Insult or compliment?

I learned, from various stages of my life from various different people…it’s not what happens to us, it’s how we handle it.

I thought a lot about this over the past week, as I spent hours in my car driving for a family emergency along with classes I was teaching in various parts of the State. Whether I was stuck on a narrow road in the back woods for 2 hours due to an accident, or literally jumping out of my seat when I’m cruising comfortable on the highway and out of no where a car zooms by at literally 150 mph. My mind was constantly working.

Or, it could have been when I’m confronted with “idiot” drivers whom either don’t know the rules of the road, or chooses to ignore them. Which, may have sparked the idea for this weeks blog.

I have to admit I have a serious problem with idiots on the road. I truly try NOT to react but I am usually screaming at them.  Ugh! I know I need to realize firstly, they just don’t give a crap and 2nd, the only one whose blood is boiling is my own. And, I do try to practice what I preach. Don’t give them the satisfaction, don’t react to bad actions…blah blah blah. Which, may also have sparked my blog for this week.

I chose to write about this, this week… not because of my road rage. I wanted to talk about how we feel when someone mimics something you did or maybe even downright stole an idea. I’ve seen some chatter on social media about this very topic and it got me thinking….are most people looking at this the wrong way? Kinda like I do when I’m on the road and “allowing” my blood to boil?

Insult: speak to or treat with disrespect. Disrespectful abusive remark.

Compliment: a polite expression or praise or admiration.

Do you think it’s an insult when someone else steals your idea? Or, do you take it as a compliment?

For pretty much the most part of my Beauty career I have been able to stay very creative in everything I do. I understand the need in constantly evolving to not just stay relevant, also to help others in their thinking processes In an effort to continue their growth.

As far back as 30 years ago I’ve had ideas which I’ve put into action and sat back as I watched others take those same ideas and use them as their own. In fact, I STILL deal with that today.

I’ve spent hours on the phone with people asking me questions, pretending to be interested in what we have to offer, only to become witness to them using the same info to benefit themselves.  I’ve spent email exchanges for people asking for information for me to share with them, only to discover they want to use this information against me.

I’ve spent days upon days coming up with Marketing ideas, implementing them and then days later watch someone do the same exact thing….with just a little bit of a twist so it can’t be considered perjury.

Am I insulted? You bet I am. Why? Simply put…it’s disrespectful. Have the kahunas to ask? Give me the respect I deserve to let me know “it’s a great idea”, do you mind if I do the same thing”?

I’m not talking about sharing my articles, or my Cancer talk Tuesday or Feet fact Friday. I’m not talking about using information I share for the benefit of growing your Salon Business. I do those things specifically for my clients. I do them for you.

I’m talking about those who don’t give us Business, yet they are in the Industry doing the same thing Centre For Beauty does.

However, I do also take it as a compliment. If you think my idea is good enough to make your own….good for me. And THAT’S where I’m going with this.

One of the four(4) agreements is “not to take things personally”. Believe it or not, this is a really difficult thing to NOT do. Our Business is personal. We put blood, sweat and tears into our Businesses. How can it not be personal?

I believe some people just don’t think. I believe some people think they can just get away with some of the things they do and no one will notice. I believe some people just can’t think on their own and consequently they have to use others ideas.

I want you to think about this;

Growing up, as I’ve said before, I did not have social media or even internet when I owned my Salon. Everything I needed in the way of research was done via encyclopedias.

Today we have a ginormous amount of resources to do all the research we wish. This is great. We just have to do the work and know the information we are receiving is truthful and accurate.

When someone else “steals” your idea, you have in affect, done the work for them. Which is understandably why…..we can get so upset. I look at it a bit differently.

I will admit, my very first initial thought is that of anger or maybe even frustration. Then I realize firstly, many people are just too lazy to take the time to come up with their own ideas. Many people just don’t have the ability. I also realize if my work is good enough to be used by someone else…good for me. I’m honored. Finally, I have realized when someone steals or cheats….those are their demons, not mine…..and I am able to let it go.

I envy people with great ideas. There was a post a few months ago regarding reviews. It was a post from the Meticulous Manicurist. It was such a great layout. I reached out to her (which actually was her IG team) to ask if I could mimic the post. I never followed through with my request because they couldn’t answer me. No big deal….I just didn’t use it.

Many of my ideas are initiated because of what I read, see and/or hear….typically from other industries. It’s only through knowledge we can even be creative. Knowledge comes in many forms, including what we see others do on social media.

My point to those of you who are frustrated because others are ‘stealing’ your idea…..rethink your anger and your thought process. Be humble and grateful someone has recognized how good your work or idea is. Feel good about it. IF you choose to take action, do it in private, not all over social media. Don’t let those who are inconsiderate bring out the ugly in you.

Note: Information I share with you is intended for you to share with others….please do….no credit necessary.

Cj Murray, President

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