End of the Season


With 6 trade shows behind us and 1 more to go, all within a 7 month period, it is fair to say I’m a bit exhausted.

I am also exhilarated at all the prospects for the coming year and feeling blessed to have seen old faces and the opportunity to meet new.

My take away from these shows is this Industry is constantly evolving.

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As I’ve said in previous blogs, since Covid nothing is what it was anymore. I still don’t feel like we even have a normal.

The cost of presenting at trade shows have gone up tremendously. The cost to get our educators to the shows has at least tripled along with all the other sundry costs associated with presenting Professionally. In addition competition is greater and show attendance is down.

What hasn’t changed is the thirst for education. What hasn’t changed is the undeniable fact as our Industry evolves, so do our Technicians. Our veterans are looking to “revive” and our newbies are looking for direction.

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Balancing the considerably different needs is not easy. There are so many different types of technicians;

  • The veteran, still working looking for that last jump forward before retirement
  • The veteran, still working who don’t quite know when they will retire, ye they have the  mentality “I’m too old for that”
  • The newbie, excited and wants to learn everything
  • The newbie, who has learned a few things and think they know everything

The biggest challenge however, is the Technician who learned inaccurate information or information not within our scope of practice. A false sense of security which can ruin our entire industry.


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Sometimes I wonder if I spend too much time and energy on worrying about where our industry is headed and let my blood pressure rise when I see things that are just so wrong.

Then I remember what my parents taught me about morals and values and quite frankly about minding my own damn Business. LOL

Often you will hear me say I won’t commit to one product or another. Yet, I’ll share with you the facts and you can make the decision based on what you learned.

The hardest part is watching all the mis-information being posted on social media and knowing many of our Technicians are falling for it.

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So as we near the end of the “show season” it’s time for me to begin planting my seeds and developing plans for diving full force into 2023.

I’ve watched, I’ve listened and I’m excited about all the opportunities I’ll be offering for the coming year.

It’s that time of year to re-evaluate Business practices and review what we offer now and what we might change in the future. I can tell you, Centre For Beauty has some amazing opportunities in both education and products coming to you soon.

I can also promise you I will continue to do what I know I do best. Share accurate information in an effort to help you grow and help your Business grow.

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I encourage you to do some re-evaluating yourself.

Learn about the brands you are using and re-evaluate the practices you use in your Salon. Are you comfortable with your knowledge? Are you confident in your abilities?

What do you want to learn and how do you plan on doing that? Make a plan, devise your actions and make it happen.

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My blog is short this week because my November 7th blog has so much to share.

The curveball that came at me a couple of weeks ago has allowed a home run. Allowing for changes both scary and exciting. Changes allowing for opportunities for not only success for Centre For Beauty, success I can pass onto you, our Technicians.

Little did I know that an opportunity I had in 1990, would lead to an introduction in 1999 which would come full circle in 2016. (you’ll hear the full story next week)

In the meantime, please speak up;

  • Is there a class you would like to see? Share with me.
  • Is there a price range which is most affordable to you? Share with me.
  • Is there a format you prefer? Share with me.

Growth is eminent for Centre For Beauty, how about you?


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2 thoughts on “End of the Season”

    1. Great. I have classes scheduled and info coming for LCN for the 1st quarter of 2023. And, will have a webinar scheduled for our sa’SHá and LCN combined. We always do one after our trade shows. Just finished up so I’m heavy on the computer, getting this all done. Thank you for your input.

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