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It is NOW or NEVER?

Since I shared with you last week, my life as a Salon Owner during Halloween…I thought I would continue the journey of “Life as a Salon Owner” during the Holiday season. After all, there are only 48 days left until Christmas.

We go from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. The spooky decorations come down, the cornucopias go up an soon it’s time for Christmas trees and Santa Claus.

We spoke about client engagement. Engaging our clients is crucial any time of year. However, engaging them during the Holiday season makes memories.

This is important because we have to remember, yesterday’s customers are NOT your customers of today. We have to remember, we aren’t just catering to the Boomers anymore, we also have the Millennials. While they are not as affluent as the Boomers, they definitely have staying AND buying power.

What’s interesting is the word which Millennials use to best describe their engagement with Companies they purchase from is…..FUN!

They take pictures and FB or instagram…..immediately. They share their experiences in REAL time. They get involved wherever the FUN may be.

Going back to my personal experiences. I didn’t have Boomers or Millennial. I didn’t have FB or Instagram. For the most part, I didn’t even have cell phones and tablets. Everything I did to grow my business was through newspaper and magazines. I used bill boards and place mats. I networked with local businesses and participated in the community. In short…..I used my imagination.

NOW is the time to let your imagination grow wild!

Clear out Halloween and bring on the thanks. After all, there IS Thanksgiving before Christmas.
Participate in your local Thanksgiving day parades and walks. Make it a “family” affair. Invite your clients, make a party out of it.
Put up your tree. Yes….I do mean tree. Decorate it with fall leaves and acorns. Orange lights with colorful balls.
Start a food drive. Pick a local charity and be sure to send in a press release to your local newspaper.
Start a “thankful” tank. Ask your staff and your clients to write down one thing they are thankful for. They are fun to read and very motivating.
Bring out the scents. Pumpkin spice, apple cider and cinnamon. Nothing says welcome like the warm scents of the Holiday.
Start your Holiday promoting. Gift cards, impulse items, special treatments.
Don’t forget the pictures. Encourage your clients to take pictures with you and your staff showing all the Holiday ambiences. Offer 10{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} discount if they post it immediately on FB and Instagram.
When I write these articles, I am constantly reminded of ALL the things that can be done to grow your business. Thank you to all of you who respond and/or comment to my articles. You help ME stay motivated and creative so I too can grow my business.

for tired legs and sore feet
Use this to your advantage by offering a “tired leg/foot” massage
Add $10.00-$25.00 to any service for a 15 minute massage from the knee down

4th quarter Retail promo
(only a few left)

4.2 oz Tired Leg formula by Footlogix
with 8.65 Massage Formula
ONLY $15.00 Salon cost

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How to make a Pedicure bar?

As Foot Care Specialist, are you aware of the attention Skin Care is getting around the Country? There are Cleansers and Scrubs, Mask and Lotions. And, don’t forget Hot Towels, Massage and Aromatherapy. AND….the list doesn’t stop there.

With so much to offer and so many techniques, how do the Estheticians continue to grow their business at a consistent rate of 3-4{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} yearly since around 2008?

The answer is simple. The constant brain storming, imagination and creativity. Continuously thinking above the curve in an attempt to KEEP THEIR CLIENTS ENGAGED!

Keeping your clients engaged is a key factor in retention. Making them feel involved, a part of and welcomed is everything your clients are looking for.

So, in thinking about Skin Care and what they do to engage their clients, it appeared to me that we CAN do they same thing in the Foot Care room.

Specifically speaking…….CREATE A FOOT BAR!
That’s what I said, a FOOT BAR!

I know many of you purchase and use the Seaweed Scrub which Centre for Beauty carries, by Footlogix. However, I also know many of you also possibly make your own scrubs, use a salt scrub and an addition, a sugar scrub.

How do you choose what Scrub to use on your clients?
Better yet…..why not let your clients choose?

Set up a small display area in your Salon to use as “the bar”
Use decorative bowls or jars to display your different types of scrubs
Label them being sure to list ingredients, benefits, contraindications
Let them try each Scrub and let THEM choose which once they want
Educate them on the important of regular exfoliation
Be sure to have them available for SALE
Offer combo price by offering it with a Foot Care Mousse by Footlogix for at home use
Not sure how to get started? Stay tuned for more info and opportunity to set up your “Foot Bar”

If you haven’t already, you SHOULD try our Seaweed Scrub by Footlogix. Completely organic, clean and refreshing scent, healthy, stimulating and more.
Available for retail and 32oz for Professional backbar use!

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Tools! Tools! Tools?

Much like buying a good pair of shears and/or clippers for cutting hair, it is as imperative, if not more, to purchase the right tools to be able to do your job effectively in your foot care rooms.

Until just a few years ago, technicians world wide did not even know that quality tools were even available. Many, including myself purchased toe trimming clippers and cuticle nippers which, were inexpensive, inferior tools.

Not only that, we didn’t know there were specialty tools and implements that in fact, could make our job easier.

Whether you are a novice, or an apprentice, this information I share with you today…..can be the beginning of the rest of your life caring for the feet of your clients.

Centre for Beauty endorses the Tools, implements and bits for foot care, offered by the North American School of Podology. These tools are custom manufactured to meet the the high quality standards of NASP. The NASP tools, implements and bits are crafted with German precision from world renowned Soligen Stainless Steel.

The Soligen Stainless Steel instruments renowned for precision, performance, longevity, reliability and uncompromising quality. They are manufactured in a modern state of the art manufacturing facility using the best technologies and development capabilities.

Theses instruments are podiatry quality (surgical grade), without the podiatry price. The can be chemically sterilized, autoclaved, or placed in a heat oven without damage.

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Centre for Beauty wants to give back on your behalf!

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to do something special, caring and giving to those in need.

I’ve struggled with ideas that would really make a difference along with ideas that would be just so so.

Through my years of being a Salon owner, I’ve done food drives, volunteered my time and donated monies and/or services. But, my own personal desire to feel like I really made a difference never has been fulfilled.

I’ve been blessed with an amazing life. I have a healthy, beautiful daughter. It took a while, but I have a true life partner in my husband. I’m thankful to still have my parents and my siblings in my life along with some truly amazing friends. And I am forever grateful to have a thriving business with supportive, caring, fun and extraordinary clients that I am also proud to mostly call my friends.

As we enter into this season of giving. I find it an appropriate time to offer the following;

October 1st – October 31st

FREE shipping on all orders $150.00 or more. (our usual FREE shipping is $300.00)(Please, no home shipments)
ALL orders placed in October will include a “care package” for YOU to give to a homeless person in your area.
Care Package includes
Personal maintenance items
Non-perishable food

My idea is that we can reach people all over the Country, not just in my area.
Choose someone you see on your drive to work, sleeping next to your business or under a bridge. A small act of kindness that can make a BIG impact.

If possible, take pictures. Send them to me, post it on Facebook. I want everyone to know how the entire Centre for Beauty community contributed to caring for human life.

Thank you all, in advance for helping Centre for Beauty help us all,

to give back!

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Fall has arrived!

When Fall has arrived for us in the Beauty Industry, it means it’s time to begin getting ready for the Holiday Season.

I can remember when I had my Salon, I would use the 1st day of Fall as the day to make my list of all that needed to be done for a successful 4th quarter. List which, included anything from decor to promo’s to training to cleaning.

So, as we enter into the first few days of Fall….here are a few suggestions to help YOU, have a successful 4th quarter.

Promo’s – Now is the time to make a decision about your Promotions. Don’t just think Christmas. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Chanukah as well which, many people celebrate.
Themes – Use these Holidays to be festive. Clients love to see decorations pertaining to Holidays’ or time of year. It’s a great time to build excitement and a positive atmosphere.
Training – Now more then ever your staff needs to know what they are promoting. has options available on our website to help with training of the products we promote. Need extra training? Contact CJ @ for more info.
Disinfecting – To me, there is no time like this time to review your Disinfecting procedures and to clean house. There is nothing better then a clean house when having Company, and that’s what our client’s are. Check out Micrylium on our website and review your procedures to make sure you are offering your clients the best, the kindest, the safest and the greenest disinfecting solutions possible.
Website – Have you been placed on the website of the Mfg’s you use? Not all Mfg’s offer this option, but if they do…you should be on there. Clients travel from all over the world yet still want to use their favorite products. Make yourself easily accessible. Centre for Beauty offers registration for Footlogix. If you aren’t already noted, contact CJ or visit our website for the registration form.
Gift cards/Gift certificates – NOW is absolutely the time to have this procedure in house. And, NOW is the time to offer an incentive for purchase. Clients like to start their Holiday shopping early. This makes it easy for them.
Staff meeting – It has always been amazing to me how, once October rolled around, the rest of the year just flew by. Meet with your staff now. Discuss training, dress code, customer service, promo’s, days of operation etc. with your staff so there are no mis-understanding’s during this busiest time of year. Open your ears and your heart to their suggestions, delegate decorating responsibilities. Give each staff member an area to “FALL” clean. Be ready to fully enjoy this beautiful season.

CJ is giving back to the communities around the Country and YOU can help.Look for info coming soon!

4th Quarter promo’s expecting to arrive in our warehouse the week of October 5th. Stay tuned for details.



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Have you Heard The 10 Commandments for Diabetics?

There are many conversations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in questioning what we as Salon owners and/or Technicians can do to “up our game” in the Pedicure room.

For many of us, it is more about the fluff and buff, the pampering and the Louis Vitton Nail Polish. However, be gentle about these subjects because it IS possible to still offer all of the above, yet go beyond and offer overall client care.

The question becomes “how do we do this?”, The answer is simple. Follow the McDonalds mantra “added value”.

Hairstylists instruct their clients how to maintain the health of their hair between visits. Estheticians offer at home care solutions after performing a facial service. Even Massage Therapist offer at home stretches and maneuvers you can do to keep flexible.

The Pedicure chair should be no different. In fact, it is even more important for us to “teach” our clients about the importance of taking care of their feet.

My suggestion to begin “upping your game” is to offer “added value”. Offer a take home card to help your client understand the importance of taking care of the skin on their feet between Salon visits.

Look at your feet every day
Wash your feet, in their entirety, every day
Dry your feet throughly, especially between the toes
Apply hydration to the feet daily
Don’t clip or file your toenails. Leave this to the professional.
Don’t use heating devices on the feet
NEVER walk barefoot
Wear seamless socks made of cotton
Wear properly fitting shoes
Seek medical attention upon any indication of foot or nail changes
FINALLY; Ask yourself this: Is the service I add, the products I purchase, the name brand I carry going to make me more money? If not, re-evaluate your choices before moving forward.


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How do Calluses Form?

Whenever I present to the Students at the schools I am affiliated with, I always hope for them to learn at least “1” thing from my presentation.

What is so great about presenting at the schools, is the complete obvious lack of interest most of the students have in learning about feet. The rolled eyes, the Ewwwws, the look of disinterest, the boredom, all play a part in my presentation.

Why? Because I know, by the time I am done with my presentation, this will all change. The “1” constant change, is helping them realize it isn’t just about Pedicures…’s about Feet. “Their feet” And, to get right to the point, I share with them the importance of calluses, whether the skin on the feet is healthy or not.

A callus is a protective thickening of the skin. They are found on areas of the foot which bear most of our weight. Calluses are a “natural” protective mechanism.

When we walk, our footwear AND our gait are blame for a callus forming. Constantly rubbing or pounding on the same area time after time after time, our brain will send a signal to our skin on our feet telling it to do something before we wear the skin down straight to the bone. Hence, a callus forms.

When we remove that callus, the brain again sends a signal that the skin on our feet hasn’t done it’s job. Hence, a thicker, harder callus forms.

Calluses are our friends. They are their to protect us. However, we don’t want it to look bad or feel bad do we? Fortunately, there are steps we can take to make them look better AND feel better.
Use a foot soak or shower gel with a moisturizing base
When getting or giving Pedicures, use a moisturizing base callus softener
Don’t “shave” or “shred” the callus to remove
Use a daily moisturizing based skin care product for the feet


Check out our website for many products to use and recommend to help take care of the skin on your, and your clients feet!

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Labor Day is for YOU!

A public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people

The first Labor Day was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5th, 1882, in New York City
In 1884 the first Monday of September was selected as the “Labor Day Holiday”


There are so many people I know who work day after day, year after year who are dedicated to many professions which serve others.
Nail Technicians
Financial………the list goes on and on!
All of these and more, keep our Country growing strong and do our best to make it a better place to live, for the next generation, regardless, of the adversities before us.
In the past few months I have witnessed many friends and family experience death, fire, loss and some tragedies which, they come through with amazing spirit. A spirit that teaches us all, there is life after……..

I personally want to thank all of you for your “labor” of love which, you give fully to the job you have. The owners who take the risk, the Technicians, the Stylist, the Therapist who work endlessly to keep our Beauty business thriving.

Without you…Centre for Beauty wouldn’t exist. We ALL are small business. Small business helping small business is the greatest gift. I hope, Centre for Beauty practices our mission; “Offering quality products with quality service to make our clients mission easy”.

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy and please be safe!


Visit our website and learn about

For the Skin on your Feet
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For quality Tools & Implements
For Lower Extremity care

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Teens need to be Educated About Their Feet

TEENS are more likely to be aware of the care needed regularly for their teeth, skin, eyes and bodies, but few understand the importance of caring for their feet. Since TEENS are visiting our Salons beginning as young as the age of 12…..We, as Foot Care Specialist need to educate them.

Our feet are out of sight, out of mind. However, foot health is an important part of overall health and wellness. When our feet hurt…..everything hurts. Unfortunately, TEENS tend to be more interested in attractive feet versus healthy feet. We, as Foot Care Specialist need to educate them.

Most of us begin with foot issues later in life. However, we also know it’s because of the poor way we cared for our feet when we were younger. If I knew then…what I knew now. STOP the pattern with the TEENS coming into your Salon today. Educate them on proper foot care, proper foot wear and proper maintenance to care for the skin on their feet.


The average person takes approximately 10,000 steps per day, equivalent to more than 3 millions steps per year. We apply 4-6 times our body weight on ankle joints when climbing or walking steep inclines. We have 26 bones and 33 joints. Our feet serve as the foundation for the rest of our body. Caring for the feet at a younger age, reduces the risk of complications like knee, hip and lower back problems later in life.

SPORTS-According to the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association, 1/3 of teenagers experience foot pain. Sports are the major cause. 3/4 of High School students play a school or recreational sport. 4 in 10 have at some time, injured their feet.
SHOES-Also from the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association, 2 in 10 suffer from foot pain due to uncomfortable fitting shoes. Girls more than boys. High heels are the most painful shoe choice.
Although 6 in 10 TEENS do have foot problems, most either self-medicate or typically just live with the problem.
Fewer than 2 in 10 teens have even visited a podiatrist. Those who do….have a tendency to care more for their feet.

We need to educate our teens on proper foot care.
Help them understand, keeping feet healthy can help avoid embarrassing and uncomfortable issues like athletes foot, foot odor AND toenail fungus.
Share with them the importance of washing their feet, between the toes as well. And, to dry them completely.
Share with them the importance of keeping the feet dry from sweaty shoes and socks. Inform them fungus, including the kind that causes classic athlete’s foot loves to grow in moist, damp environments. Teach them to change socks frequently, if they have a tendency to sweat alot during the day.
Teach them how to care for their shoes. After all, without proper disinfecting, the transfer of bacteria from one shoe to the next is probable.
Teach them proper toenail cutting which, if done incorrectly can cause ingrown nails and harbor bacteria.
Discuss with them, the importance of wearing supportive, properly fitted shoes. Let them know, improperly fitted shoes can cause major foot pain and injury which, can come back to haunt them later in life.
Share with them….it IS more than just about the pretty toes.

Centre for Beauty carries a variety of products to help keeping our TEENS feet healthy. Centre for Beauty offers educational webinars, educational u-tube links and more, to help with the recommendations YOU, as Foot Care Specialist can offer to your TEEN clientele. Some suggestions are;

FOOTLOGIX Shoe Deodorant Spray
FOOTLOGIX Foot Deodorant Spray
FOOTLOGIX Sweaty Feet Formula Mousse
FOOTLOGIX Rough Skin Formula Mousse
SHOWAFLOPS-to keep them from walking barefoot

Let us help you stay educated and current on the importance of teaching your TEENS about proper foot care.

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There are many different forms of Tinea Pedis!

Tinea pedis is a dermatophyte infection of the feet.
Tinea pedis is the most common dermatophytosis because moisture resulting from foot sweating facilitates fungal growth. Tinea pedis may occur as any of 4 clinical forms or in combination:
Chronic hyperkeratotic
Chronic intertriginous
Acute ulcerative
Chronic hyperkeratotic
Causes a distinctive pattern of lesion, manifesting as scaling and thickening of the soles, which often extends beyond the plantar surface in a moccasin distribution. Different types of hyperkeratotic may be due to hyperhidrosis and occlusive footgear, or contact dermatitis (due to type IV delayed hypersensitivity to various materials in shoes, particularly adhesive cement, thiuram compounds in footwear that contains rubber, and chromate tanning agents used in leather footwear) or, irritant contact dermatitis, and psoriasis.
Tinea Pedis (Moccasin Distribution)
Tinea Pedis (Moccasin Distribution)
Tinea Pedis With Irregular Scaling of the Sole
Tinea Pedis With Irregular Scaling of the Sole
Tinea Pedis With Dorsal Foot Scales
Tinea Pedis With Dorsal Foot Scales
Tinea Pedis With Scaling and Erythema of Lateral Foot
Tinea Pedis With Scaling and Erythema of Lateral Foot
Subtle Tinea Pedis
Subtle Tinea Pedis
Tinea Pedis
Tinea Pedis
Tinea Pedis in a Patient With Dark Skin
Tinea Pedis in a Patient With Dark Skin
Chronic intertriginous
Is tinea pedis characterized by scaling, erythema, and erosion of the interdigital and subdigital skin of the feet, most commonly affecting the lateral 3 toes.
Acute ulcerative tinea pedis ypically begins in the 3rd and 4th interdigital spaces and extends to the lateral dorsum and/or the plantar surface of the arch. These toe web lesions are usually macerated and have scaling borders. Secondary bacterial infection, cellulitis, and lymphangitis are common complications.
Acute Ulcerative Tinea Pedis
Acute Ulcerative Tinea Pedis
Vesiculobullous tinea pedis, in which vesicles develop on the soles and coalesce into bullae, is the less common result of a flare-up of interdigital tinea pedis; risk factors are occlusive shoes and environmental heat and humidity.
There are many forms of tine pedis which, we
as technicians will experience in the
Foot Care arena.

The important factor is, as Technicians we need to be able to identify the different types of Tinea Pedis which, we see daily.

Can YOU identify what is simply classic Athletes feet or a Dry tinea media? Can you identify a Psoriasis or Eczema?

Better yet….do you know how to and what to recommend to your clients to manage these conditions and help them get the healthy feet they need to carry them around for a lifetime?

Centre for Beauty carries a variety of products to help with the condition of the skin on our feet. Centre for Beauty offers educational webinars, educational u-tube links and more, to help with the challenges you face every day in the Pedicure room

Let us help you stay educated and current on the importance of proper care in your Foot Care treatments.

Visit our website and learn about

For the Skin on your Feet
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