Why you should choose your tools wisely! Introducing GERMANIKURE!


I know this isn’t the first time you have heard me say this, and I promise you….it won’t be the last.  How would you feel if your hairstylist took out a pair of plastic, paper cutting shears to cut your hair?


The tools we use in the Pedicure room are as important as the

products we choose

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Our tools are an extension of who we are.  Very much like Gordon Ramsey and many other famous chefs, who choose their kitchen tools carefully.

The proper tools can make our job easier.  The proper tools will last a lifetime.  The proper tools will place the safety of our clients first.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Centre For Beauty has always carried quality tools.  However, like the skin on our feet and the products we use to manage them, over the past 50 years they have changed.  Mfg’s have learned to create stronger, longer lasting, safer tools for us to use in our service rooms.  Centre For Beauty has realized this and began a three(3) year process of learning and testing more improved  tools to offer in our Distribution.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

We are tickled pink to introduce you to GERMANIKURE!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]I am not going to sugar coat this.  The purchase of a good quality set of tools is a huge, expensive decision.  It’s a decision you don’t want to regret making.  It’s an investment.  [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]What do I personally recommend you  look for when choosing tools?

#1. Are they service specific? – You don’t want to use cuticle nippers to cut the toenails

#2. Are they stainless steel? – Many implements are plated, not true stainless steel.  These will rust.  In addition, like anything, the level or quality of s/s makes a difference.

#3. Can they be sterilized to the highest degree? – I caution you, please think ahead.  You may not be able to afford an autoclave today, therefore you don’t gravitate towards tools which can be autoclaved.  However, we never know what the future may hold.  Think through this process carefully.

#4.  Are they safe?  This is something new we have in our Pedicure industry which we either didn’t have, or weren’t aware of.  There ARE diabetic specific tools.  We are always taught NOT to cut the toenails of a diabetic, we file.  Much of that reason is because of the tools we typically use.  However, there are diabetic safe and friendly tools specifically designed for that purpose.

#5.  Are they guaranteed? – Manufacturer support is peace of mind.  Find tools which offer a guarantee but also offer ease of management in the event you need to use that guarantee?

#6.  Sharpening?  In my years of growing up in the Salon, I sharpened my tools once.  Why?  Because the Company that sharpened them ruined them.  I refused to ever let that happen again.  Does the tools you choose offer a Manufacturer sharpening process or guarantee?

#7.  Pricing!  Although pricing shouldn’t be your number 1 concern, don’t get ripped off.  If the price is too good to be true….run the other way.  Pricing should be moderate and conducive to the tools you are purchasing.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]What do I personally  look for when choosing tools for you?

As I always do, my 3 criteria are;

#1 Quality

#2 Mfg’s support

#3 Pricing


Let me introduce you to GERMANIKURE



Superior steel, ergonomic design, and an anti-glare rust-free finish are just a few important features of the GERMANIKURE product line. Crafted ethically and without waste, they take the idea of good living beyond simply making good products. They craft their products with an eye to the future and a heritage in mind; not just in the tools you use and pass down, but also with an eye to the environment we will leave after us. All their factories produce their tools with a smaller carbon footprint and less waste than ever before and they are always looking for new innovative ways to make not just the tools better, but our world as well.



  1. Handmade in Germany
  2. Surgical grade steel; high carbon stainless
  3. Guaranteed for life; tested, sharpened by hadn’t and guaranteed to be free from any defects In materials and workmanship
  4. Solingen sharpened; every GERmanikure implement is sharpened by Soligen artisans
  5. Free lifetime sharpening; Sharpened ad maintained at the Soligen factory in Germany
  6. GERMANIKURE care; High quality products with conscious decisions.  No child labor, planned obsolescence, unfair pay or plastic packaging –  They never use plastic in their packaging.

The world produces 300 million tons of plastic every year, and only 10% of that is recycled. The rest ends up in landfills and oceans, leaking pollutants into the ground and water sources while taking centuries to decompose. Please join them in helping our world, one piece of plastic at a time.   It doesn’t make the news, but the sharp truth is: the grooming tool industry is heavily supported by child labor. It is well known that Pakistan is a major producer of grooming tools sold in the U.S. The child labor laws in Pakistan state that children under 14 years old cannot work in factories or any job deemed hazardous, yet there are an estimated 11 million child laborers in Pakistan alone under 14 years of age, and most of these children are sitting on moldy floors, operating heavy machinery, and performing hazardous jobs like grinding scissors, polishing tools, or sharpening blades. While not every factory in Pakistan operates under such questionable ethics, enough of them do to warrant careful consideration. 

No child labor is ever used in the manufacturing, packaging, or distribution of GERmanikure products.

In addition

Hand-hammered blades – Allows for perfect curve adjustment, ensuring flawless cutting

Hand-Set screw – no machines.  Every implement is assembled by hand for perfect tension

Leather protected – Leather is a naturally cushioning material.  Each implement comes in a soft leather case which helps protect your implements against nicks and scratches.


Join me in welcoming these tools into your Salons/Spas.  Not only help you but help your clients, help the world.

Look for our introductory special coming to your email box shortly

What will you see?

  • The Nellie set – purchase the entire set Nellie Neal uses in his Pedicure service, producing the absolutely flawless results he gets
  • 10% off individual tools
  • The diabetic set – NEW to our market
  • An additional 10% if you send us back your old tools

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2 thoughts on “Why you should choose your tools wisely! Introducing GERMANIKURE!”

  1. Sandra Donovan

    Very interested especially in the diabetic tools. My tools are all from NASP and I do Autoclave but I need to add another set of toe nail clippers

    1. Sandra, I am loving the look, the feel and the cut of these tools. There is a stainless steel toenail clipper along with the large jaw clipper. they are on our website, so please take a look and reach out to me with any questions.

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