What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

I opted to use this title for my articles because often time after an event occurred I hear “I wish I had known”.

Usually, whomever I am speaking with didn’t know because he/she passed through my email without reading it’s entirety. I get it. I do it myself and then kick myself in the butt because I missed a valuable piece of information.

I don’t want you to miss a thing. We have a lot happening. Some have come to fruition, others are still in the works. However, they are all either a cost savings for you and/or will surely benefit your Business.

So please...read on….I sure would hate for you to miss anything!

AngelFeet Files

Cost of goods and/or services have gone up on everything and everywhere. Trust me….I know first hand how difficult it is to keep cost down yet provide a good quality, proficient service.

However, the quality of your service and what you use in your service should NOT suffer because of “cost of goods”.

For this reason, we have decided to reduce the cost of our AngelFeet files to our Salons. Without having to do a buyback. After calculating the cost of shipping your old files and us sending you new files, the cost just didn’t add up. As you know, shipping cost are just out of control.

However, we are so passionate about why we recommend the AngelFeet file and we want all our Salons and their clients to benefit from the use of these files. Therefore, we have reduced the entire line of AngelFeet files…Pro, Small Pro and Retail until July 31st, 2022.

Want more info on our AngelFeet file? Visit our u-tube channel!

Free Freight Friday

This has been a real struggle for me. Cost of shipping has skyrocketed and I’m really trying hard not to raise our shipping cost. We are currently in communication with our providers with the hope of getting assistance. FYI – every time the cost of oil increases….we get an increase. This is every day.

However, we are going to keep our Free Freight Friday. Because I get the same questions on “every” Free Freight Friday, please read:

  • FFF is only the FIRST Friday of each month….NOT every Friday
  • Birthday coupons do not apply. We purposely send out our Birthday coupons the Monday after FFF for that reason. We just can not offer Free Freight AND 20% off
  • There are flat rate items. Usually BioSurf/BioSon/Autoclaves. We charge a minimal fee due to the weight of these items. It is still less than what you would pay on a typical day.
  • We will be increasing the minimum order for June moving forward. Currently our $25.00 minimum order, with shipping cost, we are losing money. The minimum order requirement will be going up to $60.00. I really hate to do this however, these small changes which only affect a few is better than a big change affecting everyone.

Infection Prevention

Our Infection Prevention manual is completed is in our warehouse

There is no better investment than protecting your Business. In doing so, you protect your team and your clients

By purchasing our IP manual you receive FREE unlimited certificates of training until May 31, 2022 Also, keep in mind the information in this manual will never change. We may have addendums with information which we feel would be valuable for you to have, yet the practice and protocol of Infection Prevention is always the same

The key is making sure your entire team and new hires including administrative, reception, hair, nails, skin care etc are all practicing  the same….proper sanitizing procedures

Covid really brought sanitation practices to the forefront. You can say that was at least one good thing that came out of this pandemic.

Don’t resort back to old habits. Bacteria and Fungi has and will always be around. The question is….do you still care, are you still afraid and bottom line….are you doing everything you can to keep yourself and others safe?

Premiere Beauty Show Orlando

For the past five(5) years we have been situated in the hair portion of the show along with our B2B partners Life of Riley Salon Supply. Unfortunately, so much has changed within the show this year, we did not feel our location would benefit our clients nor potential clients.

Therefore, we will be located in the Nail section at booth #2708 right as you walk into door “B”

We sure hope if you are going to the Premiere Beauty Show, Orlando…you take some time to come by and see us. We will have Footlogix, LCN, Podosafe, CFB products along with our Infection Prevention manual and an opportunity for you to sign up for our upcoming Toenail Restoration class and our Oncology Care in the Pedicure room class.

We are also presenting 2 classes. One on Sunday and one on Monday. CJ will be your presenter this year. Come by and learn about our LCN Urea foot care products and get a sneak peak at our newest addition to Centre For Beauty.

Our team is coming in from all over, so please…come by and say hello to

  • Vincent  – our shipping Manager
  • Maranda and Zo from Connecticut
  • Emily from Daytona Beach
  • Susi from Texas
  • Maribel from Puerto Rico

If you don’t want to wait in line at our booth or you need us to bring something special…order ahead @ cj@centreforbeauty.com

Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

We are back at the Nail Tech Event of the Smokies presenting LCN Foot Care, Podosafe, CFB products and our newest addition to Centre For Beauty

We are offering a toenail restoration class on Saturday. You can register here! We teach you how to make $100 in 15 minutes….properly. We share with you products which are safe for skin products and safe to use on immune compromised clients. Products which flexes with the movement of the toes and the feet.

We always end up turning people away, so register as soon as you can if you are interested

BTW – want us to bring something special for you? Reach out to cj@centreforbeauty.com and we will pack it up and bring it with




No words…..just stay tuned



CJ Murray, President

2 thoughts on “What you don’t know CAN hurt you!”

  1. OMG, lots of changes for sure.

    Okay, I won’t procrastinate to the last minute, I will register for the class in July that is on Saturday, so I got to move some plans around then. Ahhhhh, I’m so excited 😁 I get to meet you in person, and learn, and visit Tennessee for the first time!!! I’m just sooo excited, I’m counting down the weeks.

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