Footsteps in the Sand!


When my husband retired from UPS after 35 years in February of 2020. We had plans.

We planned to employ him part time into our Business which would then allow me to travel around seeing and meeting my clients.

Like everyone elses dreams and plans, COVID happened.

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Fast forward a year +, my plans which were shelved for a while are now beginning to happen.

I took my first real road trip of 2021 and had the absolute pleasure of receiving a pedicure service from one of my clients. Jeanette of Foot Skin & Body Wellness, located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

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Jeanette has been a client of mine since 2018. I know of her advanced learning in pedicures.

Being in this industry for as long as I have, can be a curse. Literally since I sold my Salon in 2009, there have been only 5 people who have given me Pedicures;

  • My daughter
  • The Nail Salon I receive my nail services by
  • Nellie Neal – yes, I fly to Minnesota
  • Emily of Elite Feet – 3 hour drive from my home

             and now….

  • Jeanette

When you know what I know and have learned over the years, it’s tough to trust just anyone.

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My idea of traveling and visiting my clients is not just to meet them, it’s about learning. Learning the different techniques, the different atmosphere’s, the different dreams and the different approaches there are to Foot Care.

I also want to support those who support me and my Business AND be able to refer with ease when needed.

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Jeanette’s approach to foot care is wellness. She doesn’t just carry one(1) brand, she carries 3-4. Her concept “not one fits all”.

Her shelves are neatly displayed and well stocked, giving me a sense of “this place is alive”. Walking into a Business with poorly stocked shelves, in my opinion, wreaks of distress”

In addition, she didn’t stick with a brand she liked to talk about. She chose the brand, based on my needs.

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I believe I received my first “dry” pedicure EVER!.  Cuticle care was dry, there was no soaking, she only used 2 products on me. A callus spray and a hydrating foot mousse.

She spoke of what she was using as she used them and made her recommendations based off our initial consultation, visual consultation and additional questions she asked me.

It was all so effortless, comfortable and very detailed.

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What brought me to this article is two(2)-fold.

  1. Jeanette has an arsonal of feet props
  2. I saw “footprints” in the sand

What Jeanette did in my Pedicure service which, I had forgotten how much I loved learning about – was talk about my gait. How I pronate and how dropped my met pads were. She talked about the shoes I wear (and shouldn’t be), and she shared with me her knowledge of my gait can (and is) causing me back, hip and knee pain.

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She sparked my memory of advanced foot care training and how when I had my Salon, I would watch my clients walk, share with them products and small adjustments they can make to help themselves. She reminded me there is a whole world of foot care……besides products.

THEN ——–

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A few days later, my husband and I are walking along the beach and right under my nose “again” are visual signs of many different gaits, walking along the beach.

As I’m looking at them, being totally fascinated, taking pictures, I’m wondering how many of our Technicians lose the opportunity to help people with their feet/body pain. A service which, you should never have to worry about stepping out of the limits of your license.

It is the reason I chose, as a Business owner to carry toe/foot props.

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Choosing foot care products for the skin is hugely important. We can and DO change peoples lives.

Taking that extra step to talk with them about their hammer toes, or toes that are beginning to cross over. Talk with them about how to correct their pronation, lift their met pads and provide support for flat arches. THAT is going the extra step to seriously help change your clients lives.

If I had not had my own arsenal of toe/foot props….I surely would have purchased her recommendations.

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So what do you need to look for when making recommendations to your clients for toe/feet props?

  • Hammer or claw toe – when the toes begin to bend at the 1st or 2nd knuckle
  • Bunion – a bump just below the great toe causing the great to to turn turns all other digits
  • Dropped met pads
  • Specific callused areas
  • Flat, low or high arch

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Toe/Feet props are inexpensive to carry yet offer relief for your clients which monies just can’t buy.

  • Toe straighteners or Toe separators – perfect for separating the toes from crossing over
  • Toe crest – the perfect prop for lifting those hammer or claw toes from dragging on the ground
  • Met pads – gel or leather met pads are a great relief for those met pads which have dropped causing not just calluses but lot’s of pain as well.
  • Bunion splints – a nightly routine, if followed will begin to bring that extruding joint back into place
  • Arch supports – flat, low or high arch will all benefit from arch supports

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I highly recommend researching the options of following through with your pedicure service by offering relief with toe/feet props.

Use your fingertips to search through the internet for

  • Gait
  • Bunions
  • Hammer-claw toes
  • Pronation-Supranation

There is all sorts of info available for us to grab the knowledge and share with our clients.

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For me….well, I took Jeanettes advice and chose the multi-toe toe crest in an effort to keep my toes from getting worse. I have toe crest, just not the style she had (I will soon though).

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On a final note.

Whom ever I visit, for what ever reason I always like a take away. I learn from you, my clients and I value the lessons I learn along the way.

We talk a lot about the dry white spots on our clients toenails. Dehydration caused by base coats and nail polish. How often though, do we recommend a conditioner for the toenails. Jeanette did and to be honest, it never even crossed my mind to condition my own toenails.

I’ve done so with our LCN nail sugar scrub since last Tuesday and I can tell you, my toenails are actually starting to look pretty. Which, is saying a lot for me since I seriously do not like anything about my feet. Except maybe my soft skin.

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Maybe someday I’ll see you in my travels, sit in your pedicure chair and learn just “1 more thing” to share with my clients.

2021 is MY learning year. I want to learn more, to help you more. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up being the “Hells Kitchen” of Foot Care 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Footsteps in the Sand!”

  1. Bernadette Gantt

    Today was a day in which I was led to engage in your email. I have been so out of the loop with pedi/nail care. A part of me wanted out of the business, hence COVID added to one of my reasons.

    Lately I have been interested in learning more, while trying to implement what I learned from You years ago. I loved foot prints in the sand.

  2. Such a wonderful article! I screenshot so much to make sure l can reach to read again!!! Never really added the toe/props which l will start doing! Grateful to you for sharing!
    Hells Kitchen of foot care sounds awesome!!!!!! DO IT!!!!

    1. Thank you Chanese. I appreciate you taking the time to read my article. My mind has been whirling since I came up with the “Hells Kitchen”….one never knows 🙂

  3. I had some time this morning to indulge in reading and was led to catching up on your newsletters. I am attending this year’s nail tech of the smokies event and I am wanting to incorporate more “foot care” services. I see alot of damaged toe nails just as you have mentioned here. I am a little confused where to start and which class would suit me best at the show this year. I would love your recommendations. I am currently using the footlogix and the podosafe products.


    1. Thank you for catching up with our blogs. We have the perfect class for you if you are looking for toenail restoration. We are offering a Toenail restoration class on the Saturday before the show. I will email you the info for you to review. Looking forward to seeing you. Please make sure you come by our booth if I don’t see you in the classroom.

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