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You only get what you negotiate?

This past week has been an extremely humbling experience for me.
As a guest speaker at the Premier Orlando show, I learned that much of what I have learned and experienced over my 29 years in the Beauty business
is truly helpful to those who want to listen.

At last count, we had an attendance of over 60 in the classroom
“Pedicuring in the 21st Century”
As much as I would like to think it was because of “me”,
I know emphatically it was more because our Pedicurist are looking for answers.
Answers which can help them “you” succeed in a competitive market,
earn a good living and do what we not only do best, but what we want to do….
take care of our clients.

One of the topics we discussed and received several questions about was
“how do we determine the price(s) of our service(s)?
It’s a legitimate question since on every corner is a Salon,
and on every corner there’s a different price.
It doesn’t matter what City or State you are in,
we all experience the same fluctuations from $15.00 per Pedicure
all the way up to $125.00 per Pedicure and even sometimes more.

I stressed the important of simplicity.
In reality whatever products we use in our service, we have a soak,
a scrub (or exfoliate), a callus debriment product and a massage product.
However, it is important to recognize, not all products are created equal.
If making your client feel good is all that your about, then go for the fluff-n-buff. Products like CND, OPI, Cuccio, Pevonia, Pure Fiji…..
these are all great and amazing brands.
But, they smell good, they feel good….and that’s about it.

If your wanting to make your client feel good AND produce results like this…

then you want to look for “results oriented” brands like
LCN’s Urea Pedicure products (with luxury) (pictured)
or Footlogix (more clinical) products.
Each brand being very cost effective,
safe for the diabetic and produces long lasting results.

BUT…..the true value in setting your Pedicure service pricing comes in YOU!
What is your value and how do you establish a $$$$ amount for that value?
It really is a simple equation

How much education have you had?
How many Professional related books have you read?
How many services have you performed?
How many days on end have your practiced?
How many trade shows have you attended?
How often are you on Social media, constantly learning & following
the leaders in our industry?
Are you using quality products?
Have you made an investment in your business?
Do you practice safe sanitary procedures?
Do you wear gloves?
Are you Professional?
Etc. etc. etc.
The list can go on and on!

If you qualify for any part of the above then you probably should re-evaluate your pricing. Because, as we established in the classroom, the cost breakdown leaves many of us making less per hour than we can make at McDonalds.

So keep this in mind – You only get what you negotiate – !
If you don’t negotiate with yourself on your self worth, your value,
your expertise AND your passion, then there is no negotiation.
You end up on the bottom of the pay scale.

My formula for pricing my menu has always been

Determine my hourly worth
Know what my product cost is
Know how long it will take to perform a particular service
Know what my overhead cost is per square footage

Will you lose clients? Absolutely! Will you gain clients? Absolutely!
Will you work smarter not harder? Absolutely!

It is up to all of us to raise the standards in our industry, why not start TODAY!

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Nail Salons have been listed as a “Top Growth” industry for 2021?

Thats’ exactly correct….5 years out and NAIL SALONS are recognized to have
19{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} anticipated growth through 2021! This can be exciting yet scary
all at the same time. After all, don’t we have enough competition now?

This is why I keep offering education and new service ideas. It is imperative
in todays market, to realize it isn’t about staying competitive. It’s about
being different. And, being different isn’t just about crazy hair, or how much
bling and blang we provide. It’s about education and professionalism. It’s about
knowing what the guidelines are in Pedicure care. It’s about offering
the best in service quality, the best in safety and
the best we can do for our clients.

I have personally learned so much over my 29 years in the Business. However,
over the past 12 months I believe I have truly learned more about
product ingredients, implement safety and combining the 2 together.

I know i’ve said this before, but we talk so much about safety in air quality, we talk about proper licensing and even higher education. But, are we forgetting about
the safety in the products we use and the tools we use to
manage those products.

There is a specific reason I endorse and carry the products that I offer

I encourage you to research. Don’t take my word for it, but
start really thinking about what is being used in your chair. Have you thought about;

Are the products you are using, abrading or causing discomfort to your client? Example; Callus softening products. If you have to wear gloves, if you have to wear a mask to avoid the burn and the fumes from these products…..what do you think it’s doing to your client’s skin? Better yet, think about the reality of these products? Does your skin heal from the outside in, or the inside out?
Are the tools you use offering the best care to your clients? Example; Files for callous removal are not all created equal. I realize the cheese grater type files, the replaceable sand paper type products, the pumice stones etc, work efficiently in callous removal. But, have you thought about what they do to your clients skin on their feet? There are studies….those tools that I mentioned above shred the skin. The best way for me to describe this is for you to picture a cuticle. We clip, clip, clip around the cuticle edge. Look at that cuticle under a microscope…it will have jagged edges. How will it grow? With jagged edges. Using the wrong tool on your clients feet, is doing the same thing. Therefore, the skin can never repair itself.
What about sanitizing and disinfection? Are you using what you can get by with? Or are you using products which really kill the bacteria and fungi we encounter in our chair? This is a bone of contention with me, because I don’t feel our States emphasize nor recommend the highest quality of disinfection. With that being said, there is so much information via the internet…why do we have to agree with our States? We need to be smarter than them.
My whole point is how this projected 19{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} growth concerns me. Unless we set the high standards, unless we step up our game, the new generation of nail technicians entering into our industry enter the same way many of us did. Lack of education, lack of factual knowledge and a lack of direction.

It is up to all of us to raise the standards in our industry,
why not start TODAY!

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We are taking Pedicure Services to the next level?

We are always looking for ideas to offer the next generation of Pedi-Care. CFB has found it. LCN has introduced the Studio Skin Expert. The SSE is used for advanced skin care. Facials, Manicures and LEGS! Yes, it’s time we take advantage of the entire areas which are within our scope of practice, as pedicurist….below the knee!

The Studio Skin Expert is a multi-functional unit, combining Ultrasound, Galvanic and Light Therapy in a one hand-held unit.

Ultrasound (Sound Waves) Function:
Improves capacity of the skin
Supports the penetration of active ingredients into the skin
Relaxes muscles
Relieves pain
Promotes blood circulation
Tightens the skin
Improves regeneration capacity of the skin

Galvanic (Electrical Current) Function:
Used in combination with selected serums, the results are amazing.
Improves penetration of ingredients into the skin
Promotes blood flow
Activates the cell metabolism
Optimizes water binding capabilities
Tightens skin

Light Therapy:
Red light: Stimulates cells, supports blood circulation, activates skin functions, reduces wrinkles, smooths the skin
Blue light: Anti-bacterial effect, soothes skin, stimulates cells
Green light: Relaxes skin, anti-inflammatory effect.

Along with the Studio Skin Expert, we offer the Anti-Aging Professional Set consisting of:
Bath concentrate
Peeling Cream
Massage cream
The Anti-Aging products along with the SSE are focused products and services offering a NEW service to those seeking preventative and/or combative measures against the aging effects of stress. Everyday situations involving stress, noise, work and family are aging our bodies and our soul. The SSE service help clients seek deliverance from stress and the aging process that accompanies it.

Need pricing?  Contact us @ 727-249-3917 or email

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It’s the small things that are REALLY BIG?

When I travel, it puts a lot of stress on my entire operation. My office work gets behind, I have limited access for information I receive request for and my family doesn’t have their wife or Mom home. Just to name a few!

In addition, making business decisions, as we have discussed before is also stressful. The decision to expand my product base and add LCN had to be the one most thought out and difficult decision I have ever made in my career as a Distributor.

I had to first find a product I could believe in as much as I do Footlogix. Especially when I’ve been told, “I am the face of Footlogix”. I also had to find a product which you, my clients could believe in as well. Like you, the big box stores and Amazon are a threat to my business and I had to think outside of the box and think about my future and my families future. I had to plan for survival.

Going back to traveling, the exhilaration of meeting my clients when I’m traveling is what keeps me going. But, I can tell you I have never been so validated nor as moved as I was last week when I received the following email from a client, I would not hesitate to call my friend.

Reggie Stephens is cream of the crop when it comes to Pedicures. He is NASP certified receiving his advanced certifications in Pedicuring and Reflexology. And, he takes sanitation and disinfection along with client care….very seriously. Reggie is what all Pedicurist should strive to be like.

Here is what I received:


Here’s a little story for ya… I thought about it this morning as we were texting back & forth….

When you separated yourself from Footlogix (corporate) position, and then started bringing in other product lines, I got really upset with you, thinking to myself, how could she do that…. bring in a competing line, etc…. Then one day I was sitting and thinking about it, and realized, that it really was a wise & thoughtful decision, and not an easy one to make…. But it was what was best for you, and (probably) them in the long run…. You took responsibility for growing your business (distributorship) and make the right decisions for your clients.

So I just wanted to tell you that I’m proud of you and what you are doing…. providing a foot focused distributorship, offering the best products for your clients to offer to theirs…. I will always support you in that mission!!!! Just remember that growth is not always a painless effort, that’s why it is called growing pains…..

With love & support…

Reggie Stephens

I wanted to share this with you for a couple of reasons. First, we are never to old and never to confident to receive validation. It just takes one person to remove any doubt from your mind. Although I felt confident my decision has been a good one, this validation from Reggie has allowed me to breath a sigh of relief.

Second, when was the last time you randomly sent a note to one of your clients, or even a team member expressing your gratefulness, your thankfulness for them? When was the last time you made a small gesture and turned it big?

In this Beauty world of Pedicures we live in, the competitors, the big box stores, Amazon….client and team loyalty is HUGE!

I sincerely appreciate all of you and Thank You for your business, for reading my articles, for all you gracious comments and for your continued support.

Thank you Reggie for those kind and humbling words. Thank you for noticing what I do IS for you, my clients and simply…..Thank you for being you!


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Footlogix & LCN Urea foot care products are the perfect marriage?

We are so pleased to announce the LCN Urea Foot Care line, launched by Centre for Beauty has been warmly welcomed by our existing and NEW clients. Thanks to all of you who have ordered and given us the affirmation that adding LCN to our list of amazing products has been the BEST decision for us and our clients.

There is so much to learn and so much to share. As always, our mission is to offer you, our clients, not only superior service but continuing education in an effort to help grow your Foot Care Business.

Today, I want to share with you why the Footlogix brand products and the LCN brand products, work so well together.

The similarities
FOOTLOGIX and LCN alike, offer UREA as their base ingredient.
FOOTLOGIX and LCN alike, offer RESULTS with use of their products.
FOOTLOGIX and LCN alike, offer QUALITY products.
FOOTLOGIX and LCN alike, offer a NEW revenue stream of income
FOOTLOGIX and LCN alike, offer at HOME CARE products

The differences
LCN is Paraben FREE
LCN offers a FOOT MASK
LCN offers a 40{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} UREA CREAM
LCN offers LUXURY (scented & creamier)
FOOTLOGIX offers MOUSSE BASED retail products for a specific need
FOOTLOGIX offers 100{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} Surgical STAINLESS STEEL file
FOOTLOGIX offers SHOE/FOOT Deodorant Spray
Why use both
FOOTLOGIX is often used for a “clinical” pedicure. A stand alone pedicure for the client with severe skin care concerns on their feet. LCN is less clinical, yet produces the same results. Both serve a purpose in the Pedicure chair.
Use the LCN UREA 10{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} MASK as an add on in your already existing FOOTLOGIX Pedicure.
Recommend FOOTLOGIX MOUSSE products for your clients at home regime after performing an LCN UREA foot care service.
LCN can be your “fluff n buff” service with RESULTS.
Offer LCN 40{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} Urea chapped skin cream to ALL your clients with over-all body skin conditions. A great compliment to your FOOTLOGIX pedicure.
Use LCN Foot Bath crystals for added hydration in your already existing pedicure.
Starter kits available
FOOTLOGIX starter kit includes; Foot soak, Seaweed scrub, Callous softener, Daily maintenance mousse, Massage formula @ $70.50
LCN starter kit includes; Foot bath crystals, Exfoliating foot scrub, Soak Spray, Foot cream, Foot mask, Express soak spray, 40{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} chapped skin cream and foot file @ $72.95

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It’s Holiday Heel time?

How many of us have opted for glamour over comfort? When I think about the years of beautiful stiletto heels that I wore party after party during Holiday season, it makes me want to cut my feet off at the ankles, they ache so bad. It’s like talking about your teeth and feeling like to have a toothache.

We should keep this in mind when servicing our clients during this Holiday season. It’s a great way to increase your revenue stream of income while helping your clients feel better.

Offer a tired foot and leg massage as a stand only or add on service. Using FOOTLOGIX tired leg formula mousse, you will help reduce leg fatigue caused by wearing heels and walking, walking, walking through their Holiday shopping.

How about an add on facial for the feet MASK. LCN’S Urea mask can be used with heated towels, heated booties or simply warm water. Hydrating the feet and legs while relieving leg fatigue.
Offer the LCN Express foot spray to your clients for retail. With only 10{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} Urea for at home care use, this product is ideal for quick care in between visits. With the help of Urea, saccharine isomerase, provitamin B5 and allantoin, the skin becomes soft and palpably supple immediately.
FOOTLOGIX foot soak also makes a great retail purchase for your clients to soak their tired feet in the comfort of their own homes.
Don’t forget about the LCN 40{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} chapped skin cream. We completely sold out of the 500 5ml size we brought in. We have 50ml win stock and more in transit, due this week. Don’t wait….Order yours today!

FUN FACT: Did you know it was men who originated wearing high heels? As early as the 10th century, Persian horseback-riders used heels to help their feet stay in stirrups.

The trend quickly spread to Europe where heels became fashionable for the upper class, including women.

Ever hear the phase “well-heeled”? It was applying to the wealthy.

It wasn’t until the 18th century when high heels became for women only.

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NASP Level 1 and NASP Level 3 Coming to Largo and Orlando, Florida

LCN Barefoot class coming to Largo, Boca Raton & Orlando Florida

February 21st through February 24th – NASP Level 1 – Largo, Fl

February 28th – LCN BAREFOOT class – Largo, Fl

February 29th – LCN BAREFOOT class – Boca Raton, Fl

April 10th through April 13th – NASP Level 3 – Largo, Fl

July 17th through July 20th – NASP Level 1 – Orlando, Fl

July 25th – LCN BAREFOOT class – Orlando, Fl

About our classes

Dare to go BAREFOOT: In this class you will be introduced too the beauty industry’s only anti-mycotic, light curing one component pedicure resin. Barefoot is a means to cosmetically restore the toenails partially or completely while also providing a beautiful looking result.

Learn how the flexibility of the Barefoot product adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet, thus feeling completely comfortable and natural.

Proper evaluation of suitable candidates
Proper Prep and Sanitization
Application for Cosmetic Purpose
Application for Corrective Purpose
Proper care & maintenance
Class certificate
All props & some training materials included
CLASS PRICE: $159.00 includes BAREFOOT starter kit ($45.00 value)
Additional Salon Personnel $79.50 includes BAREFOOT starter kit (Savings $79.50)
February 28th, 2016 – Largo, Fl
February 29th, 2016 – Boca Raton, Fl
July 25th, 2016 – Orlando, Fl
Contact to register

NASP Level 1: With the dramatically changing needs of today’s consumers, is it time to change your pedicures? Elevate your pedicure knowledge and business in four-days of powerful training in the NASP advanced European-style pedicure workshop. Educate-Differentiate-Elevate your pedicures to pedi-CARE!

Learn the latest technique from seasoned educators with extensive background in the foot care and medical industries, including the revolutionary B/S Brace Technique for involuted nails.
Learn implications of diabetes and chronic illness for the pedicurist as well as techniques for pedicuring Seniors.
Learn the common structural deformities, diseases and disorders of the skin and nails of the feet.
Learn new techniques in the practical hands on workshop.
Learn how to implement the 3 R’s “Recognize, Recommend, Refer”
Increase your revenue by applying new professional skills
CLASS PRICE: $695.00 includes DETAILED course workbook for future reference. (payment plan available)
Plus, all class attendees receive 10{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} discount off FOOTLOGIX products purchased day of class.

February 21st – 24th, 2016 – Largo, Fl
July 17th – 20th – Orlando, Fl

Contact to register

NASP Level 3: Ever wonder why your client’s callous keeps coming back in certain areas regardless of how often you reduce them? Learn about corrective techniques for proper footwear and gait by a leading Pedorthist.

Learn about Biomechanics related to walking
Learn about normal and abnormal gait patterns
Learn about Sports injuries
Learn about Diseases affected by our gait
Learn about Physical foot abnormalities and how they affect our gait
Learn about different types of Orthotics
Learn about props you can sell in your Salons to generate another Revenue stream of income
CLASS PRICE: $695.00 includes DETAILED course workbook for future reference. (Payment plan available)
Plus, all class attendees receive SPECIAL package price on Medilogics products purchased day of class.

April 10th – 13th, 2016 – Largo, Fl
Contact to register

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November is “National Diabetes Month?”

I would like to give a shout out and HUGE thank you to Brenda, Marketing Associate for Centre for Beauty for taking the time to offer the majority of the information below. Brenda is a Certified Master Pedicurist with a background in Nursing. Diabetes is an area of expertise for her, and I appreciate her sharing her knowledge for me to share with you.

The Beauty Industry, specifically Foot Care has been challenged more in the 20th Century then ever before. With the rise in Diabetes, we have been forced to turn our Pedicures into Foot Care. More and more education being offered is about caring for the Diabetic client and less about how to cut, file and buff. In fact, our clients are looking for Advanced Trained Technicians to help manage their Foot Care Needs.

When we look at the “startling” statistics, it’s easy to understand WHY it is so important to continue education on caring for the Diabetic client;
30 million Adults AND Children suffer from Diabetes in the USA
86 million are considered PRE-diabetic and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes
1 person out of 20 is either diabetic or pre-diabetic
Estimated National cost of treatment of diabetes in the USA is $254 billion dollars
It’s worthy to note as well;
70{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} of Diabetics experience loss of sensation and can’t feel injury on the bottom of their feet
Poor circulation can also be a sign of Diabetes
A weakend immune system should also be a red flag
A Diabetics skin is VERY fragile and easily prone to infection
Diabetics heal very slowly
The diabetic client has more then the responsibility of constantly checking blood and insulin levels. CFB can and WILL give suggestions on our ROLE (as technicians) in caring for your Diabetic client however, it is also important for you to understand… should also be your role to inform your Diabetic clients on what to look for, what to do and what NOT to do between foot care visits.

They should be advised;
Look for blisters DAILY on the bottom of their feet. Check for cuts and sores
Always check between toes for open sores, redness or tenderness
Inspect toenails for discoloration or lifting from the nail plate
Inspect shoes. Make sure there are no pieces inside the shoe that could puncture the skin
Advise that water they use for soaking and/or showering be neither really cold nor really hot
Make them aware, they need to dry their entire foot especially between the toes after bathing and/or soaking
In your chair;
#1 rule – Be sure to have your referral base lined up. If ever in doubt REFER to a Medical Practitioner
ALWAYS follow a HIGH level of disinfection. If you are unsure what grade your disinfecting product is, contact and we will find out for you. If you are one of our clients using Micrylium….you ARE using a HIGH grade level
Don’t forget your consultation. How will you know if your client has Diabetes if you don’t ask the proper question and perform your client consultation
Use extra precaution when trimming toenails and reducing rough, callused skin. Remember the golden rule. We never remove more then 80{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} of a callus. Better yet, recommend home care products which, naturally reduce their callus, smooth the skin and is SAFE. Centre for Beauty offers Footlogix (and a surprise new product coming soon) brand products safe for the Diabetic and/or any immune compromised system
NEVER EVER cut the cuticles
ALWAYS use tepid water when soaking. In addition the water should be treated with a hydrating product to help soften the skin and the cuticles, adding hydration directly to the client. Check out the Footlogix brand Foot Soak, (and a surprise new product coming soon) 10{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} urea for hydration.
Avoid using dehydrating astringents, salt scrubs and sugar scrubs. If you haven’t already, the Footlogix Seaweed Scrub, (and a surprise new product coming soon) by Centre for Beauty is all organic, polished pumice and SAFE for the Diabetic client.
What about YOU? Do you feel qualified to benefit from this
$254 billion industry? If not, don’t miss out. Check out the North American School of Podology to see what is offered in advanced Education. It is without a doubt, the BEST for Advance Education in Foot Care. And, since Centre for Beauty is hosting a Level 1 class in Largo, Fl….we would love to have you.
As always, feel free to contact CJ directly, for more information.

Keep an eye out for our special announcement
coming this week!

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Our Veterans need Foot Care?

To begin with, I want to say a personal thank you to the Veterans of our Country for all you do and for all you have done. This includes the Wives, Father’s, Daughters, Mother’s and Sons who have sacrificed the most important thing of our life…..time with a loved one.

In the spirit of gratitude, Centre for Beauty would like to extend the opportunity for YOU to win a Pedicure Starter kit valued at $70.00. Enough products to perform 55 of those much needed pedicures.

November is also the month we recognize diabetes. Our Pedicure starter kit which include; Foot soak, Seaweed Scrub, Callus softener, Daily Maintenance Mousse and Massage formula, is made by Footlogix. Footlogix is the world’s first and only pediceutical foot care line….SAFE FOR THE DIABETIC!

Use your free gift to extend gratitude to someone you know who is in need of a pedicure. Take care of the ONE thing that carries us around for a lifetime. OUR FEET! And of course, use your gift for YOU!

There are 4 ways you can register to win?
The first 25 people who respond GIFT to receive automatic entry.
Every order placed via our App November 9th through November 13th, 2015 received automatic entry x 2.
Any order placed November 9th, through November 13th via our email receive automatic entry.
Any order placed November 9th through November 13th via 727-249-3917 receive automatic entry.
Winner will be announced on November 16th

Our veterans helped or still help protect us. Let’s help protect them!

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It is NOW or NEVER?

Since I shared with you last week, my life as a Salon Owner during Halloween…I thought I would continue the journey of “Life as a Salon Owner” during the Holiday season. After all, there are only 48 days left until Christmas.

We go from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. The spooky decorations come down, the cornucopias go up an soon it’s time for Christmas trees and Santa Claus.

We spoke about client engagement. Engaging our clients is crucial any time of year. However, engaging them during the Holiday season makes memories.

This is important because we have to remember, yesterday’s customers are NOT your customers of today. We have to remember, we aren’t just catering to the Boomers anymore, we also have the Millennials. While they are not as affluent as the Boomers, they definitely have staying AND buying power.

What’s interesting is the word which Millennials use to best describe their engagement with Companies they purchase from is…..FUN!

They take pictures and FB or instagram…..immediately. They share their experiences in REAL time. They get involved wherever the FUN may be.

Going back to my personal experiences. I didn’t have Boomers or Millennial. I didn’t have FB or Instagram. For the most part, I didn’t even have cell phones and tablets. Everything I did to grow my business was through newspaper and magazines. I used bill boards and place mats. I networked with local businesses and participated in the community. In short…..I used my imagination.

NOW is the time to let your imagination grow wild!

Clear out Halloween and bring on the thanks. After all, there IS Thanksgiving before Christmas.
Participate in your local Thanksgiving day parades and walks. Make it a “family” affair. Invite your clients, make a party out of it.
Put up your tree. Yes….I do mean tree. Decorate it with fall leaves and acorns. Orange lights with colorful balls.
Start a food drive. Pick a local charity and be sure to send in a press release to your local newspaper.
Start a “thankful” tank. Ask your staff and your clients to write down one thing they are thankful for. They are fun to read and very motivating.
Bring out the scents. Pumpkin spice, apple cider and cinnamon. Nothing says welcome like the warm scents of the Holiday.
Start your Holiday promoting. Gift cards, impulse items, special treatments.
Don’t forget the pictures. Encourage your clients to take pictures with you and your staff showing all the Holiday ambiences. Offer 10{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} discount if they post it immediately on FB and Instagram.
When I write these articles, I am constantly reminded of ALL the things that can be done to grow your business. Thank you to all of you who respond and/or comment to my articles. You help ME stay motivated and creative so I too can grow my business.

for tired legs and sore feet
Use this to your advantage by offering a “tired leg/foot” massage
Add $10.00-$25.00 to any service for a 15 minute massage from the knee down

4th quarter Retail promo
(only a few left)

4.2 oz Tired Leg formula by Footlogix
with 8.65 Massage Formula
ONLY $15.00 Salon cost

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