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Business is a Chess game


My husband (or Santa Claus) bought us a Chess game for Christmas.

He is so good at everything and beats me on every challenge. He has so much what we call useless knowledge. He can carry on a challenging conversation with anyone and if he doesn’t know something well, he’ll learn it. Hence the Chess game.

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It all began in 2017 we had the amazing opportunity to visit Cuba. We took a cruise with friends to visit a place I literally never thought I would ever be. It was surreal, it was humbling and it will rank as one of our most memorial trips ever.

It was on that cruise ship where I showed my husband how to play Chess. He never played because he had never learned how. Could this be the ONE thing I can challenge my husband with and actually win?

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LOL….As I’m reading each paragraph to my husband, he blurts out…..”What the heck does this have to do with feet?”

OMG, I’m laughing hysterically. Where my mind goes to get to the place I really want to be, is sometimes very scary. However, I love the journey. I love the thought process and I especially love the finished product.

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So yes, it all has to do with feet, with hands, with faces and hair. It has to do with Business and how as Business Owners, we have to learn the game in order to make the moves and win. We have to make Chess moves.

Moves which are very thought out. Moves which predict what will happen next. And moves, to protect  our King…our Business.

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I think about these moves and how us as Business owners live a Chess game every day.

It helps me realize the differences in my clients or others I may know in this Industry. What is it that is different between each person which makes one fail or succeed?

I’ve realized, the survivors are the ones that know how to play the game. They know how to maneuver pieces of the game to protect their Business. They have the urge or urgency to play the game.

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For me, this is a huge revelation. Is it really as easy as changing your mindset? Heck yay. However, something has to be strong…and this is your mind.

You have to think methodical, always. You have to always be thinking about your next move. You need to always realize, sometimes you will go backward and sometimes you’ll move forward. In your mind though, you are always moving forward.

It takes a certain kind of passion. Not just for the artistic ability, or for just the Business ability . It takes both! What I see a lot in our Industry are many who have one part, but not both.

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That certainly doesn’t make one group better over the other, it is simply an understanding.

An understanding of what needs to be developed for education. An understanding of how carefully and methodically our next move should be. All for the benefit of our clients…and yes, for the benefit of ourselves.

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  • Have you thought about your Chess moves during this Pandemic?
  • Have you thought about how many $$$ you can profit from each client?
  • Have you thought about where you are going to get your next client?
  • Have you thought of your exit strategy?
  • Have you thought about safety in your environment?
  • Have you thought about your next move??????

All of these and so much more are no different than playing Chess. We always have to be thinking and planning ahead!

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I for one love what I do. I had no idea when I happened into this Industry, I would have the talent to do nails. My investment in this Industry was just that. An investment. It was a pathway to my future after Office Supplies.

Many get into this Industry for the art of it. They love the bling and they love the art of creation. We NEED you. However, recognize your place. Be where you are supposed to be…..and only YOU know where that is.

If you are a Chess player, own and run a Business. If you are more on the artistic sphere, work behind the Nail desk. One is NOT better than the other. We just have to know our place.

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It isn’t just the Chess game that brought this article to fruition. This whole Pandemic has my stomach in turmoil, my heart aching and my mind busting in sorrow for many of my clients, my piers, my friends who have fell victim with their Business to this Pandemic.

I felt the same way in 2008 and felt strongly, the strong will survive. I’m older now and hopefully a bit wiser. I know now, the survivors play Chess. Those that have opted out either by force or by will, should find another game they are good at.

A new beginning as such. As I said in my last article, I know so many people who have made moves which they were forced into by this Pandemic. Good moves for them. Maybe it’s out of this Industry, maybe it’s not. Where they have gone isn’t the topic. What they have done to find their true passion is really what it is all about.

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Chess is a difficult game. Real life Chess is even more difficult.

If you are a Chess player than all your bases need to be covered.

  • Retail – should be enough to pay your rent or mortgage
  • Procedures should be in place for every scenario you can think of
  • Trainings/Education needs to be constant. Within your Business and from outside your Business as well.
  • Cleaning process needs to be 100% focused and your #1 priority.
  • Marketing and advertising needs to be methodically thought out and put into action.
  • I can’t even list them all however, I can tell you…..always, always be thinking and planning your next move.

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2 thoughts on “Business is a Chess game”

  1. I guess I am playing chess but understanding I have to allow myself to take a break from the game and pace myself. Do the dance but pace myself. Stop and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Balance in this life and in this business is a healthy thing. Self care in place helps a whole bunch. Good article. I’ll remind myself I’m playing chess. The queens gambit was a good movie about chess.

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