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Hi, my name is CJ.  I am a woman owned Business servicing the Salon Professional. I carry only quality brand products which offer results and I offer continuous education on everything we carry. I work 24/7 answering late night messages (by choice). I write weekly blogs in an effort to help my clients grow….and you (if you’re not a client). I do everything and anything to protect our Industry. Once we connect I offer you a forever resource.

Personally I am very happily married with a beautiful daughter. I am fortunate to work with my husband who handles all our shipping/warehouse processes. I live in Largo Fl after living on the East coast of Florida. I’ve been in Florida since 1976. Originally from Massachusetts. My hobbies are truly limited, yet I’m not bored for sure. I’ve been blessed to be able to travel the world with my husband and I’m healthy enough to work out, golf, bike ride, swim and pretty much to anything physical. I am grateful as I have many true friends. I have two wonderful parents who have been married for 72 years and six siblings whom even though we don’t talk daily, we love and respect each other….and we have a heck of a time when we do get together.

I am a woman of faith. To me, it’s simple. Stay positive, be happy, treat others how you would like to be treated and always always…..be kind.

Why am I telling you this? Because like you, I struggle every day to be creative in my Business in an effort to survive this crazy world. Every (not most) Companies we deal with from Mfg’s to box purchases, from shipping to office supplies, drinking water to toilet paper has increased in price. We evaluate our processes on a daily basis in an effort to NOT have to pass along every increase which comes our way. And, when I tell you they nickel and dime you from one end up and down the other…..THAT is no understatement.

This is why I chose this week to share a frustration I have regarding our Industry………

Why? why? why? do our technicians publicly recommend their peers to look on amazon for products and supplies myself and many other Distributors offer?

We are blessed to have such great product representation around our Country. Beverly w/Visage, Tiffany w/Cordoza, The Profiles girls, Wildflowers (and many more), not to mention the hundreds of our own Technicians who have been brave enough to brand their own line of products.

It is mind boggling to me how I know myself and the other Distributors I mention offer Education and exemptional customer service….which, our Technicians love….yet, many of you are still recommending amazon before recommending your fellow peers. Many of which has helped you in your own growth.

I do believe our world at this moment is in need of an “amazon”. I did get discouraged when Beauty products were added and before you know it, the Mfg’s were no longer supporting their Distributors…they started to follow the money. I get it! I don’t like it, but I get it. And, in todays world where products are scarce and amazon becomes an easy source….we may need them.

However, we also need our locally owned Business which offers more than just a commodity. Without us….without you….where would the people be? We need our small Businesses. We need to support our family owned Businesses who like you, are trying to earn a living.

So I ask again….Why? Why? Why? are many of you STILL suggesting amazon as a source?

How many of you get upset with your client because she bought a no name nail polish from amazon in lieu of purchasing a quality brand product from you? How many of you get upset when you see the same products you sell, selling on amazon for 1/2 the price? How many of you know the Mfg’s don’t guarantee their products when sold on amazon? Yet, you feel okay with referring other Technicians to “check out amazon”.

Many of us talk about the wonderful support we have of each other in this Industry. In my mind, making bad suggestions like referring to amazon is not support. You’re not teaching that Technician the value of loyalty. The value of supporting each other. The value of hard work. You’re teaching that Technician to chase after the money, disregard the quality. You’re saying to that Technician, we are not a Professional Industry.

I for one am dedicated to changing the image of our industry. If we want to be treated like Professionals, we need to act like a Professional. We need to purchase professional products. We need to offer professional education and we need to pass on professional advice to both each other and our clients.

The next time you feel so hurried to recommend amazon over any of the amazing Distributors available to our Technicians….think about the notch you just took out of our Professional ladder.  It just isn’t cool!

CJ Murray, President

14 thoughts on “Hello, can we talk?”

  1. I totally agree with you.,I get so frustrated with the technicians selling and using unprofessional products that they bought off Amazon. Whether it’s hair products, nail products or makeup it doesn’t matter and they undermine their professionalism. It hurts everyone in the long run, which is why I try to buy from professionals like yourself. Thanks for fighting for our profession

    1. Thank you Sandra, this is a fight we all have to join in. Thank you for being a part of the fighting group. I appreciate you and appreciate your comment.

  2. Angela Bleckley

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am not a distributor, but I am a professional. I hate how our industry is turning. I, like you, understand somewhat about how companies are going after the money, but I DO NOT understand why they are selling to the public products they do not know how to use. Yet we want to stay loyal, but I refuse to buy from companies that have sold out and now sell to anyone and everyone. I know a tech that I tell them about buying from smaller companies and she still buys from Amazon. I do not. I will buy buffing blocks and small files from Amazon but never products that I put or use on my clients. I guess I’m in the minority. My clients appreciate that and I will continue to run my salon this way.

    1. Stay on track, you for sure have the right mindset. This is a big elephant and it’s going to take as many of us as possible to continue to drive this post home. I appreciate your comment and your commitment.

  3. Cannot agree more! And honestly, if those same Amazon shoppers tried a quality, professional product they’d beg, borrow and steal to get more and use nothing else.
    My clients notice the products I use and the difference it has made for them. They tell me how much better their services feel, look and last.
    Perhaps I’m being selfish but clients that recognize and are willing to pay for quality are the clients I want to attract. Their nails are my billboard and retaining them requires quality.

    1. Jerri, fantastic point. Who is it you wish to attract?…..is absolutely spot on. Thank you. I appreciate your comment.

  4. Just had this conversation! I also notice techs have links to their Amazon stores. They all post the same thing: “good techs don’t gate keep”. No it’s them trying to sell cheap products & supplies. I understand wanting multiple streams of income but to suggest a cheap “nail drill” (yes they say this) from Amazon as goof as one from a distributor like yourself is preposterous. Thanks for elevating industry

    1. It’s nice to know others are seeing this as well. It’s so frustrating when people claim to be Professionals yet don’t even see the harm they are causing. Thank you for your comment. I so much appreciate it.

  5. Jessica Harkness

    Thanks to an amazing Co Worker, and Master Pedicurist, who, when I was in nail school and looking for job shadowing opportunities, gave me your brochures and gave to me such professional and generous advice and recommendations, including the nail tech event in the smokies! Last year was my first time going there, and it was great! I am so glad to have professionals that love to work together. I purchase with confidence, knowing that I have effective products to share with my clients. Thank you for being a trusted supplier that plays an important role in helping me provide such great results in the services I provide for my clients.

    1. Ugh…that’s just insane. Especially coming from a Professional Business like that. Wow! Those of us who know better, will be the better for it 🙂

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