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I know I have spoken before on Professionalism when it comes to our posting on FB.  But, I just read something on FB which caused me to stahl the article I was writing, and completely change what I was writing about.

The post was a live video on “thinking like a business” in regards to offering Show specials, the week following a trade show.  The gist of the video was about low show attendance and blaming it on the Companies that offer Show specials when the show is over.

The comment that set me off was “think like a business “and don’t offer show specials.  We are only rewarding those who don’t attend the show.

Let me explain something:  My business, Centre for Beauty Distributes Foot Care products to the Salon Professional.  We have 2 major Foot Care specific lines.  When these Mfg’s display at the shows, my business is affected tremendously.

As a “business person” I had to review my strategies and come up with something to offer my clients in hope I can sustain through the 3 months of Premier.

YES!!!!! 3 months.  May is slow because everyone is waiting for the big Premier Show.  June is slow because everyone has purchased from the show. July is slow because those who purchased are still using the products they purchased from the show.  And, when you ship all over the Country….every show affects your business in this way, all year long.

Therefore, offering Show Specials the week after the show is imperative to the survival of my business.

However, it’s also about rewarding my family of clients who can’t attend the show, for whatever reason….for their continued support.

I don’t know if the person who made this post has ever been in a Mfg’s or Distributors shoes.  It really doesn’t matter.  It goes back to an earlier article I posted about Social Media……once you post something on Social Media, it’s out there for the world to see.  Speaking ones mind is one thing, but to generalize and place blame, in my opinion is just not right.

Also, there were many responses with many assumptions.  The reality is… can’t please everyone.

I personally feel there are many reasons why someone does or doesn’t come to a show.


  • The excitement
  • Find new equipment/products
  • Education
  • Vacation with family
  • Camaraderie
  • prices/specials/deals


  • Financial
  • Time
  • Financial/time
  • Financial/time

Yes, I purposely put the reasons in the order they are in.  

The fact is, If you did a survey of why someone didn’t come to the show?  Hi highly doubt the main reason would be “because I can get the specials without going”

Finances is the #1 reason for a no-shower.  Maybe they just started out.  Maybe they are caring for a family member, maybe they are the only working family member.  Maybe they can’t take the time off of work.  Whatever it is, I would be hard pressed to believe they didn’t come because they could get the specials anyway.

Social Media is a platform.  A platform to share happiness and sadness.  A platform to connect with family and friends.  A platform to promote business and many other reasons.

I would encourage deep breaths before posting.  Keep it fun.  Be Professional and never EVER point the finger.

Why didn’t YOU attend Premier! I’d love to get 100 responses!



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