Do you know the risk lurking in your Salon?


So often I am speaking with clients and I am STILL appalled about what they don’t know about proper cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.

Because of this, I spent 3 years developing the Infection Prevention manual for Salons. A manual of basic “need to know” information which, if purchased and used would answer any and all questions about the topic.

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However, you can lead a horse to water….you can’t force them to drink.

This is how I feel in speaking with many who seriously have no idea about proper sanitation. This doesn’t mean our Technicians are stupid. It only means they either weren’t taught accurately in their school, or they just weren’t taught at all.

Infection Prevention is no joke.

  • It can be a matter of life and death
  • It can be a single bacteria away from a lawsuit
  • It can literally turn yours and your clients life upside down.

Even though our Technicians know this, many are not willing to spend $299.00 to save their lives, their Business nor their clients lives.

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Many are changing their venues with dry or waterless pedicures. It is definitely an up and coming thing.

However, although you may not have a pedicure bowl to contend with, their are still health risk lurking in your work environment.

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Health risks within the Salon are real;

  • Pedicure bowls
  • Improperly cleaned implements
  • Asthma triggers
  • MRSA

These are just the top four(4)

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Our Technicians realize these things…I really do believe.

And, I don’t believe most of our Technicians are purposely trying to cause injury or infection to themselves nor their clients.

What I believe however, our Technicians really do not understand what proper sanitation is.

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Addressing the use of foot baths;

Whether you use a circulating system pedicure bowl or you use a portable bowl, anything other than a disposable must be properly sanitized.

This means, you clean it first THEN you disinfect. The conversation I have with clients who are calling and asking questions always comes down to that ahah moment. “Oh, I didn’t realize I had to clean it before I use my disinfection” or “I don’t know what the contact time is for my disinfection product” 


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Many infections can occur because of improperly sanitized foot baths. Nail fungus, MRSA just to name a couple.

Remember, bacteria enters through open portals. Any cut to the skin (shaving legs) is an open portal.

Sadly, U.S, News & World Report have reported that approximately 75% of Salons in the U.S., do not follow State protocol for sanitation. Leaving you and your clients at risk for serious infections, both internal and external.

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Another area many of our Technicians don’t think about is the floor around your Pedicure area.

Toenail clippings, skin shedding and more which land on the floor must be addressed between clients. How many times has your client stood up from the pedicure chair prior to slipping on his/her shoes? Unless the floor is properly swept and cleaned between clients, you are putting them at risk for warts, also called human papilomavirus. Spread from person to person contact through breaks in the skin.

Warts are highly contagious and very difficult to get rid of and even more so can be reoccurring.

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Respiratory irritation is another “lurking” risk.

The aroma of acrylics, acetones and other chemicals which fill your salon can irritate airways and trigger asthma.

This is one of the reasons I opted too develop our new sa’SHá to be applied with a brush. Although there is nothing harmful in the product, any type of spray can trigger someone with a compromised immune system.

Although we don’t have them on our venue, there are many great inexpensive air filtering products which do wonders in our environment.

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One of the scariest (amongst many) of infections is MRSA. This nasty superbug packs a powerful punch of severe symptoms including swelling, redness, cracked skin and pus. It is antibiotic-resistant which can lead to scarring, amputation and even death.

MRSA is commonly spread through improperly sanitized tools.

Yes, autoclave is your highest protection of sanitation as it sterilizes to the highest degree. However, not all Salons/Technicians can afford them and they aren’t required by our States.

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Unfortunately though, many are just not sanitizing properly.

Remember when Covid hit? Wash your hands thoroughly for 2 minutes. Happy Birthday to me!  Well, this is no different when it comes to cleaning/washing our implements. How many of you actually do this?

Many have taken the step towards an ultrasonic cleaner yet, I find many are not using the proper cleaning solutions.

The 2nd step is disinfection.

And, as stated above many don’t even know what contact time is, how long contact time is, how to properly dilute if needed, how often it should be replaced and how to properly dispose of the products.

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I write about these topics because of conversations I have with Technicians from all over the Country and sometimes the world.

As I stated in my first paragraph, it is truly appalling to me how many of our Technicians who just do not know about proper sanitation. Which brings me to this question. Is it worth $299.00 (one time charge) to make sure you do know, and you are following proper procedures keeping yourself safe and your clients?

This isn’t about selling our manual. It’s about awareness and just making sure you are doing all you can.

The image of our industry relies on proper knowledge. If you don’t know, or you aren’t sure or you don’t even know the terminology. Learn it. Whether it’s from our Infection Prevention manual, or another source of info….learn it.

It truly could be a matter of life and death.

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