What You Should Know about the Nellie Kit!


Perfection, Amazing, Beautiful, Artistic…these are just a few of the words to describe the finished product we have seen of the work which Nellie Neal performs on his clients.
When I first met Nellie Neal, several years back at an Advanced Pedicuring class Centre for Beauty hosted which Nellie attended, I can’t even describe my first impressions.
Here, sitting in front of me was this young, flamboyant, male licensed Nail Technician speaking grandeur about an Industry he fell into, loved and was bound and determined to make a name for himself in it.
Looking at him then, this larger then life man with lot’s of hair….I never in my life imagined how much I would truly respect him.
It has been an absolute pleasure of mine, to see this young, inexperienced man grow into an Industry Icon. His success only contributed by his yearn for education, his desire for perfection, his passion for helping others and his mission to not just be the best he can be…..but to be the BEST – period.
For these reasons I decided to name our new GERMANIKURE pedicure kit
“The Nellie Kit”
Not only because the tools included are specifically what Nellie uses in his pedicures. Also, because like Nellie these tools are the BEST…period


The Nellie kit includes 7 tools Nellie uses too perfect his perfect polished toenails.Each tool has a specific purpose, all with producing the absolute finest result;


  1. Nail clipper #4712
  2. Tapered cuticle nipper #r157
  3. Ingrown nail nipper #p183
  4. Cuticle pusher #i02
  5. Ingrown nail file#p02
  6. Double sided excavator #p03
  7. Double sided cleaner #p10


    1. Like many, Nellie doesn’t like to use the large nail nippers if he doesn’t have to.  Therefore, on the majority of his clients he is able to use the #4712 Nail clipper on their toenails.  According to Nellie, the cut is not only clean the sharpness of the clipper means you don’t have to press hard to make the cut.  What he particular likes is not having to constantly replace is nail clippers that would constantly rust.  The GERmanikure clippers, like all their tools are stainless steel, guaranteed for life and can be placed in an Autoclave.


  1. Nellie has learned the dangers of cutting the proximal nail fold.  Just don’t!  Therefore, the benefit of the Tapered cuticle nipper is the ability for him to target the tiniest of PNF (waving) at him left on the nail plate.  The fact they are tapered and it’s sharp edges gives him precise accuracy, making sure he doesn’t clip any live tissue.


  1. When using an ingrown nail nipper, Nellie states the importance of knowing what you are doing.  Education is very important when it comes to ingrown nails.  You need to know when to proceed and when to refer to a Medical Professional.  The GERmanikure ingrown nail nipper will allow you to gently and precisely clip any excessive skin or nail which is “stuck” in the nail fold, causing your client discomfort.


  1. So many of our clients have trouble with the edges of their nail growing into the corner edge of the nail fold.  It’s hard to get a perfectly shaped and perfectly cut nail without slightly manicuring the edges of the nail.  The Ingrown nail file allows you to get precisely in that spot and gently file down the corner of the nail growing into the nail fold.


  1. The Double sided excavator, also known as a double spoon, is shaped perfectly for cleaning around the nail fold and under the nail plate. The dynamics of this tool allows for gentle “spooning” of anything (skin-sock fuzz) caught in the nail folds.  It is a great tool to use with your favorite cuticle softening product which softens the hard skin and allows you to work without causing any discomfort.  The tool gently slides along the nail fold and will catch any spicular left behind.


  1. The double sided cleaner is a new tool in my repertoire of tools.  This tool is used to clean over the nail plate to remove any keratin which may be left on the nail.  Making sure the nail plate is clean and smooth, is the secret to Nellie’s polished to perfection toenails.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]We all have our favorite tools which we find, works best for you.  I respect that.  However, I can tell you from my own personal experience, when I watch Nellie work, there is a synchrony to his Techniques.  His tools dance for him and help him produce the finest symphony possible.

Sound corny?  Maybe!  However, ask any Chef, Dr. Or Carpenter.  Without the right tools…you will never hear Perfection, Amazing, Beautiful or Artistic.



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4 thoughts on “What You Should Know about the Nellie Kit!”

  1. What a stunning article about Nellie !! I do not know him personally,just met him once when I went to his studio with Cindi to meet you CJ. Not enough kind words in the world these days !

    1. Hey Marie…..long time no hear from. Think of you guys often. Yes, Nellie himself is stunning. Thank yo reading the article. My best to you all.

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