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Thank You to all who participated in our survey regarding Autoclaves.

We received some very interesting and some excellent questions. Your concerns are valid and i’m thrilled that so many of you understand….it isn’t just about the autoclave keeping your clients safe….its the proper care, the proper use and the proper maintenance of these machines.

Having great tools is useful, but knowing how to properly use them is key.I was hoping to share with you the three (3) different options that Centre for Beauty will be offering in Autoclaves.  However, i’m not happy with the pricing the Mfg. is offering.  I understand the struggle it can be to invest in a piece of equipment.  Therefore, it’s non-negotiable.  I need the best price to make affordable options for you, my clients.

So hang tight.  I’ll be back soon with pricing information.  In the meantime, we need to Educate ourselves on what these machines are all about. Because of the tremendous amount of responses I received from my survey of last week, i’m able to get to the true guts of what we need to know.Here are some of the great questions which I 100% agree need to be addressed when considering purchasing and autoclave;

  1. Are they required in our Salons in the US?
  2. Why do we need one?
  3. What is the maintenance/upkeep involved
  4. How are they cleaned?
  5. What’s the proper testing for continued accuracy?
  6. How man times can they be used per day?
  7. How many implements per unit can be placed?
  8. Placement of pouches?

There’s questions within these questions which we will cover.  Read on for more further detail.

To begin with, in most States they are not required in our Salons.  However, I would highly recommend you check with your own State Board.  I can only speak for Florida…..they are not required.

Then…why do we need one?  Well, simply put, using an autoclave is the highest level of sterilization and Step 3 of our 3 Step program to full and proper disinfection.  1) Cleaning 2) Disinfection 3) Sterilization.  We don’t need one, but if you really want to step up your game and be the best you can be….get an autoclave.

However, unless you are using it properly and testing it regularly then it’s only about looks.

In addition, if you work in a clinical atmosphere, you shouldn’t even ask this question.  If you market yourself as a Safe Salon, a Clinical Salon… need to go full force with an Autoclave.

Personally, if I were a Salon owner with many Technicians.  I would want to protect myself, my Business and my clients.  I wouldn’t want to take the chance that all my Tech’s are cleaning and disinfecting properly.  I didn’t have one in my Salon “unfortunately” however, we didn’t know then what we know now.  And we all know with the rise of Diebeties and many other immune compromised illnesses, we need to go over and above what we are typically use to doing.  When it comes to maintenance, cleaning and testing, each Mfg’s machine will have it’s own standardized protocol.  However, I do know the unit has to be tested monthly to make sure it has no leaks, the heating or steaming unit and working properly and it’s sterilizing to the highest degree which, is what you should expect.  In short, the monthly testing confirms the machine is killing the bacteria you expect to kill.

If you already have an autoclave, I highly recommend you get the details of your required maintenance  for your specific unit.  If you aren’t sending in monthly test strips, getting your reports and logging the information…it’s all for show.

Once Centre for Beauty announces what we will be offering, we will have information on each unit along with test strips required for testing.

When it comes to pouches per unit and placement, this also is conducive to the autoclave you may presently have.  Check with your Mfg. or supplier if you don’t know the answer.

Centre for Beauty will have this information available once we make our final decision on the units we will endorse.  To the best of my knowledge, usage per day is continuous.  If you think about these units being used in the Medical field, they go all day long.  However, with that being said there will be a huge different in longevity in a $1000.00 unit compared to a $5000.00 unit.

How much you may want to spend is a choice.  You can spend less and have to replace more often or you can go for the gusto right from the start.  Neither is right nor wrong.

I’ve been asked about financing.  Yes, Centre for Beauty partnered with Paypal Smart Incentives for financing options.  Once we solidify our choices and get them on our website, you will have the option to pay in full or pay over a period of time.

Stay within your budget.  Just remember, you aren’t just investing in your Business, you are investing in saving lives

CJ Murray, President

Centre for Beauty Salon Supply


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