My View of Nails Magazine Foot Forward Sumit

Centre for Beauty is a Distributor “All About Feet”.  So, when  Nails Magazine contacted me about exhibiting, it would have been literally stupid for me to say no.

I would have welcomed the opportunity to present with my two(2) main brands…LCN and FOOTLOGIX but, these Mfg’s opted to present themselves.

To say I was not happy about that, would be an understatement. Not to mention, the location of the Summit was literally in my back yard.  However, as wrong as I think it is that our Nail Mfg’s sell direct to Distributor clients, my Business brain can admit, I understand (a little).

With that being said, the fact they were presenting individually at the summit, forced me to think “outside the box” and present with other products that I represent.  This concluded with a theme of Disinfection which, I have never done at any Trade Show.  Things happen for a reason!

The Summit itself was amazing.  Imagine this….a group of focused Professionals meeting in one(1) place for exactly the same reason….FEET!

Nails Magazine did a great job on the format.  The meet and great on the first night was mind blowing.  Attendees were able to enjoy each other, but had the opportunity to meet the perspective exhibitors.  Sort of a work and play at the same time.

As exhibitors, we were able to share our Education with attendees in a more intimate environment.  Don’t get me wrong….we still had lines of people wanting to get to us. However,  the difference was that everyone around us was really interested in the same thing.  Unlike a typical trade show where you have an assortment of licensed Professionals, all interested in something different.

I was in my glory…..all I had to talk about was FEET!

The 2nd day was filled with Education for the attendees.  No added fee, all inclusive in the entry fee.  The Education was focused on everything Feet.  We had Dr’s of Podiatry, Nail Technicians who built their Business on feet, Dry pedicures, Nail Technicians who work in Podiatry offices or in referral with.  There was education on toenail reconstruction, toenail correction and how to market that Business….and so much more. Education which for the most part was NOT specific product related, although I did hear we had a couple at the end that sounded more like a sales pitch then an Educational presentation.

When the day of Education was happening, there were 15 minute breaks which allowed the attendees to come back to us exhibitors, and….if they wanted to they could come talk to you when everyone else was in the classroom.  For me personally, it never stopped.  I loved it!

The third day was optional.  There were specific classes held on specific topics.  Some were included in the entry fee and some had an additional charge.  Either way, they were optional and they were ALL booked.  In fact, many of the attendees were very disappointed they couldn’t get entry into the classroom because they had all reached their limit.

I hope Nails Magazine offers this again next year.  Centre for Beauty will be there for sure.

I’m going to offer up a few tips for those of you who may consider attending;

  1.  DO IT!  In my 30 years of Business, this was great because it was so focused. You could never receive the amount of Education you received at this event, for the price.  It was well worth it.
  2. DON’T WAIT!  If you pre-register, you get a discounted price.
  3. SIGN UP FOR CLASSES!  RIGHT AWAY!  This is huge.  So many wait till the last minute. It’s a problem in our industry.  Consequently you either can’t get in because it’s completely full or the classes end up being cancelled.
  4. GOT A TOPIC?  Email me if there is an educational topic you would like to hear about.  I’ll pass the information onto Nails Magazine.  I’m sure they won’t mind.

I hope to see you all there in 2019!

8 thoughts on “My View of Nails Magazine Foot Forward Sumit”

  1. We won’t mind at all! Thank you CJ for such a glowing review! This event was a success because of you and because nail professionals were ready to quench their thirst for education. We will definately be around next year. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make this Summit exactly what you need. We met some very interesting and smart nail professionals. It was great to have some one-on-one time with the people that roll up their sleeves and get the work done well. Thanks everyone! See you next year.

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