Technology through the Beauty ages

For my husbands 60th birthday, I surprised him with guitar lessons. He’s had a guitar since we met in 2004 however, he’s never played it. I thought it would be something fun for him, as he never really did get a chance to retire. Working with me at Centre For Beauty has more than consumed much of his free time.

It took him a bit, yet he finally made an appointment for his first lesson.

What sparked this article is when he told me the instructor (probably in his early 20’s) asked him if he knew what u-tube was. When I tell you I laughed so hard…..THAT was hysterical.

It got me thinking about how many times in my teachings, I share with the class that I didn’t have the internet growing up in my Salon. Not just the internet…google and all of social media. So I thought it would be fun to go back through the ages to see exactly what was introduced when and what we actually did as Salon owners to market our Salons.

The history of technology believe it or not, actually represents back to the Palaeolithic period (2.3 million years ago). I’m not going that far back yet its interesting to learn when “electronics” or “technology” really began to come into play.

We want to remember however, there was birth given to the electronic age…it was called the vacuum tube. Imagine being involved in a project to introduce the first computer. Knowing, right behind you is someone working on the development of the next NEW computer.

Imagine Thomas Edison who in the 1800’s developed the light bulb. Or, as he called it, electric light. Do you think he knew two other technologies would spur from his invention?  A new form of wireless communication and long-distance telephone networks…still expanding.

Before Edison however we had;

  • Invention of the battery
  • Electromagnetism and electric circuits
  • Generators
  • Ben Franklin – electrostatic generators
  • and many many more came after

So you have to imagine, it took several years into the 19th century when computers as we know it, came into existence. Although, the work to developing computers have been in research since the early 1930’s.

In the 70’s we had;

  • IBM
  • Xerox
  • Intel
  • Apple
  • Atari
  • Motorola

In the 80’s we got;

  • Texas Instruments
  • Commodore
  • Apple introduced the PC and the square monitor

In the 90’s

  • Powerbook lap top
  • IBM think pad
  • Sony
  • Imac is introduced

Going into 2000′

  • First camera phone
  • IBM levono
  • Apple IPhone
  • and more!

I could go on and on about of the new introductions of software beginning with My space. Now we have Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Toc, Snapchat and I would bet you hundreds more that I haven’t even heard of yet.

Each one of them just slightly better than the other. We are all in this vacuum tube trying to invent our way out. As technology becomes more and more, the new inventors just become smarter and smarter. Why? Because they are the ones learning from the new Technology that us older generation didn’t. In effect….we are just making a stronger, smarter future.

The question I wonder is how is it that Apple becomes more popular than Windows. They are both just as good as the other. Brilliant minds. Same opportunities. What do you think it is?

I believe it’s the Marketing. It was before then, it was then, and it is now.

How did we learn before Computers? That question is asked of every generation. Here is what I’ve learned.

  • Horse before buggy. Buggy before automobile
  • Radio before TV
  • Encyclopedia’s, Yellow Pages before google
  • Events before zoom

It’s all gradual we barely even notice the change. We simply acclimate.

I recognize I have a wealth of knowledge of this Industry. It is extremely benefiting when I can help others with my knowledge. How did I obtain his knowledge?

I don’t know if I could put my finger on it. I would have to say a combination of my entire upbringing. I grew up Irish/Catholic. One of seven children. My parents were loving and caring. I did as they said…always!

We saw both Mom and Dad work. We went to school and was taught to do well. A very American, simple family. Didn’t really have much but never really suffered because of it.

I learned from talking with friends and family. I learned from TV shows, I learned from encyclopedias and other books. I learned from school. They all had a part in how I learned.

For my Business it was paper advertising like newspaper and yellow pages. It was networking with others to promote each others Business. It was community events. The hardcore way of growing a Business. The sad part is, our demographics was so limited compared to what it is now.

It forced us to be creative and use our brains. It didn’t find the answer for us and print it out or screen shot it. We thought on our own and grew stronger because of it. Human interaction….it cannot go away.

Modern day technology is mind blowing. I can’t even image what it will be like in another 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now.

It’s a love hate relationship. We love the technology but we just aren’t quite ready for it ALL to be mechanics. Like any relationship it’s a balance.

We can’t however, let it take over who we are. Our creativity to make people look and feel better. That’s an art. Not everyone has it.

So as much as you like the computer/your phone/tablet, make sure you don’t lose you in the meantime.


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