Where is your future


When I first went into Business for myself, it was in Office Supplies. I had all these grandiose ideas to grow my Business and make a good future for myself and whomever may end up being in my life.

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I worked hard and believed at that time, where I was is where I would be for the rest of my life. Until……life happened.

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That was 1985 and I am no longer involved in the Office Supply Business. I’m married, divorced, re-married. I have a daughter. Since 1987 I have been a licensed Nail Technician, owned a full service Salon for 24 years and sold it. I have remained in the Beauty Industry enjoying yet another facet of life.

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Each aspect of my Business career since I started working at the age of 14, I always worked as though whatever I am doing, I am doing for my future. I was always looking down the road.

Although I have been in the Beauty Industry since 1987, my careers have ranged from Hotel housekeeper, Secretary or Administrator, Sales, Educator, Salon owner which of course, wears many hats. All of these were my future…or so I thought.

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What I didn’t realize is “my best future was right there in front of me“.

I literally just heard that statement about a week ago. My husband and I were watching a move (couldn’t tell you what), and that statement was said in the movie.

I had to write it down because I didn’t want to forget it.

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I am super guilty of just work, work, work. I love what I do so it isn’t really work to me.

However, when I realize I am now 60 years old, I look back at the last 46 years of my working career and understand how “life passes you by”…..very quickly.

I understand all the cliches like “don’t sweat the small stuff”….”take one day at a time”…”life is what  you make of it”.


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Don’t get me wrong. My life is good and I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and experience different culture, different scenery and truly different worlds. Regret is not what this article is about.

What sparked me to write this article are the many people I met and the conversations I had in Gatlinburg at the Nail Tech Event of the Smokies.

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I was inspired by not just the young people who chose the Beauty Industry as a career. It was the my age generation, beginning a second career which really caught my attention. Newly licensed Technicians in their 50’s and 60’s following a lifetime passion of caring for others.

If this isn’t a prime example of “your future is right there in front of you”, what is?

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36 years ago, I would have thought office supplies was my future. I worked hard and and worked like it was the last career I would ever have.

Then came the Beauty Industry.

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I expected to be a Salon owner. I worked hard and again worked liked Salon ownership would be my entire life.

Then I became a licensed Nail Technician.

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I worked 12 hour days, 6 days a week. I perfected every aspect of producing TV ready nails. Which, myself and my team literally did TV ready nails for the Home Shopping Network.

I had never thought about being a licensed Nail Technician. Yet I made the most of it and combined with owning my Salon, I gave it my all.

Then came Education.

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I have to say, Education was the most full-filling for me. I thought I was in my element. I was learning every day about new products, new ways to promote a product and all the benefits and features required for me to teach with authority.

14 years I did this side by side with my Salon. I never thought anything of the lack of days off, the long hours, the tedious travel. I loved what I did and I was working towards my future.

Then came Distribution.

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It seems like such a long journey to get to where I am today. Truthfully, it was.

Yet, each corner I turned on that journey led me to what I’ve wanted to do all along. Help others be the best they can be and watch them grow.

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I saw so much of “me” in Gatlinburg. Technicians attending a show for the betterment of their career. Trying desperately to find the next greatest thing available…at the right price.

As I listened to stories and heard the many journeys, I watched and admired the smiles and the excitement. And, I marveled at the thought that probably a good 50% of those Technicians will not be in 30 years, where they are today. There will be circumstances which happen in their lives which will direct them down another path. A path they never even thought of or realized would be where they end up.

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It made me think back to my lifelong dream of being the Secretary to an executive….maybe even the President of the Unites States.

That dream never happened of course. However, if that was my career NOW……OMG I would just have to quit. LOL


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My point is;

  1. Absolutely, HARD WORK DOES PAY OFF
  2. Be open for change. CHANGE IS GOOD
  3. Don’t ever stop learning EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS
  4. Work what you do today, as if today is your future – GIVE IT YOUR ALL

AND ironically, I just saw this post on FaceBook

Sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought life would be like & learn to find joy in the story you are living

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I congratulate everyone who attended the show along with all the Vendors who supported it by being there for the attendees.

I applaud those who took education and offered education.

I encourage you and even those reading this who did not or were not able to attend, live your dream today.Stay educated, stay in the moment. When that path in front of you divides and without even realizing it, you are somewhere else….you want to make sure you have been enjoying the moment when you had it.

Plan for your future….YES. This means you aren’t staying stagnant and growth is eminent. Just don’t forget….your future is today!

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2 thoughts on “Where is your future”

  1. Esmeralda Loredo

    Thank you CJ.
    I feel like every article of yours speaks to me or reaffirms something to me. Right now, I’m substituting at my former nail school for my former nail teacher. I find myself wanting to help the new future techs to be the best they can be and learn from my mistakes and others.

    I have been going to a lot of changes, and I am not afraid of change. The more education I am investing by cutting back on services to make time for education. This definitely opened my mind to change aspects in my nail journey. I am really intrigued in medical nail tech and helping clients. I feel this is my niche since, I love science and helping others. I feel I found a passion that fulfills both areas. My next step is to work with a foot doctor or open a space where I can take more medical foot care, until then I will keep up my education and keep working hard. We shall see how it goes, because it is true life changes your plans.

    1. Esmeralda, thank you for your response. What I have realized is it is okay to have dreams and hopes of where we want to be. However, soaking in the moments of today and where we are right now is so important. If we can be in the moment then we can be who we need to be for the people around us. Everything we do is a journey. It’s a learning process and it’s a process of elimination. We aren’t always heading somewhere we like, we are reminded of what we don’t like. The future of our Industry concerns me. It’s a blessing to have people like you who want to make a difference in the people around us. I have found throughout my life, by doing for others…..we are really doing for ourselves…..without effort. Keep up the good work and know that I am always available if you need a shoulder.

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