Soak-less luxury


Whether you call your service a waterless pedicure, a dry pedicure or a soak-less pedicure, the biggest challenge we have is being able to convince our clients…it’ll be okay.

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Pedicures inherently, include the process of soaking our feet. This is what has been the norm, and this is what our clients want.

It doesn’t matter whether everything you do in the Pedicure is identical (except the soaking), they just don’t feel like it’s the same. And, rightly so. After all, doesn’t the warmth of the water, the scent, the massage ALL have to do with the experience?

Consequently, our Technicians are hesitant about making this change.

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SOAK-LESS – Not to lie immersed in liquid (water)

DRY – Free from moisture or liquid

WATERLESS – Lacking or destitute of water

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Understanding the definition of these three(3) terms, may help you to decide not only what it is exactly you want to offer to your clients. Also to decide exactly what you wish to call it.

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SOAK-LESS – not to lie immersed in liquid (water)

What this basically is saying is, we do not fill a tub (bowl) with water, and allow our clients to soak their feet. They miss the warmth of the water, and will miss the massaging which often accompanies the foot bath.

DRY – Free from moisture or liquid

This is pretty clear cut. There is absolutely NO water used at all. Not in a bath, not in a bottle.

WATERLESS – Lacking or destitute of water

Much like the dry, this is indicating there is no water involved at all.


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So the question becomes, if we were to offer this type of service, what do we call it?

If you are doing a soak-less pedicure….well, call it a “Soak-less” Pedicure. With this, you still have the option of cleansing the feet with some “type” of cleanser. Whether it be massaging the cleanser onto the feet and wiping with a warm towel. Or, using your cleanser in a spray bottle to cleanse the feet and then yes, wipe with a warm towel….or not.

If offering a Dry pedicure, anything referring to water or moisture is mis-leading. Most technicians I know use an e-file to offer this service. I have heard of many clinical names in reference to this type of pedicure. Many in fact, learned of this pedicure through their advanced education in foot care.

The same holds true for a waterless pedicure. Try to avoid using words in your title and your description if you plan on making your pedicure service completely dry.

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I know many Technicians do not like when I say this….yet…a fact is a fact!

You can NOT call your pedicure a “Medical Pedicure” unless you are working under a Dr’s, supervision within the same facility. It’s just a matter of time this will come to bite us all in the ass.  Sorry..but true!

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What do we do then?

If you are looking to offer a service which no longer involves soaking your clients feet in water, yet….you still want luxury.

Or, maybe you are hesitant about transitioning your client to this new service and afraid of losing Business.

There are ways!

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As mentioned above, most foot cleansing products are such that you can put your soak into a spray bottle with water. There are a couple of ways you can give this pedicure a luxurious feel.

  1. Keep the water warm by keeping the bottle in a baby bottle warmer. It is better than trying to heat in a microwave as it will keep the temperature at a safe temperature.
  2. Using warmed towels are also another way to give luxury in your new service. Once the foot is sprayed with the cleanser, using your hands massage the cleansing solution into the skin. Wrap with a warm towel while manicuring the toenails.
  3. Use a facial steamer to keep warmth on your client. Keeping it on just long enough to let the cleanser soak in while your manicuring the toenails.

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Okay, so this isn’t the first time you have heard me share these ideas with you….blah, blah blah.

Like you, I have to continuously come up with new and improved ideas to keep you interested and help you improve your Business and help you make money.

The reality is, as long as you are staying within the limits of your license, you can be as creative or NOT, as you want to be.

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I’ve had a dry pedicure. It truly was nothing to complain about…it was a very Professional, clean and detailed service.

I did miss the “luxury” of a pedicure and I have to admit, the days following my pedicure I noticed no moisture in my skin at all.

What IF……you could offer the luxury your clients are accustomed too….many even a little more, while eliminating the need for a foot bath, water and the strain of getting it emptied and cleaned?

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Using our LCN hand & foot bath is the perfect accompaniment to making your Soak-less pedicure luxurious.

  • Find yourself a small bowl which presents nicely
  • Using 2 drops of H&NB and water, whip your solution into a frothy consistency.
  • Apply generously and luxuriously to the legs and feet with a soft bristled round brush
  • You can then massage the cleanser into the skin, wipe with a warm towel or spray warm water to rinse

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And there you have it. How to take what you might think is a basic soak-less pedicure and turn it into something luxurious you can offer to your clients. Making them feel NOT like they are missing out, more like they are getting more value for their money.

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6 thoughts on “Soak-less luxury”

  1. Great suggestions. Although why eliminate the soak at all? I don’t understand why this is seeming to trend in our field.

    Also If the practitioner is a Nurse they can call it a medical pedicure as well.

    1. Thanks Erin for the comment. I think with COVID and our Technicians looking to make the process a bit easier, they like the idea of eliminating the soak. Also, many are doing homebound also, which helps if they don’t have to deal with a foot bowl. And yes, you are correct. An NP would qualify of course if also a licensed Technician. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  2. I love this idea and it’s great for clients with chronic illnesses that shouldn’t soak their feet in water. They can still enjoy a pedicure without risking their health.

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