing information.  In the meantime, we need to Educate ourselves on what these machines are all about. Because of the tremendous amount of responses I received from my survey of last week, i'm able to get to the true guts of what we need to know.Here are some of the great questions which I 100% agree need to be addressed when considering purchasing and autoclave;

  1. Are they required in our Salons in the US?
  2. Why do we need one?
  3. What is the maintenance/upkeep involved
  4. How are they cleaned?
  5. What's the proper testing for continued accuracy?
  6. How man times can they be used per day?
  7. How many implements per unit can be placed?
  8. Placement of pouches?

There's questions within these questions which we will cover.  Read on for more further detail.

To begin with, in most States they are not required in our Salons.  However, I would highly recommend you check with your own State Board.  I can only speak for Florida.....they are not required.

Then...why do we need one?  Well, simply put, using an autoclave is the highest level of sterilization and Step 3 of our 3 Step program to full and proper disinfection.  1) Cleaning 2) Disinfection 3) Sterilization.  We don't need one, but if you really want to step up your game and be the best you can be....get an autoclave.

However, unless you are using it properly and testing it regularly then it's only about looks.

In addition, if you work in a clinical atmosphere, you shouldn't even ask this question.  If you market yourself as a Safe Salon, a Clinical need to go full force with an Autoclave.

Personally, if I were a Salon owner with many Technicians.  I would want to protect myself, my Business and my clients.  I wouldn't want to take the chance that all my Tech's are cleaning and disinfecting properly.  I didn't have one in my Salon "unfortunately" however, we didn't know then what we know now.  And we all know with the rise of Diebeties and many other immune compromised illnesses, we need to go over and above what we are typically use to doing.  When it comes to maintenance, cleaning and testing, each Mfg's machine will have it's own standardized protocol.  However, I do know the unit has to be tested monthly to make sure it has no leaks, the heating or steaming unit and working properly and it's sterilizing to the highest degree which, is what you should expect.  In short, the monthly testing confirms the machine is killing the bacteria you expect to kill.

If you already have an autoclave, I highly recommend you get the details of your required maintenance  for your specific unit.  If you aren't sending in monthly test strips, getting your reports and logging the's all for show.

Once Centre for Beauty announces what we will be offering, we will have information on each unit along with test strips required for testing.

When it comes to pouches per unit and placement, this also is conducive to the autoclave you may presently have.  Check with your Mfg. or supplier if you don't know the answer.

Centre for Beauty will have this information available once we make our final decision on the units we will endorse.  To the best of my knowledge, usage per day is continuous.  If you think about these units being used in the Medical field, they go all day long.  However, with that being said there will be a huge different in longevity in a $1000.00 unit compared to a $5000.00 unit.

How much you may want to spend is a choice.  You can spend less and have to replace more often or you can go for the gusto right from the start.  Neither is right nor wrong.

I've been asked about financing.  Yes, Centre for Beauty partnered with Paypal Smart Incentives for financing options.  Once we solidify our choices and get them on our website, you will have the option to pay in full or pay over a period of time.

Stay within your budget.  Just remember, you aren't just investing in your Business, you are investing in saving lives

CJ Murray, President

Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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My View of Nails Magazine Foot Forward Sumit

Centre for Beauty is a Distributor "All About Feet".  So, when  Nails Magazine contacted me about exhibiting, it would have been literally stupid for me to say no. I would have welcomed the opportunity to present with my two(2) main brands...LCN and FOOTLOGIX but, these Mfg's opted to present themselves. To say I was not happy about that, would be an understatement. Not to mention, the location of the Summit was literally in my back yard.  However, as wrong as I think it is that our Nail Mfg's sell direct to Distributor clients, my Business brain can admit, I understand (a little). With that being said, the fact they were presenting individually at the summit, forced me to think "outside the box" and present with other products that I represent.  This concluded with a theme of Disinfection which, I have never done at any Trade Show.  Things happen for a reason! The Summit itself was amazing.  Imagine this....a group of focused Professionals meeting in one(1) place for exactly the same reason....FEET! Nails Magazine did a great job on the format.  The meet and great on the first night was mind blowing.  Attendees were able to enjoy each other, but had the opportunity to meet the perspective exhibitors.  Sort of a work and play at the same time. As exhibitors, we were able to share our Education with attendees in a more intimate environment.  Don't get me wrong....we still had lines of people wanting to get to us. However,  the difference was that everyone around us was really interested in the same thing.  Unlike a typical trade show where you have an assortment of licensed Professionals, all interested in something different. I was in my glory.....all I had to talk about was FEET! The 2nd day was filled with Education for the attendees.  No added fee, all inclusive in the entry fee.  The Education was focused on everything Feet.  We had Dr's of Podiatry, Nail Technicians who built their Business on feet, Dry pedicures, Nail Technicians who work in Podiatry offices or in referral with.  There was education on toenail reconstruction, toenail correction and how to market that Business....and so much more. Education which for the most part was NOT specific product related, although I did hear we had a couple at the end that sounded more like a sales pitch then an Educational presentation. When the day of Education was happening, there were 15 minute breaks which allowed the attendees to come back to us exhibitors, and....if they wanted to they could come talk to you when everyone else was in the classroom.  For me personally, it never stopped.  I loved it! The third day was optional.  There were specific classes held on specific topics.  Some were included in the entry fee and some had an additional charge.  Either way, they were optional and they were ALL booked.  In fact, many of the attendees were very disappointed they couldn't get entry into the classroom because they had all reached their limit. I hope Nails Magazine offers this again next year.  Centre for Beauty will be there for sure. I'm going to offer up a few tips for those of you who may consider attending;
  1.  DO IT!  In my 30 years of Business, this was great because it was so focused. You could never receive the amount of Education you received at this event, for the price.  It was well worth it.
  2. DON'T WAIT!  If you pre-register, you get a discounted price.
  3. SIGN UP FOR CLASSES!  RIGHT AWAY!  This is huge.  So many wait till the last minute. It's a problem in our industry.  Consequently you either can't get in because it's completely full or the classes end up being cancelled.
  4. GOT A TOPIC?  Email me if there is an educational topic you would like to hear about.  I'll pass the information onto Nails Magazine.  I'm sure they won't mind.
I hope to see you all there in 2019!
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The the use of single use implements can be profitable!

If you had asked me 30 years ago about using single use implements in my Foot Care service, I would have thought you were nuts.

Not only would I respond with an affirmative " I look like a Dr's office?", I would also have said the cost for me to do this would be obnoxious.

Here we are 30 years later, and so much has changed. We have MediNails, we have Medi Pedi, we have Clinical Spas, we have Spas in Dr's offices........just to name a few.

Let's not forget, we have 85% of our population with foot or foot related problems. We have lack of insurance for our elderly forcing them to come to our Salons for toenail trimming and we have Cancer clients, clients with high blood pressure, clients with auto immune diseases, clients with open skin etc. etc. etc.
So when you ask the question about using single use implements....
cost vs profit.....let's take a look.

To begin with, let's analyze the cost.

I receive a lot of comments on pricing of tools.  We pay upwards of $94.00 for a callus bit, $30.00 for a nail debriment bit, $5.00 for a cuticle bit and anywhere between $18.00 and $75.00 for tools like curettes, toenail nippers etc.

Unfortunately, I also receive a lot of calls that clients have dropped their tools and implements (and they broke).  I receive calls they rust (which they shouldn't, but do).  And, I receive a lot of calls that the springs break.

What happens?  These tools are our life, we have to replace them.

The question is, how do we recoup the cost of our tools and implements in our Foot Care service.  You can't.  We hope it's a 1X cost, but in most is not.

When we are considering the cost (and value) of a single use implement, there is more to consider then just cost.

  1. Inexpensive.  Due to the inexpensive cost of single use tools, you CAN incorporate the cost into your service *see below
  2. Your image.  Image is huge and perceived value is even bigger.
  3. Different.  The sub standard Salon down the street is NOT using single use implements.
  4. Sanitary.  Can you imagine a tag line "we use single use implements in all our Foot Care services"

When it comes to the cost involved, we are literally talking $2.12 - $5.78 depending on the tool you use.

  1. You can easily increase your Foot Care service to cover the cost of the implement.  I hardly doubt any client would argue over this.
  2. If you do increase your cost, you have the option of saving that implement for your client.  Many of you use packets for files and toe this any different?
  3. You also have the option of giving it to your client after the service.  With this, you can offer the option to your client and collect another $5.00.

In addition, when it comes to proper or improper sanitary procedures, can you be sure every technician in your facility is properly disinfecting?

Is the cost of a client getting an infection from a dirty implement less than $5.00?  Of course not.  Single use implements are the answer to many many in-salon challenges.

It may not be the answer for all, but it sure is a good answer

Our Industry is changing.  Our clients are more aware of the concerns within our Beauty Salons and Spas which can directly affect them.

We aren't the Medical Profession.  However, we are often the first responders.  If we want our clients to take us more seriously, we have to continuously take steps to protect protect us.

Centre for Beauty is offering a 3 piece set of single use implements to the first 10 clients who respond to this article.

Nipper, Cuticle bit, Callus/toenail reducer bit

If you would like to try for yourself and see the quality, reach out to me at  Type in the email FREE single use implements

CJ Murray

Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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Specialized Foot Care

In continuance of my discussion regarding Pedicuring with Cancer clients, I continue to receive emails with comments and suggestions based on my clients personal experiences. I am reminded how we live in a world with so many immune compromised people.  How those of us who have never had a health scare, can’t even begin to relate to the day to day challenges someone with health concerns experience. The feedback I have received have been personal.  They have been real.  They have put more fire in me to continue my quest in helping our Industry to understand the importance of proper procedures in the Pedicure chair and the follow through with proper cleaning and disinfection procedures. One of the comments I received struck me quite personally.  “never underestimate the value of an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on or arms to gently hold someone……support can come in so may ways. This statement came again from my colleague and friend Reggie Stephens.  He goes on to say, the Professional which a Cancer patient is seeing (Cosmetologist, Foot Care Specialist, Massage Therapist ect.) may be the only people touching them in a gentle manner.   That touch can bring untold amounts of joy to someone dealing with Cancer. It makes me think of all the kind comments and offers of prayer for what my family and I are going through right now regarding my Dad.  I wasn’t reaching out for sympathy, but the overwhelming support I have received has touched me and brought joy to my heart in so may ways. Reggie also shared with me that Cancer clients (most of) don’t want to stand out.  Modifying your services based on your individual client is better then developing a whole new service specifically for Cancer patients. That statement follows my exact thoughts on what I have shared in many past blogs that our Foot Care service should really begin with the consultation “via our reception desk”.  Not every client is created equal.  It is imperative to know what we are dealing with before the client sits in our chair. We don’t want to advertise we “service cancer patients”, we want to advertise, we tailor our Foot Care services based on each individual client”.  Special need clients will appreciate the fact that a Technician is Educated and Qualified to identify the needs of their specific care. I reached out to the “Oncology Spa Solutions” Company which specializes in caring for special needs clients.  I’m hoping to add this class to my venue at Centre for Beauty Salon Supply.  In preparing for where I want my Company to go, OSS fits perfectly into the Education I wish to share with you. In a couple of weeks we are presenting at the Nails Magazine Foot Forward Summit.  Centre for Beauty is presenting specialty products such as Safe and Proper Disinfection, Safe and Proper tools and Solutions for every day problems for every day feet.  Once we present through the Summit, we will share with those of you who aren’t attending the direction we feel Foot Care needs to go. This direction is not expensive, it’s not  time consuming and it’s not rocket science, it’s simple common sense.  It’s taking your Salon to the next level and showing your clients you truly care.  I hope to help YOU help your clients. If you are looking to begin the practice of "specialized" Foot Care, here are a few thoughts and/or suggestions for you to consider.
  • Does your client consultation begin at the reception greeting?
  • Is your client consultation thorough?
  • Are your sanitary procedures sub standard?  Do you do what you have to do to pass, or do you take it to the next level?
  • Do you really know the guts of caring for an immune compromised client?
Education in our industry, or any industry is huge.  However, if this is the route you want to go I suggest you get specialized Education.  Step out of the box of Education within our Industry and seek Professionals in the Medical field who can help. These forms of Education ain't cheap, and they shouldn't be.  In the long run though, this type of Education can not only save someones can change yours. I'm excited to share that Centre for Beauty has been working all year on taking our own steps for a better, safer Industry.  We have either added or are adding
  • Sterilizing pouches for Autoclaves
  • Autoclaves
  • Single use implements and burs
  • Medical grade tools
  • Tailored Education
  • and more!
10 years ago when I started Centre for Beauty"All About Feet", I knew the direction our Industry was heading.  I knew it was just a matter of time when products in relation to feet would be popular.  I knew it was a matter of time when Companies like Nails Magazine would jump on the bandwagon and develop Summits in relation to "Feet" only.  I knew my competition would grow. I'm here to tell you now.....specialized Foot Care is on it's way.  I hope you join me in making it the best it can be. CJ Murray, President Centre for Beauty Salon Supply
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Foot Care & Cancer are NO Joke!

Foot Care is no doubt growing expeditiously year after year.  When I started my journey back in 2008 as a "Foot Care" only Distributor, I envisioned exactly what i'm seeing today.

Our Diabetic clients aren't the only ones driving our Industry.  It's all immune compromised beings.  It's our Insurance, or lack there of.  It's our Baby Boomers.

Foot Care is finally being looked at in a more serious it should be!

Last week we talked about Foot Care for our clients with Cancer.  I received many responses and questions regarding what approach should be taken in order to begin offering Foot Care to Cancer patients.

It is my opinion, as it is with working with the Diabetic or Geriatric client, you establish some form of alliance or referral systems with your local Dr's.  Visit every type of Dr. you can imagine whom might be involved in the treatment of Cancer.  Visit Radiologist and Nutritionalist who work closely with these patients for before, during and aftercare.  Our MISSING PIECES class deals directly with how to write that Dr. referral and building the confidence you need to make it happen. EDUCATE!

However, working with this type of clientele takes more then just Dr. referral.  It takes a serious and firm commitment to Education as well as a serious and firm commitment to clean, disinfect and sterilize to the highest degree.  This includes using the right products, the right tools and the right disinfection products.

It also includes doing all of the above correctly.

Educating yourself when it comes to servicing Cancer clients can truly be a matter of life and death.

All the basics are hugely important such as water temperature, to clip or not to clip, sensitivity of skin etc. but, probably one of the most important is knowing when and when not to massage.

When working with Cancer clients taking into considering what type of cancer, and where the cancer is located should be top priority.

A colleague and friend of mine (Reggie Stephens) shared with me Education he recently took in Oncology Spa Solution Basics.

He stated "The concern with massage is with the Lymph System, if the client has had lymph nodes removed or radiated, you have to modify your massage within that affected never massage those areas affected by those lymph nodes".  An example would be if the lymph nodes in the right armpit are compromised, then the right arm would not be massaged. The same applies if the lymph nodes were removed or radiated are in the groin...the leg on that side is compromised....and you wouldn't massage.

Although as Pedicurist, we must stay within the limits of our license and stay below the knee. None-the-less, your "thorough" consultation should reveal areas of treatment.

In regards to disinfection, there is a whole lot of talk throughout our Industry today about which disinfection product is the best.  Talk about the difference between EPA and FDA.  Talk about contact time, talk about if its flammable, user friendly and environmentally safe.

The reality is, many of our Salons purchase base on price.  This is so unfortunate.  They are always looking for ways to cut cost, disinfection should not be cut.  But, if you are choosing to service Diabetics, Cancer and/or auto immune deficient clients, disinfection is not the area to cut cost at all.  In fact, improper disinfection can ultimately cost you money.

Centre for Beauty is committed to offering the full circle of foot care.  We provide quality brand products for the skin on the feet.  We provide quality tools and implements and we provide high grade, safe disinfection products.  We stay connected with full resources to refer you, our client in options for Education.  We don't just believe in safety for your clients....we believe in safety for you.

We are excited and proud to be expanding our foot care products by adding autoclaves and sterilizing pouches to our venue. (available on our website soon)

We are excited and proud to educate you on our 3 step cleaning and disinfection procedures designed for your safety and the safety of your clients.

We are excited and proud to help you grow your Business of Foot Care!

There are two great programs coming up in August which are "All About Feet".  If you plan to attend either one of them, be prepared.

The Dr's, the Podiatrist, the panel of Specialist on each program are dedicating their time and their knowledge to help you, the Salon Professional.

Have your questions ready.  Is there a question about skin disorders you've been wondering? Ask!  Is there a question about Diabetics you've been wanting to know?  Ask!  Are you looking to go in a more clinical direction?  Ask!  If you are looking to expand your venue to care for Cancer clients....these Summits are a great time to ask questions.  Are you wanting to make sure you are within the limits of your license?  Ask!  There are no stupid questions!



When it comes to safety with Cancer patients we need to keep in mind their skin changes daily with treatment.  They become more sensitive.  They become more fragile.  Although we hope it's only for a short time, this short time to a person going through Cancer treatments seems like forever.

  • Have a plan in place for servicing a Cancer client
  • Offer a special package specifically designed for the well being of a Cancer client
  • Offer support.  A periodic call to your client letting them know you are thinking of them will go a long ways
  • Offer transportation.  Many times they are to weak to drive but would welcome the opportunity to get out of the house
  • Be sure the atmosphere is calming and relaxing
  • Be proud of your cleanliness and display your processes for them to see
  • Go a step further and get a written authorization from their Dr. as an okay for them to proceed with whatever service you are performing
  • Celebrate their life.  Be happy, be positive....

My Dad is beginning his treatment soon for Cancer.  It's scary!  All I can think about is how we as a Family can help to keep him comfortable, positive and healthy.  At 89 years old, none of us thought we would be dealing with something like this.

Cancer does not discriminate.  It chooses the young, the old.  The rich, the poor.

I practice what I preach and I plan to do all these things for my Dad.  The power of positive thinking, a simple act of kindness and making sure we practice the absolute best form of cleaning and disinfection (in our own home) is my top priority.

If you choose to market this type of Business, you must have the same mindset.


Take a look at the new items we are offering for (available soon)

Safety in Foot Care

CJ's Parting Thought

Are you considering the care of Cancer clients?

Start by joining your Community in Cancer walks and benefits.  Talk directly to those affected by this horrible disease.  Connect with other Professionals who are there to help.  Get involved!

CJ Murray, President

Centre for Beauty Salon Supply

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