For several weeks now, I have been thinking of what I wanted my final blog of the year to be.

I went from a simple Bye Bye 2020 Hello 2021, to sharing all the great things we have to offer to my final decision. Reflecting on 2020.

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As the Holiday Season grew near, I found myself getting really sad. I started thinking about 911. For one(1) day in 2001 our entire world was on a united front. In fact, myself and many others have said since then, “if we would all act like we did on 911-2001 everyday….world problems would be solved”.

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This time, we were given a whole year (+), to get it together and we still messed it up. The lies, the drama, the evil, the hatred, the separation 2020 caused, I’m feeling pretty sure was NOT what was supposed to happen.

I believe there was a higher purpose, and we need the good people of the world to outshine the bad people of the world.

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I choose to be one of those good people and I’m happy about it. I choose to look at the good, the talent, the love, the happy times that came out of 2020.


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Some of you reading my blog may recognize your story. To you I say Thank You for being part of my lesson. Thank you for giving me the strength to forge forward. Thank you for being my light in the darkness of 2020.

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I remember in 1991 my Brother went off to war. Desert Storm.

I kept a diary every day he was gone of what was happening in our world as he and his fellow comrades were fighting for our Freedom. It was all so frightening.

I wish I had done the same thing this year. Who knew though? It all happened so dang fast. I felt like we were a snowball rolling down hill.  Getting bigger and bigger with each roll.

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In the very beginning of 2020, March to be exact. I think I had previously shared with you that our sales had plummeted down 90%.

As this was happening to me, I understood it wasn’t just me. If my Business was down, this would mean my clients Businesses were plummeting as well. It broke my heart.

For me, that was the most scariest. Maybe, had I not formerly been a Salon owner I wouldn’t be able to relate as much. However, I remember vividly the struggles and challenges I went through in 2008. I remember thinking at that time, “I wouldn’t wish this upon my worse enemy”.

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I went into overload. My brain wouldn’t shut down, I couldn’t sleep.

All I wanted to do was think of an idea which could help my clients. And, I did.

Centre For Beauty offered a very inexpensive Retail website with FREE drop shipping. My clients could get the website, share it with their clients, sell products and not have to touch a thing. They had the opportunity to bring in a new revenue stream income in an effort to keep their Businesses alive.

It was awesome. We had close to 100 clients take advantage of the offer. Many of these Technicians have never sold retail prior to this. Now however, they were putting much needed $$$ into their bank accounts.

Not only that, many of my  clients who already had informational websites, got inspired and  added retail products, which they never had. Reports back to me were very positive.

The perseverance I witnessed in many of my clients, brought hope.


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Another positive which came of out 2020 is HUGE awareness to sanitation.

Centre For Beauty developed a 4 powerpoint FREE webinar on Cleaning, disinfection, sanitizing and PPE. CDS for short.

We had over 400 take advantage of our course and from every person who chose to receive a certificate (over 200), every single one of them had learned something from the series.

I know this because I personally graded each test and sent personalized, individual results. At the end of each Powerpoint we specifically asked, “What was the one(1) thing you learned that you did not know?”

The responses were a reminder of what little focus there has been on our sanitizing procedures.  It also gave me hope for a better future for our Industry.

This pandemic helped take our Industry up a notch. Many were doing what they knew. The problem is,  many really didn’t know much. They knew what they were taught and unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

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Sadly, many of our small Businesses or individually owned Businesses had to close their doors in 2020. My heart truly breaks for all of them.

As they say, “when one door closes another one opens”. I know of so many of my clients who made moves they had been contemplating for years. Whether that be to sell their Business, or move into a new location, or drop some services, raise their prices, change their menu or just all and all revisit their Businesses practices.

Sometimes it takes an unexpected  push to get us off our butts.

That push in 2020 was Covid 19.  Now, I know many that are so much better off now than they were prior to 2020.

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I also know those who have losses loved ones during 2020. Whether it be from Covid or something else doesn’t matter…a loss is a loss.

It’s been inspiring to me to watch their journey. How Social Media has given them an outlet to share the beauty of their loved ones and share how they may or may not be coping.

I saw the responses, the incredible feeling of love being sent through the airwaves from familiar and unfamiliar people.

It reminded me how I am personally surrounded by so many thoughtful and caring people.

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”14px”][vc_column_text]2020 also brought us closer through personal communication. I physically spoke with more of my clients this year than my entire Distribution career.

It also forced me to be creative in virtual classes, being able to offer the same with a little different twist. I learned a lot about what I should do moving forward and also learned what definitely needs a classroom environment.

All in all though, our Industry continued on with Education and many who either wouldn’t have the time or didn’t have the finances were able to participate to further their Education.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”14px”][vc_column_text]

I don’t believe our challenges of 2020 will magically disappear on January 1st, 2021. However, I do believe that if nothing else, 2020 has proven we are strong and we are very resilient.

My thoughts and my prayers will continue for those who are still struggling. For those who have lost loved ones, for those who are separated from loved ones they can’t visit and for those who are having a difficult time both mentally and financially.

2021 may not magically make all of this better. However, it can bring new hope and a possibly a new beginning.

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Centre For Beauty is excited to share our plans for 2021. It is yet to be seen what our future in this Industry will be.

  • Will home Business flourish?
  • Will mobile Business flourish?
  • Will we ever get back to our old norm?
  • Will our Trade shows re-invent?
  • Will our Industry shrink from fear or grow from strength?

I don’t think any of us have the answers.

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What I do know is Centre For Beauty will continue to seek new ways of providing fresh ideas, cost savings, education, mentoring and exemptional customer service.

We will continue to be Thankful for today and continue to pray for a safe, healthy, prosperous tomorrow.

What can you expect?  Here’s a sneak peek!

  • Free freight Friday will continue.  1st Friday of each month
  • NEW opportunities for an increased revenue stream of income
  • Celebrating YOU will continue with Birthday month coupons
  • Our ALWAYS free freight (for purchases over $300.00) will continue
  • Constant updates on our website and our App
  • Have you Heard? Our blog will continue with new and exciting topics weekly
  • Look for all sorts of Education – Virtually through quarter 1 then watch out….CJ is on the road again.
  • Introduction of new products.  Yup….we are at it again!

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and always check your spam if you want to be kept abreast of all that’s happening coming from Centre For Beauty

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HELLO 2021

From our Family to yours. Wishing you all the best and thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your continued support

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4 thoughts on “Reflecting”

  1. Hi CJ,
    Yes we are resilient and our business keeps changing. I decided to work on my own and so far mobile is a popular service, but as I do it more I have to apply new rules and restrictions. I definitely will work on working more from home to be home more for my children, but being mobile even though it’s a lot of work has helped me survive 2020. Thank you CJ your articles always have me thinking and not be afraid to make the changes I need to do to have the type of business I want to manage on my own.

  2. Yes, 2020 has been a wild and crazy ride, but as you said, WE ARE STRONG AND WE ARE VERY RESILIENT!!! We will survive!!! And we will thrive!!! We just have to use this opportunity to focus our energies on what we do best!!! Almost 20 years ago, when I first got into this industry, one of the first things I learned, was that we are not in competition with anyone except ourselves… That has been my #1 premise of operating for the last 20 years… Everyday, I work, strive and focus on being a better ME!!! Day in and day out, my mantra remains the same….

    1. So true Reggie…we are our best competition. Keeps us fighting to be better than our best. You do an awesome job of striving for a better you. You are an inspiration.

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