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LCN’S newly re-invented Foot Creams have taken the World by storm.  Why?  Because they are luxurious with an amazing feel of relief for tired, swollen and heavy feeling legs.

How would you market this?  Firstly, you have to use it and talk about it.  Try the products for yourself and discover how Refreshing Foot Cream will help stimulate your leg senses and give you relief from a long hard day at work.

Try the Warming Foot Cream to help promote blood flow and make your feet and legs feel alive again.

Try the Moisturizing Foot Cream as an alternative to your Pedicure massage and see how blue algae along with bees wax and Vitamins E and F will make your skin feeling smooth.

Offer as a stand alone service!  Got athletes?  Geriatric clients?  Any of the aforementioned foot creams can be a stand alone service, adding $$$$ to your bottom line by offering a “refreshing foot massage” or a “warming relief massage”. Charge $1.00 per minute and watch your profits rise.

Pair them as a duo at your retail shelves.  With the purchase of a Shampoo, add a Refreshing foot cream.  Or, purchase a nail polish and add a Moisturizing foot cream.  The duo packaging increases your retail sales and puts the product in the hands (or feet) of your guests.

Selling retail is only as creative as your mind will take you

LCN’s point of purchase display is a great way to bring visibility to the products.  The display is compact, includes a tester for your clients to touch, smell and experience the Foot creams before purchasing.  Placing in a visible spot with easy access to the testers, will sell the products easily.

Stuck in a rut?  RE-INVENT yourself

Try LCN’s tantalizing trio

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