Simple little stuff


When I owned my Salon, I made it a practice to visit other Salons.

I was fortunate because as an Educator in this Industry, I travelled around the Country. I would use that time to schedule appointments at local Salons for massage, facial or pedicure services.

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The idea was to learn new techniques or little tricks to offer a better or more enhanced experience to my clients.

I wish I could remember all the “simple little stuff” which, ultimately either saved me time or saved me money. Because, the reality is… IS the little stuff that matters most.

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I know I’m calling it “simple little stuff”, yet don’t be fooled at how valuable these can be.

  • SLS can save you time
  • SLS can save you $$$$
  • SLS can add perceived value
  • SLS can MAPYO (Make a pedicure your own)

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My experience in visiting other Salons also taught me what we were doing right.

I believe it’s a good idea to experience what other Salons do or don’t do. Experience and learn what you definitely DON’T want to do. And, realize that no matter how bad you think things may be in your own facility… may actually be doing things right.

I know for sure, I always appreciated my team. When I came back from a Salon visit, I appreciated them even more.

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and why or how they can make a difference

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  1. Mints/chocolate
    1. I remember receiving a facial and when I entered the treatment room, there was a mint on the table. It made me feel like I was at an elite hotel (I wasn’t). I never had the opportunity to duplicate this because I sold my Salon shortly thereafter. However, I did think this would be a nice touch. Place your service menu (or Business card) with a mint or even a wrapped hard candy on the seat of your Pedicure chair for your next guest.
    2. My thought was this would be starting the service with a positive emotion. A feel good gesture which took no time at all and cost effective. It would be something your client might refer to when sharing her pedicure experience. You could take it a step further and purchase mints with your name on it. Try Oriental Trading.
  2. Preparation Bowl
    1. This is actually something I personally just learned within the last 2 years. If you are offering a service (such as a callus solution) where you need wipes saturated with the product. Pour your solution into a covered container over the wipes. When you are ready for your service, you can take out an individual wipe and apply to the callused area. Ikea has small glass mason jars which work perfectly for this.
    2. This could also be a thought for your removal of gel polish. If using a liquid remover which you apply with cotton or lint free wipes, why not keep them saturated in the solution ready to go for when your client arrives.
  3. Tools/Implements
    1. I speak with many Technicians who have multiple sets of tools to use throughout the day. This is great of course, because it saves cleaning & disinfection time. How do you store them? I know not everyone has an autoclave where the tools are placed in a sterilizing pouch.
    2. There are lock tight containers which are the perfect size for storing a set of tools. They come in various sizes to where you can add your AngelFeet file to the set. I would clean and disinfect my tools/implements, make sure they were dry and have them stored in their own individual containers. These containers literally are only about $1 each. Well worth the money since by Dept. of Professional regulation law our cleaned and disinfected tools are to be stored in an airtight container. In addition…think about the presentation. You could even print a removable label to put on each box for the day, with your clients name on it.

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  1. Neck Wraps
    1. I’ve had many services to where a neck wrap is applied. Not so much when it comes to Pedicures. However, when I visited Emily with Elite Feet in Florida, she did provide a neck wrap which felt absolutely amazing.
    2. I would caution however, to make sure #1 they are able to be sanitized properly and #2 if they have an aroma to them, check with your client first to make sure the aroma won’t make them feel nauseated.
  2. Thank you cards
    1. This day and age of all the technology we have at our fingertips, the simple Thank You card has gone by the wayside. This is why I feel, receiving a little thank you “out of the blue” is something little which would have a BIG impact.
    2. You could send thank you cards to new clients or just randomly select a client a month. A simple, thank you….I appreciate your Business is all that needs to be said.
  3. Surprise discount
    1. I personally just recently did this to one of my nail clients and truly didn’t realize how much it would touch her. It was her birthday and I just simply told her “today is on me”.
    2. This isn’t something you do every day or every week. You could do this once a month, or even make it once every other month. I can tell you though, the look on my clients face was priceless and I actually felt really really good about doing it.

Again, the simple little stuff

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”12px”][vc_column_text]I just gave you six(6) simple and very inexpensive ideas. My list can go on and on.

Again, it’s about being creative and even the element of surprise. What we do for our clients doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, nor take a lot of our time. The most important thing is to do it with heart and mean to do it.

If raving fans is what you are looking for, the “simple little stuff” can make a big difference. It isn’t always the grandiose affairs, time consuming or even monies spent that make a difference. It’s the little things that often go a long way.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”12px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”2087″ title=”CJ Murray, President”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

6 thoughts on “Simple little stuff”

  1. Esmeralda Loredo

    Hi CJ, omg yes. I have been thinking a lot about the little things. I rewatched the MAPYO again. I just had me thinking for some time. I look at reels and tik toks and IG pages of how can I make my guests special. How can I keep them coming back.
    Remembering their names
    Talking to them, ask about their previous experiences at other salons
    What they liked or didn’t liked
    My brain is just going.
    Neck ties I heard from a old school nail tech she uses them as non wipe sheets for gel manis and toe separators. I have been using paper towels as toe separators since it is easier to throw away.

    I definitely will try the mint and chocolate idea I think it is super cute and thoughtful.
    I definitely do discount my service for my loyal clients for birthday or special event or if they send me a lot of business.
    I definitely will figure out next wraps and thank you cards.
    Thank you so much CJ. I love reading your blogs and articles. They have been very motivational and helpful.

    1. I love your motivation and your constant willingness to improve. You have some great ideas and if your mind is anything like mine….it’s a curse LOL.
      Try Kleenex/tissue or even a toilet paper roll instead of paper towels for your toe separators. It has to be less costly and more comfortable for your client. Also, try to keep the word “discount” out of your services. Promo or special offer doesn’t sound as “discountie” 🙂
      The great thing about this Business is you can be as creative as you eat to be without it costing a whole lot fo money.
      Keep up the great work. I am so enjoying watching your growth.

      1. Esmeralda Loredo

        Ahhh, okay got it that definitely sounds more poise. I will say special offer or promo next time and I will try the toilet paper or kleenex from now on!!!
        I do have 15 sets of tools now, and will soon be upgrading them to more advanced pedicure bits and other ones.

  2. Love this!!!! Going to implement almost all of these starting immediately!!! Thank you CJ for ALWAYS supporting our businesses!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!

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