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What is the meaning of “Pedicure”?

Pedicure or Pedi Cure is noted in the dictionary as "cosmetic care of the feet and toenails". In Latin, "pedi" or foot and "cure" or care translates to "care of the foot" History tells us, it was the French who first introduced the "Pedicure". There have been a lot of conversations lately about what to offer in the Pedicure service. What distinguishes a basic Pedicure from a Spa Pedicure. What prices should be charged. And, how do I raise my prices. Everyone has an opinion (as noted on Facebook), and many are good and qualified. What concerns me however, are the amount of comments that appear to be so generic. Fellow technicians.....the Pedicure service is a service within the Salon which, you can literally die from. Our thought process should be far more than just generic. We can no longer get by with knowing the basics. There are so many more options these days for Advanced Education in Pedicuring. Why? Because Pedicuring IS serious business. If we go back to ancient times and be literal with the word Pedicure, just trimming toenails and sloughing and massaging the feet is NOT enough. Our society has so many health issues that we need to be aware of BEFORE we can perform any of these services. The reality is....a pedicure is a pedicure is a pedicure. It doesn't matter what products you use, we manicure, we slough and we massage. What makes it a SPA pedicure? Ambience. What makes it a results oriented pedicure? Pediceutical products AND advanced education. Maybe you don't want to get into the Advanced stages of Pedicuring. That's okay. However, you still need to be aware of the consequences of pedicures and not sanitizing and disinfecting properly. You much be aware of services performed which, can affect a client physically. You must know the basic Pedicure in todays world.....will not keep you in business tomorrow. With this in mind, to answer the question "how do I raise my prices?" There are many things to consider. Are you using products of "today" and NOT products of "50 years ago?" Are you using results producing products, or pampering producing? When was the last time you advanced your education in Pedicures? Are you qualifying your client prior to the Pedicure service? Are you sanitizing/disinfecting properly? And, displaying your processes for your clients to see? Are you able to answer most of your clients questions? Or, are they googling their own answers. When the answers to these questions come a reality then it's simple: You will know if a price increase IS warranted. But, I always suggest, don't raise your basic price. Add pricing based on your clients needs. Some other things to consider; Do you offer 5 different Pedicures, leaving the option for your client to choose the least expensive option? Does the consultation with your client begin with your reception desk, or do you wait until their sitting in your chair? Are you offering at home care? Look at the tools you are using. Are they safe? I challenge you. Let's take this business to the next level "together".
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The difference between Salt, Sugar & Pumice Scrubs?

During my travels over the past couple of months, it seems I hear the same question all the time. Are sugar or salt scrubs safe for the diabetic client? I found it interesting because, it isn't just a question of "are they safe". It was specific to the "diabetic". What does that tell you? For years I have promoted brands of products, "safe for the diabetic". For years I have taught Salons, Students, Administrators alike about the harm some products CAN cause for the diabetic. And's all coming into fruition. Our industry has changed. It isn't enough to be a pedicure technician. With the rise of diabetes and other immune comprised conditions, advanced education on a regular on-going basis IS....the key to success. So, to answer the question above, I have outlined Salt Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs and Pumice Scrubs. SALT SCRUBS Abrasive - think of your elderly client, diabetic with thin skin. Promotes healthy skin - Once dead skin cells are removed, our skin works more effectively to remove toxins & absorb nourishment. Natural anti septic "kills bacteria & fungus" Can by drying which is why these are best for oily skin SUGAR SCRUBS Less abrasive - smaller then salt Softer - better for sensitive skin types Requires oils Best for normal to dry skin PUMICE SCRUBS Nuetral in PH Hard enough to abrade but, without causing damage to the surface. Perfect for the geriatric client. Removes dead skin cells, cleans pores & restores skin & vibrancy Light touch scrubbing is all that's needed Ideal to use for applications where quality of the finished surface is paramount.
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