Diversity = Loving what we do!


When I talked about my visit to the Statue of Liberty last week, I didn’t talk much about the diverse amount of people that were present.

I know they played a part in my many epiphanies and I thought about it all day as so many people from so many different cultures posed for pictures or passed us on the walkway.

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I would love to know what they were thinking.

I was thinking how easy it is to mingle amongst each other. I was thinking how on earth did we ever get to all the hatred which exist now. It just didn’t seem plausible in my eyes view.

Somehow those thoughts brought me to my chair behind my desk and the chair which sat across from me. For 24 years I worked 6 days a week from 9am till 9pm and many times even later.

However is was the interaction with my clients is truly what I enjoyed about my job. During those 24 years I held hands with  many different people from many different cultures. I heard History and stories which I know expanded my mind. I laughed, I cried with these clients. So much to the point, it’s difficult to call them clients….they are friends.

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For years now, we have been fed about all the hatred which exist. What we fail to realize is how fortunate we are as trained Beauty Professionals to be filled with a very diverse, loving Profession.

It is US who puts a smile on someones face. It is US who listens to their stories. It is US who laughs and cries with them. And, we get paid for it.

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It is understood we will or already have, had that client that makes us want to quit. The late client, the picky client, the broke client. We all have or have had them. Yet, somehow we forge on and easily forget because the client after her, was the reason you love what you do.

It’s a cycle which can really mess with our psyche, especially since many of us call this an emotional roller coaster. It can sometimes be too much.

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Realizing how much we have must continue. Being grateful and using every opportunity to make someone feel good feeds our souls and gives us the strength to continue on.

It’s what we love along with the ability to be artsy. As well as the ability to be flexible.

We are an ESSENTIAL Business

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I think as we end 2022 and enter into 2023 we have to change the way people look at us. We need to make them feel essential. 

We need to treat our clients like it was the first time we met. We need not to take anything for granted. We worked hard for our clients, them leaving however is easy.

We need to remember, without them…there is no us. 

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We also need to remember how fortunate we are to meet so many people from around the world…and didn’t have to travel.

The diversity amongst the Beauty Community is mind boggling. Not just our clients, our fellow piers. Again with the opportunity to put a smile on their face.

How fortunate we are!

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So, as you forge into the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season. As you wear your self down from the overtime hours, nights and weekends. As you just literally drop when you walk in your front door at home. Remember this……YOU CAN!

Remember also how fortunate you are to meet the people you do. Remember how you make these people feel. Remember how this Industry gives us so many opportunities. Remember the reason you chose this Industry in the first place.

Diversity is all over. Embrace it, enjoy it, love it and learn from it.

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2 thoughts on “Diversity = Loving what we do!”

  1. CJ this was a great article. Nothing so profound but yes important. It reminds us of where we’ve been where we’re going. I didn’t notice when you said we do all this make these people feel good listen to their stories we cry with them all true, but that’s not the part we get paid for we pay for the service we do all that other stuff for free. We lift them up we encourage them, we cry with them we laugh with them. We check on them even if they don’t have an appointment. That’s the therapy that we don’t get paid for. And for that we should feel essential. Just some thing that made me reflect on. I hope you have a blessed day

    1. Very well said Tammy and thank you! I realize in meeting all the people I have met in this industry over the years, that not everyone can have a ‘pick me up’ attitude everyday. And, if we do, it’s for the benefit of others. I believe! I have Faith! and I have Hope! that someone from our younger generation will carry on our generations torch.

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